Ultimate X-Men Vol. 12: Hard Lessons

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Brian K. Vaughan (Writer); Steve Dillon, Tom Raney, and Stuart Immonen (Artists)

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Storm travels to the Great White North to find her missing friend, but there's no time for celebration for the tempetuous and troubled duo! They're about to take on an all-new threat to the Ultimate Universe: Lady Deathstrike! Plus: When a dangerous young mutant immune to psychic control takes Charles Xavier and the rest of a Manhattan bank hostage, the Professor must lead a diverse group of humans in a risky bid to end the siege! And finally, witness the return of Ultimate Juggernaut! Juggie makes a play for the Gem of Cyttorak, the jewel that will make him truly unstoppable. Only two small things stand in his way: Rogue of the X-Men and Ultimate Gambit, the new prince and princess of thieves!

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Ultimate X-Men #58-60, Ultimate X-Men Annual #1

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