All-New Doop #2

Issue Date: 
July 2014
Story Title: 

Peter Milligan (writer), David LaFuente (artist), Laura Allred (colorist), VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Michael & Laura Allred (cover artists), Devin Lewis (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Doop is dejected when Kitty rejects his marriage proposal and returns to the Marginalia. Trying to explain that this is not about her being too good for him, Kitty follows. In the crazy world of the Marginalia, Doop woos Kitty and they have some fun together. He shows her what is happening with the runaway Marvel Girl and Cyclops and urges her to follow her feelings. She returns and stays behind with Rachel as present and future X-Men chase the runaways. Ultimately, she and Rachel decide to help the kids. A little later, they are berated by future Kate Pryde. Doop grabs Kate and takes her into the Marginalia, only to have her reveal herself to be the shapeshifter Raze.

Full Summary: 

At the Jean Grey School, Doop has just given himself a crash course in speaking English and proposed to Kitty Pryde. As far as he is concerned, the only thing that isn’t settled is their honeymoon destination.

Kitty gently tells him she won’t marry him. Dejected, Doop drops the ring. He understands; she is too good for him. He turns away and mutters “Mama was right” in Doopspeak. That wasn’t what she meant! Kitty shouts.

When he crawls into a hole, she jumps after him into Doopspace, where the events in the real world seem to be all watchable at the same time. Doop hopefully asks if she changed his mind. She hasn’t but the reason is not her being too good for him. Doop offers to convert to Judaism, but Kitty tells him that would be too weird.

He welcomes her to the Marginalia, the world that begins where the story stops, and offers to show her some of his favorite places. They don’t have the time, she shouts. They have to find Jean and Scott and get them to their own time. He points out he thinks she doesn’t want to send them back and time is different here. They are between moments. Listen!

Young Iceman calls for Kitty and steps into the room she was in before. He only finds the rotten ring and wonders if he missed something.

The Marginalia:
In the Marginalia, Doop has led Kitty to his favorite restaurant Chateau du Armpit Hair. After dinner, he takes her to the Cinema of Emptiness, which really only shows an empty screen. Kitty points out she likes a little action in her movies. So he takes her to the dance floor to tango and regal her with a tale about Queen Victoria’s underwear. Afterwards, they go to a shooting stall. Kitty tells him it’s been fun to be irrational, but she needs to go back. Doop wants to show her one last thing, something very serious.

Kitty sees footage of herself talking to Rachel, feeling something is very wrong. She protests his filming them is creepy. He tells her to watch the close-up of her face where she discusses the original X-Men being sent back again. They all know what’s waiting for them. It sucks!

Why is he showing her this? Kitty asks. To remind her of what she really thinks. She agrees it should be the kids’ decision, but it’s complicated. She must be strong enough to stand up to complications, Doop tells her. She is an X-Man. Siding with the X-Men is the rational thing to do. She must find the courage to be… irrational. Irrational enough to stand up for what she believes in. She hesitates. He looks closer into her eyes. Irrational enough to lose her heart to a small green creature with a love of film, long walking and fine dining. His eyes become mesmerizing. She pulls herself free. Is he trying to put some weird kind of alien love spell on her? She means his love eyes? Doop asks. It’s the way he shows deep affection. She orders him to take her back right now.

Back at the Jean Grey School, the three Ice-men (including the Ice-hulk from the future) are together. Young Iceman asks his adult counterpart if he gave Kitty this ring. Why would he give her something like that? he scoffs. Young Iceman tells him she dropped it outside McCoy’s lab. What if someone else gave it to her? They both agree that person would have to be seriously weird. They see Kitty entering with Doop. Nah, they both decide.

Xorn has revealed herself to the present X-Men as future Jean Grey, who cannot take off her helmet for long because of her growing powers. Future Kate Pryde promises her they’ll send the original X-Men back to the past.

He get all that? Kitty asks Doop. Did she say something? Rachel asks. Just clearing her throat, Kitty claims.

In his own language, Doop wonders what would Ingmar do?

Near Big Sur, California:
Young Jean and Scott have run away and are now reluctantly stealing some clothes to blend in. Scott falls, dragging down a sheet from the clothing line behind which Jean was changing. Doop secretly films all this.

Later he shows it to Kitty, who tells him this is wrong making home movies. He shows her the important bit, Scott telling Jean he’d hoped Professor K would help them but she is just like the others, after all.

Kitty tells him to shut it off. Doesn’t he think she feels bad enough already? Then do something, Doop tells her.

Someone enters looking for Kitty. It’s Rachel, who suggests they scrounge something to eat. Rachel notices a weird smell, Kitty agrees, Doop disappears into the margins.

Rachel takes the food containers from the fridge, only Kitty sees Doop peering at her from the fridge. She asks Rachel if the others are right about the kids. Doop disappears, content.

In his own room, Doop manipulates an image of Kitty who tells him he was right. She loves him. “Let’s nuzzle each other untilour noses develop blisters.”

He erases what young Cyclops said about Kitty. Suddenly an alarm goes off, screaming Bobby probably isn’t going to like this.

Elsewhere, Kitty and Rachel are in a flying car on their way to find Scott and Jean. Bobby probably isn’t going to like this, Rachel points out. That’s Bobby’s problem, Kitty retorts. Rachel remarks that she thought Kitty liked him. That he was fun and uncomplicated. Kitty muses things may have gotten more complicated. How? Rachel asks. It’s like he’s put a spell on her. She can’t stop thinking about him. And wishes she could. Who? Rachel scoffs. Has she been seeing Pete Wisdom again? If only it were that simple, Kitty sighs. Rachel announces they’ve arrived.

They see the X-Men of the present and future have surrounded Jean and Scott. As they fly the flying car at the Ice-Hulk, Doop happily films the scene, after which he then climbs through the marginalia to save time. He arrives later when future Kate Pryde cheers her Jean to give her younger self a lesson she won’t forget.

Kitty and Rachel conspire to attack future Kate, who angrily shouts at them she knows they are planning something. Doop grabs Kate and takes her into the Marginalia.

The Marginalia:
Kate is initially confused and, while she is trying to play along, Doop soon realizes she has no idea what he is talking about, doesn’t even know who he is. When he confronts her, she angrily shows her true face, that of Raze, and stabs Doop with his claws. Doop realizes the other future X-Men could be impostors as well. This might become a little confusing.

Characters Involved: 

Iceman,Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Rachel Grey, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (X-Men based at the Jean Grey School)
Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (original X-Men)

Deadpool, Molly Hayes, Raze, Ice-Hulk, Xorn III (future Brotherhood)

Story Notes: 

The story takes place behind the scenes of the “Battle of the Atom” crossover, in this case X-Men (4th series) #5.

The “Ingmar” to whom Doop refers is  Ingmar Bergman, the famous Swedish director, writer and producer.

Page 1, panel 3:  Mama was right…
page 9 panel 5: What would… Ingmar… do?
Page 13, panel 4: Max von Sydow.
Page 14, panel 2; Soon, my love. Soon these will be your own true words. We’ll nuzzle to our hearts’ content.
Page 14, panel 6: Wild strawberries.
Page 16, panel 3: That’s a wrap!
Page 17, panel 2: Whoa!

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