All-New X-Factor #14

Issue Date: 
November 2014
Story Title: 
"Girls day out. Sounds terrific."

Peter David (writer), Pop Mhan (breakdowns), Pop Mhan and Scott Hanna (finishes) Lee Loughridge (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Kris Anka & Jared Fletcher (cover artists), Xander Jaroway (assistant editor), Katie Kubert (editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Polaris is enjoying her morning coffee when Danger joins her and nonchalantly asks if she would like to have sex. She then explains to the startled Polaris that she’s simply curious about human sensations. Luckily for Polaris, she finds a welcome distraction in the form of her sister, the Scarlet Witch, who asks if she would like to have a sister’s day out. Finding this awkward as well, Polaris suggests that the three of them go out together and the trio soon find themselves at a Renaissance faire. Despite Lorna’s initial misgivings, she begins to bond with Wanda, until they happen upon a witch-burning reenactment event which turns out not to be a reenactment at all, but attempted murder by a male employee attempting to kill a female employee who spurned him. Together, the three act in time to stop the woman from actually burning to death and disarm the man for authorities. The crisis passed, the trio decide to visit a bar. There too they find trouble when two gunmen attempt to rob the place, but think better of it when they see the three clearly super-powered women. Another crisis defused, the three return to their drinks and Wanda’s offer for Lorna to join the Avengers. Lorna declines the offer, partially due to her happiness at her current position, but also because her ex, Alex Summers, is already an Avenger. Wanda voices her understanding and accidently let’s slip to the astonished Lorna that Quicksilver only joined X-Factor under orders from Alex to watch over her.

Full Summary: 

In the kitchen area of X-Factor’s apartment, located within the greater Serval Industries’ headquarters, Polaris sits contemplatively at a table, enjoying her morning coffee. Her solitude is interrupted by Danger, who waves and offers a friendly “good morning,” which Lorna returns. Pulling out a chair, Danger sits down and abruptly asks Lorna if she would be interested in having sex.

Lorna’s first reaction is to spit out her coffee in surprise, followed by a wide-eyed inquiry as to what they did to Danger on that island. Danger begins to offer a factual reply, but Lorna interrupts with her actual meaning: why would she ask that? It did not seem unreasonable, Danger replies. Lorna is between lovers at the moment from her understanding, so she thought… Interrupting again, Lorna asks Danger if she is gay. Not excessively, Danger replies. She is, at most, mordant. No, Lorna counters, she means… Actually, she then reconsiders, she’s not sure what she means.

Still seated as Lorna stands, Danger explains that she is simply curious about experiencing human sensations. It seems… stimulating. Referring back to Lorna, she compliments her as being a capable, attractive woman. And Warlock, despite her initial perceptions, turned out not to be interested. Lorna begins to say something, but stops herself. Wait… Warlock wasn’t interested? Replying in the negative, Danger adds that she even offered to emulate human anatomy.

Lorna is still trying to process this when Linda Kwan sticks her head into the room, informing Lorna that there’s someone there to see her. Rubbing her temple, Lorna thanks God and, when Linda begins to tell her who it is, Lorna interrupts, informing her that she doesn’t care who it is. Send her in, ‘cause there’s no way this day could get any more bizarre. A moment later, however, Lorna announces that she stands corrected. Standing in the doorway is her sister, Wanda Maximoff, clad in the costume of her alter ego, the Scarlet Witch.

Asked what she needs, Wanda reacts defensively, pointing out that they are sisters. Half-sister, Lorna corrects. Perhaps, Wanda replies. The point is, she doesn’t have to need anything to want to come visit with her. Seriously? Lorna asks. That’s a little weird. Asked how visiting one’s sister is weird, Lorna reminds Wanda that one of them wiped out ninety percent of the mutants on Earth. Is she going to hold that over her forever? Wanda laments. That’s the idea, Lorna replies.

Undeterred, Wanda presses. She admits that they haven’t thought of each other as sisters for, she doesn’t know… Ever? Lorna finishes. The point is, Wanda continues, she’d like to make it up for that with a day out. Asking if she’s serious, Lorna then asks if she doesn’t have Avengers stuff she should be doing? She’d rather be doing this, Wanda counters. An excellent idea, Danger interjects. Let’s go. Seeing Wanda taken aback, Lorna introduces Danger and then places her compliments her teammate that she thinks it’s a great idea. She should definitely come with them. Seemingly unaware of the awkwardness happening around her, Danger announces that she knows just the place to go – there’s a Renaissance faire not far from there. Girl’s day out, Lorna proclaims. Sounds terrific.

As Wanda continues to recover from her confusion, Danger asks her how she got there. Told a Quinjet, Danger announces that they’ll take the company car. Less conspicuous. With that, she departs. Grinning at her step-sister, Lorna tells Wanda to be nice to Danger. Who knows? She might get lucky. “What?” Wanda asks, even more confused.

Later, two women are getting into costume at the faire. Oh, man, he’s at it again, one woman voices, remarking at what she’s read on her phone. At first, the other woman is confused, but quickly understands. Is it Paul? Of course it’s Paul, the first woman replies. Who else? Listen to this: “Bree – either I have you or nobody does.” Geez, that’s creepy, the second woman tells Bree. She should tell somebody! Like the feds or something! Tell them what, Terry? Bree asks. She pissed off a nerd? Come on. Still, it’s a threat, Terry counters. Screw his threats and screw him, Bree replies, resolute.

Suddenly, the flap of their dressing tent opens and a young man sticks his head in and informs Bree that it’s time. Asked if Stewart is ready, the man replies that Stewart’s always ready. Good, Bree tells him. She doesn’t feel like really being burned at the stake. With chemical fire? he asks. Not really worried. And besides, there won’t be a problem… The black knight will save her, just like always.

Elsewhere, a man lies near unconscious. Nearby him, another man, very conscious, dons the armor of the black knight, remarking to himself that he has her or nobody does.

Meanwhile, Lorna, Wanda and Danger walk among the crowd of the faire. While Lorna and Wanda are clad in period costumes, Danger is covered by a green cloak with her hood pulled up, helping to obscure her face. Asked why she is wearing the cloak, Lorna tells her to avoid having people stare at her. Considering how they are all attired, Danger replies, she’s not sure that’s a real consideration. Chiming in, Wanda asks Lorna why they are there. She thought they could have some decent sister time. This is what sisters do, Lorna replies. They go to places together. Doesn’t she know that? She’s still new to the concept of having a sister, Wanda admits. Asked if she doesn’t go to places with her brother, Wanda replies that they do… but to fight things. Frequently. Not to fight, Lorna clarifies. Just to hang out.

Considering this, Wanda comes to a stop in their walk, causing Lorna to do the same. Answering Lorna’s question, Wanda replies that no, not that she recalls. Most of their lives have always involved missions of some sort or another. They have not spent a good deal of time… socializing. Pietro’s never been much for that. No, Lorna replies, she wouldn’t think so. Before either can think of what to say next, a young woman with short hair with purple highlights compliments Lorna’s hair. Asked what she had to do to get it like that, Lorna replies “develop mutant powers.” When the young lady presses for a serious answer, Lorna replies that it’s a wig. Awesome, the young woman proclaims and departs. It’s not a wig, Danger states frankly. She knows, Loran replies, it saves time.

Turning to a vendor selling roasted turkey legs, Lorna again voices that she doesn’t know what Wanda is doing there. She knows that she told her that she sucks at socializing, and that she believes, but there’s something else. What is it? Handed the turkey leg, Wanda is at first taken aback but soon bites into it and mumbles that it is quite good. Lorna then hands her a cup of beer to wash it down. At first Wanda replies that she doesn’t drink beer, but Lorna counters that she does now. Much to Lorna’s surprise, Wanda upends the cup and promptly asks if she can have another. Absolutely, the astonished Lorna replies.

Elsewhere, a woman in period garb – the faire employee named Bree – is being pulled toward a stake by two armored knights. She is not a witch! Bree vocalizes to the faire attendees. This is an outrage! They know what she is, one of the knights rejoins. Bree continues to play her role and demands to know if they have any idea of who she is. She is the beloved of the black knight! He will save her! As he and his companion tie her to the stake, the knight replies that the black knight will never make it in time!

Watching from the crowd, one attendee tells his friend that this is a great part of the show. Just before the fire gets big, the black knight shows up and there’s a while sword fight. It’s epic. Back at the stake, Bree whispers to the knight that it’s a little tight and tells him to watch it. However, a moment later, she detects an odor. Is that… gasoline…? she asks.

Meanwhile, a smiling Wanda asks if she can have another beer, to which Lorna notes that you’re not generally supposed to drink give in a half-hour. But it’s really good! Wanda rejoins. Asked if she’s drunk, Lorna tells Danger that she might be. Ask her if she wants to have sex, she then suggests. If she says yes, she’s wasted. Turning to Wanda, Danger begins to inquire, but Wanda has already found something of interest. Look, over there, she points. Are they burning a witch? She doesn’t like witch burnings! As Wanda takes off, Lorna follows, voicing an “uh oh.” Asked what she means by that, Lorna tells Danger that if Wanda doesn’t realize this is just a show, she could cause problems.

At the stake, Bree continues to act her role, despite her earlier worries. This is his last chance! she informs the knight. The black knight will be there any moment! No, she won’t, Paul the knight replies, stuffing a gag into Bree’s mouth. He saw to that. Though the other cast members are confused at the use of the gag, they do not interfere as the knight begins to light the kindling at the base of the stake. He warned her, Paul, reminds the gagged Bree. He told her this would happen. But did she listen? No. Did she think she could do that, huh? Ignore him? Make fun of him? Did she think he’d let her get away with it? ‘Cause she was wrong! She thought he was a wimp, but she was wrong!

As the blaze begins to grow at the base of the stake, the other two faire “knights” step forward, only for Paul to brandish his sword at them, ordering them back. Having arrived on the scene, Wanda tells Lorna that she has to save her. Moving to stop her, Lorna remarks that it’s just part of the show. The girl isn’t in any danger. Asked by Danger if she is certain, Lorna replies that of course she is, but then asks Danger why she asks. Emotionless as always, Danger explains that the woman’s pulse and blood pressure are exceedingly high. She’s in panic mode. She’s afraid she’s going to die. Shocked, Lorna order Wanda to free the girl, but Wanda is already on it. She calls out to the knight and orders him to back away. Asked by Paul who she is, Wanda quips that she’s a witch. Care to bun her?

He will! Paul rejoins, thrusting his torch will one hand, lifting his sword upward with the others. He’s warning her? Wanda scoffs. That’s pretty funny. A moment later, Paul’s torch seems to explode in his hands. How did she do that? he demands. Ignoring the question, Wanda orders the knight to back away. Now. Or she’ll… yawn. Paul begins to move forward, raising his sword for a downward blow, but the Scarlet Witch continues to mock with an exaggerated yawn.

Suddenly, Paul finds his knight’s armor taken by a force, dropping his sword in the process. A moment later, the armor (and Paul within) are thrust up into the air, courtesy of Polaris. Meanwhile, Danger morphs her right arm into a giant blade and begins to cut Bree free, noting in passing that she will need to acquire another cloak.

Seeing Danger aflame, Polaris calls out her name. Luckily, the Scarlet Witch is already on it and uses her powers to take all the air out of the area. No oxygen to feed the fire and, presto, no fire. As the fire subsides, Polaris and Wanda find Danger transformed into a sphere, containing Bree within. She’s fine, Danger informs them. Attend to the knight.

Regarding Paul the knight, who is still floating helplessly above the ground, Lorna demands to know what the hell did he think he was doing. He could’ve killed her! That was the idea, Paul yells, calling her an idiot for added measure. She wouldn’t go out with him, he continues to rant. She made fun of him online! She thought she could do whatever she wanted and he showed her! He showed her! Narrowing her eyes in disgust, Lorna simply orders the knight to go away. The next moment, Paul finds himself ejected straight up, higher and higher into the sky until he is out of sight.

As Danger opens her sphere, allowing Bree to step out, Lorna tells the young woman that it’s up to her. Does she catch him when he comes back down or not? With blood in her eyes and fire in her voice, Bree yells for Polaris to let him fall. Let him fall and hit the ground and die! She wants to see him dead! You got it, Lorna replies. In the seconds that follow, Paul again comes back into view, now in freefall and growing closer and closer to the ground and certain death. Dammit, Bree remarks quietly. Save him. You got it, Lorna again voices, stopping Paul mere inches from the ground. Immediately, Bree races to Paul and removes his helmet. Paul tells Bree that he’s sorry, but Bree orders him to save it. She then grabs a piece of wood from the bonfire and begins to use it to beat at Paul’s armor.

The crisis past, the three women move to leave. Her head hurts, Wanda voices, rubbing her head. That was fast, Lorna smiles. Asked if they could go someplace quiet, Lorna replies with an “absolutely.” She knows a bar, Danger voices. Good call, she is told.

Later, at a bar, Lorna finds herself asking Wanda to repeat herself. She heard her, Wanda replies. She should join the Avengers? Lorna repeats. Yes, Wanda tells her, taking another drink from her glass. She was right, Wanda then adds. This is making her headache go away. Asked why she should join the Avengers, Wanda explains that then they’d be together. Like sisters should be. They could…

Okay, nobody move! a voice announces. The three woman turn to find two men entering, carrying AK-47s. This is a stickup, the first man continues. Keep their hands up where… The gunman stops in midsentence as he spies Danger, the costumed Scarlet Witch and Lorna standing up, clearly ready for a fight. Finding his voice again, the lead gunman announces that this was a mistake. They were just… They could easily… It’d be better if… A moment later, the two men are gone. Turning back to her sister, Wanda asks if they let them go. When Lorna notes that she has their gun clips, Wanda replies that that’s good enough.

Returning to their booth, Lorna notes that she’s starting to think it’s them. Wherever they go, trouble shows up. Have they noticed that? Noting that she has, Wanda adds that she’s simply assumed that it’s fate. Fantastic, Lorna replies. Abruptly changing subjects, Danger bluntly asks Wanda if she would like to have sex. No, Wanda replies with a smile, but thanks for asking. Damn! Lorna curses. Why didn’t she respond like that?

Picking up her glass, Wanda returns the subject Lorna joining the Avengers. Taking a swig from her bottle, Lorna replies that she’s pretty satisfied with where she is. But, believe it or not, it does mean a lot to her that she asked. Asked if she’s sure, Lorna replies that he is. She means, she wouldn’t be the leader there, for one thing. Plus, there’s the whole thing with Alex being there. He and she didn’t part on the best of terms.

That’s true, Wanda admits. He didn’t take that especially well. She means, the way he sent Pietro to join her and spy on her for him. Yeah, that sucked, Lorna replies. For a moment, both sisters take a moment to drink another swallow of their beer. A moment after that, though, Wanda suddenly realizes what Wanda has said. Wait, she begins. What?

Characters Involved: 

Danger, Polaris (both X-Factor)
Linda Kwan

Scarlet Witch

Bree, Paul, Stewart, Terry & unnamed Renaissance faire employees

Renaissance faire patrons & attendees


Bar patrons & staff

Two gunmen

Story Notes: 

X-Factor discovered that Danger was a prisoner by the Thievers’ Guild in All-New X-Factor #3.

Danger propositioned Warlock for sex last issue. Warlock decline, not due to a lack of interest but out of shyness.

The Scarlet Witch caused the Decimation, the de-powering over 90% of the mutants in the world, in House of M #8.

Wanda has good reason not to like witch burnings, considering that she was almost burned as one, only to be saved by the timely arrival of Magneto. [X-Men (1st series) #4]


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