Hellions #18

Issue Date: 
February 2022
Story Title: 
The Losing End

Zeb Wells (writer), Ze Carlos & Stephen Segovia (artists), Rain Beredo (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Stephen Segovia & Rain Beredo (cover artists), Inhyuk Lee; Peach Momoko; Kael Ngu, Philip Tan & Sebastian Cheng (variant cover artists), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Mark Basso (editor), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)


Brief Description: 

The Hellions return to Krakoa to find the X-Men waiting for them to bring Orphan Maker in. Kwannon is protective of Orphan Maker and refuses to hand him over – things suddenly escalate when Greycrow punches Cyclops. The X-Men and Hellions fight, until Empath appears and uses his powers to force everyone to calm down. Later, the Quiet Council debate what to do with Orphan Maker – body of a man, mind of a child. Orphan Maker is shackled before the Council, along with Havok, Wild Child, Greycrow and Kwannon – although Kwannon is not shackled, to Sinister's disappointment, as he finds out when she kicks him in the face. Sinister urges the Council to exile all of the Hellions to the Pit. He rants and raves for some time, until a muzzle is placed over his mouth. Magneto announces that the Council has determined Orphan Maker acted alone in killing the humans. Xavier asks Orphan Maker if he has anything to say, but he does not. Nightcrawler attempts to persuade the Council otherwise, but Magneto and Xavier are determined that Orphan Maker must pay for his crime. Greycrow threatens to burn this place to the ground, while vines creep up and ensnare Orphan Maker. His teammates gather around him, visibly upset that they cannot help him, when suddenly, a newly resurrected Nanny appears, and declares that her boy be set free. Emma Frost warns Nanny that her resurrection wasn't prioritised so that she could question the Council, rather to answer questions about bringing an AI onto Krakoa. Emma informs Nanny about the rampage that Orphan Maker went on, and Nanny offers to go into the pit with Orphan Maker. Xavier and Magneto aren't too sure about that, but when Nanny threatens to kill Kate Pryde's mother, she makes it clear that she means business, and will not have Orphan Maker in the Pit alone. The vines begin to ensure Nanny, and as she hugs Orphan Maker, the two of them are pulled into the ground and vanish, leaving behind four upset companions. Some of the Council are shaken by what has just happened, and the Hellions take their leave. Havok tells Greycrow and Wild Child that he is here for them if they need him, while Greycrow wonders if homes are not built for people like them. In the days that come, Empath is back with his original Hellions teammates, but they aren't happy to have him back – so he uses his powers on them, forcing them to like him, while Greycrow continues to keep an eye on Empath – he is about to shoot him when Kwannon stops him. Wild Child is back in the Healing Gardens, and Cecilia Reyes gives him the option of taking the pill again to suppress his rage – he accepts and after swallowing the pill returns to his cell. Havok isn't interested in talking to Cyclops, until Cyclops informs him that Emma was able to smooth things out. Havok is confused, until Cyclops takes him to a room where a newly resurrected Madelyne Pryor is waiting. Havok is thrilled to see her, but Madelyne is less than impressed to learn she has been resurrected again at the whim of a Summers. She starts to get quite irritated, before calming down and agrees to go have a drink with Havok – but when she looks in a mirror, a  reflection of her Goblyn Queen persona stares back at her. Emma and Magneto discuss how difficult it is working with Sinister, while Sinister himself is examining the DNA of several mutants. Finally, Greycrow and Kwannon sit together on the beach and watch the sun set, while Greycrow tells Kwannon that thanks to her, and the fact that she saw something good in him, he will never be the same again.

Full Summary: 

Krakoa, where a meeting of the Quiet Council is underway. Charles Xavier stands as he addresses his fellow council members and tells them that they knew this day would come, when they would be asked to sit in judgment once more. 'And what a tragic day it is' he adds, frowning. Magneto suggests that the humans must know that they take the three laws seriously. 'Even when they apply to a child?' Nightcrawler asks. 'He is stunted, yes. But he is neither biologically nor psychologically a child' Mystique points out. 'But we're throwing them all in, right? I didn't cape up just for one of them, did I?' Mr Sinister grins. An unimpressed Emma Frost waves a finger at Sinister as she tells him that he “caped up” so they could make sober decisions on what is to be done with them – the Hellions. 'Lotta fuss over a couple of humans' John Greycrow mutters as he stands before the Council, shackled alongside Kwannon, Alex Summers a.k.a. Havok, Kyle Gibney a.k.a. Wild Child and Orphan Maker, known only as “Peter”.


An aircraft descends upon Krakoa under the cover of night. Waiting for the aircraft are the X-Men – Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Synch and Sunfire all stand closely together, while Polaris and Laura Kinney, who goes by “Wolverine” stand back from the group. Cyclops tells the X-Men to keep things calm. 'Welcome back, Hellions' Cyclops then calls out as the aircraft opens, and Kwannon, Havok, Wild Child and Greycrow can be seen emerging from it. Cyclops asks if Orphan Maker is restrained. Kwannon stands before Cyclops and addresses him as Scott as she tells him that they were hoping to avoid that, as Orphan Maker is scared. Havok suggests that everyone give Orphan Maker some space and time to calm down. 'Hi, Lorna' he adds, addressing his longtime ex-girlfriend. Cyclops tells Havok that he wishes he could, but that this is an international incident, and a lot of eyes are on this, so they have to take Orphan Maker in now. 'Hi, Alex!' Lorna calls out, waving at her ex. 

Annoyed, Kwannon tells Cyclops that it may put people at ease if there were assurances Orphan Maker will not be condemned to the pit. 'Again. I wish I could' Cyclops responds, before asking Kwannon to step out of the way. 'I'm sorry it has to be this way' he adds. 'Can't say the same, Captain' Greycrow grins as he suddenly steps forward and shouts '%*#* OFF!' as he slams his fist into Cyclops' face. 'John!' Kwannon calls out, before Wolverine steps in front of her and tells her to hold up, her hand slams into Kwannon's hand. This angers Wild Child, who leaps forward and slashes his claws across Wolverine's face, causing her to fall backwards. 'GET OFF HER!' Synch shouts as he suddenly copies Havok's plasma powers, and fires a plasma blast at Wild Child, knocking him back to defend Wolverine. Havok fires a plasma blast at Sunfire, who responds with a burst of solar flame. 'Plan B! Plan B!' Polaris calls out.

'You aim those things at me, you better be ready to shoot' Greycrow warns Cyclops as he rushes towards him, while Cyclops tells Greycrow to stand down as he prepares to release an optic blast. 'You got it, bud' Greycrow suddenly smiles as he tosses his gun to the ground. 'Huh?' Cyclops asks, confused. 'I'm not doing this...' Jean Grey calls out. 'I know' Kwannon tells her as she looks at her, while Wild Child, Havok, Rogue, Polaris, Sunfire, Synch and Wolverine all look confused. 'Miss me?' Manuel de la Rocha a.k.a. Empath asks as he appears on the edge of the clearing where the battle has just ended, in between some trees.


The Quiet Council look up at the Hellions, while Charles Xavier states that it needs to be known the Hellions' attack on the X-Men was brought under control thanks to Empath, in service of the Council. 'You know how antsy I get if I'm not helping' Empath remarks as he leans against a tree nearby. 'How lucky that Empath were there' Kwannon snaps. 'Luck had nothing to do with it. The situation called for a speedy resolution' Emma Frost remarks. 'He's been helping you a lot lately, hasn't he, Emma?' Havok asks, revealing that Greycrow told him about Emma's speedy resolutions.

'Speaking of... what say we stop tap-dancing and get these rabid dogs into the Pit of Exile?' Sinister asks as he stands up, grinning and extending his arms either side of himself. 'You presume to condemn them all? On what grounds?' Magneto asks. 'Are we not all sworn to “Respect the sacred land of Krakoa”? Yet they harbored a mutant-hating AI on our island' Sinister remarks, adding that the Hellions attacked the X-Men when they sought to bring the human-killer to justice. 'And you thought yourself a fit mother. Yet here you are, in shackles' Sinister grins as,  he moves over to Kwannon and stands next to her. Suddenly, 'Where are your shackles?' the horrified Sinister asks as he sees Kwannon is not shackled like the other Hellions. Kwannon responds by punching Sinister hard in the face, drawing blood as Sinister falls to his knees.

'Kwannon! Your role as a Great Captain gives you leeway here, but don't -' Charles Xavier begins, wagging his finger in the air, before Storm interrupts him: 'Give her one more' she suggests. 'Agreed' Exodus calls out. 'What?' Sinister asks, wiping his blood-covered mouth. Kwannon does – this time kicking Sinister in his face, knocking several of his teeth out. 'Gah – GAH! Do you all see the barbarism I was expected to work with? An assault on Sinister is an assault on the Council! An assault on the Councul is an assault on Krakoa!' Sinister exclaims, while Mystique watches him with her arms folded, unimpressed. 'SEND THEM TO THE PIT! NOW!' Sinister screams, enraged. 'Your thoughts on the matter have been heard. You've now become a distraction. Quiet yourself or be muzzled' Emma warns Sinister. 'Fantastic idea' Kate agrees. 'Muzzled? I am an equal to you all! Muzzle Sinister and you muzzle the Council! Muzzle the Council and you muzzle -' Sinister begins as he gets to his feet.

Later, Sinister has been muzzled and has returned to his seat, looking very unimpressed with the situation. 'To the business at hand. After a lengthy and fair investigation, we have found that Orphan Maker acted alone in slaying two innocent humans' Magneto announces. The Hellions stand in the circle which the Quiet Council are seated around. Wild Child looks up at Orphan Maker, who hangs his head. Greycrow, Kwannon and Havok do not look happy. Xavier tells Orphan Maker, calling him Peter, that he is sorry, but he has committed the highest crime in Krakoa – killed humans in cold blood. Xavier asks Orphan Maker if there is anything he wants to say, but Orphan Maker remains silent. Storm doesn't look overly happy with what is happening, and closes her eyes as she announces that their hands are tied by the precedents they have set. 'This is a terrible duty. Let's not belabor it' she suggests. 'Agreed. Let justice be done' Emma Frost calls out, covering her eyes with her right hand, when suddenly, 'WAIT!' a voice shouts.

It's Nightcrawler, who steps out from behind the table he shares with Storm and remarks that the Hellions are important to many on Krakoa, himself included, that they are a symbol of the fact that they don't dispose of the mutants they find bothersome – that Krakoa is their home, too. He asks if they can't see Peter's violence as a sickness that needs to be healed. 'Can't we be the first?' he asks. 'As it is said, those whose violence you don't understand have often seen horrors you cannot imagine' Nightcrawler adds. 'Said by who?' Mystique asks him. 'Okay, that was me' Nightcrawler admits, stating that as long as he has a voice on this council, he will advocate for compassion. 'Please. Don't do this' he asks.

Magneto and Xavier look at each other, before Magneto frowns and declares that there is no society without laws. 'Peter. You have been found guilty. And so will be sentenced. I'm sorry' Charles Xavier remarks.

Vines begin to creep up around Orphan Maker, while Greycrow shouts 'HE'S JUST A BOY!' But Xavier points out that Peter has had the body and mind of a man since Arakko, and that the sentence is exile. 'I'LL BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND!' Greycrow threatens the Council, clenching his fists and looking furious. 'John!' Kwannon exclaims. 'That isn't how we help him. That isn't what he needs. He needs...' Kwannon begins, before giving Orphan Maker a hug. The others hug him, too, as Orphan Maker hangs his head and utters 'I'm sorry'. Kwannon tells him that it is okay, while Greycrow tells him to keep his chin up, and that they will get him out of there.

Suddenly, 'WHAT IS THIS HORSE$#!%?' a voice calls out. The Council all turn to see a resurrected Nanny standing at the entrance to the Grove, where she demands that her boy is set free – now. 'You came! Don't be mad at me' Orphan Maker tells Nanny. Emma Frost points her finger at Nanny and tells her that her resurrection was not prioritized so she could question the Council, and reminds her that she faces the serious charge of bringing a malignant AI into Krakoa. 'And what does that have to do with Peter?' Nanny snaps back. Emma stands up as she asks 'No one told you? Your AI was stolen. You lashed out at Peter. He went to get it back'. Emma approaches Nanny as she continues, informing her that Peter went on a rampage, murdering two innocent park rangers. 'I see' Nanny responds. Storm tells Nanny that the situation is a tragedy, that they all accept that. 'So it's the pit' Nanny declares, before announcing that she is going with Peter.

'Nanny?' Orphan Maker asks, surprised. Magneto tells Nanny that the Council appreciates her gesture, and her care for the boy. 'But this is not your decision... and the pit is Peter's fate alone' Xavier adds. Nanny clenches a fist as she announces that she wants everyone to listen to her very closely. 'I am Peter's nanny, and he will not go into a dark hole alone'. She begins to walk down to the Council, and approaches the table where the Hellfire members sit, warning the Council that they may stay out of her way, or they may watch, mouths agape, as she slays as many humans as it takes to rejoin her boy. 'I will sail on oceans of blood in the name of Krakoa' Nanny boasts. 'But where should I start?' Nanny asks, looking at Kate, she asks her how Terri is, and whether she is still living at 1412 Central Avenue. 'Wha – leave my mom out of this! What did I do?' a horrified Kate asks.

'You presumed to sit by while a ward of Nanny's is cast into darkness. You dared to dream that I'd let him go in alone' Nanny remarks, admitting that she failed him once, and that she won't do it again. 'I'm scared' Orphan Maker utters, while Nanny puts a hand on his face. Nanny shushes Orphan Maker and tells him that she is here now. 'Your Nanny is here' Nanny utters as she holds Orphan Maker close, the vines start to entwine around her now, too. 'Let her go' Magneto calls out. Cypher can be seen standing nearby, and tells Krakoa that it is time. The ground around Nanny and Orphan Maker begins to open up, and the two unique mutants are dragged into the pit, while Nanny sings: “Your bed is soft, the orphans are made no more tears to shed. Because of you, my sweet boy all bad parents lay dead. Sleep sleep for Nanny, rest your tired head. Sleep sleep for Nanny, my bosom is your bed”.

Kwannon, Havok, Wild Child and Greycrow all appear visibly upset as they see their teammates vanish into the ground. Nightcrawler hangs his head, and Storm looks uncomfortable. Kate close her eyes, and even Emma appears conflicted by what has happened. Sebastian Shaw, however, smiles. 'Are we finished?' Kwannon asks, breaking the silence of the Quiet Council.

'This is then?' Havok asks as he, Greycrow and Wild Child leave the Grove. 'Looks like it' Greycrow replies, before telling Havok that he is sorry he punched his brother. 'It's okay. He has that kind of face' Havok smiles, before remarking that this whole thing has been weird, but that they are on the same team – or were, for a while. 'If you ever need me -' Havok begins. 'I know. Doesn't feel like home anymore, does it?' Greycrow interrupts him. 'No' Wild Child utters. Greycrow then tells Wild Child that maybe he was right. 'Maybe we are crazy $#^&%!#'. Greycrow then wonders if they don't build homes for people like them, and he walks away from Havok and Wild Child.

Days later, at the Akademos Habitat, where Empath sits on a bench, and several of his former original Hellions teammates gather around him – Roulette, Catseye and Beef. 'Thought you were busy “saving Krakoa”!?' Beef asks. 'Think you can just march back in here after you told us all to eat $#%&?' Catseye asks. 'Did you even say a word when they stole our name?' Beef asks, while Catseye warns Empath that she will slice the smug look off his face. 'Just go, Manuel!' Roulette exclaims. But Empath just sits there, arms folded – and then suddenly, he uses his powers, putting his former teammates under his control. 'Oh my God! Guys! HE'S BACK!' Beef shouts, excitedly. 'Hell yes!' Catseye smiles adoringly. Empath frowns, and then appears clearly upset. 'It's not the same without you! It's so good to have you around!' Beef gushes, while Catseye tells him that they love him, and to never change.Empath just looks sad.

Nearby, Greycrow is watching the original Hellions through the sniper target mechanism of his weapon. 'Bye, Manuel' Greycrow remarks, when suddenly, Kwannon appears. 'Is this the best use of your time?' Kwannon asks. Greycrow ignores that comment and asks Kwannon if she is staying, and going to be a big shot Captain now. 'This is what I'm gonna do. From where I'm sitting, it's got nothing to do with you. Like you said, Krakoa doesn't ask us to deny our nature' Greycrow declares. Kwannon tells Greycrow that Krakoa is not asking – she is. Greycrow pauses and pulls away from his weapon, while Kwannon continues to look at him. 

At the Healing Gardens, Wild Child sits across from Dr Cecelia Reyes. A plate containing a pill is set out before him. Dr Reyes tells Wild Child that he has a decision to make – he can continue living a life of violence, chaos and impulse, or he can take a couple of pills twice a day and gain some clarity. Dr Reyes then tells Wild Child that they both know what he is going to do, as he has made that painfully clear last time. 'So how about we skip the speech? I'll get rid of these so you don't have to pretend you...' her voice trails off, as Kyle picks up the pull and tosses it into his mouth, gulping it down. '...swallowed them' Cecelia finishes her sentence. Kyle then gets up from the table and goes over to a slab in the cell where he lies down.

Meanwhile, in the East Domiciles, where Havok sits on some steps, and his brother, Cyclops, stands over him, announcing that he is digging into the incident in Brooklyn, and that he is not liking what he is finding. 'You're my brother, not a pawn. And I can see how you and Emma think you deserve something for your...many sacrifices' Cyclops adds. 'But' Havok asks. 'Even with the relaxed protocols, bringing her back comes with a lot of complications' Cyclops points out. 'I'm married to one of them' he mutters. Havok doesn't look at his brother, and just tells him to go. 'Which is why I'm surprised Emma was able to smooth everything out' Cyclops suddenly declares. 'What do you mean?' a nervous Havok asks, turning and looking up at Cyclops. 'Follow me' Cyclops smiles.

Havok enters a room, and is shocked to find a woman with red hair wearing a green jumpsuit standing in a room lined with mirrors. 'Madelyne?' Havok utters. 'Alex' Madelyne responds as she turns to Havok, who then rushes over to her and wraps his arms around her. 'MADELYNE!' he shouts. 'You're back!' Havok grins. Madelyne pulls away from Havok and tells him that she doesn't know what happened, and that she was told she could stay here. 'They brought you back!' Havok exclaims, revealing that he begged the Council, and kept begging them. 'And after what I did... they had to. It's because of me' he explains. 'Because of you. Resurrected at the whim of another Summers' Madelyne  snaps. 'N-no. That's not it...' Havok starts to say, before Madeylne interrupts him, asking if her feelings were considered for a moment. 'Or did your quivering lip outweigh the whole of me -' Madelyne starts to say.

'Maddy!' Havok calls out, before Madelyne suddenly looks sheepish and runs a hand through her hair, telling Alex that she is sorry, and that she lost the forest for the trees there. 'Yeah, Haha. I'm just glad you're back' Havok laughs, before asking Madelyne if she wants to grab a drink, as they have a lot of catching up to do. 'That sounds great. Just give me a few minutes' Madelyne replies. Havok turns and leaves the room, as Madelyne remarks that she needs to get ready – but as she looks in the mirror, staring back at her is the scantily-clad Goblyn Queen version of herself.

'This has the potential to get messy...but what's a little mess in the service of frustrating the schemes  of Nathaniel Essex?' Emma Frost asks Magneto as she stands on a balcony at the White Palace, confessing that it is truly one of her favorite things. 'Yes, you did good work here' Magneto tells Emma, adding that he trusts that work will continue, noting that Emma believes in Krakoa as much as anyone. 'It will continue because I have eyes that see, ears that hear and enough sense in my head to know...Nathaniel Essex is a cancer' Emma responds. Magneto frowns, before agreeing: 'Yes... he is'. Magneto admits that it is a shame Sinister is allowed to walk free. He tells Emma that for all their power, they are a small nation still – and if there is one thing a cancer knows how to do – it is grow.

At that moment, in his lab, Sinister flexes his fingers and grins, as he looks up at holograms and DNA helixes of five important mutants – Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine.

Finally, the sky is shades of pink and purple as the sun sets over Krakoa. Greycrow sits on his beach chair as he looks out over the ocean before him. 'What will you do?' Kwannon asks as she sits nearby on the sand. Greycrow responds by telling Kwannon that he doesn't know, but reveals that he likes to cook, and suggests he might open a place. Silence falls over them, before Greycrow tells Kwannon that there is a way that she looks at him – like there might be something good in him. 'Having noticed it, I don't think I'll ever be the same' Greycrow explains, after hanging his head. Kwannon says nothing, before reaching out and putting her hand on Greycrow's. Greycrow smiles, and Kwannon smiles back, as she moves closer to Greycrow's chair, and they continue to watch the sun set.

Characters Involved: 

Havok,  Empath, Greycrow, Nanny, Orphan Maker, Psylocke II, Wild Child (all Hellions)

Exodus, Emma Frost, Magneto, Mr Sinister, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Kate Pryde, Sebastian Shaw, Storm, Professor X (all Quiet Council)

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Polaris, Rogue, Sunfire, Synch, Wolverine III (all X-Men)


Beef, Catseye, Roulette


Cecilia Reyes



Madelyne Pryor

Story Notes: 

Final issue of the Hellions series.

Orphan Maker killed two park rangers last issue.

Orphan Maker died on Arakko in Hellions #6, and was resurrected in Hellions #7, somewhat changed.

Terri Pryde was last seen on panel in X-Men Gold (2nd series) #30.

This issue marks the first time Beef has appeared in the Krakoan era.

Following this series, Kwannon will appear in Marauders (2nd series) and Mr Sinister will appear in Immortal X-Men.

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