Exiles (1st series) #5

Issue Date: 
December 2001
Story Title: 
Up North and in the Green - part 1

Judd Winick (writer), J. Calafiore (penciler), Mark McKenna (inkers), Transparency Digital (colors), Sharpefont’s Paul Tutrone (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

The Exiles arrive in a new dimension in northern Canada. Mimic no longer with wings, explains how his powers work, but suddenly he gets sick. The team runs into the Hulk and are engaged in battle, but before anybody gets seriously hurt, the Hulk leaves. The Exiles are found by Alpha Flight, led by Wolverine, and are taken to their base. Mimic is examined, and it seems that he got sick of radiation poisoning by absorbing some of the Hulk’s gamma rays. Thunderbird is surprised that Alpha Flight’s Shaman is actually himself – John Proudstar, who was trained by the original Shaman. The Canadian superheroes have a briefing to bring in the Hulk once and for all as he has been causing mass destruction for three months now. The Tallus tells Blink that most of the heroes will either disappear or be killed in the upcoming battle, which the Exiles will have to prevent. Elsewhere Deadpool, Garrison Kane and Sabretooth plan to observe the fight between the Hulk and the heroes and when he is tired they want to capture the Hulk and any surviving Alpha Flight members as new recruits for the Weapon X programm.

Full Summary: 

The Exiles materialize in another reality in Northern Canada. Having no idea what they are supposed to do, Blink questions the Tallus, but it satys quiet. Sunfire uses her microwaves to deal with the cold. Blink decides that she herself, Morph and Mariko will scout the terrain, Mimic wants to go to, thinking that they will cover more ground if they are four, but he forgot that he no longer has Angel’s wings. (lst issue) Blink suggests that he simply mimics her teleportation or Sunfire, but he refuses. Having and ability and properly using it are two different things, so he prefers to absorb only familiar abilities. Morph asks if he simply can’t keep the Phoenix power (absorbed last issue) or re-grow the wings, and Calvin once more explains how his mimicing works : He can only maintain five powers at once, he has half the strength of the original bearer of that power, and he needs an hour of close contact to keep the ability for the long term.
Suddenly Calvin feels sick and starts to vomit without apparent reason. The team is unsure is this is a side-effect of him losing an absorbed power, as they suddenly feel vibrations in the ground. It’s the Hulk, who jumps right into their midst. The team is shocked to see the green goliath looming angrily over them, only Blink has no idea who this guy is, as she never met the Hulk in her native reality. She thinks about teleporting him away, but Nocturne says that this will only anger him more; yet when the Hulk announce to “Smash“, the Exiles have no choice but to fight.
Sunfire tries her flame, but the Hulk throws some dirt on her, taking her out, Nocturne’s hex bolts show no effect and Morph is thrown a few miles after an unsuccessful attempt to strangle the Hulk. Blink sees no other choice but to throw a teleportation dart, but the Hulk doesn’t vanish, despite being hit. Yet he is in pain and vows to hurt the „purple girl“, when the Mimic, though still sick, uses his optic blast, to give Clarice some time. Thunderbird comes around and now battles the Hulk, till he is punched through a few trees and the Hulk jumps away, wanting to be left alone.
The Exiles are relieved to see him go, and all of a sudden they are met by this reality’s version of Alpfha Flight led by Wolverine. The teams introduce each other, and surprisingly Alpha Flight has no problems accepting the concept of alternate realities. Thunderbird spots a familiar face, the Shaman of the canadian team is himself – John Proudstar. The meeting is observed by an unseen group of at least three members.
Alpha Flight have invited the Exiles to their headquarters and provide them with new clothes. Mimic is examined by scientist Dr. Heather Hudson, who diagnoses that he was sick because of having absorbed some gamma rays from the approaching Hulk, yet with having absorbed Wolverine some time ago, Mimic can easily deal with the radiation pouisoning, now that the Hulk is out of range. To back it up Mimic pops his bone claws, and Wolverine is surprised, he didn’t know about the bone claws – so far he thought his were metal implants. Esewhere Thunderbird talks with his counterpart, who explains that after an encounter between the Wendigo and X-Men and Alpha Flight, the original Shaman senses Proudstar’s inner troubles and trained him till John was fit to take over as Shaman and Michael Twoyoungmen retired. Thunderbird envies his other self for being so at ease and balanced.
Somewhat later, Wolverine holds a briefing in front of the assembled Flight programm and the Exiles. He explains „Project : Goliath“, which is the mission name for bringing in the Hulk. He has entered Canada about three months ago, caused mass destruction and many deaths, and finally he needs to be dealt with. Blink feels the Tallus appear on her arm and it finally states what the Exiles‘ mission is this time. Later alone with the Mimic in their quarters, she says that all of the canadian herioes will go missing or die in the coming battle, and they have to prevent this. Calvin wonders aboput Bruce Banner, whose mind must be somewhere inside the Hulk, but Blink asks him to stop comparing every person they fight with the versions he is familiar with. Mimic agrees, and says that this is actually why he put Clarice in charge, yet Blink says that she took command of the group herself and didn’t need to be put in charge. She then kisses him.
In the woods, the Hulk is alone gazing at the moon. He then falls asleep.
Elsewhere Deadpool, Garrison Kane and Sabretooth, calling themselves Weapon X, discuss the situation. They plan to observe the battle and let Alpha Flight and the Exiles weaken the Hulk - before taking the opportunity to recruit him and any surviving Alphans into the ranks of their group.

Characters Involved: 

Blink, Mimic, Morph, Nocturne, Sunfire, Thunderbird (all Exiles)

Deadpool, Garrison Kane, Sabretooth (all Weapon X)
Alternate reality the Exiles visit in #5-6 :


Northstar, Puck, (white) Sasquatch, Shaman (John Proudstar), Wolverine and an unknown female (all Alpha Flight)

Aurora, Box, Diamond Lil, Jubilee (unconfirmed), Marrina, Radius, Smart Alec, Snowbird, Wild Child, Windshear and some unknown characters (all involved in Canada’s Flight programm)

Dr. Heather Hudson, Alpha Flight’s scientist

Story Notes: 

Mimic explains how his powers work : He can only maintain five powers at once, he has half the strength of the original bearer of that power, and he needs an hour of close contact to keep a power for the long term.
The next issue reveals that Sabretooth and his Weapon X teammates are not from this reality, but like the Exiles, another dimension hopping team, equipped with a Tallus of their own.

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