[title] - X-Man minus 1
X-Man minus 1

created in AoA Sinister’s labs

[title] - X-Man #1
X-Man #1

First appearance, part of Forge’s resistance cell, meets Sonique

[title] - X-Man #3
X-Man #3

Surrogate father Forge killed by Sinister

[title] - X-Men Omega
X-Men Omega, X-Men Prime

Battles Holocaust, rams a M’Kraan crystal shard in his chest, both vanish and emerge in the main Marvel Universe

[title] - X-Man #5
X-Man #5-7

Tries to get along, meets and loses Madelyne Pryor

[title] - X-Man #10
X-Man #10

Misunderstanding causes a conflict with Charles Xavier, Nate decides that he is not trustworthy

[title] - X-Man #12
X-Man #12, Excalibur (1st series) #95

Powers examined by Moira MacTaggert, learns that he will burn himself out by the time he reaches 21

[title] - X-Man #13
X-Man #13

Meets Threnody and rescues her from Sinister’s Marauders

[title] - X-Man #16
X-Man #16-17

Battles Holocaust, learns of Onslaught’s existence

[title] - X-Man #19
X-Man #19

Captured and devoured by Onslaught

[title] - Onslaught: Marvel Universe
Onslaught: Marvel Universe

Freed from Onslaught, mourns the heroes that sacrificed themselves

[title] - X-Man #21
X-Man #21

Starts relationship with Threnody

[title] - X-Man Annual 96
X-Man Annual '96

Briefly returns to the Age of Apocalypse, to a time prior his own existence

[title] - Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #420
Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #420, X-Man #24

Befriends Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, major argument with Threnody who leaves

[title] - X-Man #25
X-Man #25

Threnody killed by Madelyne, who searches and finds Nate with Jean Grey, the two redheads battle, Madelyne turns out to be a psionic ghost reanimated by Nate’s powers, Nate tries to absorb her but fails and she teleports away

[title] - X-Man #27
X-Man #27-28

Joins Havok’s Brotherhood until he learns that the Dark Beast is a member too

[title] - X-Man #29
X-Man #29

Nearly dies after trying to destroy canisters with lethal coldsnap gas, found and nursed back to health by Bux, Jam and Marita

[title] - X-Man #32
X-Man #32-34

Becomes a celebrity after publicly displaying his powers and performing miracle cures

[title] - X-Man #35
X-Man #35-36

Purple Man revealed as driving force behind the new found popularity, with his faith gone, Nate’s miracles dissipate, an entire block of New York is leveled in battle with the Purple Man and Nate becomes everyone’s scapegoat

[title] - X-Man #37
X-Man #37-38

Nate attempts to mindwipe the entire city to make them forget he exists, Spider-Man intervenes, the Psi-Ops target Nate for the destruction he caused, Madelyne return to his side

[title] - X-Man #39
X-Man #39

Nate and Maddie leave New York, Nate receives a precognitive vision that he will destroy the planet, the mysterious Ness abandons his family to prevent that from happening

[title] - X-Man #41
X-Man #41

Looses telepathy because of the Psi-War

[title] - X-Man #44
X-Man #44

In battle with Holocaust Madelyne guides Nate to design himself a telekinetic body armor

[title] - X-Man #45
X-Man #45-47, Cable (1st series) #63

Stryfe reappears in Latveria, and defeats both Nate and Cable, intending to drain their energies, Madelyne provides enough distraction until Nate can reenter the fight, Ness arrives in time to prevent Nate from lashing out uncontrolled, thus avoiding the disastrous vision

[title] - X-Man #52
X-Man #52

Again under attack by the Psi-Ops, Nate emerges victorious though Ness gets killed and Madelyne leaves drained and withered

[title] - X-Man #53
X-Man #53-55

Visits Scott and Jean in Alaska to spend some quality time, adopts one of Cyclops‘ old costumes as his own

[title] - Astonishing X-Men (2nd series) #1
Astonishing X-Men (2nd series) #1-3, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #375

Joins an emergency team of X-Men, leaves after the main team reunites

[title] - X-Man #58
X-Man #58

Threnody returns, by feeding on her own death energy she did not die, but underwent a transformation, chased by zombies, Threnody says a final goodbye to Nate, claiming that she was only attracted to him because of his vast energies, yet it’s clear that she wants to protect him from her hunters, Nate is unaware that Threnody gave birth to a child in the meantime

[title] - X-Men (2nd series) #97
X-Man #59-60, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #377, X-Men (2nd series) #97

Captured by Apocalypse’s Horsemen, intended to become the new host for Apocalypse, though in the last instant Cyclops takes his place

[title] - X-Man #63
X-Man #63-66

Discovered that a group of mutants exploited the natives of another reality with harsh environment, brings these mutants to justice and makes peace with the natives

[title] - X-Man #67
X-Man #67-70

Back in Madelyne’s company, though it is no longer Maddie but an evil alternate Jean Grey, she plans to use Nate for her own purpose, but he gets saved by that reality’s Nate Grey by changing physical attributes, Nate gains a tattoo that will prevent himself burning out, while his counterpart dies at the hands of Queen Jean, Nate makes sure she gets what she deserves, and then becomes Earth’s shaman

[title] - X-Man #71
X-Man #71-74

Hunted by Qabiri, a being from a "perfect“ reality, who wants to prevent other dimension travelers from tainting the perfection of his home, turns out that there are beings better and higher than Qabiri’s people which drives him insane

[title] - X-Man #75
X-Man #75

Discovers an alien being named Harvester, who is preparing earth for being drained of it’s energies, after teaching a young telekinetic named Mike to become earth’s next shaman, Nate dissolves himself and the Harvester, forever tainting earth with his own alternate reality energy, thus preventing a second attempt by the Harvester’s people

[title] - Dark X-Men #1
Dark X-Men #1-5

Resurfaces and becomes a prisoner of Norman Osborn

[title] - New Mutants (3rd Series) #25
New Mutants (3rd series) #25-27

Rescued by Dani Moonstar and her team of X-Men. Decides to stay with the X-Men on Utopia

[title] - New Mutants (3rd Series) #28
New Mutants (3rd series) #28-33

Begins training with Hope Summers, moves into a house in San Francisco with Moonstar and her team

[title] - New Mutants (3rd Series) #41
New Mutants (3rd series) #41

Expresses his feelings for Moonstar