X-Men / Spider-Man: The Savage Land

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Chris Claremont (Writer), Michael Golden (Artist)

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It is a fantastic landscape of forgotten flora and fauna from the many ages of prehistory. It is a place where primitive man raises his club against the most vicious predators ever to stalk the face of the Earth. It is a land that cannot exist… yet does! It is...The Savage Land. On a quest to reunite a young woman with the man she loves, Spider-Man and the X-Men come face-to-face with an awesome evil that could destroy all humanity. Together with the mighty Ka-Zar and his saber-toothed tiger, Zabu, these heroes struggle to stave off disaster...and discover the terrible, world-threatening secret hidden deep within the darkest reaches of the Savage Land!

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Marvel Fanfare (Vol. 1) #1-4

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