Exiles Vol. 5: Unnatural Instincts

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Chuck Austen (Writer), Clayton Henry and Skottie Young (Artists), Dale Keown (Cover)

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They are the Exiles, reality-hopping nomads forced to repair the broken chain of time. In each new universe, they must complete a critical mission before moving on. If they cannot rescue these realities, they may never return home. Recovering from the loss of one teammate and adapting to the arrival of another, the Exiles are a team in turmoil. Now led by the reluctant Mimic, they travel to the real Marvel Universe and cross paths with the actual X-Men. How will they fare together against the Dominant Species? Will the Exiles be forced to kill an X-Men to save the life of a child? Wolverine, Havok, Angel, Juggernaut and more of Marvel's most popular mutants guest-star in a landmark crossover that will have lasting consequences for both teams.

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Exiles #26-30, X-Men Unlimited (Vol. 1) #41


X-Men Unlimited (Vol. 1) #41 reprints only the Exiles story.

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