Exiles (1st series) #45

Issue Date: 
June 2004
Story Title: 
A Blink In Time - part 3

Chuck Austen (writer), Jim Califiore (penciler) Mark McKenna(inker), Transparency Digital (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Cory Sedlmeier & Stephanie Moore (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor and chief), Dan Buckley (president).

Brief Description: 

Gambit and Blink teleport up to the roof to find Heather bleeding to death in T.J.’s arms. Nocturne decides to forgo prior plans to possess Hyperion and possesses Heather and forces her to trigger her Sasquatch transformation to help her heal.
Mimic and Morph fly in to fight with Ms. Marvel and Hyperion. They take turns fighting with Hyperion until Carol attacks Morph and Morph decides to take her out by slamming with her into a building. As it looks like Calvin is losing to Hyperion, Nocturne while in Sasquatch’s body, gets teleported in above Hyperion and smashes him to the ground. The fight continues as Nocturne steps out of Sasquatch. Everyone takes their shot at Hyperion only to be tossed aside. Hyperion goes in to finish off Blink, she opens a portal in front of her and one behind Hyperion. Hyperion’s blast ends up hitting himself in the back which ends up crippling him. Gambit takes care of the rest and kills Hyperion and sacrifices himself in the process by charging up Illyana’s sword and stabbing Hyperion with it.
As the rest of the group regroups and shares information, Morph is approached elsewhere and a family thanks Morph. The Timebroker appears to Morph and tells him that it is time for him to go home and tries to explain how the events of late have caused him to appear a bit insane. The Timebroker also notes the need to have members expunged in order to have a harmonious team. As Morph sees his teammates, he tells Timebroker that he doesn’t want to go home and wants to stay with his new family.

Full Summary: 

Times Square, New York City

Nocturne holds a bleeding Heather in her arms as she tells the others that Heather has already lost a lot of blood. Blink questions why Heather didn’t turn into Sasquatch and let her mutant healing factor take over. Nocturne informs her that they were attacked from behind and that they didn’t expect that Illyana would try to kill them. Nocturne suggest that Gambit or Blink teleport Heather to the hospital but Gambit informs her that Hyperion destroyed the one hospital that remained open after he took over. Nocturne suggest that she might be able to posses Heather and trigger the transformation. Blink and Nocturne seem to be happy with that idea but Gambit questions Nocturne about only being able to posses a body once per day. He wonders what that will do for their plan for Hyperion. Nocturne acknowledges it but also reminds Gambit that they cannot let Heather die. Placing a hand on Nocturne’s shoulder, Blink assures her that saving Heather comes first and they can worry about Hyperion later, especially after Illyana’s stunt. As Nocturne possesses the other woman, Heather screams in pain.


As Morph and Mimic fly in to take on Hyperion, the are greeted by an unimpressed Hyperion. “Oh. . . The Exiles. How utterly pathetic.” Mimic warns Morph to get back as Hyperion prepares to blast them with his eye blast. Still angry about Illyana, Morph tells Mimic to get off him and that Hyperion is a dead man. Mimic and Hyperion both blast each other, their power collide in the air and send Morph and Mimic hurtling back. Crashing in a blast of hot energy, Mimic turns into his steel form to brace for impact and Morph turns all gooey, “Waaah. . . Dorothy, I’m melting!” Annoyed, Morph tears into Mimic but Mimic reminds him that they only have one chance at taking down Hyperion and they have to work together.
As Hyperion tells them that they waste too much time talking, Morph hits him with a giant fist of stone and informs him that he wastes too much time pontificating. Hyperion grabs Morph by the neck and tries to strangle him, he informs him that it was a wasted effort. Morph proves otherwise and takes a bite out of Hyperion’s arm. Hyperion slugs Morph in the face and calls him an useless idiot. Mimic, in steel form, comes to Morph’s aid and crashes into Hyperion. Morph, as Super Man, tells Hyperion that if he thinks that he is done with him, then he has another thing coming.
Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel flies up behind Morph with an energy blast ready to hit him. As her blast hits him, Morph falls to the ground and Carol starts to tells Morph how she still has enough energy to kill him. Morph paraphrases Hyperion and tells her “ talk less - do more!” With his hands the size of snow plows, he grabs enclose Carol in them and crashed both him and Ms. Marvel into debris.
Hyperion tells Mimic that he is almost a challenge and crushes Mimic’s steel hand. Hyperion continues his self glorification and tells Mimic that he destroyed all of his reality’s super-humans: Thor, Hercules, Galactus, and no one could stand against him. Mimic tries to prove him wrong and blasts Hyperion with an optic blast. A smoldering Hyperion grins menacingly and continues to tell Mimic that in desperation the humans even tried nuclear weapons on him which destroyed their environment and atmosphere. Gripping Mimic by the neck, Hyperion tells Hyperion that even his own sense of boredom could not stop him.
A possessed Sasquatch drops in on top of Hyperion and knocks him down. Nocturne steps out of Sasquatch for her to continue healing and zaps Hyperion with a hex bolt. Blink and Gambit show up next ready to fight Hyperion. Hyperion calls Gambit pathetic for making his last stand with the Exiles and tells him that he should have ripped off his head rather than his arm. He picks up a huge piece of debris and throws it at Blink and Gambit. Blink lands in front of Hyperion from the impact and Gambit lands near a burned sword, Illyana’s sword. As Hyperion heads over to Blink, Nocturne blindsides him and hits him with a hex bolt from behind. As she warns Blink to move, Hyperion grabs her by the neck and throws Nocturne aside and continues to make his way to Blink. Hyperion informs them that they are annoying and should all just die. Blink holds out one of her teleportation bolts as Hyperion mocks the “pointy rock” and tells her to die with some dignity. As he blasts her, she opens up a portal which takes the blast and sends it back out behind Hyperion. Hyperion falls to the ground unable to feel his legs, he begins to yell at Blink for what she did to him.

Gambit shows up behind Hyperion and tells Blink to go and that she did her part and he’ll take care of the rest. She teleports away as Hyperion questions what is happening to him. Gambit charges up Illyana’s blade, and plunges it into Hyperion’s back, “I love you, Stormy. This is for you.”
A big explosion follows, when the smoke clears, Blink picks up Gambit’s foot. Sasquatch helps Calvin up, Nocturne informs them that the plan worked and Blink took out Hyperion. Blink corrects her and tells them that Hyperion killed himself, she just opened the portal. Sasquatch asks what happened to Illyana and Cal informs her that Hyperion killed her. Blink realizes that they haven’t seen Morph in a while and questions where he is.

A young boy points out Morph to his father, he tells him that the pale guy is still alive. The father tells him that the bad woman next to him isn’t alive. They help Morph up and he tells them that if she were still alive, she would still be trying to kill him. Morph thanks them for helping them out of the debris. The dad walks away with his son and tells him that they should start helping their mom with the other injured people. Puzzled, Morph asks how they won.
As Morph starts to joke about how they know how to make a mess of New York city and how their next mission better be to Tahiti or Vegas, the Timebroker shows up and tells Morph that his next trip will be home.
Confused, Morph asks the Timebroker what is going on. The Timebroker tells him that the universe has bitten off more than it can chew and that with the many different personalities of the Exiles and Weapon X and the alien possession of Mimic, their collective subconscious has been disrupted. Timebroker explains to Morph that because of that and the Weapon X team deciding that they wanted to take over realities, they needed to take out some of the members. Morph notices that the Timebroker accidentally says “we” when referring to himself and the Timebroker brushes it off as a slip of the collective subconscious tongue. He continues and says that the team is back to it’s once harmonious self minus Morph. Morph struggles with the idea of being able to return home as Blink and the others show up and start telling him that they were worried about him.
Morph tells the Timebroker that he doesn’t want to go home, and the Timebroker responds that Morph has always been one of his favorites and that he can arrange it for him to stay with his friends. Morph tells him that they are not his friends but are his family and that he can’t leave them. As the Timebroker disappears, he tells Morph to take care of them and that he will keep their conversation between the two of them.
Mimic runs toward them to try and get the Timebroker to wait. Morph tells the others that he will explain everything to them later and finds out from the others that no one else survived. Morph tells Mimic that he knows it wasn’t his fault that Sunfire died and acknowledges that Calvin is one of the most heroic men he has ever met and that the things they do are sometimes things they would never do otherwise if they weren’t living their lives as Exiles. Mimic hugs Morph and tells him that he is like a little brother to him.

Later. . .

A news report is on while the Exiles takes a well earned rest. The news reporter goes over the happening of the past weeks, mentioning how Hyperion and his group has been stopped by a group of mysterious heroes and how they are thanks by many whose lives they have saved.

Characters Involved: 

Blink, Mimic, Morph, Nocturne, Sasquatch (all Exiles)

Gambit, Hyperion, Ms. Marvel, (Weapon X)

A family

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