Wolverine: Snikt #5

Issue Date: 
November 2003
Story Title: 

Tsutomu Nihei (Story and art), Guru EFX (colourist), Cory Petit (Letters), Mackenzie Cadenhead (Assistant Editor), C.B. Cebulski (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in chief), Bill Jemas (President). Special Thanks to Mutsumi Masuda

Brief Description: 

The Primogenitor rips out from its underground colony into the world above. Wolverine fights his way through hoards of Mandates until he makes his way outside to see the colossal creature. Elsewhere, the Colonel has survived and finds out the rest of his team didn’t. He spots the Primogenitor and its red orb-core. He tries to shoot it from the ground but doesn’t have much luck, so he flies up to it. He shoots directly into the core but is blasted away from it after. As he falls to the ground, he continuously shoots the core until the surface cracks. He lands on the grounds and activates his self-destruct sequence when the Mandates close in on him. Wolverine seizes the opportunity and dives through the cracks of the orb-core and finds the central core. It tries to defend itself but he stabs it with his claws and it explodes. The entire Primogenitor is destroyed along with every single Mandate. After saving their world, the remaining colonists find Wolverine. Fusa wants him to stay but he says he belongs somewhere else. With that, they say their goodbyes and she teleports him home.

Full Summary: 

On the surface above the Mandate colony, the ground starts to shake. Cracks begin to appear in the rocks until the whole surface is smashed apart. The Primogenitor rises up out of the ground as rocks and other debris is thrown across the landscape. Flying Mandates circle the leviathan. The Primogenitor looks like a giant, spiky worm with a skull-like head. It has two large eye-hole and many smaller ones around it. A blue glow comes from each of the eyes. Smaller Mandates fly around the larger like soldier ants around a queen.

Elsewhere Wolverine contacts Fusa and asks what’s going on. She informs him he is inside the Primogenitor and the orb-core is directly above him. He seems a little stunned at finding out he is inside the thing he came to kill but he has no time to think about it as more Mandates pour through openings. He starts hacking and slashing away at the Mandates until he works his way to the walls of the Primogenitor. He manages to burst through to the outside. He lands on a rocky outcrop and sees hundreds of Mandates swarming around the Primogenitor. He spots the red orb-core and unsheathes his claws, prepared to finish it.

In a deep chasm somewhere else, the Colonel runs across a ledge whilst trying to dodge falling rocks. He contacts Fusa who seems amazed he’s alive. She tells him everyone else is dead but Wolverine has managed to locate the Primogenitor’s orb-core. He stops for a second as he realizes everyone is dead. Fusa tells him she’s sorry but he can barely believe it. He looks up and sees the Primogenitor rising high above him like a tower block. He also spots the orb-core on its side. He takes aim and fires his gun but the bullet barely touches the core. He realizes he’s too far away, so he activates his jetpack and flies up to the core. He clings to the underside of the giant red orb and fires his gun into it at point blank range. He tells it it’s payback for everything it’s taken away from him.

After firing he moves him gun away to see the hole he just created. He stares at it for a few second until a flume of red energy blasts out if it and directly into his face, blowing his head off. He lets go of the orb-core and starts to plummet towards the ground. As he falls, he fires off his few remaining bullets directly into the hole he just created. As he empties his gun, the orb-core starts to crack until it explodes with a huge violent burst. The Primogenitor contorts in pain and Wolverine shields himself from the explosion. As the Colonel continues to fall, he contacts Wolverine and says he could pierce the orb-core but not destroy it. The rest is up to him; their future is in his hands. With that, he finally hits the ground, smashing into pieces in a crater. A hoard of Mandates approaches him to investigate but, as they get close, he explodes in with a huge bluish white flame.

Back at base, Fusa watches the video feed as he dies and Yaa tells her he self-destructed. Back at the colony, Wolverine yells he’s going in to end it now. He lunges at the cracked surface of the orb-core and enters it. As falls through it, he sees the main core, a red orb with organic tendrils shooting off it. He unsheathes his claws and prepares to slam into it. The core has its own defenses and it shoots a beam of energy out at his, burning all the flesh off one of his arms. This doesn’t deter him and he lands on the core and thrusts his claws into it. The orb crackles with energy and then explodes, causing the entire Primogenitor to explode with a catastrophic shockwave that rips its entire body apart.

Across the land, the orb-cores of all the Mandates are destroyed and they all start to disintegrate. The lifeless corpse of the Primogenitor falls to the ground and back into the chasm it rose up from. Back at the base, Fusa is staring at a set of blank TV screens. She calls out to Wolverine but his comm. device lies on the floor amongst the rubble.

(the next morning)

Fusa and some of her team are driving across the landscape in a rusty flying machine. She suddenly spots Wolverine, warily walking towards them. She gets off her vehicle and runs towards him. She says it’s a lot to ask but can he stay with them? He thanks her for the invite but tells her he belongs somewhere else. She tells him she understands but says that he will be missed. He tells her that he wishes he could say that it’s been fun but he hopes he never sees her again. No offense. He tells her good luck and she thanks him. They shake hands and he vanishes again. Fusa is left standing there in the barren landscape with her team around her.

Back in New York City, Wolverine walks down a street musing on how he needs a beer. He realizes that that Morrison fellow was right… “The future is uncertain and the end is always near.”

Characters Involved: 



The Colonel


Yaa’s sister


Numerous Mandates

Story Notes: 

“The future is uncertain and the end is always near” are lyrics to the Jim Morrison/The Doors song “Roadhouse Blues.”

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