X-Men Omnibus Vol. 2

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Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, Arnold Drake, Linda Fite, Dennis O'Neil, Jerry Siegel (Writers); Werner Roth, Don Heck, Neal Adams, Dan Adkins, Ross Andru, George Tuska, Jim Steranko, Barry Windsor-Smith, Sal Buscema, John Buscema, Tom Sutton (Artists)

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This is the original X-Men:ReLoad featuring the mutantdom's first new costumes and the death of Professor X! So hold on to your hats as the X-Men go toe-to-toe against Juggernaut, the Mole Man, Mekano, the Changeling and more menaces than any other mutants' muster could match!

Issues Reprinted: 

X-Men (1st series) #32-66; Avengers (1st series) #53; Ka-Zar (1st series) #2-3; Marvel Tales (1st series) #30; Not Brand Echh #4 & 8


Included as bonus material are the Avenging Angel back stories from Ka-Zar #2-3 and Marvel Tales # 30; the Echhs-Men parodies from Not Brand Echhs #4 and #8; rejected and unused covers for issues #33, 38 & 56; pages from the Beast and Iceman story advertised in issue #48 that never came to be; three new commissioned pages for the reprint on Marvel Triple Action of the crossover between the Avengers and the X-Men; original art and color guides from various issues by Neal Adams and Don Heck; the Mike Zeck covers and recap pages for X-Men Classics #1-3 and the cover from X-Men Visionaries: Neal Adams

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