X-Men: Ronin #4

Issue Date: 
June 2003
Story Title: 
Kakuage (Translated: Promotion)

J. Torres (writer), Makoto Nakatsuka & Hiromi Nakatsuka (pencils), Guru eFX (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Stephanie Moore (assistant editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor), Tommy Ohtsuka (cover), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (president)

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mitsoku Mitsuoka

Brief Description: 

The battle is escalating at the X-Mansion. At the local police force, a teacher prepares his troops for action and tells them get inside the machines called... the Sentinels! Forge and his friends don’t really like it but have no choice but to obey. They enter the battle and move toward the X-Mansion to join the battle. There, Scott manages to find Jean in the rubbles of the school, and discovers she has killed Drake and his friends. Calming her down, Scott and Jean are soon afterward joined by Storm, who helps them defeat the cops. The frightened cops decide to leave now they still can, only to see the Sentinels arriving at the school. The three X-Men are joined by Wolverine and their former sensei, Toad, who help out. While the X-Men fight bravely against these powerful machines, Toad senses a powerful energy inside Jean and takes her aside. He teaches her not to be afraid of it and instead to concentrate the power in one place. Jean does so, and a fire-bird flies out of her mouth, which completely destroy all of the Sentinels! Having ended up victorious, the X-Men wonder what to do next. Toad, standing triumphantly on a rock, points his walking stick in front of him, and thinks it’s time to move on to new things.

Full Summary: 

The Hellfire Club...

Seeing Emma staring out of the window, Tessa asks her sister what’s wrong with her.


Storm speeds up to her home, ready to help her teammates out.

The X-Mansion...

Cyclops uses his optic beams to break the fence open, so he can fight the cops attacking the mansion.

Meanwhile, some cops surround a side of the window and find a broken window. The leader reports that units 2 and 4 are down. They need to go in there and find the others. Another cop disagrees, thinking they need to get backup instead.

The police station...

A sweaty Forge declares to his teacher that they can’t go, as they aren’t ready. The teacher asks Forge if he means that he’s not ready, or if he’s referring to the machines. Another troop begs for the teacher’s pardon, claiming Forge is just talking about the equipment. The trooper mentions he just installed some new software and they haven’t even field-tested it yet.

The teacher explains to his soldiers that the situation has escalated quickly, and Chief Yoshida wants them out there now. He reminds the troops he trained them almost a year now and trusts their abilities. He also believes they will pilot their magnificent machines the troops helped build with honor and valor like the modern-day samurai they are. The troops look doubtfully at the teacher, as he points their attention to... the Sentinels!

The Hellfire Club...

Tessa asks Emma if she felt that. Emma smiles she did. She realizes that her minions have failed her, but senses something happened to Jean Grey.


Storm, hanging still in mid-air, sees a red glow, not far away from the mansion.

The X-Mansion...

Cyclops calls out to Jean. He fires a blast at a wall, and the cops nearby it manage to duck just in time. Suddenly, the big firebird gets even larger and destroys the entire mansion!

The officers want to get out of there, but Cyclops blocks their way and demands to know what the they did to Jean. One of the cops takes out his gun and tells Scott to get out of his way, even calling him a freak. Without warning, a lightning bolt lands between the two fighting parties. Storm lands in front of Scott, who asks him if he’s okay and if Jean’s alright. The cops declare that the two X-Men better warn about themselves and open fire at them. Luckily, both Scott and Ororo can jump away from them.


The Sentinels have been activated and fly above the police station. Inside one of the big mechanic robots, a pilot mentions to his partner, Doug, that he’s picking up five mutant signatures. Doug reports to Sentinel One he copied that. He adds that ETA is 7.4 minutes and counting. Doug notices that Forge is very quiet inside his Sentinel, and suggests he try to stay in formation. A sweaty Forge apologizes.

Below, people panic when they see the Sentinels above them, not knowing what they are.

The Hellfire Club...

Emma smiles at Tessa that trouble is on its way.

The X-Mansion...

Storm tells Scott to look for Jean, while she handles these guys. One of the cops thinks they had better forget about the X-Men and get out of here while they can. Meanwhile, Scott searches through the rubble of his former home, desperately calling out to Jean.

After a while, Scott finds the dead bodies of Drake and his friends! He can’t believe the cops actually killed them. “No...”, a voice corrects, “I killed them.” Scott turns around, and it’s... Jean?! Ashamed, Jean falls on her knees and admits to Scott she killed Drake and the others. As Scott grabs Jean in his arms, the cops run outside and see the Sentinels arriving, but don’t know what they are. Another cop gets scared how huge the Sentinels are and thinks they may be dealing with more muties. P>

Toad and Wolverine appear behind the cops. Toad agrees with the cops that more muties have indeed arrived. Toad and Wolverine attack their adversaries together. While Toad just knocks his foes out, Wolverine sticks his claws through some cops, killing them. With all the cops down, the two powerful mutants meet up with the other X-Men. Storm is thrilled and thinks Toad has decided to join them after all. “For now,” Toad smiles. “For now.”

Scott and Jean regroup as well. Storm is relieved to find Jean okay. Jean has a bit of a headache and tells Storm she’s hanging in there. Wolverine thinks that means Jean’s unharmed. Scott thinks so to and asks his brother if that counts for him as well. “Sure,” Logan smiles, but he has seen better days.

The Sentinels land behind the X-Men and Scott wonders what they want. One of the pilots warns the X-Men that, by the order of the Sentinel Force, they have to surrender... or die! Jean tells Scott that answers his question. He agrees. The Sentinel repeats its question, but Toad just walks over the robot. He places one of his hands on it and, after hitting the machine with his stick, the Sentinel collapses!

Wolverine jokes that the old man’s still got it. He rips open the middle piece of a Sentinel and the scared pilot inside the robot begs for help. As Scott and Storm join the battle as well, Toad grabs Jean’s arm, telling her she has to come with him instead of her teammates.

Storm flies over to one of the robots, who recognizes her and says her name. Ororo recognizes the voice... Forge? Forge begs Storm to get away from her but, before he can finish his warning, Storm gets hit by a blast from behind! As Cyclops destroys another robot with his eyebeams, Wolverine helps the fallen Storm up and tries to bring her into safety.

Meanwhile, Toad has placed his hand on Jean’s belly. He explains that, just as he was able to sense the weakness in the first Sentinel, he can sense it in her as well... there’s a tremendous energy inside Jean. Staring at Jean’s glowing eyes, Toad realizes she’s afraid of this energy... and she should be, he adds. Toad thinks its because Jean doesn’t know what to do with this power.

At the same time, Forge’s Sentinel surrounds both Wolverine and Storm, and warns them he doesn’t wish to hurt them. Logan, holding his claws ready, can’t say he feels the same way.

While Jean’s fire power sparks around her body again, Toad teaches her she must expel this energy, and this time is as good as any to do that. She needs to focus on the energy... feel it inside her. Now, she has to bring it together can concentrate it in one place. She can let it gather... grow... take form within her. Then... she has to release it!

A fire-bird sprouts out of Jean’s mouth, which not only destroys the other Sentinels but also what little was left of the mansion! As the dust clears, Jean collapses. Toad grabs her, promising it’s okay. Scott meets up with his teammates again and just says, “wow,” at Jean’s power display. Storm jokes it looks like Jean has finally recovered... and then some!

Jean just feels guilty about destroying the X-Men’s home. Scott asks what they are going to do now. Sensei Toad, standing on a rock, thinks there’s only one thing his former students can do... move. As Toad points his stick right forward, Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean are ready for a new adventure!

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Emma Frost, Tessa (all Hellfire Club)

Drake, Pyro and their friend (all Ronin)


Toad (sensei and ally to the X-Men)


Doug and various other police trainees and their teacher

Various police officers (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

First appearance of the Sentinels in the Mangaverse.

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