Exiles Vol. 2: A World Apart

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Judd Winick (Writer), Jim Calafiore (Artist), Mike McKone (Cover)

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Six strangers, each an X-Man from a different reality - brought together to ensure that life as we know it doesn't cease to exist! The quest continues as Blink's band struggles to survive their desperate directive to right the wrongs of the Marvel Multiverse! Deep in the Canadian outback lurks the gamma-spawned behemoth known as the Incredible Hulk, but can the reality-hopping Exiles and the Canadian superteam called Alpha Flight save an entire nation from the green goliath's rampage? Plus: When the Exiles are forced to take part in Skrull-sponsored gladiator games on an alien-occupied Earth, will the time-tossed troop discover the nature of their mission before they die in the space invaders' coliseum?

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Exiles (1st series) #5-11

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