All-New X-Men (1st series) #15

Issue Date: 
October 2013
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), David Lafuente (artist), Jim Campbell (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Cory Petit (letterer), Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger & Beredo (cover artists), Jordan D White (associate editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Rachel Grey returns to the Jean Grey School after being away on some missions. Storm tries to talk to her about something important, but Rachel isn’t interested, to her detriment. As she walks through a corridor, she almost walks into Jean Grey from the past. They have an awkward moment, before carrying on. Cyclops from the past is trying to write a letter to Jean, but is having trouble. Young Iceman surprises him by asking if he wants to get out of this place, as Iceman admits he is having trouble seeing his future self making out with their teacher, Kitty Pryde. In the garage, the present Beast is teaching Jean about the finer control of telekinetic, and she demonstrates this by taking apart every single piece of a motorcycle with a simple thought. Cyclops and Iceman drive past her in Wolverine’s jeep, and she loses concentration, sending the motorcycle parts clattering to the floor. Wolverine sees this, and is not impressed. The Beast promises that they will fix it. Beast and Jean start to put the motorcycle back together, while Jean picks up on the older mutant’s thoughts, and discovers that he had feelings for her all those years ago. Jean goes to confront the past Beast, who is busy analyzing all the various forms he has had over the years. The Beast is annoyed that Jean knows how he feels about her, and they argue for some time, before kissing. Cyclops and Iceman arrive in Salem Center, where some sort of carnival is taking place and Cyclops is recognized by a young woman. Iceman shows off to the young woman and her friends, while Cyclops plays it cool. They both want to experience things that normal teenagers do, while the young women are interested in mutants. Cyclops and Iceman try to explain that they are from the past, and soon demonstrate their powers by stopping a car thief, who is being chased by police, from crashing into the carnival. Wolverine sees them and is not impressed. Two of the girls quickly give their phone numbers to Cyclops and Iceman, and as the young mutants leave, they are unaware that they have been watched by Dazzler. Jean and Rachel have another awkward encounter, before Jean returns to her room, pulls out the Jean Grey & Scott Summers wedding invitation and slumps to the floor.

Full Summary: 

‘Good morning, students!’ Rachel Grey announces as she returns to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, dropping down from the sky onto the basketball court, where Ororo “Storm” Munroe is supervising several students.
Rockslide asks her where she has been, and Rachel explains that she was out being a good old-fashioned super hero. Storm looks at Rachel, ‘There’s something you need to -’ she begins, but Rachel walks past her, ‘Storm, I love you, but I am filthy and I am tired and I am blocking out all of your thoughts and I am going to take shower for the next three to four hours’ she declares. ‘But there’s -’ Storm calls out, however Rachel walks into the main complex, adding that she is then going to sleep until Wednesday, so whatever it is, can wait until she is emotionally and physically able to deal with it.

‘Ladies shower is -’ the young Jean Grey from the past remarks as she exits the ladies bathroom and steps into the hallway, just as Rachel is walking past her. They stare at each other, and some psychic energy flares up, before dissipating. They continue to stare in silence, then try to read each other’s minds, before looking away awkwardly. They say nothing, and Rachel carries on down the hall.

Elsewhere, in a library, Scott “Cyclops” Summers of the past sits at a desk and writes a letter to Jean. He tells her not to be alarmed by the letter, and explains that he has been thinking of all the ways he wanted to tell her this, and the missed opportunities he has had. He looks at the letter, then screws it up, and firing a small optic blast at it, it bounces across the room.
‘Thank you, Scott Summers! You’ve saved all mutantkind from that piece of paper ever persecuting us again!’ the past Bobby “Iceman” Drake jokes as he enters the library. Scott asks Bobby what is up, and Bobby asks Scott if he wants to get something or eat. ‘You and me?’ Scott asks, surprised. ‘Yeah. Let’s get out of here for an hour’ Bobby tells him. ‘Why? What’s really going on?’ Scott asks. ‘Look’ Bobby tells him, pointing out the window.They see the present day Bobby Drake and Kitty Pryde embracing and kissing.

‘My older self is making out with our teach and it’s freaking me out on multiple levels’ young Bobby explains. ‘Yeah, I, uh, I can see that…’ Scott replies. Bobby turns away from the window and declares that he is happy there is proof that he will grow up and one day make out with a girl. ‘But Professor Kitty Pryde? I mean, her?’ he exclaims. ‘Yeah -’ Scott begins, while Bobby adds that he thinks Professor Kitty hates him. ‘But she likes the older me’ he adds. ‘She likes the man you become’ Scott explains. Bobby covers the window up with a wall of ice, and replies that he doesn’t like Kitty. ‘I do’ Scott remarks. I don’t like her at all. At all. At all. So, so so, I’m torn that I’m dating her because I’m happy I’m dating anybody but… ugh. HER?!’ Bobby exclaims.
Scott turns and starts to walk out of the library. ‘Sure. Let’s do it. Let’s get out of here’ he tells his teammate. ‘Are we allowed to?’ Bobby enquires. Scott reminds him that, against all odds, they traveled through time to be here. ‘What’s another twenty minutes down the road?’

‘Concentrate’ the present day Hank McCoy a.k.a. the Beast tells Jean who is wearing her Marvel Girl costume as she sits in the garage, a motorcycle and various tools hovering overhead thanks to her telekinesis. ‘I am, Henry’ Jean replies, while the Beast tells her that the key is precision, that it is not just using her telekinesis to lift things, but using her telekinesis to lift things precisely. ‘I’m trying, but -’ Jean begins, to which the Beast suggests she think of her telekinesis as a muscle, to think of her brain as a muscle, just like she would use the muscles of her arms to lift things she uses the muscles of her telekinesis to - ‘Do you know what helps concentration?’ Jean asks, interrupting. ‘Me shutting up?’ the Beast replies. ‘That’s why you’re the smart one’ Jean tells him, as Beast announces that he is shutting up. Jean thanks him, before the Beast looks at the motorcycle wheel and appears puzzled. ‘Jean, what are you -?’ he begins to ask. Jean explains that she is trying something new.

An instant later, the motorcycle is telekinetically pulled to pieces, every individual part separated from the rest. ‘That is impressive’ the Beast remarks as he puts a finger to one of the screws. Jean smiles and replies that she is completely scared to open her eyes because she doesn’t want to lose concentration. With her eyes closed, she doesn’t notice young Bobby and Scott get into a jeep, and speed past, ‘Hey foxy lady! We’ll be back to pick you up later!’ Bobby calls out to Jean, who smiles. ‘Hey!’ she calls out. ‘Not really!’ Bobby tells her, and the motorcycle parts all fall to the ground around Jean. ‘Damn!’ she scowls.
Suddenly, Wolverine a.k.a. Logan rushes into the garage, ‘Hey! That’s my jeep! Why are you people always stealing my things?’ he snaps, turning to the Beast. ‘Logan -’ Hank begins. ‘That’s my motorcycle, Hank’ Logan points out. ‘Logan, it was -’ the Beast starts to say. ‘That’s my motorcycle, Hank’ Logan snarls.

Hank points at Jean and tells Logan that he should have seen it, revealing that she showed a level of telekinetic aptitude that only hit while she was in Phoenix mode, but she did it as a mutant pure. ‘Pure’ Jean smiles. ‘It really was a -’ Hank smiles, but Logan just frowns and tells Hank to fix it. Jean looks taken aback, while the Beast points out that he is not a mechanic, per se, so much as a scientist. ‘You designed our entire super-future tech school’ Logan reminds him. ‘Believe it or not, that is an entirely different set of -’ the Beast begins to reply, but Logan starts to growl. ‘I’ll fix it’ Hank replies quickly. ‘We’ll fix it’ Jean adds, an image of Wolverine inside her head. ‘We’ll fix it’ the Beast assures his friend.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Scott are in the jeep approaching Salem Center, where some sort of carnival has lined the streets. ‘Real people’ Bobby remarks, hanging his head out the jeep window. ‘Real people’ Scott agrees, while Bobby asks where real teenagers go to be real teenagers. Seeing the carnival, Scott pulls the jeep to a halt, ‘This looks like something’ he remarks, while Bobby suggests that they could get jobs here and start over.
They make their way through the bustling crowds of people, ‘Good Lord, the prices’ Bobby remarks. ‘We’re time travelers’ Scott reminds his teammate. ‘Oh, yeah’ Bobby replies, adding that he doesn’t care, as he is starving. They stand by a food vendor, and Scott tells him to order away. But Bobby announces that he doesn’t have any money, as he left it all back in their appropriate time. ‘What the hey ho!’ Bobby goes wide-eyed as he looks at the huge wad of cash that Scott pulls out.

Scott explains that Professor Wolverine keeps wads of money in the pockets of all his clothes and the glove compartments of all the bikes and cars. Bobby grins and takes some of the money, while asking how Professor Wolverine has all that money. ‘I think he kills people for it’ Scott replies. ‘Then I don’t feel bad permanently borrowing some’ Bobby remarks, while a red-haired girl with glasses walks up to them and taps Scott on the shoulders, ‘Excuse me, you know who you look exactly like?’ she asks. ‘If you’re going to say Scott Summers… you’re right, he is Scott Summers’ Bobby explains quickly, leaving Scott surprised.

Back in the garage, the Beast holds up a manual, and quotes from it: “Using suitable containers, the engine, gearbox and radiator fluids (as applicable) should be drained”. As Jean sorts through the motorcycle parts, she tells Hank that she is sorry. ‘Don’t worry about it’ Hank replies, before he continues to read the next part from the manual, his mind reads the words as well, and suddenly, he thinks to himself: ‘She’s so beautiful’. More reading from the manual goes through Hank’s mind, before recalling that he almost cried when he first saw her again - and now she is sitting here exactly like the girl he first fell in love with. ‘And I never even gave her a chance’ he realizes. Jean goes wide-eyed, while Hank puts his reading glasses on and continues to silently read from the manual, while wondering what would have happened if he had the guts back then to tell Jean how beautiful she was, inside and out, instead of burying his head in a book letting her pine after Scott Summers all those years. ‘If I had just had the guts back then to grab her and kiss her and tell her. What would our lives have been like?’ Hank wonders, while Jean looks at him oddly, before his thoughts return to the repair of Logan’s motorcycle.

Back at the fair, some other girls have gathered around Scott and Bobby. ‘Uh-uh! No way!’ one of the girls exclaims. ‘He actually is’ Bobby boasts, putting a hand around Scott’s shoulders. ‘Bobby’ Scott mutters, before Bobby suggests to the girls that they ask him something only Scott Summers would know. ‘You’re Scott Summers? Cyclops of the X-Men?’ a girl asks. ‘Not him! He’s like forty, yo!’ another girl replies. ‘Show us your powers. Show us your eye beams!’ another girl asks as she holds her smart phone to Cyclops and starts to record him. ‘Not, no. Thank you, but -’ Scott starts to reply, before Bobby explains that they don’t do the eye beams in public. ‘But this should do ya…’ he offers, as he touches the girl’s ice cream, ‘Um, hey!’ she exclaims, before some ice forms on the ice cream. ‘Uh… whoa!’ one of the girls remarks. ‘Oh my!’ another exclaims. ‘Oh my God!’ a boy shouts. ‘Yo- you’re mutants?’ he asks, pointing at Bobby and Scott, before running away.

‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry’ the girl with red hair tells Scott. ‘Look at him go… I think I’m done with him’ the girl with the ice-cream frowns. ‘I thought he was all progressive. Phony’ the other girl mutters, while Bobby tells them that it is nothing they haven’t seen before. ‘At least he didn’t try to drop a tank on us’ he jokes. The third girl asks them if they are just hanging out, while Bobby offers to buy them lunch. The girl with the red hair remarks that she has the “Rolling Stone” with Cyclops on the cover, and he looked twice as old. ‘Are you his son?’ she inquires. ‘It’s hard to -’ Scott begins, before Bobby declares that they time-travelled here. ‘You’re too funny’ the third girl smiles. ‘I am’ Bobby agrees. ‘Okay, like, what am I thinking right now?’ the girl with the ice-cream asks. ‘That I’m cute and funny?’ Bobby replies. ‘Oh, uh, we can’t - we don’t do that’ Scott calls out. ‘We go to school with a girl who can do that…it’s totally annoying’ Bobby remarks. ‘Is she like constantly reading your minds?’ the girl with red hair asks. ‘Yes’ Scott replies, smiling at her. ‘Oh yes’ Bobby laughs. ‘That does sound annoying’ the girl with red hair agrees.

Back at the school, Jean enters a lab where young Hank McCoy is sitting on a chair, looking at some papers and frowning. ‘Henry’ Jean calls out. ‘Oh! Oh, Jean, you startled me’ Hank smiles, turning to his friend. Jean asks him what he is doing, and Hank replies explains that it would seem his physiology has gone through tremendous mutation over the last few years, including most recently. But he is not terribly convince it is done mutating and he would like to know what it is about he and what he has done to his mutation that makes it so massive. Images of how Hank has appeared over the years appear around the lab, before Hank jumps down off his chair and adds that he would also like to not have a heart attack and die during one of these mutations.

Changing the subject, Jean asks Hank when he was going to tell her that he was in love with her. Hank goes wide-eyed and looks shocked, before frowning and telling Jean ‘That’s not fair’. ‘Being honest with each other isn’t fair?’ Jean replies. ‘Reading my mind without my permission’ Hank states. ‘I didn’t’ Jean tells him, revealing that she accidentally read the mind of his older self. Hank turns away and leans against a desk, while Jean points out that she has only been able to do this mind-reading thing for a couple of days and sometimes people yell their thoughts. ‘Like, they scream them. You can’t not hear someone screaming that they’re in love with you’ Jean states. Hank tells Jean that she is embarrassing him, but Jean edges closer to him and promises him that she is not trying to do that.

‘Please leave’ Hank tells her. Jean asks him why, and he spins around, and shouts ‘Because you are in love with Scott and Scott is in love with you. And - and one day you’re going to get married and all of that…’ his voice trails off. ‘I’m not in love with him’ Jean claims. ‘Jean…’ Hank begins. Jean tells him that she is reading his mind right now. ‘Thank God’ Hank thinks to himself. He looks away, while Jean looks down to the ground. They move closer, then Hank wraps his arms around Jean, who puts hers on Hank’s shoulders, and they kiss. They pull away, and smile, before kissing again in the light of the holograms of the various stages of the Beast around the lab.

Meanwhile, Scott and Bobby are sitting at a table in a park with the girls, as the red-haired girl asks if they go to that special school right up there out of the city. ‘We’re kind of visiting… for now’ Bobby explains. ‘I always wanted to go sneak around there’ the girl with the ice-cream - who has now finished her ice-cream - remarks. ‘I wouldn’t do that. It’s a - it’s a little crazy up there’ Bobby explains. The red-aired girl asks them how long they are here for, and Scott tells her that it is hard to say. ‘Because you are time travelers’ the third girl smiles. ‘It’s really hard to explain’ Bobby smiles back, while the ice-cream-less girl wishes that she was a mutant. ‘You are not the first person to say that to me’ Scott tells her, adding that it is odd. ‘Why is that odd?’ the girl with red-hair asks. ‘Because we are so used to people hating us’ Scott explains. ‘Running away from us’ Bobby adds, while Scott remarks that it is odd that anybody would romanticize their situation.

‘Can you really shoot laser beams out of your eyes?’ the third girls asks. Scott explains that it takes a lot of control ‘But you can shoot laser beams out of your eyes?’ the girl asks. Yes’ Scott confirms. ‘You don’t see how cool that is?’ the third girl smiles. ‘It sounds cool, but it comes with a…lot of…’ Scott’s voice trails off as he hears a loud siren. In fact, it is several sirens as police cars chase a red car that speeds down a street, and towards the carnival. Before the speedster can drive into the crowds of people, ‘You got this?’ Scott asks Bobby. ‘Puh-lease’ Bobby smiles as he ices-up, and Scott prepares to release an optic blast, while the three girls stare at them in awe. Scott fires the optic blast at one of the wheels, causing the car to spin into the air, and flip over, landing in a huge pile of snow that Bobby quickly creates. The boys shake hands, while Police officers stop and surround the car thieves. ‘Hands in the air! Don’t even think about it!’ one of the officers orders.

‘Okay, that was insane’ the girl with red-hair tells Scott as she follows him, and puts and arm through his. ‘I have literally never seen anything like that before’ the girl formerly with the ice-cream announces. ‘You, Sir, are totally - agh! Freezing!’ the third girl exclaims. Scott turns and sees Logan standing nearby looking very unimpressed. ‘I think we have to go‘ Scott remarks. ‘Yeah…we have to go’ Bobby announces. ‘No you don’t’ the ice-cream-less girl tells them. Actually we really do’ Bobby frowns. ‘Can we trade numbers?’ the red-haired girl enquires. ‘We don’t have phones’ Bobby reveals as he and Scott look at each other. The girl with the red-hair writes her number on Scott’s hand, while the third girl has trouble writing on Bobby’s hand. ‘I, uh, get all moist from the ice. It’s hard to write on. Sorry’ Bobby explains. ‘You’ll get my phone number from her?’ the girl asks, pointing to her friend with the red-hair. ‘For sure’ Bobby replies.

Bobby and Scott walk towards Logan, while the Police officers can be seen apprehending the car thieves. ‘Awesome’ the third girl smiles. ‘Sauce’ the girl with red-hair states, while the ice-cream-less girl points out that she didn’t get one. ‘I’m sure they have a friend’ the girl with red-hair assures her as they walk away, unaware that they are being watched by a blonde woman in a white SHIELD uniform - Dazzler!

Back at the Jean Grey School, Rachel is walking out of the ladies’ shower into the corridor, where the past Jean Grey is striding along. They almost bump into each other. They stare at each other for a moment, before quickly walking in opposite directions. Jean closes the door to her room behind her, and leans against it, relieved. She goes over to her bed and lifts the mattress up, where she has been keeping the wedding invitation - that Scott gave her - the wedding invitation that was issued by their future selves. Jean slumps to the floor and stares to the window.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (all original X-Men from the past)

Beast, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men based at the Jean Grey School)

Quentin Quire, Rockslide (students at the Jean Grey school)
Mystique (posing as Dazzler)

Local teens
Car thief
Police officers

Story Notes: 

This is the first time Rachel and the past Jean have acknowledged each other.

Jean Grey (currently deceased) of the present day timeline first discovered Rachel was her daughter during the “Days of Future Present” crossover, and did not take it well.

Young Cyclops previously stole Wolverine’s motorcycle in All-New X-Men #6.
Dazzler started working for SHIELD in Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #7. She was replaced with Mystique in issue #10.

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