X-Treme X-Men : Savage Land #2

Issue Date: 
December 2001
Story Title: 

Chris Claremont (writer), Kevin Sharpe (penciler), Danny Miki (inker), Avalon Studio’s Chris and Mike Garcia (colors), Tom Orzechowski (letters), Andrew Lis (assistant editor), Matt Hicks and Mark Powers (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

The team crams as many Sauris as possible inside the Balckbird and the fliers carry the rest. They hurry through the narrow cavern, trying to ourun the floodwave and the air prssure ram building in front of it. Stretching their powers and with lots of luxck they erupts in the Savage Land mere instants vbefore the wave erupts in a huge fountain that scatters them through the Savage Land. The Blackbird with the Saurids, Tessa and Bishop crashlands in the snaowy mountains, Storm is captured by Brainchild. Beast awakes in a primitive city without knowing how he got there. Apparently someone has tampered with his memory. He is in the company of a woman named Lupa and soon they get romantically involved. Thunderbird, C’rel and some Saurids are also in the city, and the community’s leader Delage states that they are welcome, though they have to know that they are at war with a wild species of saurians from the Savage Land.

Full Summary: 

The X-Treme X-Men are transporting a group of Saurids towards the Savage Land through the cavern below the Drake Passage, as suddenly the roof collapses and the ocean water floods in. Storm takes immediatly charge of the situation and shouts around commands. Beast and Bishop are to cram everyone inside the Blackbird who can possibly fit, and she Thunderbird and Rogue qwill carry the rest with ropes. Before departing Neal feeds Bishop with his solar flare so that the Blackbird, piloted by Sage is not without defenses. Storm carries two Saurids, Thunderbird three and Rogue has Beast, C’rel and three more Saurids. Sage uses the telemetry from Neal’s glasses to navigate the Balckbird through the cavern , an near to impossible task at full speed. Bishop, tied to the Craft’s hull, helps by blasting away rock formations that might get in the way. They speed through the narrow caves, trying to outrun the flood wave, but not before long it becomes clear, that they do not only have to fear the war, but also the pressure ram building in front of the wave. The air is front of it is even compressed more by the narrow tunnel walls and would hit like a solid object.
The geological event of the large cavern giving in to the ocean is noticed around the world. The water flows down in a giant whirpool, and various ships do not survive. Tsunami alerts are made all over the southern hemisphere, and the effect on the tectonic plates of americaand antarctica are still unkown. However the X-Men can not worry about such global things, their current problem is simple survival. The Blackbird is hit by debris and the radio contact to the rest of the team breaks down. The fliers have no idea if the Saurids and their teammembers aboard are dead or not, but turning back would mean certain death, so they move on. As the wave gets closer, Neal realizes that they won’t make it on their oen; they have only one chance left : To ride the leading edge of the air pressure wave as if they were surfing. Although he has never done a similar thing before Neal acts by sheer instinct alone and it works. The others follow his example, and within minutes the team and they are blasted out of the cavern high into the sky of the Savage Lkand, followed by a large boom and a water fountain. Even the Blackbird is blown out and the Saurid aboard pull the exhausted Bishop inside. Sage tries to get a handle of the plane, but it’s useless; the Blackibird crashlands in some snowy mountains.
Rogue and the people she carried are all fine. They search for the others, and Beast spots Thunderbird and his passengers in the water below. He leaps down and pulls them out, and not before long they also find the two Saurids that rescued by Storm, but they are alone. The two Saurids state that after they emerged from the cavern they fell into the ice cold water. Storm used her powers to both calm the water and shield them against the temperature and tthen helped them to climb on a piece of wood. Yet before Ororo could rescue herself, she was caught in a current and they were separated. Elsewhere Brainchild finds the unconscious Storm and is quite happy.
An unknown amount of time later, Beast wakes up in the care of a woman named Lupa. He has no memory how he got there and panics when he sees a pack of wolves, but there’s nothing to fear as they are under Lupa’s control. Beast wonders what happened, and his host gives him a tour of the primitive city they are in. Surprisingly it’s filled with members of various, usually rivaling tribes of the Savage Land and the Saurid do blend in too. They are greeted by Neal, who is happy to see the Beast allright. He tells that Rogue has been seriously injured, but is taken care of, and Beast wonders what has happened to them in the amount of time he does not remember. They then meet Delage, who introduces himself as the elected leader of the community. He explains that they saw the waterspout and rescued the X-Men and Saurids, but that others were also attracted. These others apparently abducted Storm and used some psychic power on the Beast, therefore his amnesia.
In the great Council Chamber Beast and Neat find C’rel, who is happy to be in that city, as it is an example of humans and saurians living with each other peacefully. However Delage has some bad news. Though C’rel and her tribe are more than welcome, there are other saurians in the Savage Land that are not as developed, in fact nothing more than animals. These often attack the city and have to be dealt with, as they will never stop unless they have killed all humans. Thunderbird is reminded of his native india, where muslim are always battlking hindu, and also the members of different castes oppose each other. Beast suddenly announces to help Delage’s city, depite the fact that half of the X-Men are missing. Before Neal can speak with his comrade, the Beast has walked obver to Lupa and they start to kiss, much to Neal’s concern. The only reasonable ally left might be C’rel who secretly speaks with Neal that she is woriied about these events too.
From his secret base, Brainchild spies on them. He sees Lupa and Beast kiss and is satisfied with this turn of events. Behind him, Ororo is chained to a wall.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop, Rogue, Sage, Storm, Thunderbird (all X-Treme X-Men)

C’rel, Khadar (both Sauird race)


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