Alpha Flight (1st series) #42

Issue Date: 
January 1987
Story Title: 

Bill Mantlo (Writer), David Ross (Penciler), Wilce Portacio (Inker), Bob Sharen (Colorist), Jim Novak (Letterer), Joanne Spaldo (Assistant Editor), Carl Potts (Editor), Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Northstar, (who is also plagued by a cough) is brought back to Alpha Flight, still under the control of the Purple Girl, and they contemplate what to do about her. When Twoyoungmen suggests that they kill her she panics, and ordering all of them to stop, she escapes into the Mansion before they can stop her. On her way, Kara comes across Jeffries, in the middle of helping Bochs free himself of the armor, but ordering him to help her, Kara puts Bochs’ life in danger when he is trapped in a non-pressurized chamber. Kara and Jeffries leave in the Omnijet, and much later, Alpha Flight are no longer under her possession, and Vindicator, Northstar and Puck go in search of Kara and their missing teammate. Purple Girl orders Jeffries to take her to Toronto, where she possesses everyone and anyone to get what she wants. But her spree across Toronto does not go unnoticed, as a man called the Auctioneer is very interested in her. Kara returns home and her mother pleads with her not to turn into a villain like her father, but Kara thinks she can do what she wants – until the Auctioneer captures her and Jeffries, and using a special gas he takes control of her and orders her to order Jeffries to build a super weapon, demonstrating his abilities at his auction, and as the bidders are super criminals and terrorists, he offers Kara and Jeffries for sale! Kara’s mother is brought in as a hostage, not long before Alpha Flight arrive, and take care of the Auctioneer, with the Purple Girl’s help. Returning to Mansion Alpha, Kara helps return Bochs to his armor, where he will still remain a prisoner, and she is formally inducted as the first member of the new Beta Flight, much to Jean-Paul’s disgust.

Full Summary: 

Mansion Alpha, Tamarind Island, British Columbia, Canada. Where Canada’s premiere super heroes – Vindicator, Snowbird, Puck, Shaman, Aurora, Box and Jeffries a.k.a. the super team Alpha Flight stand by their teammate, Northstar who has been taken control of by the young mutant girl known as the Purple Girl! Aurora turns to Kara Killgrave and declares that her brother has been turned into a purple zombie and all she can say is “I didn’t mean it?” Roger Bochs, inside the Box armor tries to calm Aurora down, telling her she is frightening the child. The goddess Narya, a.k.a. Snowbird points out that the “child” has mesmerized a member of Alpha Flight, not to mention having him bring her to Mansion Alpha points out team leader Heather “Vindicator” Hudson.

Madison Jeffries thinks that this whole situation shows she has a lot of spunk, and Eugene “Puck” Judd adds that this is also some good judgment on Kara’s part, as this is the longest he has heard the hypercritical Northstar stay quiet. Aurora asks them how they can joke at a time like this, as Box interrupts his girlfriend and tells her that they all know how serious this is, but that the Purple Girl hardly seems to be an enemy. Kara agrees and asks them if she were an enemy, would she have put herself in their power. Michael “Shaman” Twoyoungmen a.k.a. the new Talisman asks Kara if they are in her power now, and Judd asks her if she could do to them what she did to Northstar.

Looking at the frozen from of the handsome Jean-Paul Beaubier, Heather asks Kara what she has exactly done to their resident speedster. Sheepishly, Kara replies that she hypnotized him, a power that she inherited from her father, Killgrave the Purple Man, however when she takes someone over, their skin turns purple too. Aurora demands that her brother be released at once, and Kara exclaims that she would love to, proclaiming that she never meant to mesmerize him in the first place, one that she was afraid he would leave her in the South Pacific where she made him take her. However there is only one way to release him that she knows of. Heather asks how she can release him, and Kara declares ‘Northstar, go soak your head!’

With that, Northstar speeds out of the room, and everyone follows him, only to see him jump into the swimming pool. Now free of the Purple Girls’ thrall, in his native language of French, Jean-Paul asks who is responsible for this, only to see ‘the purple vixen’ skulking behind his teammates. Box tells Jean-Paul to calm down and reminds him that no one except Aurora can understand what he is saying. Jeffries asks Kara why she didn’t hypnotize the rest of them as easy as she did Northstar, and Box reveals that instruments built into his armor reveal that the Purple Girl’s power is olfactorally induced by pheromones secreted through the pores of her skin, and he doubts that she could affect him.

Aurora tells her lover that if he remains a robot then he will lose her, and that he must emerge from the armor soon. Purple Girl declares that she did not come to control them, but that she came for help. Pulling himself out of the swimming pool, Northstar tells everyone that Kara is lying. But Kara proclaims that she isn't, and that she did not ask for the powers, but became a ‘goofy grape’ on her birthday and is just scared! Heather remembers her late husband Mac telling her that many mutants do not discover their latent powers until reaching puberty.

Seeing his friend walk out of the room, Jeffries calls to Box and asks him if something is wrong. But Roger offers no reply, instead he thinks to himself that Aurora is laying down the law and he needs to find a way out of the robot body he retracted into when stricken with the bends. He needs to become a man Aurora can cuddle with, or else their relationship will be over! As he too makes his exit, Jeffries sarcastically remarks to Aurora that she should just take an ice pick to Bochs. Bluntly, Aurora replies that how she handles her affairs, is her own business. Jeffries frowns and tells Aurora that that may be the case, but she just happens to be messing around his best friend.

Northstar turns to his sister and asks her if she really loves the legless cripple, but Aurora just tells her brother to shut-up. Vindicator asks Alpha Flight what they should do with the Purple Girl and Judd suggests that because her power to control others is formidable, it could become even more so with proper training. Twoyoungmen declares that Alpha Flight is not a prep school and after what happened to his daughter, Elizabeth, he would think twice before endangering a child again.

Furious, Northstar declares that he cannot even believe that they would consider offering ‘this manipulative little Minx a place in Alpha Flight’. Hands on hips, Heather replies ‘Why not, Northstar? We accepted you, didn’t we?’ Jean-Paul declares that the Purple Girl used her powers to make him serve her – to love her – and he feels violated, as if he had been raped. ‘And by a woman! No wonder you’re so upset’ Heather remarks cruelly. Sternly, Jean-Paul tells Heather not to mock him and reminds her that he has been an Alphan longer than her and if he chooses to veto this decision – ‘Koff! Koff! Koff!’ Jean-Paul bursts into a fit of coughs.

Concerned, Kara apologizes to him, believing all the soakings she made him suffer to free him from her powers must have given him a cold. Heather notices the concern in Kara’s voice, which gives her reason to believe that she has a crush on Northstar. Aurora declares that the question still remains – what do they do about the Purple Girl, while Judd jokes to himself that Northstar being silenced by a cold must mean it is some cold!

Twoyoungmen declares that their choices are easy – they must turn this powerful young woman loose upon the world, confine her, kill her or... ‘Kill me? I cam to you for help!’ cries Kara. Frightened, Kara tells the Alphans that if they will not help her then she will not let them hurt her, and orders them to ‘Freeze’ and thus they are frozen before anyone can react. Running from the room, Kara tells them that they can stay that way until she can get out of there. What Kara does not know, is that if she waited for Shaman to finish his sentence she would have heard him state the final option – that they could adopt her into Alpha Flight where she and her power could be nurtured.

Meanwhile, in Bochs’ laboratory room, Jeffries declares that they will get Roger out of the armor. Roger asks Madison ‘how?’ and exclaims that he should know what the bends can do to a person, and that upon becoming human in a non-pressurized environment, the nitrogen bubbles that were floating in his lungs might burst and either paralyze him or kill him! Jeffries asks how divers survive with the bends, and Box reveals that they are placed into decompression chambers wherein a gradual normalization of pressure prevents the crippling embolism.

Jeffries declares that that is what they will do for him, and Roger agrees, though points out that there would be a risk from phasing into the chamber which might make him end up stricken, but that he would risk anything for Aurora! Jeffries winces, for he is doubtful that Aurora really loves Roger, but he keeps his thoughts to himself and informs Roger that he may not have to phase out of the armor. Roger is about to ask ‘how?’ when Jeffries reminds him that he is a transmutator and because his power made the Box armor, he thinks he can turn the robots metal into what he needs, without Roger having to emerge from it.

And so he does, with the Box armor becoming a chamber, to which a surprised Roger tells Jeffries that he didn’t know he could transmute the robot independently of his will, and adds that he is not sure he likes it. Jeffries tells Roger that metal is metal, but that they are pals and he would never use his power to hurt Roger. He adds that he has to guess at the pressure to set since neither of them are sure at what depth it was that Roger got into trouble. Madison asks Bochs if he is ready to phase out and into the chamber, and as the quadriplegic does so he declares that he is not sure that is the right description, for he is still inside the decompression chamber the Box robot has become.

Landing on the seat, Roger starts to say something about the pressure when he cries out in pain, for the pressure is obviously wrong. Panicking, Jeffries bangs on the chamber and tells Roger to phase back into the armor, when suddenly, along comes the Purple Girl, who uses her powers on Madison and telling him to help her escape from here. The mesmerized Jeffries follows Kara from the laboratory, leaving a pain-wracked Roger curled up on the floor of the chamber.

Soon, the Omnijet takes off and inside it, Kara asks what it is. Jeffries replies that it is Alpha Flight’s all purpose personnel carrier and looking around seeing how cramped it is, Kara exclaims that it gives her the chills. However she does not dispute the fact that it is fast, and the faster she gets away from ‘those Alpha Flight creeps’ the better. Kara tells the mesmerized Jeffries to steer a course for Toronto, as there is no place like home.

Some hours later, the six remaining Alphans come free of the Purple Girls’ power, yet they all clutch their heads, for as Puck points out it has left them all with migraines. ‘Apparently distance is as good as ducking’ remarks Snowbird unamused, and Jean-Paul agrees, hoping that they will never have to set eyes on the Purple Girl again. But Heather tells Northstar that he knows they have to find her, as her powers must be channeled towards good.

The Alphans split up and search the Mansion for Kara, when Aurora suddenly screams – for she is in Roger’s lab and has come across her boyfriends’ body, lying still in the chamber. Northstar rushes to his sisters’ side, fearing something to be wrong with her, but as the other Alphans gather around they all see that it is indeed Roger who is in danger. Heather turns to Shaman who is a doctor and asks what happened to Roger. Judd points out that the chamber Roger lies in seems familiar, and Twoyoungmen reveals that it is the Box armor, transmutated into a decompression chamber, the logical way to treat the bends.

Heather orders for Roger to be taken out of the chamber, to which Twoyoungmen sternly replies ‘no’ and declares that Roger has been shocked into unconsciousness. For apparently the pressure within the chamber was not quite the same as that at which Roger incurred the bends, however at the same time it was not so divergent as to cause any serious harm and that he should recover. But to remove him to a lesser pressure would compound the injury.

Northstar informs Heather that both Jeffries and the Omnijet are gone, and Heather realizes that the Purple Girl must have mesmerized Jeffries. She tells Twoyoungmen and Aurora to remain and look after Bochs while she, Northstar, Snowbird and Judd got find the Purple Girl. Judd is holding a homing device and informs Heather that the Omnijet emits a signal on a secret frequency, which they can track with the device. But Heather is more interested in the look of revulsion on Aurora’s face for the legless Bochs.

Outside, Vindicator flies through the air carrying Judd, while Northstar runs across the water and Snowbird…well, she hasn’t come. Heather remembers that Aurora was bored and so she flattered and flirted with Roger, until he took the ultimate risk to be with her, and now that he is useless to her, she couldn’t care less. Northstar asks why Snowbird didn’t come with them, and Judd declares that it must be her thoughts are still on her lost husband and child who was possessed by Pestilence. Because of it she has withdrawn further from Alpha Flight while she awaits Shaman’s spirits to discover the whereabouts of her family.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, Jeffries lands the Omnijet and Kara realizes that it will be no good, as someone is bound to notice the jet in the middle of the park. Kara asks Jeffries to do something about disguising the craft and he immediately complies, transforming the Omnijet into a convertible car. She asks ‘how?’ and Madison replies that he is a transmutator, able to alter metal and machinery. Kara reveals that she was going to dump Jeffries once they arrived, but now thinks it might be fun to have him around, and so she orders him to drive.

As they drive across the Gardiner expressway, Kara sees that there is traffic jam ahead and remarks that she wishes they could just fly over – and her wish is granted, as Madison causes the car to fly over the railing and take to the air across the lake. ‘Kinda droll ain’tcha?’ remarks Kara, to which the mesmerized Jeffries replies ‘Your wish is my command’. Kara declares that she wanted to get home unseen so that she would not freak out her mother, but on second thought she thinks that it is her mothers fault for bearing the Purple Man’s kid, so orders Jeffries to fly on.

On a nearby dock, the flight of the transformed Omnijet does not go unnoticed, and while most people would not believe in flying cars, there are those people that would see them as possibilities, and when one man in particular is informed of the flying car by the men on the docks, he orders them to keep it in sight.

Kara is starting to like this experience and orders Jeffries to set the car down so they can have some fun, which is exactly what she starts to seek out. When they get a speeding ticket, Kara orders the officer to tear it up, which he does. Soon, they are surrounded by mesmerized waiters at a restaurant where Kara and her girlfriends could never afford to eat at. Same goes for high style fashion, where with her new powers, she can buy anything she wants, and have Jeffries carry it all around for her. Looking out across Toronto from a lookout, she declares that it is all hers.

Back in the car, Kara wonders why she isn't happy, and realizes that it is because she only gets to act the way she does because she is a freak, and declares that if Alpha Flight had accepted her, then she would have been a freak amongst freaks, but now she feels so alone! Kara thinks that Alpha rejected her and remembers that they even talked about killing her – to make the world safe from her power. Kara boasts that they will be sorry they did that, that everyone will be sorry…except her mother.

Soon, Kara arrives home, and bursting through the door, she embraces her mother, who is relived her daughter is okay. ‘But I'm still purple mom, like dad’ says Kara, adding that she has her fathers power. Noticing the purple colored Jeffries in the doorway, Melanie asks Kara if she has used it to control others. Kara exclaims that she has, starting with Alpha Flight, because they wanted to hurt her. Melanie is surprised at this and tells Kara that it is not her fault she is the way she is. However, she informs her daughter that if she keeps using her powers like her father did, to bend people to your own will…her voice trails off.

Melanie pleads with her daughter, telling her that she cannot become a criminal like her father the Purple Man. Kara protest, asking ‘why not?’ after all, the “do-gooders” wont help her, so why shouldn’t she take what she wants whenever she wants it – ‘how else am I gonna make it in life as a grape-colored freak?’ Kara, followed by Jeffries walks out of the apartment and into the hallway, where Melanie watches her daughter and curses Killgrave for laying his curse upon their daughter.

Walking out of the apartment complex, Kara tells her “slave” to follow, and declares that they have a world to conquer. However, someone has arrived to throw Kara’s plan off its tracks, a man stepping out of a limousine, followed by several goons, the middle aged man tells Kara she is ambitious, but impractical. For even though her power is formidable to mesmerize Mr. Jeffries of Alpha Flight, it is hardly the world-conquering sort. The man continues, informing Kara that he has observed her spree through downtown Toronto and will admit that it has a certain value, which he has carefully appraised. Introducing himself, he declares his name is the Auctioneer, and has a proposal he thinks may benefit them both.

‘You mean, you can teach me how to use my powers to make me rich?’ asks Kara with enthusiasm. A Jeffries gets in the limo, the Auctioneer replies that he can teach her this very night, as he was in town for a very special auction, when he happened to witness her rather spectacular arrival. He tells Kara that if she and Jeffries accompany him it will be worth her while. Climbing into the car Kara smiles and says ‘As for your auction, it sounds like fun, lets do it!’

Suddenly, a partition comes up between Kara’s seat and the seat of the Auctioneer, and Kara asks what it is for. The Auctioneer smiles reveals that he analyzed her powers as they followed her and concluded that they are pheromone based, and that the plexishield between them prevents her from manipulating him. Gas starts pouring into Kara and Jeffries’ part of the vehicle and the Auctioneer declares that the psycho-tropic mist being pumped to them now should allow him to manipulate her. The Auctioneer orders his driver to the auction, where bidders are waiting!

Soon, at a hall which was rented in the name of a perfectly legitimate Canadian business man who knows nothing of the private affair taking place there tonight. The Auctioneer stands on a stage before the bidders and greets them, boasting that he knows they are all busy but have come nevertheless to bid on the latest martial technology. The Auctioneer announces he wishes to diverge from the order listed in the catalogue to offer two very special acquisitions, and so he motions to Kara Killgrave the Purple Girl and Jeffries of Alpha Flight. The bidders start a commotion: ‘we came here to buy weapons, not people!” ‘The heroes of Alpha Flight are human weapons!” “If a way could be found to control such super beings…”.

The Auctioneer announces that Jeffries passes out from the drug they use on the Purple girl to control her, which is why they are manipulating a manipulator, to in turn manipulate a transmutator. The Auctioneer asks the Purple Girl for a demonstration and rubbing her head, Kara realizes that she can think for herself but cannot fight off the Auctioneer’s drugs, so she has to do what he orders her to. Kara tells Jeffries to build and demonstrate a super weapon out of the other war-toys up for auction. Jeffries does as he is commanded, while Kara knows she is just the conduit for the Auctioneer’s commands now.

But now, Kara knows how awful others must feel by being manipulated by her. As the weapons are all transformed into a new super weapon, Jeffries asks Kara if it is satisfactory, and scared of the machine, Kara replies that she guesses so, ‘but what does it do?’ Jeffries monotonously replies that it is an assassination unit, fast, efficient and all-but indestructible.
It shoots at the bidders, many of them get out their own handguns and shoot back. Kara mumbles that it is the perfect Christmas present for organized criminals, corporate killers and terrorists.

The Auctioneer agrees, and asks the bidders why they should have to bid on conventional weaponry, ‘when the marvelous Mr. Jeffries…under the control of the Purple Girl, for the right price, could be yours to command’, adding that Jeffries can create newer and deadlier weaponry daily. Kara certainly feels now that both she and Jeffries are puppets, and that it would have been better if Alpha Flight killed her. She thinks to herself that if she could just fight the Auctioneer’s drugs, she would be able to utter the words that would let her control him, but she cannot, for every time she tries to her mind goes to mush! However, she has to do it, for herself and for Jeffries. The Auctioneer orders Kara to make Jeffries give them another demonstration, ‘if you please’.

While outside…Vindicator, Jean-Paul and Judd have arrived at the location of the Omnijet, which has been transformed, into a car. Heather supposes it is the work of Jeffries, but wonders why it is parked where it is. Jean-Paul declares that he remembers the Purple Girl telling him she ran away from Toronto. Heather suggests that she might have come home, Judd states the obvious, that it is a large apartment complex, and Heather replies that they should start ringing doorbells.

While Alpha Flight searches, Kara screams ‘No! I don’t “please”!’ Much to the Auctioneer’s surprise, Kara is defying him and resisting the drugs. Kara tells the Auctioneer that he is right, and is about to make her next move when suddenly he envelops her in plexiwrap, declaring that he was prepared for the possibility that her powers may enable her to develop immunities to his psycho-tropic drugs.

Kara exclaims that she wants to be let out before she suffocates, but the Auctioneer tells her that the wrap allows air in, but prevents her pheromonic powers from flowing out. Lara thinks to herself that she cannot stand to be trapped the way she is, and wonders if this is what the Auctioneer means about psychological torture, that he is going to torture her through her claustrophobia, when suddenly, Kara sees two goons bring her mother into view!

Kara asks her mother why she is here, and Melanie informs her daughter that they came to the apartment and took her, saying that they would kill her if Kara didn’t do as she was told. The Auctioneer exclaims that it is a cruder form of control than drugs, but more effective in the long run. ‘There won’t be any “long run” Auctioneer!’ Mr. Jeffries exclaims defiantly, suggesting that the Purple Girl’s control over others fades when she is under wraps. And as various weapons float around him, Jeffries tells the Auctioneer that by him placing Kara under his power, he forgot about him ‘And that was a big mistake!’

Suddenly, the metal roof of the building blows off due to Jeffries’ command, and then it is converted to energy in a pyrotechnic display, which alerts Jean-Paul, Vindicator and Judd, who fly towards the building.

Inside the building, the Auctioneer reminds Jeffries that they still have the Purple Girls’ mother. Suddenly, Alpha flight burst into the building thanks to Heather who uses her electromagnetic powers to shatter the wall and she declares ‘If that woman goes to an early grave, my friend, you’ll soon follow!’ Kara is surprised at the arrival of the heroes and asks Jeffries if they came to rescue him, he replies that they came to rescue them both.

Northstar swoops down and takes Melanie in his arms, freeing her from the goon. The astonished woman realizes that he is Jean-Paul Beaubier and informs him that her daughter’s room is full of posters of him’. ‘How flattering’ replies Jean-Paul unimpressed. Kara is surprised to see Northstar most of all, and thinks that because he came also, he must care a little bit…right?

Jeffries commands his weapons to attack the goons, thinking to himself that he could have transmuted the knife the goon was holding on Kara’s mother, but he is not complaining about the arrival of his teammates, and in fact he realizes that he likes working with a team…Vindicator’s team. Judd holds his own against the hired help, remembering how he used to revel in such action, but that all he can think about now is how ridiculous his agility seems compared to Heather’s newfound power as Vindicator. Heather deals with the various terrorists and crime lords by using the metal girders supporting the floor as conductors for her plasma bursts.

Northstar drops Melanie off on out of harms way on the other side of the auditorium and she asks him how she can ever thank him. ‘By placing your daughter in a distant boarding school!’ Jean-Paul exclaims, before clutching his upper arm, where Melanie notes that he is bleeding. Jean-Paul tells her that it is an inconsequential scratch from their dramatic entrance and adds that it is nothing and will heal.

The Auctioneer takes hold of Kara in the plexiwrap and is furious that his carefully programmed auction has been reduced to chaos, projections of vast profit lying in disarray. He tells Kara that he may have lost her mother as a hostage, but still has her. Kara calls the Auctioneer a creep as she stumbles backwards somewhat, the bag then tearing on a nail, Kara does not realize this and tells the Auctioneer that if she could get out of the bag she would order him to ‘Drop dead!’ – and the Auctioneer turns purple, and gasping for breath he falls to the ground.

Jeffries puts a comforting hand on Kara and informs her that the bag ripped on a nail. Confused, Kara asks if the Auctioneer did what she ordered him to, and declares that if she is a killer, then she is a menace and Alpha Flight should destroy her. Judd examines the Auctioneer and reveals that there is a heartbeat and a pulse, suggesting that the Purple Girl’s powers cannot affect the body’s involuntary systems, and that as soon as she leaves, he will recover. Heather declares that they will leave the mess for the RCMP, as they all need to go back to Mansion Alpha.

Everyone congregates around the chamber where Roger Bochs lies unconscious and Jeffries reminds Kara that she used her powers selfishly but now they are asking her to use them for good. Twoyoungmen informs Kara that their teammate Bochs lies unconscious and none of them can enter the chamber to help him for fear that it will depressurize. Kara asks why he has to wake up, and Heather informs her that he needs to be able to get into the Bochs armor, because it preserved his life once before and may do so again. Jeffries begins to transmute a pressure-lock and tells Kara that when she gives her order, they will draw out the air in the chamber, pressurize it and pump it back into Bochs.

Jeffries asks Kara if she understands what she has to do, and she replies that she doesn’t think she can. Jeffries tells Kara that she has to, as she is his only hope, and in part is responsible for putting him in this situation. Jeffries knows he could have created a pressure suit for any of them, but thought he would let the Purple Girl redeem herself. Inside a small compartment, Kara’s claustrophobia sets in, she is scared and thinks she is about to black out, but if she cannot get control of herself, how will she get control of Bochs? Kara orders him to wake up, and he does, where the containment chamber begins to fill with repressurized air, and Kara runs back out to her mother.

Jeffries transforms the Box armor back into its regular form and Roger asks if he is trapped inside it again. Madison tells his friend that they will find a way to get him out and into the arms of Aurora again. Roger asks how long he will have to wait, or more to the point, how long will Aurora wait, which Jeffries thinks is a very good question. Aurora exclaims that she will wait as long as it takes – as long as it is not too long.

Vindicator declares that the question still remains – what do they do with the Purple Girl? Jeffries exclaims that there is only one thing left to do – revive Beta Flight, where some of them got started. ‘And train me to be an Alphan?’ asks Kara excitedly? But her mother is not so sure, until Heather informs her that no one else in all of Canada is better equipped to deal with Kara’s powers. Melanie is about to mention the danger, when Judd points out that she was in danger tonight.

Jeffries smiles, and boasts that Beta Flight is reborn, with a membership of one! Kara thanks everyone, and Twoyoungmen mutters that he cannot say whether it bodes good, or bad. Standing away from the others, Jean-Paul thinks to himself ‘I can! The little minx!’

Characters Involved: 

Aurora, Box, Jeffries, Northstar, Puck, Snowbird, Talisman III, Vindicator II (all Members of Alpha Flight)

Purple Girl (Member of Beta Flight)

Melanie Killgrave (Purple Girl’s mother)

The Auctioneer


Various World Leaders and Villains


Shop assistant

Story Notes: 

Northstar’s possession by the Purple Girl can be seen in Alpha Flight (first series) #41, which also marks the Purple Girl’s first appearance.

Northstar’s mysterious cough will go on to have serious repercussions over the coming issues.

Roger has been trapped inside the Box armor since Alpha Flight (first series) #39, when he developed the bends at sea.

Heather’s comment about accepting Northstar into Alpha Flight is somewhat misplaced, as of those in the room, Snowbird, Aurora and Twoyoungmen had been with Department H before Northstar, and while Heather had been there in the background she did not have anything to do with choosing members of the team.

In reply to Northstar’s comment that he felt as if he had been raped, Heather’s reply ‘by a woman, no wonder you’re so upset’ is another hint at Northstar’s homosexuality.

Mantlo’s ignorance of Snowbird’s character is played out again this issue when she is easily falls under the powers of the Purple Girl. However, as pointed out in Alpha Flight (1st series) #28 Snowbird can not be put under the influence of another. For example when Talisman teleported Alpha Flight away, Snowbird was not teleported with them.

Snowbird’s baby was possessed by Pestilence in Alpha Flight (First series) #37. Her angry husband, Doug Thompson, began his own search for the baby in Alpha Flight (1st series) #39, declaring Snowbird an uncaring mother, while as pointed out in Alpha Flight (1st series) #39 and Annual #1, Snowbird has a death wish.

Department H used to have a three tier training system, where a super powered being would join Gamma Flight, before moving onto Beta Flight for more advanced training if they were suitable, and finally joining Alpha Flight. While former members of the two teams Beta and Gamma have appeared, the team names have not, as they were disbanded along with Alpha Flight in Alpha Flight (first series) #1.

Beta Flight will go on to become supporting characters in Alpha Flight, the team generally consisting of teenage super powered beings. (Like the New Mutants to the X-Men).

Purple Girl, despite her exclamation that she will one-day join Alpha Flight never actually does. Possibly an ongoing joke by the post-Mantlo writers or editors, whenever there was a major line-up change, Kara often muttered “I know, I know, Beta Flight”, despite wanting to be a full member of Alpha Flight.

Issue Information: 
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