Hellions #16

Issue Date: 
December 2021
Story Title: 
Come Hurt Us

Zeb Wells (writer), Stephen Segovia (artist), Rain Beredo (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Stephen Segovia & Rain Beredo (cover artists), Todd Nauck & Rachelle Rosenberg (variant cover artists), Joe Jusko (Marvel Masterpieces variant cover artist) Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Mark Basso (editor), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

After the destruction of the clone farm and the Chimeras in Murderworld, Kwannon is in shock – because she's now lost her daughter, too. Havok is upset at losing control of his powers again, but it was Empath who forced him to do that – and Greycrow warns Empath that he is going to kill him for good. Orphan Maker tries to reach for Nanny, but she isn't interested in him, and goes over to where Sinister is trapped. Sinister's clone uses this moment to flee, while Nanny sings Sinister a nursery song, and is about to shove a spike through his head, when the X-Men arrive and ask if everyone is okay. Later, the Hellions have been taken to the Healing Gardens on Krakoa. Emma Frost tells Cyclops that his brother is a hero, as Sinister was moments away from releasing a dangerous genie from a bottle. She informs Cyclops that Kwannon will need some help as there was something between her and Sinister, but she isn't sure what. Greycrow warns Empath again that he is going to come for him, while Orphan Maker is confused and asks Nanny what is going on. Nanny tells him that their little family has been broken up, and that it's time for him to grow up, too – and that she isn't his Nanny anymore, she has another little one to look after. A scared Wild Child follows Kwannon around until she screams at him to leave, and he runs away crying – but Kwannon wasn't happy about doing that. She finds Cyclops waiting for her, and when Cyclops asks her why she is leaving Krakoa, Kwannon tells him that she was a fool to think this could be her home. Cyclops thinks otherwise, and tells Kwannon that she wouldn't have accepted the role of War Captain if she thought that. Cyclops probes her for information on what was going on between her and Sinister. She tells him that she won't blame others for their sins and that the Council had other plans. She's upset, and leaves, telling Cyclops that she hopes death will take her. She reminds Cyclops that she was tasked to keep the Hellions in check, and tells him that she should have known another had been tasked, too. At the White Palace, Emma Frost assures Havok that he prevented Sinister from becoming all powerful and saved so many lives. Havok is distraught and blames himself for Kwannon losing her daughter. Emma informs Havok that she has asked the Council to reconsider the resurrection of Madelyne Pryor. This cheers Havok up, and he thanks Emma as he leaves. Empath appears and asks Emma if she is having regrets, before telling her that their little deal cost him his friends, before claiming that he was joking. Emma assures Empath what he did was a good thing, and Empath claims that he couldn't care less, before asking if he can stay here, as Greycrow wants to kill him. Emma agrees, as she knows Empath always prefers his own company. She leaves, and Emapth looks sad. Wild Child finds Greycrow building weapons and Greycrow tells Wild Child that he won't stop until Empath is dead. Wild Child warns Greycrow that he will get thrown in the hole for that. Nanny arrives back at her ship, and is encouraging the Right baby to call her “Nanny” rather than “Mew mew”. Dr Murch of the Right takes control of Nanny's ship, and he appears on a monitor, calling Nanny by her true name – Eleanor – and reminding her that they were never divorced, that her ship still belongs to the Right – as does her new ward. He threatens to kill Nanny as he uses the ship's functions against Nanny, who is only concerned with protecting the Right baby. Dr Murch reveals that he plans on taking all of the babies and shows an image of mutant babies sleeping on Krakoa. Nanny takes back control of her ship, using the manual overrride, she then initiates the self-destruct. Dr Murch is surprised, but Nanny would do anything to protect the children. The ship explodes, and Orphan Maker races to the wreckage, where he helps Nanny to her feet – but slaps him, tells him he is worthless and that she now has nothing, just like he always wanted. Orphan Maker then runs off crying.

Full Summary: 

Brooklyn, New York, deep underground in the Murderworld Cloning Facility. Bodies of numerous chimera lay strewn through the cloning farm, the entire facility destroyed. Kyle Gibney a.k.a. Wild Child goes wide-eyed and makes whimpering noises – which are quietened when Kwannon puts a hand on his face and strokes his long hair as his head rests on her lap. Kwannon herself is on her knees, tears streaming down her face, she is distraught. 'N-not again...tell me I didn't go it again' Alex Summers a.k.a. Havok utters as he tries to get to his feet, removing his mask in the process. 'You never disappoint, Summers. Best freak-out yet' Manuel de la Rocha calls out as he sits slumped against some debris, his left shoulder appears to be injured, he holds it with his right hand. 'We make a great team' Empath adds. 'You did it this time, kid' John Greycrow remarks as he climbs out of the rubble behind Empath. 'I'm gonna kill you so good...' Greycrow warns Empath.

Nearby, Orphan Maker reaches out for Nanny, but she declines to hold his hand, 'Not now, Peter' she tells him, holding a large metal spike, she claims that she is working as she makes her way over to where Mr Sinister is trapped under some rubble nearby. 'Good luck with all that!' Sinister's clone calls out as he starts to run away. 'Nathaniel Essex stood on us all...he laughed at Nanny, “Isn't she small”? Until she took him head and all!' Nanny sings as she puts the spike to Sinister's head. 'This really isn't necessary – WAIT!' Sinister exclaims, before Nanny grabs him by his hair – until a voice calls out 'Hey there. Looks like you guys ran into some trouble. Everyone okay?' It's Cyclops of the X-Men, who stands alongside Jean Grey and Rogue, while Polaris, Synch, Sunfire and Laura Kinney are gathered behind them. 'Ha' Nanny replies. 'Ha. Haha. “Is everyone okay”?' Greycrow quotes, before he bursts into laughter.

The next morning, in the Healing Gardens on Krakoa. Cyclops and Emma Frost look out across the Healing Gardens from an observation booth. Three of the Stepford Cuckoos tend to Greycrow, while Empath, Kwannon and Havok lie on nearby slabs. Wild Child sits perched on the slab with Kwannon. Nanny and Orphan Maker sit nearby, apparently not needing medical attention. Cyclops tells Emma that Alex, his brother, is devestated, and that something bad happened out there. Emma glances at Cyclops and tells him that Havok is a hero, as Sinister was moments away from letting a very dangerous genie out of a bottle, but Alex stopped him. 'Still. He's beat up. Inside and out' Cyclops responds. Emma assures Cyclops that Alex will get whatever he needs, that they all will, and she will see to it. Emma informs Cyclops that she might need his help with Kwannon, as there was something between Kwannon and Sinister, so she doesn't know where Kwannon is at on this. Cyclops offers to talk to Kwannon, before asking about Sinister. 'He's a council member. Return him to his quarters. No restraints. There are appearances to keep' Emma replies as she walks away.

'Look at me, Manuel' Greycrow calls out from the slab where he lays, the Cuckoos continuing to work on him after he removed the right hand side of his body to turn his mechanical pieces into a large weapon. 'As soon as I'm patched up, I'm coming for you' Greycrow warns him. 'We're gonna spend a long time together. Away where no one can hear' Greycrow utters, while Empath looks on at him, wide-eyed and frightened. 'Nanny?' Orphan Maker calls out as Nanny gets up to leave the Healing Gardens. 'Where's everyone going? I'm scared' Orphan Maker tells her. 'Don't you understand what happened today?' Nanny asks, before turning to Orphan Maker and informing him that their little family fell apart – that she is not his Nanny anymore. 'You're a man now. You've been a man since you came back from Amenth. It's time to grow up' Nanny snaps, before announcing that she has a little one to see, and that the tiny one is probably scared. Orphan Maker does not look happy.

Kwannon walks down a corridor, with Wid Child scurrying behind her. Kwannon informs Kyle that he can't follow her where she is going, that he has to leave her. 'Hrrmph?' Wild Child asks, confused. Kwannon spins around and angrily shouts 'I SAID LEAVE! THIS  IS OVER! GO!' A confused Wild Child scampers away, wailing, while Kwannon quietly tells him not to come back, and that he is a good boy, before she turns and continues down the corridor.

'Hello, Kwannon' Cyclops remarks as he turns to greet Kwannon, telling her that he hears she is leaving this place. 'Krakoa is not my home. I was a fool to think it was' Kwannon responds. But Cyclops tells her that she can't believe that, because if she did, she wouldn't have accepted the role of Captain. 'I think this is about Sinister. You were close to him. Maybe close enough to get dirty' Cyclops remarks. Kwannon reveals to Cyclops that Sinister had something she cared about very much – something she hoped, if returned, would wash away a lifetime of sins. 'These were my plans. Unfortunately, the Council had others' Kwannon adds. 'The Council?' Cyclops asks. He starts to tell Kwannon 'If you're going to move on them, I have to -' but Kwannon angrily asks him if she looks like someone who blames others for their sins. 'DO I?' Kwannon screams as she shoves a psi-blade into the wall, shattering it. Kwannon starts to leave the room and Cyclops asks her where she is going. 'Away. To hunt the evils of the world without noble cause. To court death, and hope it takes me' Kwannon utters, before informing Cyclops that she was tasked with keeping the Hellions in check. 'If only I'd known they also tasked another' she points out, to which Cyclops frowns.

Meanwhile, in the White Palace, a solemn Havok sits slumped over, while Emma Frost tells him that he kept Mr Sinister from becoming all-powerful. 'Who knows how many lives you saved?' she asks, telling him that all of Krakoa owes him a debt. Emma then informs Havok that his time with the Hellions is finished, which she knows is what he wanted. 'Not like this! I never wanted any of this – I – Psylocke's daughter! I...' Havok's voice trails off, as he puts his head in his hand and tells Emma that he couldn't help himself. 'Alex, I...I...' Emma begins, before revealing that she has asked the Council to reconsider the resurrection of Madelyne Pryor. 'What?' Havok asks, shocked. Emma tells him that it is the least she can do, but she can't promise anything. 'But they'll listen to you, right? They have to!' Havok exclaims. Emma ushers him out of the chamber, while Havok looks back at her and thanks her. 'You're the best' he smiles. 'You're too kind, Alex. Way to kind' Emma replies, hanging her head.

'Having regrets?' a voice calls out. It's Empath, who emerges from another room off the side of the chamber. 'You're not the only one. Our little deal cost me the only friends I have' Empath remarks. 'Manuel, I -' Emma begins, but Empath grins and tells Emma that he is just $#%&ing with her. 'You should have seen the look on their stupid faces' he exclaims. Emma puts a hand on Empath's face and tells him that she knew she could count on him. 'You have your faults, but sentimentality is not one of them' she points out, asking Empath if he knows what he did was a good thing, an important thing. 'Couldn't care less. Greycrow wants to murder me, though. Probably Kwannon, too. Maybe all of them' Empath replies, before asking Emma if he can hole up in the White Palace for a while. Emma tells him to take this place for himself, and that she will leave. 'I know you've always preferred your own company' Emma adds. 'I'm the only one that gets my jokes' Empath grins. 'Heh' he laughs, before his smile turns to a frown and a look of despair fills his eyes.

In the armory, Greycrow is assembling some weapons, while Wild Child sits at his feet. 'I told him what I'd do if he used his powers on us. And he never learned, Even after I did it' Greycrow remarks. 'But this time, he hurt her. So now I'm gonna get serious. I'm not gonna stop after I kill him' Greycrow adds, before vowing to find the Cradle and melt Empath's backup down to nothing – melt them all down if he has to. 'Kill him for good' Greycrow declares. Wild child warns Greycrow that they will throw him in the hole, to which Greycrow grins and agrees that they will – and he will laugh all the way down.

Meanwhile, in Nanny's ship, the grinning Right baby utters 'Mew mew' over and over. 'No... “Nanny”!' Nanny exclaims. 'I'm your Nanny. Say it!' Nanny calls out, while tendrils inside the ship hold the baby up in the air. Suddenly, a monitor inside the ship comes to life, and Dr Murch of the Right can be seen. 'Hello, Eleanor' he calls out to Nanny. 'Harold?' Nanny utters as she holds the Right baby. Dr Murch informs Eleanor that he has been waiting for her to get home, as he wanted her to see this. 'You should have never left the Right' Dr Murch declares. 'Get out of my ship! How are you doing this?' Nanny asks. 'Mew mew?' the Right baby asks. 'You signed your soul over to the Right and you thought you could just leave? Your ship still belongs to the Right. Your ward belongs to the Right! And you will DIE BY THE HANDS OF THE RIGHT!' Dr Murch booms as he takes command of the tendrils inside the ship, two of them latch onto Nanny's egg-shaped armor and slam her to the ground. 'Mew mew!' the Right baby cries out as it is flung from Nanny's arms across the ship.

Dr Murch's control over the ship extends to forcing the ship to take off, lifting off above the ground. 'MY BABY!' Nanny calls out as she frees herself from the tendrils, and tries to race over to the baby, who is suspended in the air by another tendril. 'Our baby, Eleanor. If I remember we were never properly divorced!' Dr Murch claims. 'But you did leavve me, didn't you? You were offered forgiveness and my embrace, or condemnation and that egg. AND YOU CHOSE THE EGG!' Dr Murch shouts as one of the ship's tendrils slams into Nanny, cracking her egg armor. Dr Murch tells Eleanor that he is shocked to see her still wearing the egg and that like all mutants, she is insane – frightened by the world and hateful. 'An unfit mother' he adds. 'Mew mew!' the Right baby cries out as the tendrils slam into Nanny again, and two tendrils carry the baby and place it in a shoot which sends the baby careening out of the ship and into the air. 'DON'T YOU TAKE MY BABY!' Nanny screams.

As Nanny is slammed into the ship's console, Dr Murch tells his estranged wife that he is not taking her baby – he is taking all the babies. Images of mutant babies on Krakoa appear on the monitor as Dr Murch tells Nanny that her computer navigation system contained so many interesting destinations – like the dirty orphanage of her “people”. 'Oh, the things they'll say about you after you crash your ship into it!' Dr Murch exclaims, before the computer announces that the manual override has been initiated. 'What was that?' Dr Murch snaps. The computer reports that the emergency self-destruct has been primed, and Murch asks Nanny what she is doing. 'Taking my job seriously' Nanny responds as she presses a red button on the console – and a moment later, her ship explodes, which is see by Orphan Maker on the ground below.

'NANNY?' Orphan Maker calls out. He leaps towards the flaming wreckage, 'No no no no' he repeats over and over. 'NANNY' he shouts as he finds Nanny's body in the wreckage. 'You're okay. You're gonna be okay' Orphan Maker tells her as he tries to help her up. 'GET OFF OF ME!' Nanny snaps as she pushes Orphan Maker away from her. Nanny clenches her fists as she tells Orphan Maker that they have taken everything from her. 'Where were you when I needed you? Worthless, stupid boy!' Nanny shrieks. 'You've still got me -' Orphan Maker begins, but Nanny slaps him in the face, knocking him to the ground. 'I HAVE NOTHING! JUST LIKE YOU WANTED!' Nanny retorts as she stands in the flaming wreckage of her ship. 'Are you happy, Peter? Are you happy?' Nanny asks, while Orphan Maker runs away, covering his face with his hand....

Characters Involved: 

Havok, Kwannon, Mr Sinister, Empath, Greycrow, Nanny, Orphan Maker, Wild Child (all Hellions)

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Polaris, Rogue, Sunfire, Synch, Wolverine III (all X-Men)
Emma Frost
Stepford Cuckoos

Right baby

Sinister clone
Chimera bodies

Dr Harold Murch

Story Notes: 

The regular cover to this issue is inspired by the classic New Mutants (1st series) #87 cover by Rob Liefeld.

Havok previously lost control of his powers in Hellions #1, although on this occasion, in Hellions #15, it was Empath who manipulated Havok into losing control.

This issue includes a text-only message from the Beast to Emma Frost in which the Beast informs Emma that he knows about what happened at Murderworld, and that he hopes she does right by the Hellions.

Kwannon became a Captain of Krakoa in Inferno #1.

This issue is the first time Nanny's real name, Eleanor Murch, is revealed. Presumably Murch is her married name, given this issue also hints further at Nanny's connection to the Right, as Dr Murch, whose name is given as Harold, is revealed to be her estranged husband.

Written By: