Alpha Flight (1st series) #30

Issue Date: 
January 1986
Story Title: 

Bill Mantlo (Writer), Mike Mignola (Penciler), Gerry Talaoc (Inker), Bob Sharen (Colorist), Jim Novak (Letterer), Rosemary McCormack-Lowy (Assistant Editor), Carl Potts (Editor), Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Alpha Flight move into their new home on Tamarind Island and after an incident involving the government and control, Heather firmly tells Gary Cody that Alpha Flight will answer to no one and if needs be, they will become free agents again. Heather checks in on her team and stumbles across Jeffries and Bochs building a new electromagnetic super suit, like the one her dead husband wore. First she berates them for it, but later thinks that it may boost much needed power into Alpha Flight and wonders who will wear it. Scrolling through the Alphanex, she discovers that Jeffries has a younger brother, a doctor, and goes off to the hospital to try and recruit him into Alpha Flight. Upon arriving at the hospital, Heather learns that although Lionel Jeffries is a doctor, he is actually a patient, for he has gone insane and is strapped in a straitjacket. Heather is the first contact he has had for many years and their flesh touching each other gives him control over hers, and he mutates her before rampaging through the rest of the hospital and doing the same to patients and doctors. Alpha Flight arrive and Madison reveals that Lionel and he were in the army together and when Lionel failed to reassemble the bodies of dead squad members, he went insane and has been locked away since. Alpha all try to track him down, and eventually Madison stops him, by forcing Lionel to use his own flesh powers to heal his demented mind. Heather and everyone else are returned to normal, while unbeknownst to anyone, someone was indeed resurrected, a very large man, who gets up from the slab in the morgue and leaves the hospital. Meanwhile, Shaman visits Snowbird, informing her he is going on a pilgrimage, he leaves, and Snowbird and her lover Doug Thompson plan to track him, to keep an eye on him.

Full Summary: 

Today is moving day for Canada’s premiere super hero team, Alpha Flight, after recently receiving funding from the government again they move into their new home, the mansion on Tamarind Island. The army helps with all the equipment being placed into the mansion, all flown in by helicopter. As one piece of equipment is lowered to the ground, Roger Bochs, aptly code-named Box, for the robotic armor he wears calls to the pilot to take it easy as the interdimensional scanner being lowered is delicate, he should know, he built it. Alpha Flight’s ally, Madison Jeffries corrects his friend, reminding Box that he only designed it, and that it was he who built it. The cynical Jean-Paul Beaubier, a.k.a. the handsome Northstar tells Jeffries that the two ofd them can divide the pieces should it fall. Jean-Paul’s sister, Aurora asks what should happen if it were to fall on Puck, to which the diminutive Alphan declares that he will be even smaller than he is now.

Watching everyone as they help out with the moving task, Alpha Flight’s government liaison, Gary Cody tells Heather that it is finally happening. Heather turns to the man she has known for quite some time and tells him that she wishes Mac had lived to see it all, for it was part of her husband’s dream to see Alpha Flight refunded and established with a permanent headquarters – a home. Gary tells Heather that it is she who keeps her husband’s dream alive, by keeping Alpha Flight together while government bureaucracies came and went. Gary admits that the new administration has finally accepted the reality that, like the super heroes of the United States, Alpha Flight can play a strategically important role in Canada’s defense plan.

Heather declares that like the Fantastic Four and the Avengers do in the U.S. Alpha Flight will defend Canada – because it is their home. Gary tells Heather that that is all the government expects, and that they have already guaranteed that there are no strings attached to the funding. Overhearing this conversation, Eugene Milton Judd, a.k.a. Puck thinks to himself that there must be some strings attached, as it is a bit easier to keep an eye on individuals as unpredictable as the ones in Alpha Flight when the government is signing their paychecks. He remembers the recent battle with the Hulk and thinks that perhaps the government cannot be blamed for wanting to keep Alpha under observation. After all, they nearly destroyed Vancouver when they accidentally brought the Hulk to it, just another reason to relocate them to an isolated island. Watching Heather he wonders if they have accepted government welfare in exchange for a government watchdog – or perhaps a government warden?

Heather wonders top herself if she is leading Alpha Flight as Mac would have, and wonders if Mac hadn’t died would they have lost Sasquatch, Marrina, Talisman and Shaman? Walking with Gary Cody she thinks to herself that if Mac were still alive she would be a housewife and not the leader of this amazing team, even without powers, just as Mac only had powers thanks to a super suit, but a super suit nonetheless, it killed him in the end. Gary Cody asks Heather where Snowbird is, as from her speech last week he assumed she would rejoin Alpha Flight. Heather replies that Narya will be here when they need her, while thinking to herself that she feels she can rely more on Snowbird than Northstar and Aurora.

Heather realizes that the death of Walter Langkowski hit both the twins hard, and while drawing them closer together, they find they can no longer touch each other without negating their powers. Heather tells herself that her “super-team” consists of depressed twins, an absentee Goddess, a pain-wracked dwarf with no powers, and a legless cripple who cant stay long inside his armor without becoming part of it. Watching Box, she then looks at Jeffries, a transmutator, who practically defeated Dark Guardian single-handedly, but Heather is unsure about him, as they do not know where his allegiances are, nor what else he can do with his powers.

Above the heroes and army personnel, a load of mechanical equipment strung inside a net and hanging from a rope snaps, and begins to plummet to the ground. Box cries out that the equipment is valuable, to which Judd snaps back that so are the lives ofd the army technicians and leaps in to the fray to push them out of the way. Heather orders Alpha Flight to save them, to which Northstar says ‘As if we needed to be told’. Judd sarcastically tells Jean-Paul that he is too kind, and the speedster snaps back that false kindness will one day either get Heather or Alpha Flight killed. He feels that when danger strikes, Heather should not be in Alpha’s way, let alone act as their leader without any power to call her own.

Just then, Northstar and Aurora brush against each other, and the twins both lose their ability to fly and fall to the ground, as the equipment continues to drop. Box leaps in and uses his incredible strength to hold the equipment, stopping it from falling on the twins, while joking that he is not bad for a fellow who has been described as ‘looking like a `56 buick’. Heather declares that the danger is not over, as each cargo unit is heavy enough to cause serious injury, which is when Jeffries steps forward and tells Heather that he will deal with it, and indeed he does, using his transmuting powers to turn the equipment into small, harmless toys.

Heather thanks Jeffries, to which he replies that it is nothing compared to the debt he owed Heather’s husband. Box knows that Jeffries is talking about when Guardian invited him to join Gamma Flight. Box thinks to himself that the rest of Gamma Flight went bad, but that if he suspects Jeffries then he needs to suspect himself as well, because he too was once in Gamma Flight. Judd brings Roger’s wheelchair over and asks him if he is ready to phase out of the robot armor now. Roger replies that he is, unless he wants his atoms and the robot’s atoms inextricably merged, but Roger thinks that with being stuck in the wheelchair all the time, he sometimes wonders if that is an option.

Roger asks some of the army technicians to carry Box into the mansion for him, to which the reply is ‘you’re kidding right mate?’ Judd knows that Roger hates his handicap as much as he hates his. Gary Cody turns to the Alphans after the incident with the equipment and asks them if they are ready for a tour of their new home. Heather tells Gary to lead the way before Judd exclaims that there is probably not much left of the mansion after Aurora described its gutting by Gilded Lily. Aurora reminds everyone that the house belonged to Walter’s great aunt who disappeared under mysterious circumstances years ago. Noting how his sister’s accent and pronunciation just changed when she mentioned her dead lover, Jean-Paul realizes that it tips her into her Jeanne-Marie persona.

As Gary enters the foyer to the mansion, followed by Heather and Alpha Flight, Gary asks Judd if ‘this’ looks like a gutted shell. He informs Alpha that within hours of deciding to refund Alpha Flight, the government took over Tamarind Island by Eminent Domain. They then put their best brains to work remodeling it so that the interior, while resembling some of the original décor actually conceals some of Canada’s most sophisticated technology. As Gary speaks, technicians are installing equipment and making the place fit for living. Gary tells the Alphans that they will find their quarters comfortable while the Ready Room is equipped with sophisticated early-warning systems to help them cope with any emergency that may arise. He asks if they noticed the enclosed gazebo outside and informs them that beneath it is the hanger bay, from which their Omnijet can be launched. Also on the lower-levels are labs, workspaces, entertainment, communications, data storage and training areas.

Gary suggests they all follow him so they can see for themselves, and so begins to lead them around the mansion. The first floor consists of the kitchen, dining room, living room, day room, library, game room, and an office. Upstairs on the second floor are the bedrooms for Heather, Judd, Jean-Paul, Aurora, Box and Jeffries, along with a conservatory and informal meeting room. The Third floor has the medlab and infirmary, as well as a room for Snowbird should she ever need to stay, and Marrina and Shaman in case they return. There are also several guest-rooms. All this contained in the 19th century mansion, packed with modern day marvels, which is officially the new headquarters of Canada’s premiere super heroes.

Judd comments that there is not a lot left for any of them to do, to which Gary tells him to think of the mansion as an incredibly equipped car that still needs Alpha Flight to drive it. Seeing Heather staring out of a window, Gary asks her if something is wrong. Heather replies that there is a commotion outside.

The commotion involves the army technicians and Jeffries, who is being held back by two of the officers while he tells Bochs to make the other men let go of the equipment, or else he will turn it on them. Bochs suggests to the men that they do as Jeffries says, as the equipment is their “private stock” and they will attend to its placement. One of the men declares that it is nothing but toys, and a senior official adds that they are toys, which they saw Jeffries transform with no one’s authorization. Bochs is shocked by that statement and angrily tells the man that if he is saying that Alpha has to come bowing to the government every time they want to install some new device then they can ‘take your government funding and stick it up your –’

Gary Cody rushes out and cuts Bochs off before he can say something someone might regret, and informs Bochs that the men are just following orders. Heather tells Gary to ‘hold it right there’ and getting riled, Heather reminds Cody that despite her reservations she took his word for it when he said that Alpha Flight would be free from interference. Sternly, she tells Gary Cody that “no strings” means “no strings” and that Alpha Flight will not be answerable to Ottawa or anyone else. Heather declares that she and Alpha Flight are to be given total autonomy and complete control to take the governments funding and use it as they deem necessary, with absolute privacy in all that they do – or else Alpha Flight will go back to being free agents.

Everyone stands silent until one of the technicians tells Heather that she is the boss, breaking the astonished silence. Gary knows that Heather is indeed, and thinks to himself that Mac would be proud. He turns to the technicians and asks them if they should get going and let Alpha Flight enjoy their new home. As the army begins to depart, Jeffries uses his transmutator powers to transform the toys back into their original object. Bochs asks Heather if he is glad that he convinced Jeffries to stay as their resident machinesmith. With the toys now back into their original form, Heather declares that she is more impressed each time Jeffries uses his powers.

Jeffries proclaims that Heather should have seen what his younger brother could do. Heather is surprised at this remark and remembers that it was she who personally keyed the information Mac gave her about Jeffries into Alphanex – Alpha Flight’s computer, and she never came across any mention of a younger brother. Heather folds her arm and declares that Jeffries is certainly a mystery – and one she intends to solve.

While the rest of Alpha Flight continue to move into their new home, another Alphan has made her home in Yellowknife, McKenzie, part of the Northwest Territory, her name is Snowbird, goddess, super hero, and more recently, lover, of Doug Thompson. Standing with her lover, Narya tells her former teammate, Dr. Michael “Shaman” Twoyoungmen that he is welcome to stay as long as he wishes. Thompson declares that a Mounties home is not always the roomiest, but that there is always the couch. Twoyoungmen thanks Narya and Doug but informs them that other voices urge him on.

Doug asks Michael if he is getting the “call of the wild” and admits that he has often longed to pack up the Land Rover and set out into the North Country himself. Twoyoungmen tells Thompson that it is not the spirit of adventure that moves him – but the spirit of his ancestors! Narya takes her old friend aside and tells him that even though Doug knows of their other identities, he is an outsider and cannot comprehend what it means to wield the power of a goddess or a mystic. Michael reveals that he envy’s Doug’s ignorance and asks Snowbird what power has ever brought him – when death threatened his wife and daughter he could save neither. He adds that Elizabeth surviving is a miracle – but not one of his own making.

Michael declares that he is done with power – forever, and with that gets in his car and leaves. Doug asks Snowbird if Shaman can ever give up being who he is. Narya replies that Shaman does not know who he is anymore, for he is not sure if the power failed him, or if he failed the power! Narya reveals that Michael is going on a pilgrimage to the land of his ancestors to find out. Narya tells Doug that Shaman wishes to go alone, but asks her lover if he wouldn't mind if she follows Michael to see to his safety. ‘Could I stop a goddess? Should I try?’ says Doug as Snowbird looks at him lovingly she tells him that she loves him with all her heart. Doug tells Narya that they will look after her friend – together.

Later that night, Heather walks through her new home and comes across Jean-Paul and Aurora sitting together, saying nothing, Heather remembers that the twins were separated at birth and never knew of each other’s existence until Mac brought them together. Now though, they are traumatized by the death of Walter Langkowski and the alteration in their powers that keeps them from touching each other, Heather thinks that they are more apart than ever! She walks away, leaving them to sort out their problems in peace.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, Heather tells herself that peace is something no one has had much of lately and wonders if they will find it here. She admits that the mansion already feels like home to her, despite the fact that she can almost sense the technological wizardry that the government built into it humming beneath her feet as if it were one vast nerve center, just looking for a head. Heather knows that she is supposed to be the leader of Alpha Flight now that Mac is dead, but wishes that she had some sort of power to back up her orders.

Hearing a loud groan from upstairs, Heather walks up the massive staircase and stands in the doorway to Puck’s quarters. Heather feels somewhat bad about her talk about “privacy” earlier when here she is now sneaking into Judds room. Looking at him, she sees he is soaked in sweat and not at rest. Heather closes the door as she leaves Judds room, telling herself that Judd was always consumed by some sort of pain that goes back before any data she has seen starts keeping track of him. Heather realizes that there is so much about her team that she doesn’t know and wonders if Mac knew everything there was to know about his Alphans past, or if there were even secrets kept from him.

Heather tells herself that since she is snooping on her team she may as well check in on Bochs and Jeffries, however walking into the lab they are working in she sees them and cries ‘No! Have you two gone out of your minds? How could you?’ Jeffries and Bochs look up from the super-suit copy of Guardian’s original that they are working on and Bochs tells Heather that he can explain. Jeffries grabs Heather as she rushes over to the costume and Heather tells Bochs that he had better explain why he cannot let her husbands memories rest in peace. Jeffries informs Heather that it is just Guardian’s costume draped over a simulacron.

Heather touches the costume as Bochs reminds her that the original suit was destroyed along with Mac, while Delphine Courtney managed to simulate the suits electromagnetic powers. Heather asks Bochs if he and Jeffries are trying to put the remains of Delphine’s suit back together, which would mean that anyone who wore the suit would be as powerful as Mac was – before the suit killed him. Heather asks Roger if he knows anyone willing to assume that risk, before leaving the room without waiting for his answer.

Heather’s travels throughout the mansion take her to the computer room, sitting at the Alphanex she tells herself that she has to stop letting every reminder of Mac set her off like that, as he is dead and she needs to learn to go on without him. Heather admits to herself that Box is right in trying to reinvent the Guardian suit, for with fail-safe controls built in to prevent what happened to Mac happening again, its wearer could restore some much needed power to Alpha Flight. Heather wonders if Jeffries may be the person who is going to wear the suit before remembering how he mentioned earlier about a younger brother. Heather searches through the Alphanex and finds that Jeffries, who was a former member of Gamma Flight, has his history under a security lock. But Mac told Heather the codes so Heather enters them and reads that Jeffries has military experience from serving in the United States army during the Vietnam War, while his parents are dead, he has a brother – Lionel Jeffries – who is a surgeon at Montreal General Hospital.

Heather wonders if power runs in the Jeffries family and thinks about going to seek him out, but doesn’t think she should leave at this very moment, what with everyone settling in, and as team leader she should stay put. Heather quickly changes her mind, telling herself that she is rather useless around the place at the moment, she remembers that Mac’s mission, as head of Department H was to help track down people with power. Heather decides that as leader of Alpha Flight she should continue that task. Heather sarcastically tells herself that talking herself into action will make her feel useful for a change.

Judd wakes up in his bed, wondering if it was the pain that woke him, he sees he was wrong as someone has launched the Omnijet!

By the time Judd assembles the other Alphans and realizes that it is Heather who is gone, it is several hours later, in Montreal. Heather holds up an Alpha Flight Priority Clearance Card and asks a doctor if there are any problems admitting her. The doctor asks Heather to forgive him, as he has not seen one of those before, and no one has ever been allowed to visit the patient whom she inquired about. Heather queries the “patient” and tells the Doctor that she is here to see Doctor Lionel Jeffries. The doctor asks if Lionel was a physician once and realizes that he was, but tells Heather that Dr. Jeffries has not practiced – or done anything else – for quite a few years!

Unlocking the door to the high-tech security padded cell reveals Dr. Lionel Jeffries sitting in a corner of the room, with a metal helmet and mask covering most of his face, he is strapped in a straight jacket and is connected to various tubes. Heather looks at Dr. Jeffries and asks the other doctor if he is… ‘Mad?’ the doctor replies, telling her that he supposes so, before admitting that he has never been involved in Dr. Jeffries case, but asks Heather to think why else he would be kept in a padded cell with a straight jacket, be fed intravenously and be denied any human contact. Another doctor tells Heather that no one is supposed to be allowed in to see him and that she is his first visitor in years – and only because of he security clearance.

Heather came to Montreal seeking to duplicate her husbands’ success in finding uniquely endowed individuals to add to the ranks of Alpha Flight. Feeling extremely foolish, she realizes that there was a reason Mac passed over Lionel Jeffries in his search. Heather approaches the strapped man, introducing herself she gets no response and wonders if he is autistic, or perhaps that strange helmet they have on him prevents him from hearing her. She tells herself that no wonder he is insane after all the years being treated this way. Heather tells him that she is a friend of his brothers and as she extends a hand (not that he could shake it back) Lionel lunges forward and the only portion of his flesh left exposed by his all-enveloping straight jacket, the part of the face surrounding the eyes, makes contact with Heathers hand. Dr. Lionel Jeffries cries ‘thank you “friend of my brother” – for setting Scramble free!’ in the cell, Heather starts to scream.

An hour or so later, Northstar, Aurora, Puck, Box and Jeffries arrive, Box joking that they are not going to make it as a one Omnijet team. Jean-Paul adds sourly that especially not if their “leader” is going to continue sneaking off alone. Judd tells Northstar that being in Alpha Flight does not negate Heather’s right to act on her own adding that it is lucky they were able to track her by tracing her search through Alphanex’s files. Jeffries clenches his fists and asks what right Heather had to read into his private files, revealing that he made Guardian promise he would never do that when he joined Gamma Flight. Puck tells Jeffries that Guardian obviously honored the request, but that Heather is her own person.

Jeffries exclaims that Heather has no idea what kind of obscene power she may be unleashing by coming here, which is when a startled Aurora declares that Heather will certainly know now, and Alpha Flight and Jeffries look at the hospital, from where hundred of mutated horrors burst forth. Northstar declares that they should be destroyed, but Box asks Jean-Paul if he does not want to find out what they are first. Judd remarks that their sarcastic speedster was obviously too busy assuming a leadership role to notice that al the creatures are wearing scraps of hospital uniforms and clothing. Aurora asks if they are doctors and patients, to which Jeffries replies that they were – before having their anatomies transmutated by his brother – Scramble the Mixed-Up-Man!

Jeffries leads the way down hospital corridors that he has walked hundreds of times before – and tells the tale of two brothers, both possessed of strange transmutative powers.

(Flashbacks, circa Vietnam War)

Madison hated his mastery over metal and grew moody, while Lionel accepted his ability to alter organic materials and became a respected surgeon. For different reasons – one to escape his power, the other to employ it – both were among the thousands of Canadians who enlisted in the United States army during the Vietnam War. Lionel was a medic, while Madison as a mechanic first class. However, after a mighty explosion, what was left of the squad did not make for a very pretty picture. Body parts were scattered everywhere like some demented jigsaw puzzle. Lionel must have felt like Chief Surgeon in a slaughterhouse, for he tried to transmute all the pieces back together – to make the dead whole and restore them to life. When he couldn’t do it, something snapped within him, and Madison was forced to use his own metal commanding powers to restrain Lionel.


Jeffries reveals that he has been his brothers’ keeper from then, until now. Running through the hospital still, declaring that Heather has set Lionel free and he has set Hell upon the hospital, scrambling everyone he can lay his touch on – including their team leader! Alpha Flight look into the padded cell that was once the home to Lionel Jeffries, but what the see is poor Heather Hudson, her body twisted and distorted almost beyond recognition. Box asks Jean-Paul if he would like to take Heather’s place now before Heather asks them why they followed, and orders them to leave before Scramble touches them.

Jeffries realizes that Heather must have been the first Lionel touched and informs Alpha Flight that his brother is “nuts” and that they have to stop him. Judd tells Jeffries to lead the others while he stays with Heather. Heather tells Judd that she is so sorry, and he just tells her to rest easy.

Taking to the air, Aurora asks her twin if he heard how caringly Puck spoke to Heather, but Northstar shrugs it off, suggesting that he was just trying to comfort her. Box reveals that he has always suspected that Heather holds a special place in Judds heart, and Jeffries declares that Heather is not going to live long the way she is twisted now, unless they can get his brother to unscramble her. Aurora tells her brother that they two are the logical ones to search for Scramble, and Jean-Paul agrees, declaring that even wit Aurora’s former super-speed now halved, they can still cover the entire hospital in a matter of moments.

But the plan is not to go accordingly, as a mutated person crashes through a skylight and onto Aurora, scared, she calls to her brother to save her from the creatures loathsome touch. Northstar flies over, thinking to himself that while the twisted beings inflict themselves upon his poor sister, they reveal the twists and turns of her own tortured mind. He punches the creatures away from his sister and recalls that ever since the Sisters at the convent where Jeanne-Marie was raised suppressed the natural Aurora persona, she has been split into two personalities. Aurora sits on the ground, giving up as more creatures surround her and her brother, while Northstar tells himself it is unfortunate that the meek Jeanne-Marie has a tendency to surface just when the fearlessness of Aurora is most needed.

Box also begins to search, declaring that he finds it perverse how amongst all of this horror he finds he is enjoying himself for the first time in his life. He wonders if it is being free from the wheelchair, or if it is that being part of the power that the robot body is bursting with. He decides that it must be the latter, for what else would make ‘a pudgy paraplegic’ feel as if he were invincible. A mutated person smashes Box over the head as he rounds a corner. Box sees that this is not one person, but several dozen-hospital patients and workers joined together in one body and eager to get at Bochs under the armor.

Meanwhile, Judd holds onto the mutated Heather, trying to calm her he tells her that Alpha Flight will find scramble and make him undo his evil, then she will be as lovely as ever. Heather asks Judd if he finds her lovely and tells him that she doesn’t feel as if she will ever be beautiful again. Judd realizes from the terror in Heather’s tone of voice that the deformity twisting her body is getting to her sanity as well, and he knows all too well what that kind of pain is like.

Jeffries however is having more luck, as he gets closer to his brother. Madison tells himself that it may be because they both possess power that he has always been able to sense when his brother is near. He declares that he will need a weapon and transmutes equipment from a hospital gurney into a gun. Heading down into the morgue, Jeffries realizes he should have known that he would find his brother where the dead are and remembers that his brother was trying to unscramble the destroyed bodies of the GIs back in Vietnam before he went crazy. Madison realizes that his brother was trying to bring the dead back to life in Vietnam and still is now.

As Madison enters the morgue, Lionel greets him, informing him he has been waiting for him. Madison tells his brother that they both knew he would have to come. Lionel tells Madison that he expected him to come and lock him away again, to shut him away from using his powers to heal. Madison tells Lionel that he hasn’t healed, but made a mess of everyone he has touched, including a friend of his. He tells Lionel to put on his gloves and come back with him to the cell. Lionel raises his head and declares that he will never, for he needs to be free so he can care for his patients. Madison believes there is no one who can screw people up so bad that they stop being human, and tells his brother that he needs to be caged, and that he put him away once, so he can do it again.

Madison uses the weapon he created on Lionel, but the younger Jeffries brother reacts fast enough, and pushes a table at Madison, breaking his concentration over the weapon. Lionel tells Madison that he knows he has always hated him, and always been envious over his power to reorder flesh, blood and bone, while all he got was the ability to restructure metal. Lionel declares that his brother him him from the world so that people would praised him, when they should have praised him.

Madison leaps at Lionel, telling him that he is his brother and loves him, but hates the powers that have kept them from being normal people. Powers that made him his brothers keeper, but that this doesn’t change the fact that Lionel is dangerous and crazy – which makes it his duty to put his younger brother away. Both brothers charge at each other, Madison ready to use his powers to restrain his brother. However, Lionel gets to Madison first, and the younger brother reshapes the elders flesh. Madison cries out and tells Lionel to stop screwing around with the living, for it is not going to teach him how to bring back the dead.

Lionel tells Madison that he is wrong, and asks why else would he have been given these powers if he cannot heal those with the ultimate disorder – death? Lionel tells Madison that it is the only reason he has these powers. Madison grabs Lionels’ arms and tells him that he didn’t think there were any answers for his power, until he used them to defeat Dark Guardian before she could destroy Alpha Flight. Madison informs his brother that he is going to use his flesh reshaping power to give him the answer to why he was born a mutant - so he could straighten himself out.

Madison shoves his brother’s hands up against the metal helmet and because they possess similar powers they are locked together, Lionel “sees” his own disordered brain in juxtaposition with that of the sane sibling. So synapse by synapse, hands capable of shaping organic matter use Madison’s ID as a model for untwisting Scramble’s mind, until eventually, the two men slump to the floor, and Jeffries welcomes his little brother back.

Sometime later, Box declares that everything has been straightened out, Northstar adding that cured of his own insanity, Scramble used his powers to undo the damage he had done. Madison tells his brother that he may not be able to “cure” the dead, but that he can certainly heal the living. Wit Judd at her side, Heather says that she is glad, but wishes someone else could have been the catalyst. Judd tells Heather that eventually someone else would have had the same pity for Lionel that she did, and by reaching out to touch him, the same situation would have arisen.

Lionel declares that his restoration to sanity came sooner rather than later, he owes to Heather, and as she cries he puts a hand up to wipe away the tears and says ‘thanks’. Heather cringes at his touch, for she was already violated by him once and will never feel easy in his presence again. Lionel tells Heather that he knows what she is feeling and that all he asks for is forgiveness. Heather shakes his hand and replies that she thinks she can give that much.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the battle, no one thinks to check a certain slab in the mall, on which rests a very large body - the last body the insane Scramble reassembled out of several parts. Rejoined, these parts take a life of their own, rise and the huge body lumbers off into the night.

Characters Involved: 

Aurora, Box, Northstar, Puck, Snowbird (all Alpha Flight)

Shaman (former member of Alpha Flight)

Heather McNeil Hudson

Madison Jeffries

Doug Thompson

Gary Cody

Dr. Lionel Jeffries / Scramble the Mixed-Up-Man

Army Technicians

Doctors and Patients in hospital

Deadly Earnest

In Illustrative Image

Guardian, Marrina, Sasquatch, Shaman, Talisman II (all former members of Alpha Flight)

Delphine Courtney / “Dark Guardian”


In Flashback

Madison Jeffries

Lionel Jeffries

Story Notes: 

Tamarind Island was first seen in Alpha Flight (first series) #20, and belongs to former Alphan Walter Langkowski, a.k.a. Sasquatch.

Guardian died in Alpha Flight (first series) #12 during a battle with his former employer, Jerry Jaxon.

Sasquatch was lost in Alpha Flight (first series) #29 / Incredible Hulk #313 in the process of trying to find a new body, he realized that he could not take the one of his old friend, the Hulk, so his mind wanders aimlessly without a body.

Talisman quit in Alpha Flight (first series) #28 after being failed one too many times by her father, Shaman, she was rescued from the void by the Beyonder in Secret Wars II #4.

Shaman quit in Alpha Flight (first series) #29 after nearly losing his daughter, Talisman, he has lost faith in himself, and therefore his powers do not work.

Marrina left Alpha Flight to be with the Sub-Mariner in Alpha Flight (first series) #4, but after learning her true origins with the help of Puck, she soon fled both him and the Sub-Mariner in Alpha Flight (first series) #14-16.

Jeffries destroyed Delphine Courtney a.k.a. Dark Guardian in Alpha Flight (first series) #28.

Sasquatch and Aurora fought Gilded Lily, apparently an ancestor of Sasquatch’s who turned her lovers into gold statues and tried to do the same to both Walt and Aurora in Alpha Flight (first series) #20-21.

Shaman and Doug both call Snowbird by her name she used for human disguise, Anne, but it is incorrectly spelt “Ann”. This is an error in its self, as Snowbird no longer uses her human guise, and does not go by that name at all.

Northstar and Aurora met for the first time in Northstar’s origin story [Back story in Alpha Flight (first series) #10].

Issue Information: 
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