Exiles Vol. 6: Fantastic Voyage

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Judd Winick (Writer), Jim Calafiore and Clayton Henry (Artists), Tom Feister and Tony Harris (Cover)

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In the wake of a chance meeting with our own reality's Uncanny X-Men, the Exiles move forward to their next mission - a world in which the legendary heroes known as the Avengers have been twisted into evil vampires. Then, the Exiles are shipped off to the famous first mission that spawned the Fantastic Four: The time-traveling team arrives on the fateful day Marvel's first family of super heroes gained their powers, but a startling secret at the heart of this FF may mean devastation for our heroes. Plus: Morph and Sasquatch go it alone against feral Wolverine, while Sunfire experiences love and loss when she and Nocturne are accidentally sent back to a reality they've already helped save.

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Exiles (1st series) #31-37

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