New Avengers Vol. 8: Secret Invasion Book 1

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Brian Michael Bendis (Writer); David Mack, Michael Gaydos, Billy Tan, Jimmy Cheung (Artists)

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The Avengers are trapped in the Savage Land, battling friend and foe. And Spider-Man heads to the one person in the entire place he knows he can trust: Ka-Zar! But is it really him? This important chapter rewinds the events of the very first New Avengers story and shows how it connects to the Invasion. Plus: the break up of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage; a major development in the life of Echo; and the story of how the Skrull empire was able to infiltrate the Marvel Universe, and who instigated the invasion - and why!

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New Avengers (1st series) #38-42

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22nd March 2018 by Dean Clayton