Essential Wolverine Vol. 4

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Larry Hama (Writer); Dwayne Turner, Jim Fern, Adam Kubert, Tomm Coker, Ian Churchill, Bob Mcleod, Ron Wagner, Ron Garney, and Fabio Laguna (Artists)

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The deadliest X-Man's on the edge of death when his unbreakable Adamantium advantage is eliminated! Even with his claws stripped to the bone, Wolverine's up to some of the choicest challenges from his past and future - but how farw ill he go to make his latest fight with Sabretooth the FINAL one? Plus: cyborgs, Sentinels, the Savage Land and then some! Guest-starring Gambit, Ghost Rider and more!

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Wolverine (2nd series) #70-90


All pages are in black and white

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