Exiles (1st series) #33

Issue Date: 
November 2003
Story Title: 
A Second Farewell - part 1

Judd Winick (writer), Tom Mandrake (art), Transparency Digital (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Annie Thornton (assistant editor), Mike Marts & Mike Raicht (ediotor), Joe Quesada (editor and chief), Bill Jemas (president).

Brief Description: 

Heather’s past is revealed as she remembers while searching for Wolverine. She was turned into Sasquatch from an accident in her lab involving gamma rays. She soon joined Alpha Flight and her first project was The Wild Man: Project Lazarus. She managed to help Logan regain his grip on humanity and with that, he became an asset to the team. They soon became lovers and married. Two years later, Weapon X activated a dormant chip hidden in Logan’s adrenal gland and he went mad; Heather had to stop him, killing the first man she ever loved. She mourned for years but eventually James Hudson brought her back and gave her a new life, but she still missed Logan.

Morph and Sasquatch find themselves in the Canada, face to face with Wolverine after his escape from Weapon X. He attacks them as he is angry and crazed, a fight ensues with Sasquatch getting stabbed through the arm and leg, Morph gets cut in two again. Sasquatch manages to pick Wolverine up and throw him, giving her and Morph the opportunity to escape. After getting stitched up, she knocks Morph out, hiding him from Wolverine so that she may take care of him. As Sasquatch stands mourning Logan in her memories, Wolverine appears before her, ready to fight but he senses he emotions, being that he is more animal than human at the moment. He stops and sees her human form, they hold each other but she is teleported away, leaving Logan confused and Heather thankful, for she didn’t know what she would have done if Logan had attacked her.

Full Summary: 

Wolverine stands, claws outstretched, helmet on head, monitors and stray wire hanging off his half naked body, mad and crazed. Morph wonders out loud if the other Exiles are having as much fun as they are, being that they are stranded in a strange reality all alone with Wolverine at his absolute worst. Heather smirks, and he wonders what to do. Sasquatch tells him to not move, or shout and simply keep looking Wolverine in the eye and not let him smell his fear.
He growls at them, “Uh-oh.” Morph panics at Sasquatch’s comment. She tells Morph to get ready because Wolverine has made his decision about them. Morph blankly says that he’s ready as they back up.
Wolverine attacks, claws outstretched lunging toward them in mid air. Sasquatch thinks back as they fight. The Wolverine that is attacking them, is one that very few know. Sasquatch manages to catch Wolverine in the air and slam him into the snowy ground. He is the one that recently escaped from the Weapon X program who captured and drugged him, experimented, and implanted him; creating a “an unbridled killing machine” that was beyond the assassin they were hoping for. They struggle, and Wolverine manages to stab into Sasquarch’s forearm with his claws causing her to scream in pain.
During his escape, he killed many of his captors, and is now living in the wild living of instincts that have been altered by torture.
Wolverine head butts Sasquatch in the chin, his helmet falls to the floor. He kills in hopes of being killed. He throws his arms out, rooowwwrh!

As Sasquatch kneels on the grass, Morph, armed with the power of the Thing, punches Wolverine with his massive orange fists. Heather yells for Morph to look out as he leans over to check on her, too late, as her turns around, Wolverine cuts into and right through him, severing the top half of his body from the bottom. Sasquatch’s worry turns to rage, she gets up ready to take on Wolverine as Morph complains about being cut into two again.
If only Wolverine remembered who he was, he would realize that Heather Hudson was far more than she seems to be, she is a doctor, former Lieutenant Field Leader of Alpha Flight which she helped find, part politician, part soldier, part physician, and one part commander.
She sends Wolverine flying through some trees with a punch and manages to deliver a few more punches before he gets a hold of her throat, clinging onto her with his arm, he cuts her on the rib cage.
If only Wolverine could remember then he would realize that today, he wasn’t the only dangerous beast in the forest, for in her Sasquatch form, she is also one very large part animal.
Sasquatch manages to wrestle her way free from Wolverine, getting on top of him then picking him up by the legs and slamming him into the ground. She puts a foot on top of him, telling him that he will go down and stay down, suddenly yelling that he has no idea how sorry she is. Shuck, shuck, Wolverine inserts his claws into her lower leg forcing her off of him; he pops back up ready to fight as she holds her leg. They grab at each other’s heads, she manages to pick him up again and this time, throw him through the night sky, having him land some where farther away from them, allowing an escape.

Heather urges Morph to hurry, he informs her that he only need a minute to pull himself together and laughs. She picks Morph up and flings him over her shoulder, telling him to brace himself, she begins to run through the forest, letting Morph know that the ride is about to get bumpy. Morph questions why they are running and why she just doesn’t leap them out of the area and finds out that Wolverine wounded her leg earlier. They see Wolverine fifty feet behind the, ready to catch up at any moment. Sasquatch runs through some trees and Morph complains about it hurting. Telling him to hang on, she leaps high into the air crossing a canyon and crashing on the other side. Wolverine growls at his lost prey.

Morph and Sasquatch ask each other if they are alright, he tells her that his unstable molecules can be split but they need a couple of hours to fuse back together again. He stretches his neck out like a worm to take a closer look at Sasquatch. She informs him that Wolverine hit an artery and ask Morph is he can make surgical clamps. He holds out his finger and makes a surgical clamp come out of the very tip of the finger. She tells him it’s the right kind and pulls a tree out of the ground instructing him to use the thin roots as thread to sew the artery closed. Morph is baffled that they made the jump on “that slashed -up drumstick” of hers, but she tells him that Wolverine couldn’t make that jump and that it’ll at least take him an hour to get to them. She has Morph sew her up because her hands are too big and if she turns back to human form, she won’t have a rapid healing factor and will bleed to death. Morph is still concerned about using roots as thread but she informs him that her skin is as tough as corrugated metal, and roots are all they have.

Sasquatch congratulates Morph, who decided to morph into a doctor look, on a job well done. She can walk, but not jump, Morph is not strong enough to fly them yet, but offers to try. She tells him to fly himself, in which Morph responds by turning into a lone ranger type cowboy, and tells her that he won’t leave her alone with “ol’ badger-butt high tailing it over here to turn us into veal chops.” He tells her he’ll stay and they and fight him off, but she tells him that they will lose and Wolverine is too dangerous in this state. Morph yells that she’ll be torn apart. She tells him to go find reinforcements and that she is too heave to carry, besides Wolverine is not unstoppable and they were just caught off guard earlier. She tells him that she will do what she has to, Morph remains unwilling to go, then she tells him that she has killed Wolverine before. He questions, and she affirms that she did, her eyes growing sad. Morph still refuses to go and Sasquatch changes the subject asking Morph if he knew that he was odorless. He tells her that his Wolverine used to tell him that his “squishy odorless bod” made him nervous. Sasquatch replies good, then knocks Morph unconscious and hides him under a blanket of leaves. She apologizes and tells him that she can’t let him hurt him and heads off.

Heather thinks about her past, she was a sought after scientist who studied everything from gene-splicing to the anthropological analysis of the human condition. Then there was an accident when she was participating in a cancer research involving gamma rays. There was an explosion, and she was turned into Sasquatch which led her to join Alpha Flight; where as a part of the super-powered Canadian team, she was able to use all her talents. Her first project was the Wild Man: Project Lazarus. Alpha Flight had found a crazed Wolverine in the wood, they recognized his enhanced mutant abilities and wanted to bring him back to reality. She worked with him, and a month later, he was able to regain his grip on humanity. He soon became an asset to the team, a friend, then her lover, and husband. They were happy, while the team was led by James Hudson, but two years later, something horrible happened. The remaining controllers of the Weapon X program activated a dormant chip hidden in Logan’s adrenal gland, he went mad, and it was Heather, who had to kill him to stop him. She was forced to kill the first man she ever loved, she mourned him for years but then James Hudson came to her and brought her back from despair, he gave her a new life inside of the old one; buts she still missed Logan and was haunted by him then, as she is now.
the present

As she was leaning against a tree thinking back on Logan, he manages to sneak up in front of her. With his claws out, he growls, she just looks at him with sadness in her eyes. He seems to sense her sadness, her love, then stops before his planned attack to finish her off. It is because at the moment he is more animal than man, he is able to sense her, and see her not as Sasquatch, but Heather, a woman, who loves him. He reaches out and touches her arms, she caresses his face, his sad face. He reaches out to touch her face just as she feels a tingling behind her eyes, the same feeling she gets every time the Exiles teleport away. Logan stands confused with her disappearance for she was teleported away. Heather is glad for her moment of calm with Logan, because she doesn’t know what she would have done if he had decided to attack, and she is content on her not knowing.

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Morph, Sasquatch (both Exiles)
Alternate reality Sasquatch and Morph visit in #32-33:


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