All-New X-Factor #13

Issue Date: 
November 2014
Story Title: 

Peter David (writer), Pop Mhan (artist), Lee Loughridge (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Kris Anka & Jared Fletcher (cover artists), Xander Jaroway (assistant editor), Katie Kubert (editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

After the debacle of the press conference in which Quicksilver confessed to a series of highly unethical acts, Harrison Snow meets with Polaris and Gambit, suggesting that they fire him. However, when Polaris makes clear that if her brother leaves then so does she, Snow backs down and allows Polaris to have her way. On the way out, an ecstatic Gambit tries to make a pass at Polaris, only to be violently rebuffed with a slap. Elsewhere in their HQ, Warlock attempts to ask Danger out on a date, but becomes extremely uncomfortable when she ignores social norms by suggesting sexual intercourse, the natural, eventual completion of such interactions. So unnerved, Warlock departs before the conversation can progress. Meanwhile, Luna attempts to invite Georgia to accompany her and her father, Quicksilver, to their outing to Colonial Williamsburg. At first, Georgia is not interested, but Luna provides a mental push, changing her mind. At the historic district, Georgia is having fun, while Luna and Pietro continue to bond as father & daughter. During their conversation, Luna unintentionally lets slip that her mother’s marriage to the Kree Accuser named Ronan has been dissolved. Before he can come to terms with this, Gorgon of the Inhumans attacks, intending to bring the wayward Luna back to her family. After a brief battle, Gorgon is rendered helpless by Polaris, who does so by simply lifting him off of the ground. Quicksilver attempts to intervene, pointing out that all of the reasons Gorgon is angry with him are valid. The situation is ultimately diffused by Crystal, Quicksilver’s ex-wife and Luna’s mother, who orders her daughter to return home with her. However, when Luna appeals to her mother to let her stay, Crystal relents, as long as Quicksilver promises that Luna leaves with her when she next returns. Quicksilver agrees and the icy relationship between the two thaws just a bit.

Full Summary: 

From behind his desk in his office, Serval Industries CEO Harrison Snow holds newspaper with the headline “X-Factor Conference Blows Up!” and remarks that that didn’t go exactly as planned. Asked if she has anything to say, Lorna replies that they have no control over what uninvited guests bring to the party. Fatale showed up and fired accusations at Quicksilver. That’s not their fault. Though he agrees with her, Snow adds that admitting that they’re all true is. Sitting a short distance from Lorna, Gambit inquires as to what they are supposed to do. Fire him? Grimacing slightly, Snow remarks that he would strongly consider it.

For a moment, Lorna and Gambit glance at each other in silence. Standing to her feet and offering a handshake, Polaris announces “all right then” and informs Snow that it was a pleasure working for them. Clearly taken aback, Snow stammers a response, replying that he doesn’t understand. Is she quitting? That right, she tells him. Pietro is her brother. Whatever else he’s done in his life, that isn’t going to change. He stays on the team for as long as he wants to be there. Do they understand each other, Harrison?

For a moment, Harrison Snow silently regards Lorna’s outstretched hand. Instead of taking it, he sits back in his chair. Are there any other team secrets he should know about? He means, he’s just wondering if anything else is going to bite them on the backside. Still standing, Polaris replies that, when she was a child, her mother died in an airplane explosion for which she was apparently responsible. He’s the king of the thieves’ guild, Gambit confesses. Doug is secretly obsessed with the possibility that he’ll turn evil, Lorna adds. Warlock and Danger are okay, but you never know if Warlock will suddenly turn as insane as his father, Gambit offers. Asked incredulously by Snow if there’s anything else, Polaris replies that that’s pretty much it. Still contemplating the exchange, Snow notes aloud that Polaris is calling him “Harrison” now rather than “Mr. Snow.” She thought it was appropriate, she replies. Okay, he then voices. This is where they leave. Asked if anyone is fired, Snow waves that that’s apparently not allowed, so no. Good day.

Once in the hallway, Polaris offers a “whew.” Asked what she could possibly be “whewing” about, Gambit notes that that couldn’t’a gone better. Asked if he’s sure, Gambit replies of course! She told the boss what was on her mind and she got him to agree with her! How could it possibly have gone better? In fact… Pausing for a moment, Gambit tells Polaris that he knows he’s been hard on her from time to time… and she’s made some goods of her own when they first started… Gee, thanks, Lorna interrupts. The point is, Gambit continues, she’s become a hell of a leader. It’s been great working by her side.

Lorna begins to offer thanks for the compliment, but finds her words muffled by Gambit’s mouth being placed on hers. Breaking the unwanted kiss, Lorna follows it by slapping Gambit. She immediately apologizes, but Gambit sheepishly tells her it’s okay. He had it coming. Lorna begins to apologize again, but Gambit interrupts her. If you’re gonna slap a guy, don’t apologize. Ever. Taking the advice to heart, Lorna humorously calls him a jerk. That’s better, Gambit quips. He then asks where Pietro is, anyway. Told spending time with his daughter, Gambit remarks that that’ll go well.

Elsewhere in Serval Industries, Georgia Dakei sits alone at a table, looking off into empty space. Approaching from behind, Luna introduces herself to Georgia, as Pietro’s daughter. She noticed Georgia seems kind of sad. Her dad’s taking her to something called Colonial Williamsburg and she thinks Georgia should come. It might cheer her up. Georgia remarks that it’s not likely. Asked why, she turns to Luna and tells her that things have been kind of lousy for her lately. So she thinks it’d be best if Luna just left her alone. She disagrees, Luna rejoins, staring at her with hypnotic eyes. Whatever’s bothering her, she should just leave it behind. Okay? Her demeanor suddenly changed, Georgia excitedly remarks that Luna’s absolutely right! Colonial Williamsburg sounds great! As the two girls begin to bond, Luna finally offers her name. When Georgia remarks that that’s a cool name, Luna explains that she was born on the Moon. Get! Out! Georgia exclaims. How cool is that?!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Serval, Warlock finds Danger standing motionless in a large room, connected via wires to a device behind her. Inquisitively calling her name, he asks if she’s busy. She is sleeping, she explains simply. Struggling to understand this, Warlock inquires as to how she is then conversing with self… with him. Still motionless, Danger explains that replenishing her systems only demands 37% of her energies. Does he require something?

Again, Warlock begins to refer to himself as “self” but catches his words. He was wondering if she would be interested in socializing with… him. When she asks notes that that is what they are doing now, Warlock begins to act even more uneasy. Yes, but… he meant socializing of a nature that was more… social…  Picking up on his inference, Danger asks if he means dating. Yes, Warlock replies. Social engagements, Danger elaborates. Yes, Warlock answers. Sexual intercourse, Danger further elaborates. Again, Warlock begins to answer yes, but catches himself and incredulously asks what she means. Danger reiterates, causing Warlock to inquire anxiously what she means. His anxiousness turns to near hysteria when Danger begins to explain the definition of sexual intercourse.

Yes, yes, he knows what it is, he stops her. He was just not expecting it to be brought up so quickly in discussion of possible social interaction. Asked if he objects, Warlock replies no, not per se, but… They are both shape-shifters, Danger continues. So they can each implement preferred genitalia in order to… Interrupting, Warlock announces that he’s going out the door. Asked if he really is, Warlock affirms and does so. He immediately passes Cypher in the hall, who asks how did it go? She wants to have sexual intercourse, Warlock explains as he passes. Self is going to leave the Earth now. Oookay… Cypher voices to the empty corridor.

(Later, Colonial Williamsburg)
Pietro and his daughter Luna stroll through the historic area of Colonial Williamsburg, while Georgia darts around them, taking in all of the attractions. Smiling at her liveliness, Pietro remarks that he’s glad to see her in a better mood. And why wouldn’t she be on such a gorgeous day and in his company, she asks Pietro. Well, it’s just that she’s been through quite a lot lately so… Dismissing the thought with a smile and a wave, Georgia remarks that it’s nothing to worry about. It’s all good. Suddenly spying ice cream, Georgia emphatically inquires if she can have some. Told absolutely, Georgia asks if Luna is coming, to which Pietro smiles that she’ll be right along. Georgia can go ahead.

As Georgia races off to the ice cream vendor, Pietro asks his daughter what did she do. At first, Luna attempts to plead ignorance, but quickly relents. Is it that obvious, she asks, rolling her eyes. To someone who knows that she can affect others’ emotions, yes, he tells her. As Georgia buys a cone from a vendor dressed in colonial garb, Luna explains that she was just so depressed. So sad! She could see the colors swirling all around Georgia. And she thought she could… you know… make her feel better. He appreciates that, Pietro tells Luna, but Georgia is going through a difficult time. She’s in mourning for her parents. She’s getting used to her new home. She needs time to adjust on her own.

Wow, Luna remarks in a non-sequitur. Asked what she means, Luna tells Pietro that he’s talking to her like a father. When he points out that he is her father, Luna rejoins that she knows. It’s just been a long time since he acted like one. Taking her check in his hand, Pietro remarks that he supposes that’s true. And he’s no one to blame but himself for that. He can’t tell her how happy he was when she showed up at Serval. In reply, Luna admits that she missed him. A lot. And everything with mom got so weird after she left Ronan.

Pietro begins to console his daughter, but suddenly goes wide-eyed as he has realized what she said. Grabbing Luna by her shoulders, Pietro asks if she is saying her mother left her husband? Ronan the Accuser? Surprised by his reaction, Luna offers a “kind of,” noting that it’s all pretty confusing. She then tries to wiggle out of his grasp, noting that he’s hurting her. Pietro quickly apologizes, and when asked replies that he’s fine. He just needs a few moments to process this… Further confused by his word of “processing,” Luna asks what’s going on. Nothing, Pietro replies, turning away. He’s just… it’s an interesting development is all.

Before the conversation can go further, Georgia returns and interrupts. Are they okay? They’re fine, Luna smiles. Yes, they are indeed fine, Pietro adds. Exceedingly so, in fact. Georgia begins to respond, but a deafening THOOOM knocks the trio off of their feet. The source of the booming attack from the Inhuman called Gorgon, who exclaims Luna’s name. Finally! How dare she run off from Attilan! She is in major trouble, he tells her. And being in his company! The company of a criminal! Luna quickly defends that her father is not a criminal, only then to admit that technically he is.

Still recovering from the attack, Pietro mocks that Gorgon is as charming as ever. Still barreling toward the trio, Gorgon orders him to shut up, calling him a traitor. Pietro begins to defend himself, but Gorgon grabs him by the neck and lifts him off of his feet. He lied to them, he tells Quicksilver. Lied! To them! To the royal family of the Inhumans! Blaming his treasonous actions on a Skrull! Struggling with his neck clasped within Gorgon’s immense grip, Quicksilver begins to defend what he was trying to do, but Gorgon interrupts, mocking him again.

From below, the young Georgia orders the towering Gorgon to put Pietro down. Right now. She then informs him that she’s called the rest of X-Factor team and they’re on their way. But it doesn’t matter. Put him down, or she’ll kill him. Hardly frightened by the youth, Gorgon orders the “child” away. This is none of her affair! Stretching out her hand, Georgia rejoins that she doesn’t know what this affair is, but there’s one thing she does know. No one screws with her friends. A moment and flash of light later, Gorgon finds his skin desiccated, his eyes rolling back inside his head. Staggering, he involuntarily drops Quicksilver, demanding to know what the young girl is doing. Killing him, she replies. She thought she was pretty clear on that.

Staggered but not out, Gorgon pounds one of his hoofed feet onto the ground with a gigantic THOOOM, knocking Georgia off of her feet. Before she can recover, he moves to stomp her to death, only to find her gone by the time his hoof makes contact. Taken aback, Gorgon immediately believes that she can turn invisible too, but is then corrected by Quicksilver, who notes that he took her somewhere else to give her a chance to recover. Asked what he’s doing there, Gorgon tells Quicksilver that he came to fetch Luna! And get her away from him! Asked how he found her, Gorgon retorts that no Inhuman can hide from him! How sweet, Quicksilver mocks, but she’s staying with him.

Enraged all over again, Gordon leaps hoof first at Quicksilver, calling him a traitor. Unfortunately for him, Quicksilver easily dodges the attack, declaring Gorgon an oaf as he does. Gorgon attempts to stomp the ground and knock Quicksilver off of his feet, but speedster merely leaps just before every stomp, noting to Gorgon that his ground shaking won’t do a thing if he’s not standing on it. Undeterred, Gorgon attempts a left hook blow, but Quicksilver dodges, sarcastically comparing one impressive punch against someone who can deliver a thousand punches in the time it takes Gorgon to punch once! Unfortunately for Quicksilver, his multiple blows do little to lay low Gorgon, who manages to connect a single swing of his powerful arm, tossing the speedster like a ragdoll and into a colonial cannon display.

Just lie there, Pietro! Gorgon orders. Lie there and prepare for the pounding he so richly deserves! However, before Gorgon can bridge the gap between the two, the pile of cannonballs begin to come to life, each sphere rising in the air and then launching themselves at the astonished Gorgon, who admits that this is unusual. Though the cannonballs repeatedly impact and re-impact against his face, Gorgon declares them merely an irritant. Maybe at first, rejoins Polaris, the cause of the ordinances’ animation. But after an hour or so of being pounded by cannonballs, even he’s going to start feeling it. Smirking, Gorgon grabs one cannonball and asks “oh, really?” Yes, Polaris replies, unworried as Gorgon hurls the cannonball at her. Really, she then punctuates, as she magnetically redirects the projectile, returning it to Gorgon, specifically the center of his face.

Before Polaris can press her advantage, Quicksilver calls to her, waving his arms to get her attention. Back away, he tells her. This isn’t her fight! Incredulous, she points out that he was trying to kill her brother, so she thinks she’ll have to disagree with him. No, Quicksilver presses. He deserves it! Simultaneously, Polaris and Gorgon reply with a surprised what? He’s right… about everything, Quicksilver confesses. He lied to the Inhumans. They trusted him and he lied about things he’d done. He blamed it on the Skrulls. To this, Polaris reminds him that the Skrulls tried to destroy Earth. Repeatedly. If he wants to blame them for something else, she’s really okay with that. But he’s not, Quicksilver counters.

Turning to Gorgon, Quicksilver informs him that he could have dodged him when he grabbed his throat, but he didn’t. He knows what he did was wrong, and he’s tired of coming up with excuses. Turning back to Lorna, he tells her that he supposes some of that comes from watching her. Her troubles, the things she’s had to overcome. None of them deters her from her desire to become a great leader, and he thinks she has that potential. And does she know what else?

Oh, good lord, be quiet! Gorgon demands, landing a sucker punch to Quicksilver from behind. Towering over the prone speedster, Gorgon announces that he’s had more than enough of him! the feeling’s mutual, Polaris interrupts, grabbing Gorgon magnetically and hurling him into the air. He may be hot stuff on the ground, “thunder feet,” but airborne? She can tear him apart just by looking at him funny. When the irate Gorgon orders her to put him down, Polaris replies absolutely, and asks in how many pieces.

Just recovering from the blow, Quicksilver urges Lorna to stop. However, it is another voice which finishes the sentiment, informing everyone that that’s enough. They all need to breathe deep and take five, and they can sort this out. Looking up, Quicksilver is astonished to see his ex-wife, Crystal of the Inhumans, who orders Luna to come to her, right this minute. Luna innocently offers a “hi, mom,” which Crystal dismisses. She came back from a mission for Medusa and discovered that she’d taken off. Luna defends that she didn’t take off, she went to see her father, but Crystal points out without permission. Asked if she would have given permission, Crystal replies of course not. See? Luna rejoins.

Back on his feet, Pietro compliments that Crystal is looking good, but she instantly replies that she’s not even talking to him. When he point out that technically she just did, Crystal begins to rebuff him again. However, Quicksilver interrupts, asking how’s her husband. Really? she asks. Gonna go there, are they? Seemed a natural question, Pietro replies innocently. He’s fine, she grimaces. He’s wonderful. Interjecting into her parents’ exchange, Luna confesses that she told her dad that they weren’t together anymore. Faaaaantastic, Crystal face-palms.

As Polaris continues to float Gorgon some distance away, Pietro tells Crystal that if she wants to take Luna with her, he won’t try to stop her. But he loves having her there, and if she could stay longer, it would mean the world to him. Asked incredulously if she’s supposed to say yes to this, Pietro replies that he would appreciate that. Crystal begins to remind Pietro about the lie regarding the Skrulls, but Luna interjects. Please, she asks repeatedly. Considering for a moment, Crystal tells Pietro that when she comes back next, Luna leaves with her.

Calling out to Lorna, Pietro asks if she can put Gorgon down. Once she has done so, Crystal calls for him to leave with her. Gorgon begins to protest, but Crystal quickly silences him. As the two leave, Pietro calls out to Crystal and offers his condolences regarding Ronan. That’s very sweet, she tells him. He’s a sweet guy, he replies. As the two walk away, Gorgon tells Crystal that Pietro’s not a sweet guy, only for Crystal to tell him to shut up.

Characters Involved: 

Cypher, Danger, Gambit, Polaris, Quicksilver, Warlock (all X-Factor)
Georgia Dakei

Harrison Snow, Serval Industries CEO

Gorgon, Crystal (both Inhumans)


Colonial Williamsburg staff & tourists

Story Notes: 

X-Factor’s disastrous press conference occurred last issue, in #12.

Polaris only recently became aware of the circumstances involving her parents’ death. [X-Factor (1st series) #243] Gambit became king of the Thieves Guild in in Gambit (5th series). Cypher worries that he might become evil after the New Mutants recently encountered one such future self. [New Mutants (3rd series) #44-49]

Things have indeed been “kind of lousy” for Georgia Dakei lately. She first learned that she was a mutant, a fact held back from her by her father, and was then taken away from her father, against her wishes. [All-New X-Factor #7-8] She then learned that her mother was still alive and, after meeting her, discovered that her father was a super-villain, who soon thereafter was responsible for her mother’s death. [All-New X-Factor #9-11]

Colonial Williamsburg is park/museum created in the early 20th century to depict daily life of a typical colonial American city. All buildings, props and clothing of staff are meant to create as accurately as possible the appearance of 18th century life for tourists to view and interact with.

It’s odd that the Williamsburg staff seem about to use the cannon to attack Gorgon, considering that the cannon is almost certainly a non-operating display model.


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