X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land

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Chris Claremont (Writer), Kevin Sharpe and Salvador Larroca (Artists)

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"We're the X-Men. When we're on the job, nobody dies." - Sage. So says the newest member of the X-Men. But tell that to the original Thunderbird. Or Phoenix. Or Colossus. Or Psylocke. All died for the cause of peace; for the cause of mutantkind. They are the X-Men - born different, sworn to make a difference. They have promised to bring peace with their lives - and sometimes, with their deaths - to a world that hates and fears them. That is the way of heroes. They are the latest step in mankind's genetic evolution. And here, in this special volume, they are trapped in a land populated by the world's first beings - dinosaurs - in a place known as the Savage Land. And while they oppose enemies ancient and arcane, they also will confront a force far more mysterious: The changing face of their very identities! Their very sense of self will be put to the challenge. They will learn that the soul may be the most savage land of all.

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X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #1-4

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