Hellions #15

Issue Date: 
November 2021
Story Title: 
Don't Look Back, part III: Fire and Brimstone

Zeb Wells (writer), Roge Antonio (artist), Rain Beredo (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Stephen Segovia & Rain Beredo (cover artists), Stephanie Hans (variant cover artist), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Mark Basso (editor), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

On Krakoa, Tarn the Uncaring and his Locus Vile have made quick work of the dozens of Sinister clones within Bar Sinister, while the Hellions are all under Tarn's control. Amino Fetus begins to feed on another of the Locus Vile, Mudgear, while Havok asks Empath to use his powers to fight Tarn – only Empath has no intention of doing that and suggests he use his powers to make Havok lose control. Tarn turns his attention to Havok and Empath, but Kwannon gets Tarn to stop hurting them by offering him the information he wants – she knows where Sinister has gone. Kwannon tells Tarn to let the Hellions go and she will give him that information. Tarn doesn't bargain though, and enters Kwannon's mind, taking the information for himself – although Kwannon does put up a good fight. Kwannon informs Greycrow and Havok that Sinister is in Murderworld, which confuses them as they thought they destroyed Murderworld. Sinister and his clone have escaped Krakoa, and arrive at Murderworld, beneath a warehouse in Brooklyn. Sinister reveals to his clone that he has created a chimera, a perfect begin made from his own DNA and the DNA he stole from Tarn back on Amenth. Sinister's clone is terrified when Tarn arrives at Murderworld through a portal, come to reclaim what was stolen from him. Kwannon is forced to reveal that they never destroyed Murderworld, that he and Mastermind used the Hellions to cover their crimes. Greycrow is furious with Kwannon, feeling betrayed by her, and while the Locus Vile struggle to get Amino Fetus under control, Greycrow creates a massive weapon from the armor on his leg and uses it to shoot most of the Locus Vile, except for Mother Rapture who travels through portal to Murderworld where she informs Tarn that Animo Fetus is being fed. Tarn races back to Krakoa through the portal, and warns Greycrow to stop what he is doing. But Greycrow is standing on Amino Fetus and shoves the remains of one of the other Locus Vile into his mouth. Strange creatures form on amino Fetus' back, and a moment later, Tarn, Mother Rapture and Amino Fetus teleport away. The Hellions make their way to Murderworld through the portal that was left open, where they discover the Chimera that Sinister has created. The Hellions decide to blow the Chimera and the lab up. Sinister tells Kwannon to explain why they can't do that – and a distraught Kwannon reveals to the Hellions that Sinister has her daughter. Havok and Greycrow realize this is why Kwannon lied to them. Sinister explains that Kwannon's daughter only exists virtually, in a DNA helix, with no copies on Krakoa. Havok and Greycrow decide not to blow the lab up, and Sinister prepares to hatch his Chimera – until Empath takes control of Havok, manipulating his emotions. Havok begins to lose control of his powers, and Empath tells Sinister that Emma says hello. Kwannon pleads with Havok, but it's no use – as he unleashes his powers and the lab is destroyed. Kwannon screams, as everything goes white. Meanwhile, off the coast of Krakoa, the Right's ZETA team surveys the island, while Dr Murch of the Right is able to connect to Nanny's ship, where the Right baby is hidden.

Full Summary: 

The International air/marine  diversion zone, where two men and two women, all wearing green masks, are standing on a small ship. One of the women remarks that their ship will fool NATO's radar ships, but won't fool that island – not for long. One of the shirtless men calls the woman Cobb and tells the other shirtless man, who he calls Barker, that Cobb is ready to go home. 'Guess we pack it in in' the first shirtless man suggests. Barker calls the other shirtless man Martinez and tells him to shut it, and that Cobb isn't wrong, but, luckily for them, it won't matter. 'Yes, I've blanketed the operation in prayer' the second woman announces. 'Uh, yeah, Susan. That, and we won't be here long... we're just making a quick call' Barker tells his team.

On that island, Krakoa, the mutant nation, where an odd ship belonging to the even more odd woman known only as Nanny sits hidden in one of Krakoa's lush forests. Inside the ship, the strange little green baby which grins is suddenly connected to a remote link. Systems are activated. The Right Baby sits up in its cot as a a computer voice states that the holo-nav is on, the sat-lock is acquired, weapons systems are active, the tech-lab is active, and nourish pumps are on.

Within a Right facility somewhere, Dr Murch stares at some monitors, while other Right scientists sit nearby. Dr Murch congratulates the others and announces that they have contact. 'Er...you can turn the nourish pumps off' Dr Murch remarks. One of the other scientists informs him that their signal is not compatible with the neonate's firmware, so it can't hear them. 'That's fine... I'd rather talk to the old crone's ship' Dr Murch responds.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, New York, specifically, two thousand feet above Murderworld. There is a crashing noise as a Krakoan gate is destroyed in a warehouse above Murderworld. 'There! No one will be following us through that no-gate!' The diabolical Mr Sinister remarks to his clone. 'You could have lent a hand, by the way' Sinister adds. The clone, who wears Sinister's cape, and whose face is covered in stitches, declares that he lent a hand when he traveled to Amenth to collect mutant DNA at the molecular level. 'Think I'll skip the yard work' the clone adds. 'Now, you tempted me away from my master with tales of genetic ascension!' the clone exclaims, pointing out at that his master will be angry, so this better be good. 'Don't worry, your used-to-be-pretty head. It's spectacular. And literally moments away' Sinister responds.

A moment later, Sinister and his clone are on a platform that descends down into Murderworld. 'Um, actually, the lift takes about fifteen minutes. Anything else you'd like to talk about, or...' Sinister begins. 'I'd prefer to stand quietly' the clone replies. 'Great!' Sinister tells him.

On Krakoa, 'END THEIR INCESSANT CHATTER!' Tarn the Uncaring of Otherworld shouts, wide-eyed, as a dozen or so Sinister clones lay scattered, bloody and disorientated at his feet. 'The only thing I can move is my mouth' one of the clones utters. 'La vie est cruelle et courts' another calls out. 'I surrend-' one begins, before a blade is hurled through their chest. 'Stay still!' one of Tarn's Locus Ville called Sick Bird excalims as they attempt to shove one of their needle-like weapons through a clone. 'Oh, thank you. The itch is right above my shoulder -' and a moment later, Sick Bird shoves two of the deadly needles into the clone's back. 'Too low!' the clone screams. Sick Boy pulls his blood-covered weapons out of the clone's back and asks 'How are beings so young filed with such violent satisfaction?' Sick Bird looks at their weapons and utter that they wretch on their cords. Tarn tells Sick Bird to continue on their communication, to let these acrid thoughts punish them for the thief's escape.

While Amino Fetus and Mudgear the Recanter lay slumped against the wall of Bar Sinister, Hex Butcher approaches Tarn and asks if he may feed on the dead. 'Praise Tarn, my injuries require it' Hex Butcher utters. But Tarn tells Hex Butcher that his judgment forbids it, and that if he is to feed, he will feed on the ones who embarrassed him. Tarn is referring to the Hellions – Havok, Kwannon, Greycrow, Empath, Wild Child, Nanny and Orphan Maker – who are all on their knees nearby, under the influence of Tarn. 'Yeah, why don't you do that. Take a bite. See what happens' Greycrow exclaims. 'I will take much more than a bite, child. You are witnesses to the betrayal of Tarn. And so your fate is to die in pain, leaving no record of my shame' Tarn calls out as he levitates Greycrow into the air.

Suddenly, 'No! Sick Bird! Help!'a voice calls out – it's Hex Butcher, who is trying to pull Mudgear away from Amino Fetus, who has grabbed Hex Butcher by his head. 'He's got Mudgear! He's trying to feed!' Hex Butcher exclaims. 'Amino Fetus! Put it down! You hear me? Now!' Sick Bird shouts at Amino Fetus. 'These guys must really hate doing diapers, huh?' Empath smiles, referring to Amino Fetus. Havok tells Empath that they are in trouble, and that he needs to do something. 'Try my power on Tarn? Nah. Think I'm done dying for you idiots' Empath replies, suggesting he could turn Havok into that violent psycho and have him save the day. 'I don't -' Havok begins, before Tarn uses his powers to hurl Havok and Empath up into the air. 'No! NOOO!' Empath calls out, while Tarn tells them that he doesn't want any more talking – only suffering into death. 'Stop this. I SAID STOP!' Kwannon screams as she attempts to use her telepathy to control Tarn.

Tarn turns to Kwannon: 'I felt that. You're stronger than you look' he tells her, adding that she has been hiding gifts. 'I – I have what you want' Kwannon replies as she falls under Tarn's control. Beads of sweat form on Kwannon's face as she is forced to reveal that she knows where Sinister went, and that she knows what he is doing. 'I hold all of it in my mind. Let us go and it's yours' Kwannon utters. But Tarn declares that he doesn't bargain – he takes. Kwannon screams as Tarn tries to take the information from her mind. 'Tarn smiles and remarks that Kwannon's mind whispers threats to him – that she will fight unto death before letting him in. 'Yes, child. I think you would' Tarn decides, before telling Kwannon to give him what he wants, and then she will have her freedom. 'My word is diseased, but see my mind. Tarn speaks the truth' Tarn adds. Psychic communication happens between Kwannon and Tarn, who utters 'Yes. Thank you. He – BLASPHEMY!' Tarn shouts.

Tarn turns to the fifth member of his Locus Ville, Mother Rapture, and exclaims 'What the blade fish!' 'Praise Tarn' Mother Rapture replies. Kwannon hangs her head as Greycrow asks her where she told them Sinister was. 'In Murderworld. In the clone farm Arcade built for him in secret' Kwannon reveals. 'But that's not possible. We defeated Arcade. Destroyed Murderworld!' Greycrow replies. Shocked, Greycrow asks Kwannon if she is bluffing.

Sinister and his clone finally arrive at the entrance to Murderworld. 'This place is a dump' the clone remarks as he looks around. 'The previous owner had fallen on hard times. Times that became harder whhen I discovered something I wanted' Sinister explains. They make their way through the facility, and the clone notices a blood-soaked table where someone had clearly been strapped to. 'I dominated his mind and bent him to my purposes. All so I could continue our work in secret' Referring to the table, the clone replies 'Yikes. Is this where you went to work on him?' 'Um...I can't remember. Whatever happened, it was all worth it' Sinister replies. They stand at a monitor which shows a lab filled with tanks, and Sinister explains that he gained this facility to push their work forward. He informs the clone that he studied Tarn's splicecraft, that he pulled it apart, made it his own. 'He doesn't only rearrange his disciples' DNA. He combines them' Sinister explains. He looks at a screen depicting someone that looks similar to Tarn and a DNA helix, and announces that he has seen the future, and that it is chimera.

Suddenly, there is a “sharg” sound repeated over and over, and the clone looks worried: 'Oh no. NO! #%&* ME!' the clone shouts as the blade fish darts about, and a portal opens, enabling Tarn and Mother Rapture to enter Murderworld. 'Praise who?' Tarn asks. 'Praise Tarn! Praise Tarn!' the clone exclaims as he drops to his knees, and asks Tarn not to hurt him. 'You don't deserve that cape' Sinister snaps at his clone. Tarn instructs Mother Rapture to ensure that the blade fish keeps the opening gaped. 'They rend reality for you alone, Tarn' Mother Rapture responds.

Back on Krakoa, Greycrow asks Kwannon how Sinister rebuilt Murderworld. 'He didn't Because we never destroyed it' Kwannon reveals.

'You plan to steal my work? My soul?' Tarn asks, pointing at Sinister at Murderworld. 'Plan? Planning is for librarians. I just went ahead and did it. And it felt great!' Sinister replies, adding that it went even better. He then points to a monitor and asks Tarn if he can show him.

On Krakoa, Amino Fetus sits over the unmoving Mudgear, while someone tells him to stay. Kwannon continues to explain to her teammates what is going on, revealing that Sinister made a deal with Mastermind, that they took Arcade's mind and used him to build a clone farm – just as they took the Hellions' minds and made them think they had defeated Arcade. 'They used you to cover their crimes' Kwannon reveals. 'And you knew?' the horrified Greycrow asks. 'John, I...I helped them' Kwannon confesses. 'I – I thought – so stupid. I'm so stupid' Greycrow utters, hanging his head, before declaring '%^&* this' and pulling something off of his costume.

Nearby, Hex Butcher and Sic Bird are trying to keep Amino Fetus at bay as the large infantile creature attempts to reach for Mudgear. 'No! Bad!' Hex Butcher exclaims, while Sick Bird calls out to Mother Rapture. Mother Rapture appears in the opening, half in Krakoa and half in Murderworld, she calls out  to Tarn, about to explain something about Amino Fetus, but Tarn turns to her and asks 'Do you dare address me uninvited?' to which Mother Rapture asks Tarn to forgive her.

'Treat me like a toy. I''ll show them a toy' Greycrow snarls as he continues to pull pieces of armor off his right leg. 'I'll show them a toy' he declares as he appears to be building something from his armor. 'Look...' Sick Bird remarks  to Hex Butcher as they continue to struggle with Amino Fetus. 'They wanna play...' Greycrow begins. 'Big gun' Hex Butcher observes. 'Too big' Sick Bird decides, while they continue to try and hold Amino Fetus back. 'Let's play!' Greycrow calls out, having built the very large gun from pieces of armor on his leg, revealing that his right leg is entirely mechanical. 'Do you see? Do you see what I am? DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN $#%^&ING WITH?' Greycrow shouts as he unleashes his weapons fire, which tears through Amino Fetus, Hex Butcher and Sick Bird, ripping them all to shreds.

Mother Rapture calls out to Tarn, telling him that she prostrates her soul, but that she must speak. 'WHAT IS IT? WHAT ARE YOUR LAST WORDS?' Tarn snaps, before Mother Rapture informs him that Greycrow is feeding Amino Fetus. Tarn announces that he has to go, and rushes through the opening back onto Krakoa. 'He's in the Fetal Radius!' Tarn exclaims as he sees what is going on. 'I'm sorry -' Mother Rapture begins, while Tarn calls out to Greycrow, telling him to stop, or he will bring oblivion to all. 'See my face! See the truth!' Tarn tells him. 'See my face' Greycrow replies as he stands on Amino Fetus' large belly. Amino's mask has fallen away, revealing his large yellow eyes and mouth filled with large teeth. 'See the crazy $%^* who doesn't care' Greycrow adds as he shoves one of Sick Bird's arms into Amino Fetus' mouth.

'Mother Rapture' Tarn utters as he looks on in shock. Mother Rapture tells her blade fish to rend them to Fornax, while Amino Fetus lurches forward, and strange humanoid-like figures can be seen on his back, all crying out 'Gor' over and over again. The Hellions look on, confused, as Kwannon asks Greycrow 'What did you do?' 'Don't know. I was very upset' Greycrow replies. The blade fish darts around Tarn, Amino Fetus and Mother Rapture, creating a circle of energy, as Tarn announces that he goes to cast his child into a black hole at the edge of the universe so that all worlds may live to feel his perversions. He warns the Hellions that he will return to mangle all they care for, before he, Mother Rapture and Amino Fetus vanish in a blaze of energy. 'That man is a terrible father' Nanny remarks.

In Murderworld, the clone tells Sinister that he was just waiting for him to make a move so that he could spring into action. 'Please don't' Sinister replies, when suddenly, there is a loud CLICK. Sinister frowns and glances backwards as the Hellions appear through the opening that the blade fish left in place. 'Do we shoot him now, Mr Greycrow?' Orphan Maker asks. 'Not quite yet. First he's gonna tells us what was worth selling us out for' Greycrow replies. Sinister turns to the Hellions and asks them not to make this about them, as it was always about the work their trip to Amenth afforded him. 'It was about him' Sinister states, and the Hellions look shocked, as Sinister motions to a being that looks similar to Tarn in one of the clone tanks. 'A Sinister with the power of a god. It's a holy thing...This Chimera' Sinister exclaims.

Havok announces that this can't happen, and asks Greycrow if they just gonna blow this $#%& up. 'Yeah, we are' Greycrow responds, when suddenly, Kwannon asks them to wait. 'Yes, tell them, Kwannon. Tell them why they won't do that' Sinister smirks. A horrified Kwannon finally reveals to the Hellions that Sinister has her daughter! Sinister smiles and motions to a DNA helix on a monitor as he informs the Hellions that Kwannon's daughter exists digitally here. 'Why is it different from the Cerebro backups housing your Krakoan souls? The fact that there are no copies. Only this one' Sinister explains. 'But please, do fire away' he tells the Hellions.

Havok and Greycrow turns to Kwannon and Greycrow asks her if this is why she lied to them. 'Yes. Please, John. Don't -' Kwannon begins, but Greycrow lowers his weapon and tells Kwannon to stop, and that she doesn't even have to ask. 'Great, let's hatch this baby!' the Sinister clone exclaims. Sinister taps a button on the console, and the Chimera opens his eyes. 'You were told not to play with yourself, Sinister' Empath suddenly calls out. 'Huh?' Havok asks, confused. Empath looks at Havok and tells him that he is sorry, as he takes control of his mind and forces him to start releasing his powers. 'Summers?' Greycrow asks as energy darts around Havok's body. 'No...NOOOO!' Kwannon cries out. 'Emma says hello' Empath utters as he leans in to Sinister's face. Havok screams as he stands with his fists clenched, powerful energy at his command 'Alex, please!' Kwannon utters, before Havok unleashes his power, sending the energies rippling through the Murderworld complex. Kwannon screams – and then everything goes white....

Characters Involved: 

Havok, Kwannon, Mr Sinister, Empath, Greycrow, Nanny, Orphan Maker, Wild Child (all Hellions)

Right baby

Sinister clone
Other clones

Amino Fetus, Hex Butcher, Mother Rapture, Mudgear the Recanter, Sick Bird, Tarn the Uncaring (all Locus Vile)

Dr Murch
Cobb, Barker, Martinez, Susan (all ZETA Team)
Right scientists

Story Notes: 

The Sinister clone traveled to Amenth with the Hellions in Hellions #5-6, part of the “X of Swords” event.

The Hellions' misadventures in Murderworld took place in Hellions #9-11.

The table covered in blood which the Sinister clone notices and assumes Sinister worked on Arcade is actually the table where Arcade performed dental surgery on Sinister, as seen in Hellions #10.

This issue includes a one-page explanation of the Damnation Cycle.

Kwannon's daughter and Sinister possessing her DNA was explored in Fallen Angels (2nd series) #1-6.

Written By: