Ultimate X-Men #2

Issue Date: 
March 2001
Story Title: 
The Tomorrow People - part 2 : The Enemy Within

Mark Millar (writer), Adam Kubert (penciler), Art Thibert (inker), Richard Isanove & White(colors), COMICRAFT (letters), Pete Franco (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

While Wolverine arrives at New York and is shot down and captured by a group, the X-Men are training in the Xavier Institute. When Professor X calls them to go rescue Wolverine, the group embarks in a Search and Rescue mission of the man that was assigned to kill their mentor. When the
operation succedes, Magneto prepares himself for some more important things.

Full Summary: 

As Wolverine arrives at JFK International, his contact with the Brotherhood of Mutants East Coast Cell tells him that he can count on them, as Wolverine replies that he doesn't need them for the task. The kid tells him that it will be dificult to kill a guy that can read your thoughts as they are being spied at by some militaries. As Wolverine senses them, they shoot at both him and the boy. When they stop, the boy is dead and "Wolverine's down".Near the Statue of Liberty, at three hundred miles an hour, Jean Grey and
Henry McCoy are testing their new arsenal, the Blackbird. As Marvel Girl flies it, Beast is outside checking the cloaking device. Marvel Girl and Beast start talking about her relationship with Scott Summers, she states that he has been trying to get the courage to ask her out to a movie for a year and a half. When Beast says he's amazed that the "guy that can lobotomize a sentinel single-handedly fumbles his lines in the presence of a skinny little seventeen-year-old redhead", she replies that, without having to read Beast's mind, she can tell he's in love with Storm and jealous of Colossus because of their relationship.Professor X calls his X-Men by telepathy and tells them he has an assignment for them. He wants them to go rescue a mutant he recently found being taken by military convoy to Canada. As Cyclops asks who the mutant is, Prof. X says that, because of all the memory implants, he can't determinate the person, but he thinks it is Wolverine. Jean and Scott freak out as Storm and the others don't know who he is. Cyclops explains he's the most dangerous killer in the world, and that the only proof he exists is a blurred image from the Gulf War. He was a member of a black ops unit that used mutants from which he escaped eighteen months ago. Professor X asks Iceman if he
wants to go on the mission, being with them for just some weeks but Iceman replies that the X-Men were there for him, so he will be there for Wolverine. They depart.
We see Wolverine's convoy in Syracuse, near New York, where Wolverine wakes up to see a old friend of his, Colonel John Wraith, leader of the Weapon X Program. As they talk, Wraith mentions his mind being erased again. Then, the X-Men arrive and a battle begins. Storm blows most of the convoy away, as Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Iceman fight the remaining soldiers and Beast and Colossus go get Wolverine out of the truck. Colossus tries to bend the adamantium bars, but he can't, so Beast starts to decypher the code. When he opens it, Wolverine goes after Wraith, who has escaped, and the group follows him. When they get to him, Jean has to stop Wolverine from killing Wraith by telekinetically moving him out of the way.
Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, Magneto says that he's the one that tipped Wraith off about Wolverine's presence, because it would be too obvious if Wolverine was to ring Xaviers' doorbell, so he made them rescue the man that's going to kill their mentor. He says that with Xavier aside, they can concentrate on more important tasks, as we see a holographic image of the White House.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Storm, Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)


Colonel John Wraith

Blob, Magneto, Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad (all Brotherhood)

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