Age of Apocalypse #2

Issue Date: 
April 2012
Story Title: 
The X-Terminated vs. Cyclops

David Lapham (Writer), Roberto De La Torre (Artist), Lee Loughridge (Colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (Letterer), Humberto Ramos & Dean White (Cover Artists), Sebastian Girner & Jordan D. White (Assistant Editors), Jody LeHeup & Nick Lowe (Editors), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

Trask has to tell Doctor Moreau he can’t dissect Jean and Victor as they are more important than that. Jean has a hard time coping with the loss of her powers. Sabretooth points out her knowledge of Weapon Omega makes her the most important person in he world. Cyclops tries to arrest the X-Terminated but they fight back. Deadeye is captured and Fiend stows away in a big computer but the rest escape. Jean reports to Trask for training who introduces her to a crippled Henry Peter Gyrich who trains everyone. Jean says she has already been trained and Gyrich throws a teacup at her which hits her in the face. Gyrich tells Trask that she is tough and can be a good warrior. The remaining members of X-Terminated attack the convoy carrying Deadeye and free her. Jean reports to Trask the next day and he tells her they have found out that Weapon Omega is resurrecting some of the most powerful mutants thought dead.

Full Summary: 

At the humans’ base below the irradiated zone of the former state of Nevada, Dr. Moreau tries to convince Bolivar Trask to let him experiment on Jean Grey or Victor Creed to determine the effects of the Scarlet Witch Bomb. Trask tells him that they are not lab rats to be dissected and they are more valuable than that. Dr. Moreau does not believe Weapon Omega cares for Jean or that they are even people. Trask tells him that Jean is to be trained but so far she hasn’t left her room.
Jean is in her room trying to move a pencil with her mind. When she can’t she picks it up and breaks it. She visits Victor in his cell and they discuss the loss of her powers. She tells him she is to be retrained and that she will try to convince Trask to free him. Victor tells Jean not to sell herself short because she lost her powers. With her knowledge of Weapon Omega she could be the most important person in the world.
In New Apocalypse Cyclops places the X-Terminated under arrest. Prophet tells them to trust in the system which is their contingency plan. Deadeye strikes first and a battle between Cyclops’s men and the X-Terminated ensues. Fiend takes out a Shocker while Goodnight protects Harper Simmons.
Everyone escapes to the sewer except Deadeye who was knocked out by Cyclops’ optic blast and captured. Fiend stays behind and stows away in a large computer.
Cyclops is mad that mere humans made them look like amateurs and t his men to finish disassembling the lab while he reports to Weapon Omega.
In his tower, Weapon Omega is being told by Azazel that Omega Red is refusing to respond to communications and has telepaths put up a psionic shield around his areas. Azazel says he has the Shadow King working on taking them down but Weapon Omega says not to. He doesn’t want this war to be too easy.
Cyclops comes in and reports what just happened. He says the humans were the best squad he had seen. Weapon Omega orders Cyclops to find them and kill them and have the Shadow King interrogates the captured Deadeye and tear her mind apart.
Back at the human base, Jean reports to Trask for training. Trask introduces her to Henry Peter Gyrich. Gyrich lost his legs in the war but has learned to adapt and trains everyone in all kinds of combat. Gyrich says they are just going to evaluate her and see where she stands.
She says she has been trained in all kinds of combat by “true elite fighters”. Gyrich throws a cup of coffee at her. She tries to dodge it but it still hits her in the head and he insults her. When she is gone Trask asks Gyrich what he thought. Gyrich said her reaction was almost quick enough and she didn’t whine. He thinks she will be a fine warrior and knows who her mentor should be.
At the lab, a worker asks a big Lizard man McCoy’s Hovercraft is to descend and to retrieve the lab equipment. The worker asks if should tell them the area is not secure. The lizard man says no and to let them come in because he knows what could happen if you keep McCoy waiting.
Workers carry out the big computer Fiend is hiding in. She is hacking into the computer system.
Simmons has been given a suicide pill like all of the X-Terminated. He is scared as Goodnight tells him to get a piece of rebar to break open the hatch. Horror Show says there is not enough time as he blows it open. The team is able to rescue Deadeye and escape to the sewers.
The next day at human base, Jean reports to Trask and tells him not worry about the day before, she is not going to quit. Trask says he knows but that is not why he has brought her there. He informs her that thanks to Fiend they have hacked into the Dark Beast’s mainframe and have discovered something terrible. One edge the humans have had was most of the most powerful mutants on earth were dead. Now thanks to the Celestial Life Seed Weapon Omega is resurrecting them….

Characters Involved: 

Jean Grey, Sabretooth (X-Men)
Deadeye, Fiend, Goodnight, Horror Show, Prophet (X-Terminated)

Bolivar Trask

Dr Moreau

Henry Gyrich
Harper Simmons
Weapon Omega

Azazel, Cyclops
Lizard man

Sugar Man

Story Notes: 

The Lizard man was more than likely one of McCoy’s creations from mixing animal with humans.

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