Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1: The Tomorrow People

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Mark Millar (Writer), Adam Kubert and Andy Kubert (Artists)

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"Your replacements grow impatient." The world stands on the brink of war. It's not a war with another country. It's not an alien invasion. It's a war with another of Earth's native species... Homo Superior. Mutants. The world strikes fear into those who hear it. The word strikes fear into the heart of those who ARE it. Mankind has made the first move, launching an army of giant robot executioners called Sentinels, programmed to locate and eliminate the mutant DNA strand. Magneto and his terrorist cell of mutants are preparing to follow through on their threats of homo sapien genocide. The only force that can prevent total annihilation? Five awkward teenagers and their crippled mentor.

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Ultimate X-Men #1-6

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