Wolverine (3rd series) #27

Issue Date: 
June 2005
Story Title: 
Agent of SHIELD - part 2

Mark Millar (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Klaus Janson (inkers), Paul Mounts (colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (letters), Greg Land & Richard Isanove (cover art), Joe Quesada, Danny Miki & Morry Hollowell (variant cover art), Jennifer Lee (editor), Axel Alonso (exc. editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Hydra’s assault on the SHIELD Helicarrier is swift and effective. In moments, the army of brainwashed superhumans (led by Northstar and Elektra) swarm the flying fortress. Nick Fury and his agents fight back but are quickly overwhelmed. In a desperate gambit to save lives, the medical team de-programming Wolverine revive him. Their gamble pays off and Wolverine attacks Hydra’s brainwashed agents, leaving a trail of death and destruction behind him. He reaches Fury in time to save him from Northstar and Elektra. The Helicarrier crashes into Kansas and the surviving Hydra pawns make their escape. Wolverine contacts Ichiro and Fukuko to tell them that their son’s kidnapping and murder was all done to set a trap for him. Fukuko accepts Logan’s offer to seek vengeance on all those involved in her son’s murder. Logan prepares to hunt down Hydra, the Hand and the Dawn of the White Light. Meanwhile, the Gorgon and Elsbeth Von Strucker plot their next move.

Full Summary: 

High above Arkansas, the SHIELD Helicarrier is under assault by a force of flying superhumans sent by Hydra. They have successfully co-opted the Helicarrier’s computer systems and breached their defenses. SHIELD agents scramble to protect Colonel Nick Fury who rebuffs their well-intentioned attempts and leaps headlong into the fray with guns blazing. Fury is tackled by Northstar, who drives him into a wall. As Northstar reintroduces himself to Fury he assures him he isn’t very nice anymore. Elektra joins him and Northstar promises that they will make the destruction of everything Fury has built as quick as possible.
In the medical labs, agents warn Dr. Weinberg, the psychiatric expert who is de-programming Wolverine that their lab is about to be breached. Outside, SHOC, Slyde, The Spot, Poison, Leapfrog and Vibro work on breaking their way into the lab. The technicians inside are hurriedly trying to revive Wolverine, in the hopes that his mind has been restored sufficiently that he will help repel the Hydra attack. The resurrected villains break through and find the lights dimmed. SHOC sees some movement and they find what’s left of the equipment used to de-program Logan. From the shadows, Wolverine takes down Slyde and then claws Vibro and SHOC through the chest. The others realize that something bad is happening but before they can react Wolverine has sliced through them as well. The SHIELD medical team watch in horror, unsure if they are next.
Meanwhile, the rest of the Hydra raiding party of superhumans is engaged in pitched battle with SHIELD agents throughout the Helicarrier. They are gaining the upperhand when the lights go out. Wolverine continues his rampage taking our superhumans right and left. Another small team of unidentified villains receives a report that The Spot, Leapfrog and Poison are all down. Wolverine attacks from the ceiling taking two of the four out completely unnoticed and then off the other two. Another trio of villains enters an elevator. The lights go out and when the elevator opens, a pair of SHIELD agents finds the dead bodies.
Wolverine makes his way to Fury as Northstar and Elektra stand over his unconscious form. Wolverine wades through the rest of Hydra’s pawns and glares at Northstar. He tells them to leave SHIELD alone or he’ll gut him all over again. Northstar is enraged and tells Wolverine to bring it on and get it right this time. As the two prepare to face off, the engines of the Helicarrier explode and the whole ship starts to plummet to the ground. It impacts with an immense field in Kansas. In the confusion, Elektra and Northstar make their escape.
At the Hydra headquarters in Fussen, Germany, the Gorgon confers with Elsbeth Von Strucker about the attack. She notes that Wolverine was there and the Gorgon is unconcerned. He notes that even if Logan survived, SHIELD is crippled and will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off for a good while. He notes that they can unleash their arsenal in three weeks time and sooner if they are successful in Wakanda. He notes that Reed Richards ideas were immense in their scope and wonders if the leader of the Fantastic Four is a mutant. Elsbeth assures him he is merely a supremely gifted human and that Hydra has details on every mutant on the planet. The Gorgon commands that his friends in the Dawn of the White Light be notified that it is time for them to join them and take a role in their plans.
In Arkansas, an emergency medical facility has been erected to deal with the hundreds of dead and wounded SHIELD agents. Nick Fury ended up with a pole through his gut but is already on the road to recovery. Wolverine feels ashamed of his own role in all this and wonders who to call first. He ends up calling his friend Ichiro in Japan. The kidnapping of Ichiro’s son led directly to Wolverine’s capture by the Hand. Logan tells Ichiro that his son was kidnapped and murdered specifically as a trap for him. Logan vows to make those responsible pay, but Ichiro blames Logan for his son’s death. He asks why Logan must kill everything he touches. Ichiro’s wife, Fukuko takes the phone and apologizes for her husband’s outburst. She asks that Logan return their son’s body so they can give him a proper goodbye. She also accepts his offer to wreak vengeance on those responsible, asking him to make them hurt like no one in the world has ever hurt before.
Doctor Weinberg goes to Logan’s tent to check on him. Logan is putting on his costume and the doctor says that he’s in no condition to go into action. Logan asks how many people are active in Hydra and the Hand. The doctor is surprised and replies eighteen hundred for the Hand and forty-nine thousand in Hydra. He then asks about the Gorgon’s group The Dawn of the White Light. The doc replies that there are five or six hundred members at most. Logan adds the figures up and estimates that there are no more than fifty-two thousand among the three groups. The doc concurs and asks what this is all about, wondering if Logan plans to kill them all single-handedly. Wolverine slides on his glove and grins as he replies with a single word, “Bingo.”

Characters Involved: 

Nick Fury

SHIELD Agents and medical technicians, including Artie, Carmine, Melcher, Nico and
Dr. Weinberg AKA The Rabble Rouser
Ichiro and Fukuko
Elektra, Leapfrog, Northstar, Poison, SHOC, The Spot, Slyde, Vibro (All resurrected by the Hand to serve as Hydra’s superhuman assassins)

The Gorgon, Elsbeth Von Strucker (Both Hydra)

Hydra agents and technicians

Dawn of the White Light members
Unnamed, resurrected/brainwashed superhuman agents of the Hand/Hydra

Story Notes: 

Ichiro and Fukako believed that their son’s kidnapping was a case of mistaken identity since Ichiro worked as a chauffeur for a wealthy businessman whose son was the same age. Ichiro is the cousin of Mariko Yashido, Logan’s late fiancée.
Vibro makes his first appearance among Hydra’s superhuman forces in this issue. Vibro’s real name is Alton Vibreaux. He was a geologist who developed a powerful magnetic harness to use in his studies. While using the harness in a dangerous experiment, he gained his vibratory powers. He has clashed with Iron Man, Captain America and the West Coast Avengers in the past. He originally debuted in Iron Man #186.
In this issue, the Spot and Leapfrog are among the team of Hydra pawns taken down by Wolverine. Neither are wearing their traditional costumes. The Spot wears a solid black bodysuit with full facemask. The character identified as Leapfrog is immensely large and wears a green sleeveless bodysuit and full-facemask with light green accents. He also displays greater than normal (for him) strength and ironically, does no leaping whatsoever.

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