Hellions #17

Issue Date: 
January 2022
Story Title: 
Trauma Response

Zeb Wells (writer), Stephen Segovia (artist), Rain Beredo (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Stephen Segovia & Rain Beredo (cover artists), John Tyler Christopher (variant cover artist), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Mark Basso (editor), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Kwannon is preparing to leave Krakoa, and Emma Frost arrives to see her off, wanting to know why she is leaving. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Stepford Cuckoos who report that the Right have infiltrated Krakoa and that Nanny crashed her ship and is in a bad state, and that when she was taken to the Healing Gardens, they discovered Orphan Maker overheard Nanny talk about a Right facility in Arizona – and now he has stolen a ship. Kwannon offers to go after Orphan Maker, invoking her right as a Captain of Krakoa. In Arizona, Dr Harold Murch and other Right scientists watch as Orphan Maker makes easy work of the Right soldiers. At Krakoa's hangar bay, Kwannon is preparing to leave, but Havok, Greycrow, Nanny and Wild Child arrive and insist on joining her. When Empath shows up, Greycrow reminds him he said he would kill him. Kwannon tells Greycrow that they don't have time for this, and the Hellions leave – without Empath. Orphan Maker continues to take down the Zeta Team members of the Right, while declaring that he is a good boy and not worthless, as he heads towards the main lab. Two park rangers stationed nearby are alerted to the weaponsfire but decide to leave the Right be. Fortunately, the Hellions soon arrive, and engage the Zeta Team in battle, making quick work of them, while Orphan Maker makes his way into the lab, where Dr Murch is examining the Right baby that was recently in Nanny's care. Dr Murch gives the baby to Orphan Maker, when Nanny arrives and takes the baby from Orphan Maker. The baby then speaks - “mewt-tant” it says, before it explodes in Nanny's arms, shattering her egg-shaped armor, to Dr Murch's delight. He bursts into laughter, before Orphan Maker grabs him by his head and spins it around, breaking his neck. Orphan Maker then kills the other Right scientists. The Hellions then witness as Orphan Maker charges out of the Right lab, announcing that his Nanny is dead, he shoots other Right soldiers, before making his way out of the complex, where the two park rangers are waiting outside. The Hellions find Nanny's body, then hear more weaponsfire. They race outside, and are shocked to discover that Orphan Maker has killed the park rangers.


Full Summary: 

Krakoa, where the heroic Kwannon is carrying a duffel bag over a shoulder and looks none-too-happy. 'I had to see this myself. It's not every day a Great Captain abandons their post' Emma Frost calls out as she leans against a tree nearby. Without turning to her, Kwannon asks Emma if she has business with her. 'I want to know why you're leaving' Emma responds. This time, Kwannon does turn to look at Emma as she replies 'I think you do know. And you're wondering who else I've told'. Before Emma can respond, several of the Stepford Cuckoos appear and report that there has been an attack – that the Right has infiltrated Krakoa and took control of Nanny's ship. 'It crashed into the trees. She barely survived' one of the Cuckoos adds. This gets Kwannon's attention, and she asks if Orphan Maker has been informed. The Cuckoos all look at each other with wide-eyes. Emma knows they are hiding something: 'Girls' she snaps.

The Cuckoos report that they debriefed Nanny in the healing gardens, and that she knew who attacked her. 'Did you know she was married?' Sophie Cuckoo asks, before one of them reveals that Nanny gave them a location in Arizona, but Orphan Maker was hiding nearby and heard everything. 'He stole a ship...' Sophie reveals. 'I'll bring him back' Kwannon states as she starts to walk away. Emma tells her to wait, reminding her that there are protocols. 'Then consider this an order from your captain' Kwannon responds.

Meanwhile, in the Arizona desert, 'I ASKED YOU A QUESTION, BUTTHEADS!' Orphan Maker shouts as he opens fire at the Right Base Zeta, his weapons fire aimed at the Zeta team members. A Krakoan jet can be seen behind him, as he is watched on security monitors by Dr Harold Murch and other Right scientists. Dr Murch holds in his arms the Right baby, who utters 'Mew mew!'. One of the Right scientists asks 'Nanny's?' as he watches Orphan Maker's attack. 'Yes. One of her benighted mutant orhpans' Dr Murch explains. 'He's impressively armed' another scientist adds. 'And after our prize' Dr Murch points out, before instructing his colleagues to give Zeta Team their meds – except for Susan.

Back on Krakoa, in the hangar bay, Kwannon is approaching a jet, when Alex Summers a.k.a. Havok appears. 'Heard you're going after Peter' Alex remarks. Kwannon informs Alex that Peter has gone to a Right compound in Arizona, and she is staging an extraction – alone. 'P-please...can I come? Please?' Alex asks. 'I just need to...John told me what I did to your daughter. I don't know why I would – I don't know what's wrong with me, is the thing' Alex tells Kwannon, adding that he doesn't remember, doesn't know – and that he is so sorry. 'I know, Alex' Kwannon utters, turning to him. 'I know' Kwannon tells him again as she puts a hand on Alex's face.

'You're going to get my Peter, yes?' Eleanor Murch a.k.a. Nanny asks as she enters the hangar bay alongside John Greycrow and Kyle Gibney a.k.a. Wild Chld. 'We're coming with you' Greycrow announces. Kwannon looks at him and tells him that they are not a team, and that it was foolish to think they were. 'All we do is hurt each other' she adds. 'Don't see why that would start being a problem now' Greycrow replies. 'Heh' Kwannon almost smiles. Suddeny, Manuel de la Rocha a.k.a. Empath arrives, arms extended, he grins and exclaims that he knew this breakup was too good to last. 'where are we going $#%&heads?' he asks. 'This kid thought I was joking...I TOLD YOU I'D KILL YOU GOOD!' a furious Greycrow shout as he raises a gun and points it straight at Empath's head.

But Kwannon puts a hand on Greycrow's wrist and pulls his arm back, telling him that they don't have time for this. 'That's right, dumbass. You're gonna need me' Empath grins. '&%!% off, Manuel. You're not coming Kwannon snaps. 'KYLE!' Kwannon then shouts. Wild Child is on all fours and looks confused, before Kwannon sternly tells him 'Come, boy!' and he follows her and Nanny onto the jet. Havok and Greycrow, with bags of weapons, then follow, leaving an unimpressed Empath to narrow his eyes.

At the Right Base Zeta, 'Trip the mag-locks, dammit! He's here!' one of the Zeta team shouts as he looks wide-eyed while attempting to close a large door. 'Hold the door!' another of the team exclaims. 'I'M A GOOD BOY!' Orphan Maker shouts as kicks the Zeta team member down. 'Okay, man – you're a good boy -' one of the other Zeta members tells Orphan Maker, before Orphan Maker grabs him by his arm and breaks it. 'I'm not worthless!' Orphan Maker shouts. 'I'm not stupid!' he exclaims as he hurls one of the Zeta team members into another. 'He's heading for the lab! Light 'em up!' one of the Zeta team calls out as they give chase to Orphan Maker who heads through the facility.

Nearby, two park rangers observe the facility, and listen to the strange loud noises that can be heard booming from the desert-base facility. 'That sound like gunfire to you?' one of the rangers asks, peering through binoculars. 'Sure does. Wanna check it out?' the other ranger, inside their vehicle, asks. 'Rather not. Feds warned us the compound was probably armed. Hoes with the religious-nut territory' the first ranger responds, suggesting that it is better to leave them be. 'Still, awful lot of gunfire' the ranger comments, turning to his colleague, when suddenly, '$#%&!' he shouts as the Krakoan jet flies low above him. 'Where are they going?' the second ranger asks, wide-eyed.

Inside the Right facility, Barker, Cobb, Susan and Martinez of the Zeta team are preparing for battle against Orphan Maker. 'Target is heavily armed. Gonna be a gas' one of them remarks. 'You shoot a mutie before?' Susan asks Martinez, who paints a big yellow grin over his green-painted face and replies 'None that were shooting back', before he suddenly sees the Hellions have arrived. '$%#&. He brought friends' Martinez remarks.

'Human strike team. How careful do we need to be?' Havok asks. 'Armed members of a violent anti-mutant cult? Not too careful' Kwannon replies. 'Heh. &%!$ yeah' Greycrow grins as he holds a large weapon, while Wild Child scampers at his feet, and Nanny walks alongside him.

'THE BREATH OF THE SPIRIT FILLS THE SOULS OF THE RIGHTEOUS! YOU SEE JUDGMENT BEFORE US!' Susan suddenly shouts. The woman called Cobb quietly reminds Susan that they agreed Barker would talk like that. The shirtless Barker informs the Hellions that their man drew blood. 'He's ours. Now you have -' Barker begins, before Susan shouts 'RETURN TO YOUR SODOM, SINNERS! THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB PROTECTS US!' 'Susan, please...' Barker mutters. But Susan isn't listening, and waves two sharp sickles around as she shouts 'THE LORD HAS GIVEN ME EYES OF BURNING LIGHT! I SEE THE SIN OF YOUR GENES! I SEE THE ROT IN YOUR MUTANT SOULS!'

'Gonna stop you right there' Havok replies as he unleashes a powerful blast of energy, which knocks the Zeta team backwards. 'Muties are live!' Cobb reports. 'MOVE UP!' Kwannon tells her team, instructing them to hit the Zeta team fast. 'KILL EM ALL! KILL 'EM!' Barker orders as he opens fire at Greycrow, who blocks the weapons fire with his armor. Greycrow then moves forward and punches Barker hard in the neck. 'Dammit! They're too close for this thing!' Martinez exclaims, holding up a large weapon. 'Mine works fine' Havok responds as he fires a surge of energy at Martinez's gun, destroying it.

'Purifying flames, anyone?' Cobb asks as she holds up a grenade – but before she can pull the pin on in, Kwannon drops down on her: 'No' Kwannon tells her matter-of-factly as she shoves a psi-knife into Cobb's head. Wild Child sees Nanny moving past the battleground and into the Right facility, but before he can go after her, Susan approaches him, waving her sickles at him, she tells him that she smells his sin, and shouts 'I AM BLESSED WITH HOLY BLADES TO SMITE YOU!' Susan lunges at Wild Child, slashing his left side with one of the sickles. 'THE DAY OF THE LORD IS HERE!' Susan claims. Wild Child yelps, while Greycrow looks over and tells Havok 'She's a live wire. Get in there, Alex'. 'Me? Why me?' Havok asks.

Inside the Right facility's lab, Dr Murch and one of his assistants stand over a table where Murch is holding the green Right baby down with one hand, and some sort of drill with his other hand. 'The neonate matures at an alarming rate. New systems come online every hour...' Dr Murch begins. 'Dr Murch, please...' the other doctor begins, before one of the Zeta team members rushes in and shouts 'We've got to move now! He's com-' but it's too late, as a fiery blast ripples through the lab – Orphan Maker has arrived. 'I'm having feelings' Orphan Maker announces. Dr Murch holds up the Right baby and tells Orphan Maker to take him. 'He's yours' Dr Murch adds, while the other doctor appears to question Dr Murch's actions. Orphan Maker holds the Right baby in his arms and calls him his little brother, telling him that it is okay, and that he is safe now.

'PETER!' Nanny shouts as she arrives on scene. Orphan Maker holds the baby out to Nanny: 'I got him back, Nanny!' Orphan Maker exclaims. 'Give him here!' Nanny snaps. Peter passes the baby over to Nanny as he tells her 'Guess you'd probably say I'm a pretty good boy after all' but Nanny just tells Peter to shush, as he is upsetting the baby. 'But I -' Orphan Maker begins. 'My precious little baby...' Nanny coos as she holds the baby in her arms. 'Mew mew' the Right baby grins as it looks up at Nanny. 'That's right. It's your mew mew!' Nanny replies. 'Mew mewt... mewt-tant!' the Right baby begins to say, before its eyes suddenly light up with fiery energy. 'Mewt-tant scum' the baby exclaims, opening its mouth, a huge surge of fire is released, blasting Nanny at close range, knocking her backwards, she screams as the energy appears to shatter her egg-shaped armor. 'Nanny?' Orphan Maker asks as he looks on in shock.

'A self-replicating mutant AI. That hates mutants. Heh' Dr Murch grins, before laughing, while the other doctor looks in shock. Dr Murch then starts to laugh hysterically, while recalling that he told Nanny – his ex-wife – that those mutant babies would be the end of her. 'Are you okay, Doctor?' one of the other doctors asks. 'I'm great! I'm -' Dr Murch begins, when suddenly, Orphan Maker grabs him by his head and spins his head around, breaking his neck. 'God, don't -' one of the doctors utters as Orphan Maker reaches for her. 'Wait!' another calls out, but it's too late for them, as Orphan Maker shatters their skulls with his armored hands.

Back outside, 'There. Was that so hard?' Kwannon asks, as the Hellions have dfeated Zeta team. 'Didn't want to get bit' Greycrow tells her before he hears some rapid gunfire. 'Peter' he remarks, while more Right soldiers can be seen running from the facility, 'RUN!' one of them shouts. 'My Nanny's dead, and IT'S NOT FUNNY!' Orphan Maker calls out, waving large guns about, he opens fire, slaying the Right soldiers. 'No more laughing' Orphan Maker declares. He opens fire on more soldiers who have appeared, including firing at one who has fallen to the ground – directly into his back. 'STOP!' a voice calls out. 'Stop right there'. Its one of the park rangers, as Orphan Maker has blasted his way out of the perimeter fence of the Right facility, and into open desert. 'You're engaging in illegal activities on federal parkland. Put the gun down' the ranger orders. Orphan Maker responds by raising his weapon towards the rangers. 'DON'T -' one of the rangers calls back.


Inside the facility, Kwannon, Havok, Greycrow and Wild Child have found the lab – and Nanny's shattered armor. 'What's this? Looks like a little Smiley armor smashed to pieces...' Havok remarks, while Greycrow looks into the armor, and the corpse of Nanny can be seen. 'God...' Greycrow utters. 'He's not going to take this well' Kwannon points out. Wild Child hears more weaponsfire, and the Hellions rush out of the lab. 'Peter!' Havok exclaims. 'Are you as worried as I am?' Greycrow asks. 'Yes. This feels... wrong' Kwannon replies, as they arrive outside the Right compound. Kwannon, Havok, Greycrow and Wild Child look shocked at what they see. 'What did you do?' Kwannon asks. 'I'm sorry...I couldn't stop' Orphan Maker, who has fallen to his knees, responds, as the dead park rangers lay nearby....


Characters Involved: 

Havok, Kwannon, Empath, Greycrow, Nanny, Orphan Maker, Wild Child (all Hellions)

Emma Frost

Stepford Cuckoos


Right baby


Dr Harold Murch, Dr Meyer, Dr Green (all Right)

Barker, Cobb, Martinez, Susan (all Ztea Team)


Park rangers

Story Notes: 

Kwannon became a Captain of Krakoa in Inferno #1.

Havok unwittingly destroyed the last remaining DNA of Kwannon's dead daughter in Hellions #15.


This issue includes a memo from Emma Frost ordering diplomatic resources to be mobilized to spin the operation of the Hellions battling the Right in Arizona as good for America.

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