Wolverine (3rd series) #29

Issue Date: 
August 2005
Story Title: 
Agent of SHIELD - Part 4

Mark Millar (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Klaus Janson (inkers), Paul Mounts (colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (letters), Joe Quesada (cover art), James Taveras (production), Jennifer Lee (editor), Axel Alonso (exc. editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine pilots a re-programmed Sentinel into the secret stronghold of the Hand and uses its weapons system to decimate the ancient order of ninja assassins. After the Sentinel is grounded by the Hand, Wolverine continues his rampage, slaughtering countless ninjas as he makes his way to their sacred temple. After a terse greeting by the Hand masters, he is introduced to their new high priestess: Elektra. Elektra telepathically informs Logan that she is still on the side of the angels and together, they kill the Hand masters and remaining Hand assassins. Elektra reveals that she was in deep cover with the Hand all along and that she now knows the secret locations of Hydra’s headquarters around the world. Together, Wolverine and Elektra relay this information to SHIELD and prepare for the final assault on Hydra.

Full Summary: 

Riding on the shoulder of a SHIELD-commissioned Sentinel, Wolverine attacks the super-secret training facility of the Hand. He notes that the Hand has been around since the dawn of time and its masters are as ancient as the organization they lead. The Sentinel has been programmed to respond to Logan’s voice commands. The Sentinel flies over the courtyard of the Hand enclave and unleashes energy blasts at the hundreds of Hand ninjas assembled there. As it sweeps low, ninjas swarm over it and Wolverine attempts to fight them off single-handedly. They tell Wolverine he has no chance of reaching the Secret City and they concentrate their efforts in bringing the Sentinel down. Miraculously, their swords cut through the robot’s outer casing and does enough damage to drive it to the ground.

Logan is surprised but comes up fighting. He uses the bodies of the ninjas he’s killed as a shield against the arrows of the Hand’s archers and continues to advance towards the Secret City. As he fights against overwhelming odds and an endless swarm of Hand ninjas, Logan recalls the details of Rikuto’s short life: his age, height, favorite hobbies, the innocent and mundane details of his young life that was mercilessly cut short in order to get Wolverine’s attention and draw him into Hydra’s trap. He uses these details to maintain his focus and his rage as he slices through the hordes attacking him.

Leaving behind a trail of ninja corpses, Logan makes his way to the Secret City. He is welcomed by the Hand masters and walks down a long aisle that is flanked on each side by hundreds of Hand ninjas. They sneer and whisper as he approaches the dais where the masters wait for him. The spokesman for the masters bids him welcome and tells him that he is safe for the moment. He states that he knows why Logan is there and that this amuses them. Wolverine bares his claws and advances. The Hand master is not impressed and tells Logan of their ancient powers which have been passed to their disciples. Logan threatens to burn the place to the ground but spare their lives if they tell him where to find the Gorgon. The Hand masters are not impressed by Logan’s threats. They inform him that the Gorgon is the former high priest and introduce him to their new leader: Elektra. They reveal to a shocked Wolverine that Elektra has now completed her training with the Hand and has progressed through their ancient rituals to assume her place as their queen, her eyes glowing red. They tell Logan that she will rule in the East while the Gorgon destroys the West. The ancient masters then order her to execute him.

As Elektra’s swords bear down on Wolverine, she projects her thoughts into his head. She seems tentative with this new ability but manages to penetrate Logan’s psychic defenses enough to direct him in her plans. Logan is a bit surprised at this but responds as he blocks her initial attack with his claws. She tells him to play along with her, but be ready to attack the Hand ninjas on the left side when she gives the signal. When she does, she turns and slices through the Hand masters. Wolverine dives into the mass of ninjas assembled and declares that Elektra is crazy. She chides him for whining and tells him to focus on the task at hand. They each fight with an intense ferocity as they slice their way through the hordes of Hand warriors.

When the battle is won, Wolverine says to Elektra that he thought she was murdered and raised from the dead. Elektra acknowledges that they did and also thought they had turned her to their side. She explains to Logan that she’s been killed before and hell holds no surprises for her now. She goes on to explain that this was the plan all along and that she’s been in deep cover for the last two months. Logan is shocked that the cover was so deep it required the sacrifice of the Helicarrier and many of its crew. Elektra explains that not only has she dismantled the Hand, she also has the location of Hydra’s secret facilities where they are constructing their super-weapons. Hearing this, Logan calls in to SHIELD command for an immediate pick-up.

At the SHIELD hospital, an agent informs the grievously injured Nick Fury of these events. The old codger just smiles under the bandages. Wolverine asks Elektra what their next move is. She explains that while she showers and changes into some clean clothes, SHIELD will initiate simultaneous strikes on all of Hydra’s foxholes. She lets Logan know they’re going to take down all those responsible for Rikuto’s death. A SHIELD agent asks Logan if he is okay and he smiles and says that he thinks he’s in love as he and Elektra stride purposefully into the base camp.

Characters Involved: 



Nick Fury

Hand ninjas and masters

Story Notes: 

Elektra has a long and complicated history with the Hand. After being killed by the assassin Bullseye in Daredevil (1st Series) #181, Elektra was resurrected by Hand and trained as an assassin. She later renounced them and has been their sworn enemy since. She was killed and resurrected by them a second time in Wolverine (3rd Series) #24.

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