Wolverine: Snikt #4

Issue Date: 
October 2003
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Tsutomu Nihei (Story and art), Guru EFX (colourist), Cory Petit (Letters), Mackenzie Cadenhead (Assistant Editor), C.B. Cebulski (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in chief), Bill Jemas (President). Special Thanks to Mutsumi Masuda

Brief Description: 

Wolverine and his team travel down the tunnels towards the Mandate colony. They are suddenly ambushed by a huge Mandate that attacks their ship. After trying to escape, the Mandate damages the ship so much that some of the team has to escape on separate crafts. As the Mandate destroys the ship, the Colonel sacrifices himself kill it. The team makes their way to the colony and is immediately chased down more tunnels by the Mandates. The other vehicles are destroyed except for Wolverine’s. He makes his way to the end of the tunnel and enters a doorway that looks like a giant mouth. He finds himself in a large open cavern where he is attacked again and his vehicle is destroyed. Back at the base, Fusa and Yaa are trying to get a location on the Primogenitor’s location. As Wolverine hacks and slashes his way through the Mandates, Yaa makes contact with the Primogenitor. She realizes that it isn’t within the colony, it is the colony. As Wolverine stands victorious in the colony, he suddenly feels the ground beneath him start to rumble.

Full Summary: 

The craft taking the team to the Primogenitor’s colony flies down the giant dark tunnels toward its target. The pilot finally announces they are approaching the heart of the colony. The Colonel tells them they don’t want to engage the Mandate unless it is absolutely necessary. They need to save the energy and ammo until they reach the Primogenitor. As Wolverine is the key to the whole plan, he needs to keep his head down. Wolverine smiles and asks where the fun in that is? Back at the base, Fusa tells them that there is thousands of Mandates within the base, so don’t go head to head with any just yet.

The pilot suddenly says they are picking up an incoming heat source. He yells there’s a Mandate headed straight towards them. The team looks at the computer screens on the craft and the pilot says he has never seen one move so fast. The side of the tunnel ahead of the craft suddenly rips open and an enormous Mandate comes through the hole. It has a huge main body with a head and four legs coming off it. It uses one of its legs to try and grab the shuttle. It clips the craft causing all the alarms inside it to go off.

Not deterred, it brings out two guns from beneath its jaw and starts to fire lasers at the escaping craft. The craft weaves about as the lasers miss it and burn away at the tunnel floor. One of the lasers hits its target and causes the craft to slam into the tunnel wall. It veers of as flames start to come from it. Back at the base, Fusa can only watch her monitors as they all go blank with white static.

But some of the team manages to survive the flaming craft by quickly mounting smaller flying devices. With two people on each of the open machines, they zip along the tunnel, still being chased by the Mandate. Fusa gets the signal back at base and Wolverine, on the first getaway vehicle, yells that there are still people left on the main ship. He can only watch as the Mandate closes in on the ship and attacks it again causing it to explode.

They notice the Colonel has survived and has somehow managed to climb onto the Mandate’s head. As the behemoth chases after the fleeing team, the Colonel arms his weapon and fires it directly into the Mandate, causing it to collapse on the tunnel floor with a huge explosion. As the team gets away, they look back to see fire lighting up the dark tunnel behind them. One of the soldiers asks about the Colonel but another tells him his signal is gone.

The soldier driving Wolverine’s vehicle looks on his screen and tells him they are about to enter the colony. They exit the tunnel and enter a large open cavern. All around the cavern, perched on the ledges are hundreds of Mandates. Some have wings and tails and others look more like the humanoid form that Wolverine previously fought. They fly into another tunnel and are quickly pursued by the Mandates. One of the soldiers starts to open fire on the Mandates, injuring some of them and slowing them down. But the Mandates fire back with their own weapons. One particularly large one fires off some rockets towards the second vehicle. As the rockets get close, they split up into smaller rockets which slam into the craft, destroying it. As vehicle two explodes in flames, Wolverine yells that flyer two is down.

He contacts Fusa back at base and asks if she has had any luck in finding the Primogenitor. She says they haven’t and asks if they can get further into the colony so that Yaa can get a better sense of her. Someone asks Yaa if she can sense her yet but the young girl replies that it’s weird; it’s as if the Primogenitor is the colony itself.

Back inside the colony, the two remaining flyers speed through the tunnels being chased by large flying Mandates. The third flyer shoots back at the pursuers but they catch up with it and destroy it. Wolverine and his flyer make their way to the end of the tunnel where they find a huge mouth with razor sharp teeth instead of a door. They zip through the mouth before it can snap shut on them and they find themselves in a huge open area.

A Mandate suddenly appears and hits the vehicle, causing it to slam down on the floor. As it explodes, Wolverine jumps clear. Fusa contacts him and asks if he’s alright. He stares at the dismembered body of the pilot as Fusa continues to try and contact him. With his claws unsheathed, he looks around him to see he is surrounded by giant Mandates. They stare at each other for a few moments before they begin fighting. Wolverine slashes at them, slicing off their arms and other appendages. As he starts destroying all the Mandates around him, he enters a bezerker rage.

Back at the base, Yaa says she saw into the Primogenitor’s mind for a second. Fusa asks where she is and Yaa tells her that she isn’t part of the colony… she is the colony itself. And its orb-core is directly above Wolverine.

Back in the colony, Wolverine is perched on a rocky outcrop with the bodies of Mandates all around him. He asks what’s going on as the place starts shaking. He’s got a very bad feeling about this.

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The Colonel


Yaa’s sister

Other colonists

Numerous Mandates

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