Marvel Fanfare (1st series) #2

Issue Date: 
May 1982
Story Title: 
<BR>To sacrifice my soul... (1st story)

First story: Chris Claremont (writer), Michael Golden (art), Jim Novak (letterer), Michael Golden (colorist), Allen Milgrom (editor), Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

First story: Tanya is saved from the Tyrannosaurus rex by Ka-Zar and his friends and is finally reunited with Karl Lykos. However, their group is soon attacked by barbarian troops, among them the horribly transformed Spider-Man and Angel, who kidnaps Tanya. Back at the citadel, Brainchild uses the transformer on Tanya, reverting her to a Neanderthal, and Karl and Ka-Zar are too late to save her. During the battle, the transformer is destroyed, apparently dooming Angel, Spider-Man and Tanya. Karl, however, drains the mutant energy from their bodies, curing them, but, as a result, he changes into Sauron, apparently permanently. Swearing war, Sauron leaves. Later, Angel and Peter leave the Savage Land, while Tanya decides to stay, still hoping to find a cure for Karl. Angel promises he’ll ask the X-Men for help.

Full Summary: 

First story:
The Savage Land, where Tanya Anderssen is about to become a Tyrannosaurus rex’s dinner. She’s too scared to think, to move or do anything. Help, however, comes in the form of Ka-Zar, self-styled lord of the Savage Land, and his faithful Sabre-tooth tiger, Zabu. Both man and cat attack the lizard in unison and more help comes in the form of Chief Tongah and his tribe of local Fall People. Tanya isn’t aware of any of this, for the lizard’s tail hits her in the head and she lands stunned, dimly recalling the events that le her to this place.


She had asked the former X-Man, Angel, to accompany her to the Savage Land in the hope of finding the man she loved: Karl Lykos aka Sauron. Angel reluctantly agreed and joined by Daily Bugle photographer, Peter Parker, they flew to the Savage Land. But their helicopter was destroyed by a giant Pterosaur and, later, Tanya, Peter and Angel were attacked by a horde of barbarian warriors, led by super-powered mutants. Angel was quickly captured and Peter shoved Tanya off a cliff into a river – away from the battle. Tanya fled into the jungle, until she faced the giant dinosaur.

(the present)

Tanya awakes with a scream on her lips, grabbing the man by her side in reflex. He comforts her, telling her that nothing is going to hurt her now. Recognizing the voice, Tanya realizes that she has finally the man she was looking for. It’s Karl Lykos. The two star-crossed lovers embrace, both relieved that the other hasn’t forgotten them or moved on.

Later, after they emerge from their lean-to, Tanya tells her story to Karl, Ka-Zar and Tongah.. Ka-Zar informs her that their goal is the ruined citadel, where she and her friends were attacked. It was constructed by the mad god, Garokk, and his high-priestess, Zaladane, who together had meant to conquer the Savage Land. With the help of the X-Men, they had ended Garokk’s reign of terror. The god was slain, Zaladane taken prisoner, their power dispersed. Or so they thought. Lately, though, there have been rumors of a resurgence of Zaladane’s cult, this time led by super-powered mutants, whom Magneto created years ago. Ka-Zar, Tongah and his war-party had set out to investigate this problem.

Hearing a noise, Tongah turns and shouts a cry of alarm. They are under attack by the very forces they sought. Karl tries to protect Tanya but is hit from above by what looks like a giant bird. Tanya cries out in horror, for the birdlike brutal creature wears the tatters of Angel’s costume.

At the same time, other claws hurl Ka-Zar to the ground. He finds that too many arms are holding him and looks up at his foe to find that it is a huge, man-like spider. Zabu attacks the creature but is hurled back. Ka-Zar draws his knife ready to defend his life by whatever means necessary, knowing that the creature is too powerful for him. Nevertheless, he notices that it seems to hesitate as, within the monster’s shell, a human soul battles for supremacy. At that moment, Peter Paker realizes what he has become and screams in agony. While Angel grabs Tanya and leaves with his captive, Spider-Man merely… leaves. Deprived of their two super-powered allies, the assault force is soon routed by Tongah’s warriors.

The chief vows revenge, before somberly informing his friends that eleven of his men are dead and nine wounded, with the wounded probably dying as well. Zaladane’s butchers dipped their blades in poison. It will only get worse, as they are fighting on their ground. They have Tanya, Lykos interrupts. He saw, Ka-Zar agrees and Tongah asks why his friend sounds so bitter. Anger and frustration Ka-Zar admits. If they had a proper physician or a hospital, most of those people could survive. He loves the Savage Land, but much of what they accept as natural order seems so unnecessary to him.

Lykos asks Ka-Zar what he has on his knife and Ka-Zar examines the piece of clothing, recognizing it as belonging to Spider-Man. He makes the connection with the monster he fought and wonders what changed him. Leaving Tongah to bury his dead and care for the wounded, Ka-Zar, Karl and Zabu make their way for the citadel.

In the meantime, in the ruins of Garokk’s citadel, Tanya fins herself a prisoner of Brainchild and his mutants and about to undergo the same experiment that changed Angel and Spider-Man. Karl and Ka-Zar choose that moment to attack, decking Amphibius and Gaza. Too late, though, as Brain-Child activates the machine. Karl cries out and reaches for his gun, ordering Brainchild to change Tanya back. The mutant genius replies with sarcasm and orders his compatriot, Vertigo, to take care of them. She concentrates and Lykos’ world turns inside out.

Nevertheless, he fires and one bullet creases Vertigo’s skull, knocking her unconscious. As she falls, so does Lykos. Springing into action in his place is Zabu, only to be met and stopped by four-armed Barbarus, who in turn is attacked by Ka-Zar.

On the sidelines, Spider-Man watches. Consumed by a lust for blood and conditioned to serve Brainchild, his tattered memories tell him to help Ka-Zar. Conflicted, he does neither. Angel, however, eagerly joins the fray and claws at Ka-Zar, trapping him. While Barbarus intends to beat him into a pulp, Spider-Man attacks Barbarus and, when Brainchild orders him to put the barbarian down, he throws him into the machine, destroying it. The villain laughs, proclaiming that they have doomed themselves. Without the transfomer, they’ll never be changed back. Spider-Man finally manages to rasp out a few words, begging Ka-Zar to release him from his pain by killing him. Ka-Zar urges him not to give up hope.

In the meantime, Karl awakes and sees his beloved Tanya devolved to a Neanderthal-like creature. With the transformer wrecked, she can never be cured but, he thinks, the transformer creates mutants. He absorbs their energy to live. If he drains that energy from Tanya, he might be able to return her to normal. But there is a risk. Small doses of energy sustain him, but a large one might change him to his evil self, Sauron. He sees no other solution and begins, telling himself to be careful. The more he takes, the greedier he will become.

Not aware of Lykos’ decision, Ka-Zar realizes with a heavy heart that he’ll have to slay Spider-Man or the tribes will do it. But before Ka-Zar can draw his knife, an already changing Lykos touches Spider-Man and absorbs his energy. The cured Peter Parker falls to the ground.
Tanya Andersen, returned to normal, tells Ka-Zar to stop Karl, before its too late. Already no longer human, Karl laughs as he absorbs Angel’s energy, telling Tanya that it is already too late. Angel returns to human, while Sauron stands reborn. Never has he been imbued with such strength, he crows, adding that Lykos is gone forever. Realizing that Ka-Zar and the others might try to cure him, he flies away, proclaiming to Ka-Zar that there is war between them.

Days later, Ka-Tar and Tanya see Peter and Warren off at an American research station, outside the Savage Land. Peter wishes he could stay and help but he and Angel still need proper medical attention after their ordeal. Tanya intends to stay, to either find a way to cure Karl or, if that isn’t possible, see Sauron destroyed. Angel tells them that Sauron is the X-Men’s foe and, if Ka-Zar’ll have them, they’ll be more than happy to help. The X-Men are always welcome, Ka-Zar informs him and Angel cryptically states that it’s settled then.

As the helicopter flies off, Tanya asks Ka-Zar if he saw the pain in their eyes. The agony of not being able to forget. Should she have left well enough alone? she wonders. Karl would still be human and Peter and Warren would have been spared the horrors. Only she can answer that, Ka-Zar replies. Bus she came out of love and stays out of love and Karl sacrificed himself out of love. There are worse motivations.

Characters Involved: 

First story:



Tanya Anderssen



Karl Lykos / Sauron

Tongah (chief of the Fall People)

Fall people

Zaladane’s troops

Amphibius, Barbarus, Brain-Child, Gaza, Vertigo (Savage Land mutates)

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This issue includes a second story about the Fantastic Four by Roger McKenzie and Trevor von Eeden.

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