Marvel Mangaverse Vol. 4: X-Men - Ronin

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J. Torres (Writer), Makoto Nakatsuka (Artist)

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Continuing the adventures of the all-new, all-different X-Men of the Marvel Mangaverse...Wolverine, a feral fighting machine with a metal skeleton and deadly, retractable claws - one set made of metal, the other composed of pure energy. His brother, Cyclops, whose concussive optic blasts can only be controlled by a specially made visor. Storm, a powerful mutant and magic-user with the ability to control the weather. Jean Grey, who possesses the mental powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Together, they fight for the safety of a world that sometimes treats them as heroes and other times as outlaws. But can Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm protect Jean from Emma Frost, a powerful mutant telepath with aspirations of rising in the ranks of the exclusive mutant Hellfire Club? To do so, she must recruit another telepathic mutant into their number - and she has her sights set on Jean.

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X-Men: Ronin #1-5

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