Exiles Vol. 7: A Blink in Time

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Chuck Austen and Jim Calafiore (Writers), Jim Calafiore (Artist), Mizuki Sakakibara (Cover)

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Blink is back! Their long-lost leader makes her triumphant return - but the reality-hopping heroes don't have time to celebrate, because the fate of an entire world is at stake, and it's their job to save it! Is Blink's presence enough to tip the scales in the Exiles' battle with a startling new menace? Plus: The Exiles' otherworldly counterparts, Weapon X, begin a brand-new adventure! Hyperion is the most recent addition to their squad - and while extremely helpful in the thick of a battle, he may end up being more than they bargained for. Also featuring a special look at Nocturne before she joined the Exiles! See what her life was like back when she lived at Xavier's mansion with her father, Nightcrawler, and the school's headmaster, Wolverine.

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Exiles #38-45

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