Wolverine (2nd series) #88

Issue Date: 
December 1994
Story Title: 
It’s D-D-Deadpool, Folks!

Larry Hama (writer), Adam Kubert & Fabio Laguna (pencils), Mark Farmer & Tim Townsend (inks), Pat Brosseau (letters), Marie Javins (colors), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine keeps his word and has decided to take some time to check up on the new Weapon X, meaning Garrison Kane. He locates the kid in an old theater house, but it’s all destroyed. And the culprit is none other than… Deadpool! After a rough battle, which results in Logan testing out his healing factor the max, Deadpool manages to escape, as he caught a new trail on Kane and Copycat. After recovering a bit, Logan notices a picture and realizes that the theater group of Kane and Copycat have moved to another building. Deadpool arrives first, and he and Kane fight over Copycat’s love, as she used to be Deadpool’s girlfriend. After a brutal cab drive, Logan manages to locate the combatants as well, and joins the battle. He arrives just in time to prevent Copycat from getting a sword through her heart. He tackles Deadpool down, who realizes his defeat. After exploding the theater building up, Deadpool escapes. Logan stays for a while and helps Kane and Copycat sort things out, and afterwards decides to return to the X-Men.

Full Summary: 

Back in Canada, Wolverine promised James Hudson he would stop over in San Francisco and check up on a kid named Kane for him. Kane is supposed to be another Weapon X, but Logan isn’t impressed by that. He arrives at a theater, and takes a look at a splintered door. Something tells him trouble was there. Logan takes off his civilian clothes so he’s in his X-Men uniform, and decides to take a closer look inside.

Suddenly, someone fires on him! It’s Deadpool! Wade asks Logan if he wouldn’t happen to know where shiny arms took off with his ex-squeeze, Vanessa. Wade promises that, if Logan tells him, he’ll make it quick and put him out of his interminable misery. Since Logan doesn’t take requests from bigmouth upstarts, and wouldn’t even stomp out Wade’s face would it be on fire, let alone rat out Kane and Vanessa, he rather prepares from some good old action!

He unsheathes his claws and, while Deadpool continues shooting at Logan, he finds an opening and manages to stick his claws right into Wade’s stomach! But Wade doesn’t even feel the claws, and quickly gets up again. Logan asks his adversary if his name wouldn’t be Deadpool. Wade confirms. Logan jokes that it kind of rhymes with Dead-fool. Wade isn’t impressed, and tries to joke back at Wolverine’s codename, but… louver screen? Hoover spleen? Nothing rhymes on the stupid name.

Logan notices that Wade sure has a smart lip, and warns him to better keep it quiet or else someone might slice off his tongue. Logan again manages to hit Deadpool with his claws, but once again Wade isn’t hurt. He mentions to Logan that he’s got a healing factor, which works quite fine. Unlike some others he has hurt about. Deadpool laughs, and kicks Logan in his face. His nose starts to bleed. Wade triumphs, and takes out his swords to finish the job. Wolverine, however, won’t give up. He threatens Wade that he’s going to need his healing factor, because he just maxed out his tolerance level!

Deadpool impressively jumps high, and swings his sword around. He sarcastically feels bad since he made old Wolvy-wiggums all upset. He tells Logan to wait until he slices and dices up his face, now that will make his day all bad for sure. Wolverine jumps at Deadpool again, and asks the merc what his beef is with Kane. Logan is certain that nobody wants the kid dead bad enough so they would pay Deadpool to finish the job. Thanks to his quick reactions, Logan is faster than Wade and manages to kick him in the face. Logan demands an answer to his question.

Deadpool jokes that he has been rendered speechless by the sheer ease with which he suckered Logan, so he could find an opening to stick his swords right through Wolverine’s stomach! When Wolverine starts to bleed, Wade pulls his swords out of Logan’s stomach, and asks the man if he can sing “I left my heart and lungs in San Francisco!” Wade lands, and puts his swords back in the pockets on his back. He notices a framed picture of the Grand Guignol theater and notices Kane and Vanessa standing on it. Wade wonders why he didn’t notice the picture earlier, and takes off, leaving a heavily wounded Wolverine bleeding behind.

Meanwhile, at the theater, Kane surprisingly recognizes his love, Copycat, and holds up… her mechanic head?! Vanessa asks if this isn’t what Kane wanted. Kane answers that it isn’t, but… He asks his boss if he can try the act again. Kane’s boss informs him that they need to feel his emotions. They simply need to find Garrison's motivation. Kane goes behind the curtains, where Copycat was working on the lights. He sadly whispers to Vanessa that he isn’t cut out for this. Vanessa wonders if this is what Kane learned back in Weapon X… to be a quitter?

The stage manager decides to call it a day, and takes off with the other actors. Kane apologizes, but doesn’t think that acting is something for him. Vanessa disagrees. She explains that Kane’s role is easy: his character has so overcome by jealousy because of the depth of his infatuation, which go as deep as Garrison’ real feelings for Vanessa. They kiss.

Copycat recalls Garrison that they came to this city to start a new life, and she is confident that they will make it. Vanessa thinks that Kane just needs to get in touch with his emotions, and suggests that they start working on the scene. She explains that Kane’s character has gone through an emotional trauma. She mentions that Kane can’t just put on the external face of it. He has to let it shine internally and sleep out through his skin. Kane suddenly freaks out, and recognizes someone. Vanessa thinks Kane was acting and calls it brilliant, as it almost gave her the creeps. Kane turns her head, and tells Vanessa that he wasn’t acting. He has seen… Deadpool!

Meanwhile, Wolverine is starting to recover. He quotes that, if he had taken a beating like that a few months ago, he surely would have been a goner. But lucky for him, his healing factor is finally starting to work again after Magneto ripped out his adamantium skeleton out of his body. He crawls up, and wishes that the healing would go a little faster. He takes a look at the picture Deadpool was looking at earlier. Logan tries to take a close look at the picture, but he still can’t get the strength back in his legs and almost faints again, and slams his face into the picture.

He manages to stand up again though, and recognizes Copycat on the picture, and that she’s with a band of actors now. Logan realizes he can’t go out on the streets again wearing his uniform, but luckily there’s a kimono hanging around, so he wears that over his uniform instead. He jumps in the middle of the street, and a cab driver manages to barely stop his car! Logan gets in and apologizes for the brutal stop, but needed to be certain the driver would stop for him. The chauffeur says its nothing, as he has been driving cabs in San Francisco for twenty years now, and has picked up a whole lot of weirder people than Logan. He asks where he should drive to: the hospital or the Grand Guignol. Logan orders the chauffeur to drive to the second suggestion, and that he’d best step on it.

Deadpool jumps to action, and calls Kane an idiot: who did he think it would be: Siskel & Ebert? Wade jokes that he hopes Kane’s fighting skills are on the same level as his lousy acting performance, since he doesn’t want to go through too much trouble slicing him! Kane gets into uniform, and warns Deadpool that acting may not come easy to him, but he was born to fight, and you may say that Weapon X improved him a little. Kane prevents Deadpool from sticking his sword in him by punching him away, and warns Wade to get out of their lives, as he’s got nothing to do with them. Deadpool believes otherwise. He wants Kane dead, since he won’t let him go away that easily by stealing away Wade’s girl Vanessa from him!

Copycat has heard enough, and brutally kicks Deadpool several times, and shouts at him that he’s got a lot of nerve calling her his girl. She doesn’t even let Kane call her that, and he is… She stops talking. Wade tries to hit Vanessa with his sword, and finishes her sentence by asking if Kane is the significant other. Kane confirms, among other things too.

Back at the cab, the chauffeur tries to tell Logan that he’s an actor as well, but rather enjoys driving around in his cab on the road. Logan tells the chauffeur that they’ve all got their own things going on, including him. The chauffeur asks Logan if the kimono is his uniform. Logan corrects that his wearing his real uniform beneath the kimono, and shows it to the chauffeur. He’s impressed by it, but Logan wants the car mirror. He notices that his wounds have already healed. This sure is a surprise. But this also means, that… Logan’s healing factor is kicking back in!

Kane starts to fight Deadpool, and tries to make the merc understand that whatever it is that used to be between the merc and Vanessa is ancient history, just like the lives they used to live. Kane mentions that they are trying to start over, and won’t let Deadpool ruin that. Wade escapes Kane’s final punch, and calls him a bigger idiot that he thought he was, if Kane thinks he can run away for the rest of his life. Deadpool jumps up in the sky, and the theater’s spotlights bright lights make Kane unable to see anything. That was Wade’s sarcastic intention, and he jumps back down, kicking Kane in the process.

At the same time, Logan’s cab has lost its breaks, after many years of activity. The chauffeur apologizes, and doesn’t think they’re even going to make it at Logan’s destination. They drive at full speed through the streets, and the people on it barely manage to jump into safety. The chauffeur does think he can manage to make a safe stop at a garage that’s a few blocks away, but not without skillfully theft maneuvering and hitting the emergency brake. Wolverine refuses to wait that long. He slices the cab’s door apart, and tells the chauffeur to come by the theater if he wants him to pay for the damages. Logan slides down the road on the cab’s door, not thinking that skateboarding can be that hard.

Meanwhile, Deadpool has managed to defeat Kane. He’s ready to slice Kane’s head off, similar to the way a chef prepares food in a Japanese steak house. Vanessa gets up, and starts fighting again. But Wade won’t let her stop him, and kicks brutally kicks Vanessa against a wall! Kane tries to get up again and defend his love. Deadpool notices that Kane really seems to love her, and that he would do anything for her. Deadpool suggests a choice: he throws both his swords away, and gives Kane the choice to stop the sword that’s coming to his own head, or the sword heading towards Copycat’s heart?

Suddenly, Wolverine bursts through the theater door like a runaway freight train, realizing he’s got half a second to register what’s going on and decide a course of action. Logan realizes he doesn’t have a choice. Logan manages to stop the sword aiming at Vanessa by punching it away with his claws, and Kane pushes the sword away aiming at him. Deadpool’s other sword goes right through Kane’s own hand instead! But luckily, his healing factor kicks in and the wounds quickly heal.

This upsets Deadpool. Kane should have been dead. But, life is tough. Wolverine kicks Wade down, ready for payback time. Logan throws Wade’s swords back at him, and mentions that his healing factor is working perfectly now, too. Logan notices how quiet Wade is, and thinks he doesn’t have anything left to say. Wade doesn’t think so: he’s got one more thing to say: grenade! He throws a grenade in Wolverine’s direction, and it explodes!

When the smoke clears a few minutes later, Deadpool is already gone. Wolverine stays for a while, and helps Kane and Vanessa clean up their digs and sleeps on their couch until the morning. At dawn, Kane and Vanessa join Logan for a walk and head to his bike. Logan recalls that he used to be like the two lovebirds: trying to find his way, thinking he could make it on his own. But then, he found some people who were just like him, and they understood him. They cared.

And all of a sudden, Logan had a place to call “home.” But sometimes, he forgets. It happens. He gets too wounded up in himself and loses track of the fact that, when you stop participating, you are just like the tree in the forest: the one that nobody hears when it falls. Logan tells the kids that he’s going home now, and hopes that Kane and Vanessa can work it out and have a good life.

Vanessa is still a little angry that Kane blocked the sword aiming at his head and didn’t rescue her. Logan explains that he did the right thing. Because, if Kane would have been dead, he wouldn’t have been able to help her out at all. Logan is confident that Kane would have stopped the sword that was aiming at her, but the other one would have split his skull. And, who was going to be left to stop Deadpool should that have happened?

Vanessa recalls that Logan was there. Yeah, Wolverine confirms while driving away, but what would have happened if he had caught a cab with good brakes? As she watches Wolverine leaving, Vanessa wonders about that possibility.

Characters Involved: 



Garrison Kane (aka Weapon X II)


Milo, Yolanda and various other theater people (unnamed)

cab driver (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Wolverine promised his old friend James Hudson to look up Kane in Wolverine (2nd series) #86.

Magneto ripped Logan’s adamantium skeleton out of his body during the “Fatal Attractions” crossover, most precisely in X-Men (2nd series) #25.

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