Age of Apocalypse #3

Issue Date: 
May 2012
Story Title: 
Back from the Dead

David Lapham (Writer), Roberto De La Torre (Artist), Lee Loughridge (Colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (Letterer), Mike McKone & Rachelle Rosenberg (Cover Artists), Sebastian Girner & Jordan D. White (Assistant Editors), Jody LeHeup & Nick Lowe (Editors), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

Sebastian Shaw is upset about the Alphas returning, so Prophet makes a deal with him and gives Shaw all the info. he has on Azazel. Dark Beast and Sugarman work on bringing more Alphas back including Emplate and Havok., much to Cyclops’ displeasure. Simmons tries to talk with Deadeye when Jean Grey approaches him to find the whereabouts of Horror Show. Jean tries to convince a drunken Horror Show that his father, Sabretooth, has changed. Horror Show, Dead Eye and Prophet make their attack on the Alpha lab. Fiend is caught by Emplate when she tries to sabotage the resurrection of Abyss. Deadeye infiltrates the lab by using a steam tube while Prophet and Horror Show are caught by Dead Man Wade and some Infinites. Goodnight is given a special mission by Prophet and finds Dr. Bruce Banner a.k.a. "The Incredible Thing."

Full Summary: 

At the Hellfire Club Goodnight, known here as Donald Pierce, is beating Sebastian Shaw at poker. Shaw leaves the game and Pierce is curious as to why Shaw is acting strange. Shaw says he has more important things to worry about.
Goodnight reports Shaw’s behavior to Prophet. Goodnight tells Prophet that “Sebastian’s worked for years to get the club into a position of power and if the Alphas come back—“ Prophet finishes the sentence, “—Then he returns to being a peddler of a nightclub servicing the perversions of the elite.”
Goodnight asks if he should try to get more out of Shaw. Prophet tells him not to and says he himself should talk to Shaw. He has a special mission for him.
Elsewhere, Sugarman speaks disturbing rhymes and recipes as he and Dark Beast work on resurrecting Alex Summers aka Havok. McCoy warns Sugarman that they need to be sure he is ready since they have only so much energy left from the Celestials’ Life Seed. A lab assistant comes in and says they have disposed of Pyro’s body. Sugarman and McCoy start the resurrection process.
A ship approaches the Alpha Lab and tells them to be ready for the arrival of the Minister of Famine, Cyclops. The process is a success and Havok is resurrected. Cyclops comes in just as his brother wakes up. Cyclops wanted Havok destroyed and threatens to take the head of who had this done. McCoy tells Cyclops that he would have to take it up with Weapon Omega since he ordered the resurrection of Havok so he could be his new Minister of War.
Workers bring in McCoy’s equipment including the mainframe Fiend is hiding in.
At Humanity’s Last Stand in Nevada, Simmons muses he always wanted to be a war correspondent but he never thought it would like this. He tries to interview Deadeye. She says her brother died in the war with Apocalypse and that is why she got involved with the resistance. Simmons recalls to himself that her brother in his world was a mutant-hating Purifier. She blows him off and tells him to come back when he experiences more of their reality.
Jean Grey approaches Simmons and asks where Horror Show is. Simmons, who is taken back to be talking to her, tells Jean he was last seen in the training center. Horror Show is drunk and taking on three practice bots and tearing them to shreds.
“They told me not to actually destroy them.” Jean says as she enters the room. Jean tells Horror Show she is a friend of his father. He retorts he has no father. Jean tells him that Creed has changed and it might be time for some forgiveness. Horror Show grabs Jean’s arm and says she doesn’t know what Creed did to him. She takes him down with a fireman’s carry and says that is the only move she has and to stay down. She then says he has to sober up or Prophet will sideline him.
In New Apocalypse Shaw exits the club and asks Edmund, the guard, if it is quiet. Edmund agrees it is too quiet but his ears and eyes have never failed him. Edmund tells Shaw to be careful; Shaw says he would welcome a fight. Prophet is waiting for Shaw around the corner. Prophet says he is not there to fight, not this time, and hands Shaw a file.
Prophet, Deadeye and Horror Show are heading to the Alpha Lab while Prophet talks to Trask over the radio. Prophet tells Trask that he gave Shaw all he had on Azazel the Minister of Death. Trask asks if they had heard anything from Fiend but they hadn’t.
In the Lab, Fiend watches as Emplate is resurrected and then they try for Abyss. Fiend tries to cut the line to the resurrection tank when Emplate catches her. She cuts the tube but is taken by Emplate. She is dragged away, bleeding from her head.
The rest of the X-Terminated take out some Infinites outside the lab. Horror Show cuts a hole in a steam tube for Deadeye to go down so she can set up a shot. Prophet tells Show they will go in the front door and turns to find them surrounded by Infinites and Dead Man Wade.
Back at New Apocalypse, a man is reading a book on Radiobiology in a study when there is a knock at the door. The man asks “Who is it?” “My Name is Goodnight.” Goodnight tells the man he has information for him. The man asks What information. “for starters I know something you don’t. I know who you are. Dr. Bruce Banner… …Also known as The Incredible Thing.”

Characters Involved: 

Jean Grey
Deadeye, Fiend, Goodnight, Horror Show, Prophet (X-Terminated)

Bolivar Trask

Harper Simmons
Abyss, Cyclops, Emplate, Dark Beast, Havok, Sugar Man
Dead Man Wade
Sebastian Shaw

Dr Bruce Banner

Story Notes: 

Infinites are copies of the Multiple Man Jamie Madrox.
Cyclops’ dislike for his brother stems from the original Age of Apocalypse storyline when they killed each other.

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