A-Force (2nd series) #1

Issue Date: 
March 2016
Story Title: 

G. Willow Wilson (writer), Jorge Molina (artist), Laura Martin (colorist), Virtual Caligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer), Manny Mederos (production design), Jorge Molina (cover artist), Victor Ibanez; Adam Hughes; Cosplay by Jay Justice with photography by Judy Stephens (variant cover artists), Alanna Smith (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum with Katie Kubert (editor), Tom Breevort (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

In the space around the Alpha Flight Space Station that orbits Earth, the mysterious being called Singularity materializes. She remembers her friends from Arcadia – A-Force, and starts to seek them out. Inside the Alpha Flight Space Station, Captain Marvel and Dr Bell are examining the sudden space fluctuations that have occurred with the appearance of Singularity, who teleports into the space station, where she embraces the confused Captain Marvel, who doesn’t recognize Singularity. Singularity is hurt by this, while Captain Marvel and Dr Bell want to run some tests on her, when they notice another strange being arrive in space. Captain Marvel goes to investigate it, but Singularity is worried for her, she knows something is wrong. Singularity flees from Dr Bell, and finds life support pod. She gets into it, and she is launched towards Earth, while Captain Marvel battles the red-colored being that is called Antimatter, and is certainly not as friendly as Singularity. Arriving on Earth, Singularity's life support pod crashes into a tower which is part of New Attilan on the New York / New Jersey Border. Antimatter follows Singularity and starts attacking her, causing destruction on the border. Singularity knows she has to protect the people nearby, and using the last of her energy teleports to a high-rise office where the She-Hulk is. She-Hulk doesn't recognize Singularity, and before long Antimatter attacks them. Antimatter grabs She-Hulk, but she uses her strength to burst free from his grasp, although she plummets towards the ground – thankfully Singularity is able to save her. But Antimatter is relentless in his attack, and continues to cause trouble. More trouble arrives when Medusa shows up, annoyed with the destructed that is being caused., She tells She-Hulk that if Antimatter wants Singularity, then they should give her to him, and places Singularity in restraints.

Full Summary: 

Space, specifically low-orbit around Earth, where the Alpha Flight Space Station currently hovers. There is a brilliant blue and purple glow that breaks the dark sky, and from it, a starry being emerges. Her name is Singularity, and she thinks to herself that birth is violence. Pain, happiness, sometimes they get mixed up, and sometimes you can't unmix them. 'Sometimes you don't even want to' Singularity tells herself, remembering that this is what they taught her in Arcadia – the only home she has ever known. 'This, and lots of other stuff besides' Singularity thinks. She wakes and remembers friends. 'I had friends'. Images flash through her mind, firstly of Nico, who showed her what love means – and heartbreak. Of She-Hulk, bravery, strength and fairness. Then Dazzler, who was full of life, ready to laugh and to question everything. Of Captain Marvel – Carol – who does whatever needs to be done for the good of the team. And finally, Queen Medusa – who represented leadership and sacrifice. 'They were my friends. They were A-FORCE' Singularity recalls.

Looking around the starry expanse surrounding her, Singularity realizes that this is not that world. She somehow knows that world is gone. She reaches out, and looks for something familiar. Turning to the Alpha Flight Space Station, she finds it – and closer than she thought.

Inside the Alpha Flight Space Station, Colonel Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel stands before several monitors, arms folded and frowning. 'What am I looking at, Dr Bell? Should we be preparing for another attack?' she asks Dr Tempest Bell, who holds a hot drink and stands nearby, mouth dropped, she tells Captain Marvel that she doesn't know, and that the thing out there shouldn't be possible. 'It's an event, a quantum singularity. There's no reason it should have a humanoid appearance. It shouldn't have an appearance at all. Pensively, Carol replies that it doesn't look like an event to her – it looks like a girl. Suddenly, a blue energy glows in the command centre, 'Huh?' Carol asks, before Singularity emerges from the portal, 'Friend!' she exclaims. 'Singularity is here!' Carol looks confused, 'What the -?' she asks as Singularity wraps her arms around Carol. 'Safe! You're safe! You're safe!' Singularity repeats, while Dr Bell drops her hot drink in shock. 'Safe and stunned' Carol remarks, before asking Singularity 'Who are you?' and telling her that she doesn't think they have ever met. 'You don't remember?' Singularity enquires.

Singularity looks forlorn as the realization that Carol doesn't remember her sinks in. 'Met. Fought. Helped. Friend' Singularity announces. She is frightened, and looks over at Dr Bell, who picks up the broken mug, and asks 'Friend?' Dr Bell glances sideways at Singularity, 'Oh, uh – sure. Yes, I'll be your friend. A friend with a lot a lot of questions'.

Singularity wonders if she helps, whether Carol will remember. 'Here!' she grins, waving her hand, the coffee and the broken mug rise into the air. 'Wow. Okay' Dr Bell remarks. 'Coffee!' Singularity grins as the broken mug and the coffee is drawn into her form. 'This is amazing! This is incredible. She's absorbed the liquid and solid matter through some kind of osmosis -' Dr Bell begins, before there is a loud rumbling noise, and everyone is knocked about. Carol turns to the space station staff in the control room and asks for a status report. 'That was a massive electromagnetic pulse. It's wiped out comms, shields -' a crew member announces, while Dr Bell reports that the antimatter well that they neutralized earlier is re-forming, and getting bigger.

Captain Marvel orders the airlock prepared and announces that she is going out. She asks to be kept updated on repairs, and for CentCom and SHIELD to be notified. But as Carol walks down a corridor, Singularity rushes after her: 'Wait! Carol!' she calls out, grabbing Carol by her arm, she tells her to stay, to remember. Dr Bell follows her, and Carol asks her to keep Singularity under surveillance until she gets back. 'Until we know what she is and where she's from, we can't risk letting her go'.

Singularity decides that it is no use. 'Friend -' she begins, as Dr Bell puts an arm on her shoulder and tells her that it is going to be okay. She suggests they get out of the way for a minute so people can do their jobs. Singularity thinks to herself that as Captain Marvel doesn't remember, something is very wrong. Singularity feels weak – she wants to leave, these aren't her friends after all. 'Help. Please' she tells Dr Bell, trying to break away, but Dr Bell holds her and tells her that there is no reason to panic, nobody is going to hurt her. 'Must leave now. Please help' Singularity repeats herself – she can feel the thing outside. Dr Bell helps Singularity to walk, arm around her shoulder, she explains that Colonel Danvers wants her to stay here until she returns, before announcing that she would like to run some tests.

'No tests, I -' Singularity begins, before thinking about that thing outside, the thing they called Antimatter – the thing that hurt this space station. 'You – you are pain -' the strange fiery orange and red creature outside the space station cries out. It is in Singularity's head. 'Must go! Must go!' she exclaims as she pulls away from Dr Bell and starts to run. 'But – hey. Hey!' Dr Bell exclaims as she runs after Singularity, who is headed for the airlock. 'Wait! Stop! Nobody's gonna hurt you! I promise!' Dr Bell calls out to her. Singularity sees a panel marked “Life Support Pod A”, and decides that is what she wants – support. 'This button?' she wonders as she slams her hand against a panel, and the door to the life support pod slides open. 'No, no! No! Don't -' Dr Bell exclaims, while Singularity gasps 'Oh!' before taking a seat in the pod. She doesn't know what it is, but is pleased that it has a door that closes. Dr Bell is running towards the door, and warns Singularity that she is going to shoot herself out into space. 'That's an escape pod! It has an autolaunch sequence – stop! You have no idea what's out there!' she exclaims, but the door to the life support pod closes before Dr Bell can do anything else. 'Good' Singularity thinks to herself.

Captain Marvel appears in between the space station and the strange being composed of antimatter. The life support pod is ejected from the space station, and Singularity thinks to herself that Carol faces the thing outside alone. She wonders what Antimatter is, and why it is in her head. 'i'm afraid' Singularity admits to herself, wondering if she can be brave, while Captain Marvel, energy bursting around one of her fists, flies towards Antimatter. Singularity tells herself that Carol is brave, just like she remembers. 'She is the same, but she doesn't remember me' she decides. But as Carol and Antimatter collide, Carol is knocked backwards, and slams into the side of the life support pod. 'What am I if she doesn't remember? Am I the same?' Singularity wonders, reaching out and looking for something familiar when suddenly, the life support pod computer announces that autopilot is disengaged and manual piloting is enabled. 'I drive?' Singularity exclaims, as the pod careens towards Earth. Singularity can feel it on the planet below her, not one something, but many somethings. 'They are concentrated here' she tells herself, as she tries to make the little ship go towards them.

And as Singularity arrives on Earth, the life support pod clips the top of a tower in New Attilan, on the border of New York and New Jersey. On the streets nearby, civilians look up, 'It's a firework!' one of them shouts. 'It's a missile!' another exclaims. 'It's -' a cab driver begins, before the pod comes to a stop, and a hissing sound can be heard as the door starts to open. 'Whoa!' a man and a woman utter as they stare at the pod with wide eyes. 'Do you think we should, like, call somebody?' the man asks. 'Before or after we Instagram this thing?' the woman enquires. As the doors finally open, Singularity emerges, and the woman exclaims 'Oh my gosh! It's so cute!' to which the man suggests that it might be the sole surviving member of an advanced alien race sent across the galaxy by its grieving parents to fulfil its destiny on Earth as a force for truth and justice. 'Maybe we should adopt it!' he adds. The woman frowns and glances sideways as she replies 'No way. Child-free, remember? We agreed'.

Suddenly: 'Look out!' Singularity shouts as she points upwards – to where the mysterious Antimatter is careening towards them. Singularity grabs the man and the woman and shoves them to safety as Antimatter crashes nearby. Singularity looks up at the fiery red form and realizes that it followed her here, and wonders why. 'You...hurt. Little thing...you burn...' Antimatter declares, while Singularity feels her energy bleeding away. She tells herself that she must be strong, must fight it – she must protect these people. Raising her hand, Singularity seems to cast some energy towards Antimatter, who cries out as it strikes him. 'It hurts' Singularity thinks to herself, before Antimatter exclaims 'Terrible darkness – I will send you...away!' and he releases red energy, which smashes into some nearby cars, tossing them into the air, Singularity dives to the ground to avoid being struck by them. 'It hurts to hurt it' Singularity tells herself, while calling out 'Stop! Stop!' and realizing that her strength is fading. Singularity gathers what strength is left, and looks for one of the familiar things. She opens a portal, and knows that she is in the right place.

At that moment, Jennifer Walters a.k.a. the She-Hulk folds her arms as she stands before a man whom she addresses as Jerry. 'You know what I think? I think this settlement offer is a joke' Jen tells him, announcing that they are ready to take this to trial. 'If you think you can just steamroll us because -' she begins, when suddenly, she glances sideways as a glowing blue portal appears in the room. She-Hulk tells Jerry that he should run, so he gets up from his desk and starts to move out of the office, while Singularity pokes her head through the portal, 'Jennifer!' she exclaims. She moves through the portal and it closes as she wraps her arms around the slightly confused She-Hulk. 'Wow! Hi! Hey! Do I know you?' She-Hulk enquires. Singularity realizes that She-Hulk doesn't remember her either, and simply asks her for help. Suddenly, a blast of energy rips through the office. 'This is bad' Singularity tells herself as she and Jennifer shield themselves from the explosion.

She-Hulk's suit is ruined in the explosion: 'Great. I just bought this suit' she complains. 'Clothes are silly' Singularity tells her. 'I mostly agree' She-Hulk responds, before they look at the gaping hole in the building and see Antimatter hovering before them. 'I will find you... I will erase you...' Antimatter calls out.

'Did you bring this little thing here, little blue friend?' She-Hulk asks. 'Yes. Sorry' Singularity responds. She-Hulk asks her if she has any idea how to fight it, to which Singularity replies that she doesn't. 'Lovely' She-Hulk mutters as she throws a chair at Antimatter, but it just bounds off him. Antimatter's form increases and he reaches down and grabs She-Hulk in his hand. 'You – don't get to do that!' She-Hulk tells him. 'Resilient. High pain threshold. Innate regenerative powers. Resistant to heat, cold -' Antimatter begins, before She-Hulk screams and manages to force his hand off of her – which results in her plummeting from the tall building towards the ground.

'How irritating' Antimatter remarks, rubbing his wrist. 'Jennifer! No!' Singularity calls out. She opens a portal and moves through it, re-appearing on the ground, she opens her arms, and grins as she catches She-Hulk, who lands in them, surprised. 'Gotcha!' Singularity grins. 'Th-thanks' Jennifer smiles. 'Welcome!' Singularity exclaims.

The very tall Antimatter looms over Singularity and She-Hulk and tells them that they are fools, that their lives are small, and yet they cling to them. 'You offend me...your noise, your chaos...' he remarks. 'I don't think he likes us, little blue friend' She-Hulk tells Singularity, who replies 'It's bad'. She-Hulk starts to run and tells Singularity to distract it, as she is going for its legs. 'Okay!' Singularity calls back, while wondering what She-Hulk meant. She creates a bubble of energy, 'Is this what she means? I hope that's what she means' Singularity thinks to herself as she casts the bubble towards Antimatter, while She-Hulk readies a punch: 'Get outta New York, you giant bug light -' She-Hulk shouts, before Antimatter knocks her back with a surge of energy, slamming her into a truck.

Singularity rushes over, 'Jennifer!' she calls out, while She-Hulk rubs her head and remarks that she doesn't think the two of them can fight this thing alone. 'I agree. You destroyed a very expensive communications tower in my city, you brought this creature to the doorstep of my people...' someone calls out. Singularity goes wide-eyed, 'That voice' she gasps, and looks over to see Queen Medusa, flanked by an army of New Attilan's soldiers. '...clearly you can't begin to handle this on your own' Medusa points out. Singularity remembers watching Medusa die to save their friends, but here, she is whole, alive. 'You're alive!' Singularity thinks to herself. Medusa strides towards She-Hulk and Singularity. 'If this entity is what the creature attacking us wants...' Medusa begins, while Singularity grins 'Friend!', but Medusa ignores her. Clamping restraints around Singularity's wrists, she announces that should give her to the creature!

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI, Medusa, She-Hulk
Dr. Tempest Bell
Alpha Flight Space Station Crew


New Attilan's Armed Forces

In Singularity's memory
Captain Marvel VI, Dazzler, Medusa, She-Hulk, Sister Grimm (all A-Force)

Story Notes: 

This series takes place after the events of the 2015 Secret Wars event.

A five issue mini-series, A-Force (1st series), was set on Battleworld during the 2015 Secret Wars event.

Singularity first appeared on Battleworld in the first A-Force series.

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