Wolverine (3rd series) #28

Issue Date: 
July 2005
Story Title: 
Agent of SHIELD - Part 3

Mark Millar (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Klaus Janson (inkers), Paul Mounts (colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (letters), Greg Land & Richard Isanove (cover art), Jennifer Lee (editor), Axel Alonso (exc. editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Special Thanks to Walter N. Cosby, Jr.

Brief Description: 

Wolverine tracks down Northstar who is leading the Dawn of the White Light. He gives Northstar a chance to surrender and tries to talk him through Hydra’s brainwashing. Northstar summons a gang of mutants and manages to capture Logan. Logan is far from helpless. He has commandeered a trio of de-commissioned Sentinels with the help of Dr. Weinberg and unleashes them on the Dawn of White Light mutants. He manages to subdue Northstar and radios SHIELD to come get him. He then rides off on the shoulders of the Sentinel to take the fight to the Hand.

Full Summary: 

Wolverine is perched on a rooftop in the pouring rain. He recounts the killing spree that Northstar has gone on since becoming an unwilling agent of Hydra. He notes the deadly effects of Northstar’s powers on a normal human being and that in the last several days he’s killed dozens of people. His attacks are random and widely spaced, thanks to his super-speed. His targets seem to be the type of people that Jean-Paul took issue with in his former life as hero: rednecks, homophobes and others who would condemn him for being gay.
In addition to these killings, Northstar is now leading the mutants that form the Dawn of the White Light, a fanatical death-worship group founded by Hydra’s new head, the Gorgon. Logan realizes that he is the one ultimately responsible for Northstar’s conversion into a Hydra assassin and that he must make things right again or at least put an end to this.

Wolverine enters the bar he has been watching in full uniform. Northstar is also in uniform and having a drink at the bar. The bartender looks nervous as Wolverine approaches. The bar is filled with members of the Dawn of White Light.
Logan joins Jean-Paul at the bar and tries to talk him into surrendering. He tells Northstar that these aren’t his thoughts and this situation isn’t his fault. Jean-Paul says that Xavier’s preachings are the real brainwashing and comments on how miserable he really was while teaching at the Institute. He goes on to say that he’s happier running with the Dawn of White Light.
Logan continues to goad Northstar, convinced that his words are coming straight from Hydra. He tells Northstar that he believes they are more than animals and that it’s his conscience that keeps him from gutting Northstar outright. Jean-Paul is angered by this and asks Sparks, one of the mutants with the Dawn of the White Light to put on some music that will make him feel “mad and nasty”.

Wolverine and Northstar both rise and Logan pops his claws as the music starts playing. He asks what Northstar’s other mutant pal does and wonders if he’s a break dancer. Northstar replies that he’s a teleporter as mutant members of the Dawn of White Light suddenly fill the room. Northstar unleashes a blinding flash as the mutants attack Wolverine. He notes that his flash was restored by Hydra along with other upgrades similar to the ones given to Wolverine. He orders his gang to kick Logan’s head in.

Elsewhere in a SHIELD outpost, Dr. Weinberg is being questioned about his decision to unleash Wolverine before the restoration of his mental faculties was complete. He defends his choice by stating that Wolverine will recover completely on his own now and that SHIELD needs him out there given their current state of alert and the devastating attacks they’ve endured. He also shares that freeing Wolverine isn’t the only thing he authorized that will alarm them.

Wolverine is dripping with blood and shackled inside the Dawn of White Light’s headquarters hidden inside an oil refinery in Alaska. Northstar explains that the teleporters allow them to strike anywhere they choose and that they weren’t about to let Wolverine continue his vendetta without taking the fight to them.
Logan asks where the Gorgon is and Northstar says he’s with AIM building death machines from the plans that Logan stole from Reed Richards. He elaborates on Hydra’s plan to kill all the superheroes followed by the heads of state in order to create worldwide terror. As he monologues in classic villain style, one of his henchmen with a large glowing fist punches Logan.
As Northstar gloats, one of his followers gets a reading from Wolverine that indicates some kind of electrical device in his neck. Northstar asks if it is a weapon and she replies that it masks Logan’s mutant gene. Northstar wonders why he’d want to do that and Logan tells him he doesn’t want to get stomped. An electronic readout from above shows all of the mutant lifeforms within the refinery. The gigantic feet of the Sentinels come crashing through the roof as the members of the Dawn of White Light scatter in terror.
Wolverine remembers how he heard these three robots were retrieved by the Soviets after they attacked the Avengers and have been in storage ever since SHIELD recovered them. Apparently, Logan convinced Weinberg to authorize their release.

Northstar flies into action, shouting orders to the Dawn members like a pro. Logan busts free and lets his instincts take over as he wades through the Dawn of White Light members. Northstar tries to keep his team of mutants together but cannot avoid a blast from one of the Sentinels. He calls for help as Logan strides towards him. The Sentinels have the Dawn members in hand and none can help their fallen leader. Logan asks where Hydra’s command center is and Northstar tells him to go to hell. Logan tells Northstar that if he’s cooperative, he won’t lay a hand on him.
Despite Logan’s effort to remind him that he’s an X-Man at heart, Northstar stubbornly refuses to cooperate, so Logan subdues him with a final punch. Wolverine radios SHIELD for a pick-up. He then orders one of the Sentinels to crush the remaining Dawn members to a bloody pulp and the other to give him a ride as they go hunting for the Hand. Logan climbs onto the Sentinel’s shoulder and rides off into the night sky.

Characters Involved: 



Dawn of the White Light members including Gas, Quake II, Rockslide II, Space-Bomb, Sparks and Thermos

Dr. Weinberg AKA The Rabble Rouser


Police officers, CSI agents

Story Notes: 

Northstar was killed by Wolverine in issue #25 and resurrected by the Hand and Hydra in issue #26.

Several members of the Dawn of the White Light are named but not fully shown. Quake II and Rockslide II are new characters. Quake I was a member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard while Rockslide I is a currently a member of the Hellions training squad at the Xavier Institute.

The Avengers first battled the Sentinels in Avengers (1st series) #102-104. This battle took place largely in Australia, so it is unclear how the Russian government came to possess them before SHIELD recovered them as Wolverine

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