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Real Name: Takashi “Taki” Matsuya
Former Aliases: none


4'7" (at last appearance)
Weight: 87 lbs. (at last appearance)

Hair color:


Eyes: Brown
First appearance: X-Terminators #1

Known Relatives:

unnamed parents (deceased),
unnamed uncle


Group Affiliation: formerly X-Terminators


former technoforming power allowed him to alter inanimate materials such as metal, plastic and glass, causing them to reform based on his specifications into technological constructions, often manipulated his wheelchair into various vehicular modes, assimilating additional mass into its frame to increase its size and capabilities

Takashi Matsuya was born into a wealthy Japanese family. Even as a boy, his intelligence and affinity for technology was obvious. His genius was only hindered somewhat by his severe dyslexia. When he was still a young boy, Taki was in an automobile accident that killed both his parents. Taki survived the crash but lost the use of his legs. A series of operations followed but they failed to restore Taki’s ability to walk. He was left in the care of his uncle who eventually sent him to St. Simon’s Academy, a school that specialized in teaching children with learning disabilities. Taki became bitter and withdrawn, overcome by feelings of loss and abandonment. He poured himself into his inventions, building himself a high-tech wheelchair as well as incredibly sophisticated devices considering his age and level of education. His talents earned him the nickname “Wiz Kid.” Despite the attentive care of the faculty at St. Simon’s, Taki showed little progress in overcoming his learning disabilities and displayed extremely anti-social behavior towards his classmates.

St. Simon’s soon welcomed two very special students, X-Factor’s mutant wards Artie Maddicks and Leech. Taki was initially jealous of Artie and Leech and tried to prove his superiority, but his need for companionship soon outweighed his envy and he he befriended them. During the crisis known as Inferno, demons from Limbo scoured the greater New York area for infants of power. They mistook the bald Artie and Leech for babies and kidnapped them from St. Simon’s. Taki tried to save them, instinctively morphing his wheelchair into a weaponized “Goblin Buster.” His first thought was that this new power was due to the experimental circuits implanted during his numerous surgeries, but he soon learned that he was a mutant when Leech’s nullification field caused his upgraded chair to collapse. Unable to defend himself, Taki was easily knocked out by the goblins.

When he awoke, Taki shared what had occurred with the staff at St. Simon’s, who had a hard time believing his fantastical account. Attempts to contact X-Factor in New York failed, so Taki struck out on his own to recruit X-Factor’s older students to help rescue Artie and Leech. Taki’s initial mastery of his technoforming powers was impressive and he easily morphed his chair into various flying crafts. His only limit appeared to be sufficient raw materials to manipulate and an adequate power supply. Together with Skids, Rictor, Boom-Boom and Rusty Collins, Taki set out to find their kidnapped friends. [X-Terminators #1] Taking the codename of “Wiz Kid,” Taki and his new allies made their way to New York in search of X-Factor. Along the way, they stopped to “borrow” some new costumes and dubbed themselves “The X-Terminators.”

Though he was considerably younger, Taki proved a useful addition to the group. Not only did he provide transportation for the team, he also used his computer skills and trust fund to devise a way to pay for the team’s new outfits as well as the minor collateral damages created by their adventures thus far. Unfortunately, his new teammates weren’t the only ones to learn how useful Taki’s skills could be. A trio of demons in the service of N’Astirh

overheard Taki describing how computers helped him deal with his learning disability. When they heard that he used a spell checker and that his computer could transfer information, they realized that Taki’s computing skills could help their master, who needed a way to more rapidly cast the many mystic spells that were part of his diabolical plans. The goblins snatched Wiz Kid and the other X-Terminators were helpless to stop them. [X-Terminators #2]

Taki was presented to N’Astirh, who immediately saw the value of a spell-checking computer. Wiz Kid tried valiantly to resist but soon realized that he was outmatched by N’Astirh’s demonic power. He knew that he was particularly useful to the demon-lord’s plot and used this as leverage to ensure the safety and well-being of Artie, Leech and the human babies the demons had abducted. Taki began to build a super-computer that would process N’Astirh’s spells, his secret hope being that he could stall long enough for the other X-Terminators to rescue them. Eventually, the older X-Terminators arrived but were defeated by the demon’s superior forces. With their lives hanging in the balance as well, Wiz Kid had no choice but to fully cooperate with N’Astirh. [X-Terminators #3]

Taki’s computer enabled N’Astirh to open a portal between Limbo and Earth through which his demon hordes launched a massive invasion. Left in the care of N’Astirh’s simple-minded servant Crotus, Wiz Kid and the other prisoners managed to disable the spell-enhancing computer and escaped. While fighting against N’Astirh’s horde alongside his friends, though, Wiz Kid was recaptured by N’Astirh who tried to force him to rebuild the super-computer and reestablish the spell it had cast. Despite the demon’s mystic coercion, Taki resisted and added in an additional piece of data that he hoped would disrupt N’Astirh’s plans. Not wanting to lose the technological wonder again, N’Astirh willingly infected himself with a techno-organic virus to then merge with Wiz Kid’s computer and combine its power with his own. With supreme physical effort, Taki dragged himself to the computer and used his power to disassemble it, just as N’Astirh was merging his techno-organic form with its components. The resulting explosion seemingly destroyed N’Astirh and knocked Taki unconscious. With the demon defeated, the X-Terminators helped the New Mutants rescue the babies he had kidnapped. [X-Terminators #4]

Following the dramatic events of the Inferno, Taki and the other X-Terminators spent a brief time in the company of the New Mutants before returning to X-Factor. Taki’s battle against N’Astirh had diminished his power levels noticeably and he, Leech and Artie decided to return to school to continue their education. They also managed to have a few harmless adventures along the way. However, trouble followed them to St. Simon’s in the form of the Alliance of Evil. The mutant mercenaries were collecting valuable

remnants of energy left behind by the mutant Proteus, some of which was in close proximity to St. Simon’s. Taki, Leech and Artie tried to stop their reign of terror but proved no match for the brutal mutants. Just for kicks, the size-changing mutant Tower stomped on Wiz Kid, breaking numerous bones and sending the young mutant to the hospital. The New Mutants, now under Cable’s leadership, visited Taki and used the information he provided to track down the Alliance and ultimately foil their plans. [New Mutants Annual #7]

After he had fully recovered from the injuries he had sustained, Taki developed a bit of a crush on his teacher Miss Huntington. Naturally, Taki was jealous and suspicious of Miss Huntington’s boyfriend Conrad. His concerns were justified when he saw Conrad rifling through Miss Huntington’s files for information on him and the school’s other mutant students. He also heard Conrad spewing anti-mutant epithets. Taki recruited Artie and

Leech’s help in pursuing Conrad in hopes of getting proof they could use to expose him. They soon learned that Conrad was part of a much larger conspiracy to locate and exterminate mutants. Together, the three young mutants disrupted their plans and brought them to the attention of the police. Conrad was arrested as a result, leaving Taki to comfort his heart-broken teacher. [X-Force Annual #1]

In the months that followed, Artie and Leech decided to leave St. Simon’s to attend the newly reopened Massachusetts Academy as part of Generation X. For undisclosed reasons, Wiz Kid did not join his companions. It has since been revealed that Taki was among the millions of mutants who were depowered on M-Day. [New Avengers (1st series) #18] His current whereabouts are unknown.


An alternate version of Wiz Kid appeared as a member of the Ultimate Defenders. This counterpart of Taki was confined to a wheelchair due to polio and had the mutant ability to manipulate the temperatures of inorganic materials. Despite a useful set of powers and an affable personality, his teammates were blatantly insensitive about his physical challenges and admitted that they only wanted him on the team to increase their public image as a group that embraced diversity.