Alpha Flight (1st series) #61

Issue Date: 
August 1988
Story Title: 

Bill Mantlo (Writer), Jim Lee (Penciler), Tony DeZuniga (Inker), Bob Sharen (Colorist), Janice Chiang (Letterer), Marc McLaurin (Assistant Editor), Carl Potts (Editor), Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Vindicator and Box attend an inquisition held by the Canadian government where they are requested to explain recent actions and plan Alpha Flight’s future. While some of the committee investigating Alpha Flight are on the heroes’ side, many are not, and try to get the message across that Alpha Flight are a menace, while Heather reiterates that all Alpha has ever done is defend their country, and want to do it without the government spying on them. The debate is televised live and is watched by people all over Canada and the rest of the world, including the X-Men, Avengers and Fantastic Four. The Jade Dragon tries to stick up for Alpha Flight before Heather gives her final verdict, that Alpha Flight will not be controlled by the government, even if it means rejecting funding. She invites the Jade Dragon to join her team, but he declines as he is unsure what he is going to do. Heather tells Jeffries that Alpha Flight doesn’t need funding, as they can survive off the insurance money she received following Mac’s death, and Walter Langkowski’s fortune, before asking him to marry her - Jeffries accepts. Wanda and the Betans are having troubles all over Ottawa, reacting to the public’s views of what is happening to Alpha Flight, while Wanda tries to get at her fortune, a fortune she held as Walter Langkowski. The bank does not allow her to withdraw her money. Things get worse when she goes to visit her ex-wife, Veronica. Although Veronica believes that Wanda really is Walter, she knows that no one else will, meaning she will not have to part with any of the fortune. The Purple Girl and Manikin also plan what they will do in case Alpha Flight does break up - the Purple Girl can go back home, and will take Laura Dean and Goblyn with her, while Manikin is going to return to medicine, leaving Kara with a possibly broken heart.

Full Summary: 

Ottawa, where a hearing is being held regarding the recent events surrounding Alpha Flight is being held, and being broadcasted live on television. Alpha Flight’s defense lawyer, Mr. Pace sits at a desk with team leader Heather “Vindicator“ McNeil Hudson and her lover and teammate Madison “Box“ Jeffries, whose Box armor stands behind them as do many RCMP. Mr. Pace addresses the members of parliament seated before them and on behalf of his clients denounces this inquisition. A member of parliament notes Pace’s objection for the record, but overrules it, before declaring that the hearing into the fate and future of Alpha Flight will commence.

Heather begins to say ‘If we stand accused of something…’ as her lawyer tells her to let him speak for her, but a member of parliament tells Heather that no charges have been preferred…yet, before motioning to a screen behind him where a recording of recent events in China is being played out, he explains that in light of Alpha Flights unauthorized incursion into China, he is of the opinion that an indictment should be lodged for high treason. A female member of parliament informs Heather that American satellite transmissions recorded Alpha Flight’s activities and another asks her what she was doing there.

‘Risking out blasted necks to keep the Dreamqueen from invading Earth!’ exclaims Jeffries, leaping up from his chair. ’And almost causing World War III in the process’ a balding member of parliament retorts, before revealing that as soon as the Chinese mobilized on their border, the Russians retargeted their nuclear arsenal as did the Americans. He continues, suggesting that if the battle had not ended when it did, Alpha Flight may have been responsible for the destruction of the Earth.

Pace begins to talk to the member of parliament, but Heather tells her lawyer that while she appreciates him being assigned by the government to represent Alpha Flight before the tribunal, ‘But I must ask you to please SHUT UP!’ Pace starts to protest, but Heather cuts him off, declaring that she speaks for Alpha Flight, adding that she will not be represented by a mouth-piece appointed by the very government that so mistrusted Alpha Flight that it unleashed Bedlam to destroy them. Heather remembers Gary Cody before reminding the female member of the tribunal that she asked her what Alpha Flight were doing behind the “Bamboo Curtain“ and declares that she wants the reporters to be allowed to keep their cameras watching, as her answer is one she wants all of Canada to hear.

Canada indeed does get to hear what Heather has to say, as watching the proceedings by means of a television in a shop window on this cold snowy day are dozens of Canadian citizens. An elderly man grunts before asking what could ‘that super powered freak’ say in her own defense? A younger man tells the older to listen so he can find out as a third man declares that it sounds like Ottawa has some explaining of its own to do. A little girl in the crows asks her mother where the rest of Alpha Flight is, as someone else exclaims that Northstar is their favorite.

Walking alongside the crowd, unbeknownst to the crowd, is the one absent member of Alpha Flight - Wanda “Sasquatch“ Langkowski, and the members of Beta Flight - Kara “the Purple Girl“ Kilgrave, Whitman “Manikin“ Knapp, Laura Dean, and Goblyn, who is being pushed in a pram to hide her mutant appearance. Kara tells Wanda that she is glad they came out for air, and young Laura Dean agrees, exclaiming that being cooped up in the hotel by the government was driving her nuts. Laura remarks that the pool was nice as the handsome Whit adds that the food wouldn’t have been bad - if they weren’t so worried about their beloved government poisoning them.

Goblyn growls, but Wanda shushes her, mentioning that Manikin is right, for no matter the gloss, the government essentially penned them up in an all-expenses paid prison. Kara exclaims that all they have ever done is help Canada and asks why their country suddenly hates them. ‘Stuff it! Let’s get loaded!’ suggests Whit, as the group overhear a member of the parliament committee telling Heather that she does not ask them questions, that they do.

Back inside the hearing room now, the first question to be asked is who Alpha Flight’s young communist friend is. Heather asks the member of parliament why he doesn’t ask their new friend himself, pointing out that Alpha Flight have not been able to see him since their return. Before anyone can say anything in return, Heather continues with what she wanted to say, declaring that Ottawa grew afraid that Alpha Flight was becoming too strong, too unreliable because the new Flight did not contain a member from the original team, so a super being created by her late husband was resurrected to…monitor them. Heather reveals to those who do not know that Bedlam tried to destroy Alpha Flight - except they fought back, and won.

Heather adds that their victory did not come without a cost - for their home, Mansion Alpha was destroyed, then before they could occupy Bedlam’s complex they were attacked by the Great Beasts, but Box managed to convert the complex’s metal mass to energy, thus slaying Tundra. One of the parliament committee declares that this is absurd, however someone shows him a map and informs him that Heather’s story fits with the documented, sudden appearance by a crater, whose genesis shook seismographs across Canada. The government official scoffs if off as a ‘purely natural phenomenon’, but a stern faced Heather tells him there was nothing ‘natural’ in what happened next, revealing that aboard what they called the Boxship, they were blasted off the Earth by the force of the explosion.

Heather reveals that Alpha Flight somehow found themselves on Liveworld, the realm of the Dreamqueen. A member of the committee grins and asks ‘Mrs. Hudson’ if she is sure she didn’t dream this all up. Heather tells the cocky man that he can call her Vindicator, before exclaiming that if anything, the Dreamqueen was a nightmare. Dreams were the weapon of the Dreamqueen, and by Alpha Flight dreaming them, they were almost destroyed - but a former Alphan, Puck, defeated the Dreamqueen, though Heather adds that it may have cost him his life.

At a bar, several men sitting around the counter are watching the hearing on a television and wonder if Vindicator was talking about Puck as in Eugene Judd, who used to tend at the bar. Someone clearing some dishes declares that when Judd became an Alphan he put this bar on the map, as another person asks who cares and exclaims that he wants to see the Maple Leafs play. Wanda and Beta Flight enter the bar, and Whit points out a booth. Kara asks if they serve purple people here, to which Wanda jokes that the probably stock non-alcoholic goofy grape. Goblyn growls, causing Wanda to shush her again, as Laura exclaims that her sister is hungry.

A waitress comes up to the booth the Alphans are seated in and asks them what they would like. Wanda informs the waitress of what they want and Whit asks for „dog yummies“ for the baby- as Goblyn clamps down on Whit’s hand. The waitress looks over her shoulder at the heroes as she goes back to the bar, thinking to herself that she heard the baby growl. Motioning to the television screen, Wanda points out that it doesn’t seem like Heather is converting anyone to Alpha’s cause. The Betans and people around the bar watch the television as one of the government officials tells Heather that her testimony defies reason, adding that she commits treason, then has the temerity to accuse Canada.

A female member of the committee stands up and reminds her colleague that this is only a hearing, and that no one has accused the Flight of anything. ‘Then it’s bloody well time we started!’ the aggressive member of the committee declares. Another member of the committee brings up what Heather has recently mentioned - ‘Government created monsters, Great Beasts, Dreamqueens…’ the woman reminds the men that satellite photos did show Alpha battling an entity, to which the aggressive man asks how they can know for sure, and suggests that the Dreamqueen may have been fabricated by Alpha for their own purposes.

Heather leans across her table and exclaims that she gives her word. The aggressive man declares that the word of a super freak is worth less than the paper he holds in his hand. With those harsh words spoken, Heather blasts the mans desk with her electromagnetic energy. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police that line the room order Heather to ‘desist or we’ll…’ ‘We’’ what? Shoot?’ asks another, before they see that she has her force fields up. Jeffries phases back into Box and tells Heather that he is with her and they can take whatever is thrown at them.

The aggressive committee member points at the heroes and asks his fellows if they finally see, and begs the question - how can mankind live with beings capable of unleashing such forces against them? He declares that they have to neutralize the super beings while they still can. The woman asks the aggressive man what he suggests they do - execute Alpha? She reminds him that capital punishment has been outlawed in Canada for as long as she can recall. She asks him if he wants to regard the Flight as nonhumans, so in that case they can have the S.P.C.A. put them to sleep.

Another member of the committee tells the woman that this is hardly the place for levity, to which the woman declares that she is not joking, that she is just as serious as the others are, motioning to the aggressive man, she tells the others to understand that he is deadly serious and suggests they read his party’s anti-Alpha tracts. The man with glasses replies that he has read it and while he doesn’t condone their tone, he does see merit in their contention that Alpha Flight might be too mighty for Canada to control. He poses the question - should Canada be in control of the Flight? He admits that Alpha is powerful, but that their power has always been used on Canada’s behalf.

The aggressive man points out that it was the old Alpha Flight, who were formed, founded and funded for and by the State who used their powers on behalf of Canada, but that the new team is refusing to accept government oversight, and declares its independence of the State. Box and Heather watch, as the aggressive man tells his fellows that they need to take control of the Flight now, before Alpha Flight takes control of them.

Due to the international importance of the Alpha Flight hearings, they are broadcasted across Canadian borders and into the United States, where a shocked woman calls to her husband, Darby, who comes to his wife, Susan and asks her what it is. Susan has Darby look at the television, the people on it, and Darby recognizes them as the Canadian super team. Susan knows this, and tells him to look at the girl who is with them. ‘My God!’ cries Darby, ‘It’s Laura! Our daughter!’

Back at the bar, a patron switches the channel to the ice hockey, causing Wanda to call out to them, as she was watching the proceedings. The rugged man who changed the channel goes over to Wanda and the Betans and asks Wanda is a little ice action is not hot enough for her, calling her sweetie. He knocks a drink into the pram, causing Goblyn to growl. The rugged man’s friend asks if anyone smells wet fur as Whit calls him a ‘clumsy maggot’ and begins to stand up out of his seat. The second man begins to retaliate to Whit’s name calling, but Kara tells Whit that he is scaring Laura. Laura thinks to herself that she is not scared, but then realizes that she is a little scared.

The Purple Girl smiles and exclaims ‘You two jerks, get lost!’ causing the two men to turn purple and leave the bar. The rude waitress from earlier stands at the entrance to the bar and calls to them, asking where they are going without their jackets. ‘Getting lost…’ the hypnotized rugged man replies. The waitress sees that they are purple and asks how, as Wanda comes up behind her and suggests ‘bad beer?’ before informing the woman that they are leaving now, and she hands over her credit card.

The rude waitress grimaces as she looks at the card and tells Wanda that they do not take plastic, before declaring ‘Even if we did, this ain’t yours!’ For the name on the credit card is Walter Langkowski! A man comes over and as he pulls of Kara’s hat asks her if there is a problem. Motioning towards Wanda, the waitress informs the man that she tried to pay with some guys card. Wanda starts to protest, claiming that it is her name - well, was her name. Whit asks if Ottawa didn’t give them any spending money. Laura begins to tell Whit that the men approaching them look mad, as someone points out that one of the ‘deadbeats’ before them is purple!

Meanwhile, back at the inquisition, Heather informs the government officials that they are going to talk about Alpha Flight, the team her husband created, she inherited, and they tried to destroy. The balding official begins to tell Heather that they never sanctioned Gary Cody’s unleashing of Bedlam. Heather reminds the man that Gary worked for him, and bugged their mansion for him. The balding man backs himself up by reminding Heather that the headquarters was rebuilt for Alpha Flight with government money, and claims that they were merely overseeing their investment.

Box tells the balding man that it is bull, and exclaims that Ottawa were all scared of Alpha Flight - afraid that the team would reject their handouts if there were strings attached, so the government spied on them pure and simple. A member of the inquisition points out to Heather and Jeffries that if they didn’t like the conditions, which he believes hardly amounted to more than Alpha Flight being asked to serve their country, then they could have refused to cash the checks. Heather asks the man if then had Alpha Flight refused the checks, who it is that he would have hired to defend Canada in their place.

The balding man folds his arms and mutters that perhaps the ‘various and sundry’ super villains that Alpha Flight has battled would not have come to Canada had Alpha not drawn them to Canada. Box asks the bald man if he is suggesting that Alpha Flight is responsible for creeps like Omega Flight and the Master, to which the woman with glasses exclaims that there weren’t as many super villains in Canada before there were super heroes. ‘Why you -’ begins Box, before the woman sympathetic to Alpha Flight calls for order and declares that no one is accusing Alpha Flight of being in league with any of the menaces that they have defended Canada against. She explains that they are merely trying to find some way in which mere humans can comfortably coexist with super humans.

‘Coexistence! Such a lovely word!’ exclaims Manikin’s future self, Highbrow, as he and Manikin’s past selves have joined Beta Flight, including Goblyn who has left the pram. Wanda has transformed into her Albino Sasquatch form, and is lifting up a table with one hand - and all the frightened men look over the edge of the table as Sasquatch puts it over her head. In reply to Highbrow’s comment, Manikin tells him that it is easier said than done.

The rude waitress is shocked, and stammers, ‘You…you’re...’ she can't quite get the words out, so Wanda offers some help. ‘Two words, starts with „A“’. ‘Al…Alp…’ the waitress continues. ‘Right! Alfalfa Flight! Gonna call the R.C.M.P.’s?’ asks Sasquatch as she puts the table to the ground, causing all the men to tumble off it. The once-rude waitress now stands before Alpha Flight, mouth gaping open, as she replies that she is not going to call the R.C.M.P, but exclaiming that she always wondered if they were really real, not just some story! Now she knows the truth.

As Sasquatch transforms back in to Wanda, she tells the waitress that she is flesh and blood, just like her, with hopes and fears and desires. Kara hands Wanda her coat, and Wanda thanks her, exclaiming that it has gotten chilly in here. After Manikin’s past and future selves disappear, he asks Wanda, as they leave the bar, what it is they are going to do now. Wanda asks Whit why he keeps asking her, for even though she is the oldest Alphan, she is also the most confused! Wanda reminds the Betans that she doesn’t know if she is dead, alive, man, woman, mortal or goddess. As she pulls out the pockets in her jacket, Wanda exclaims that the only thing she knows for sure…is that they are broke!

‘And we don’t want your money!’ Heather informs the government agents, as the kindly woman asks Vindicator how they will exist without the money. She motions to the large screen behind her and points out everything that government money has bought the Flight - mansions, computers, armor, battle suits and aircraft. Jeffries mutters that all they had to do was kiss the fist that fed them, as Heather declares that everything Alpha Flight has done is being demeaned by being brought down to dollars and cents. Heather shouts that of course they accepted Ottawa’s money, so that Alpha Flight could continue to serve as Canada’s first line of defense. She declares that they did not risk their lives time and time again for praise or profit, but for love of the land that spawned them.

Overhearing Vindicator’s speech on a radio, Manikin agrees, exclaiming ‘Certainly not for profit!’ as Wanda suddenly stops in her tracks, and smiling, she declares that she must be nuts - for she is rich! Wanda grabs Kara as she informs the Betans that as Walter Langkowski she was a very well-to-do young man, even before she became an acclaimed biophysicist. She reveals that she has got piles invested, and drags the Betans to a nearby bank.

At the Bank of Canada, Wanda begins to fill out a withdrawal slip and signs it “Walter Langkowski“, before handing it over to the teller and smiling as she tells the Betans that all she has to do is watch the bank shovel over the cash. The bank teller looks at the withdrawal slip then looks at Wanda and frowns, before asking Wanda to wait a moment, as she leaves her post. Wanda leans against the desk as she wonders what they will buy first…a Porsche? A Ferrari? Or something practical…like lunch?

Pointing towards the bank teller, reapproaching with a senior banker and security guards, Kara tells Wanda that she shouldn’t spend her chickens before they are hatched. Wanda asks the elderly banker if something is wrong, to which he informs Wanda that the bank cannot honor her check. Wanda asks if there are insufficient funds, to which the man replies that Mister Langkowski’s account is ample enough to cover all drafts, but however only Mister Langkowski is authorized to withdraw funds. ‘And you, Madame, are not mister Langkowski’.

Forlorn, Wanda thinks of Snowbird and tries to tell the banker that she is Walter, or at least was, before she died and was reborn inside Snowbird’s female Sasquatch form. The banker frowns and declares that even if he were to accept so absurd a story, Wanda’s signature is not even close to Mister Langkowski’s, so therefore he must ask Wanda and her companions to leave. He rips up the withdrawal slip as Wanda shouts that she wants her money, and transforms into Sasquatch, grabbing the banker by his throat and lifting him up, shouting that she wants her money NOW!

Sasquatch lifts the man up so they are eye-to-eye and asks him if she gets the money or if he will get it for her. The banker calls the guards, but as they prepare to shoot, Goblyn leaps out of her pram and disposes of the guards guns. Before Sasquatch can do anymore damage, the Purple Girl uses her powers on her, ordering Sasquatch to put the banker down. As Sasquatch lumbers out of the bank with the Betans, Kara apologizes to the banker, adding that she knows he is only doing his job, and that they will not be back.

Outside, and sometime later, after the effects of the Purple Girl’s manipulation pheromones have worn off, ‘Traitor! Judas!’ shouts Sasquatch as she pummels garbage cans and other junk in a alley way. As Sasquatch transforms back into Wanda, Whit suggests to her that if she had kept her head then she would have seen that the bank manager had no choice, and that Kara was right to order her out of the bank before she hurt someone. ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’ mutters Wanda before boasting that she is still going to get her money. Then sneezing, due to wearing nothing but a leotard in the snowy weather.

Meanwhile, in New York, ‘Flame off!’ cries the Human Torch as he flies though a window of the Baxter Building, home and headquarters of his team the Fantastic Four. He asks his teammates if he missed it, but the pretty Inhuman, Crystal informs the handsome Johnny that Alpha’s hearing is still on. Sharon Ventura a.k.a. the second Ms. Marvel, a.k.a. She-Thing praises fate that patents on Reed Richard’s countless inventions have kept the Fantastic Four free from government control, to which Ben Grimm a.k.a. the Thing declares that if the government tried to take control of the Fantastic Four, then he would clobber them.

At Hydrobase, home of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, said heroes stand around and watch the proceedings of their Canadian counterparts. Captain Marvel declares that they can sympathize with Alpha’s predicament, to which the She-Hulk agrees, exclaiming that the U.S. government has given the Avengers a share of headaches. The Sub-Mariner points out that it was a major factor in their relocation to Hydrobase, to which Thor agrees. The handsome Black Knight declares that Vindicator is one ‘tough cookie’ adding that she reminds him of Captain America. The Honorary Avenger, Marrina, who happens to be a former member of Alpha Flight, remains silent.

At a ghost town in the Australian Outback where the Uncanny X-Men have made their new home, the outlaw mutants watch Alpha’s tribulations, Colossus points out that it seems the USA is not the only country rife with anti-mutant hysteria. Storm asks if Alpha Flight is composed of mutants, to which former Alphan, the rugged Wolverine informs her that there have been a few mutants in Alpha Flight. Havok asks why Alpha Flight is taking this instead of just striking out, to which Rogue tells him it is for the same reason that the X-Men do not strike out.

Storm tells Logan that she is aware he harbors a certain affection for his former teammates and remembers that he aided them not long ago. Wolverine knows where Storm is going with this and tells her that he is an X-Man, and although he feels for Alpha, now that the X-Men are „dead“, Alpha Flight has to fight this battle alone.

Back in Ottawa, Heather asks what kind of country this is where Alpha Flight fights and dies for them, yet instead of praise they are persecuted. Instead of trust, they are tormented. Instead of support, they are spied on. ‘Why can’t you leave us alone?’ she screams. A well-dressed member of the committee asks Vindicator to understand their concerns - that they are only human, while she and Alpha Flight are powerful, and the only power the humans can exercise over super humans is the power of the purse. He declares that they can coexist, but that there must be some assurances - from both sides.

The well-dressed man asks that surely by allowing them to monitor Alpha so that they the humans can sleep somewhat easier at night is not so much to asking return for the required funding to allow Alpha to exist. ‘You cant stop us from existing!’ declares Heather defiantly as she folds her arms, before suggesting that perhaps when Alpha Flight were new and unsure of themselves, back in the Department H days, then they could have stopped the team, as Alpha needed the governments money, materials and moral support - but no more!

‘Wanna bet?’ asks Kara in reply to Heather’s comment as she watches her on a television through a shop window. Talking on a public telephone, Wanda asks the person she is talking to what they mean when they tell her that no stocks can be liquidated without the consent of Langkowski’s executors - ‘He’s not dead! I mean I’m not…blast!’ she cries as she throws the phone down.

Kara tells her teammates that she has a calling card and thinks that she should just phone her mother, as she will take her back. Kara tells Laura that her mother will take her in too, as Goblyn growls, Whit asks what will happen to her. Kara informs him that she can come too, as long as she uses the litter box. Whit informs the girls that he has been thinking of returning to medicine, as he believes curing cancer is just as important as saving the world. ‘Yeah, sure it is’ Kara agrees, while thinking to herself ‘But what about curing a broken heart?’

Wanda rushes past the Betans and drags them along with her as she declares that they are not beaten yet, as there is one more person she can turn to. When Laura asks ‘who?’ Wanda replies ‘My wife!’

Meanwhile, all across Canada, people are talking about the Alpha Flight inquisition. ‘Our defense!’ ‘Our danger!’ ‘National Menace!’ ‘Praise Alpha Flight!’ ‘Snowbird is my favorite!’

Back at the trial, the kindly official declares that it comes down to a decision - will Alpha Flight accept continued government funding with the preconditioning that the team take their marching orders from Ottawa? Before Vindicator can answer, someone to the side of the room shouts ‘NO!’ Dei Guan stands up from his chair as he informs everyone that he has attended all that has transpired through translation as they can understand him now too, and declares that he can no longer be silent as he transforms himself into the Jade Dragon.

He informs everyone that he was a servant to his State, bound to do its biding, even when it ordered him to oppress his own people. He reveals that in the end, he could not serve his State and became a traitor - and a free man. The kindly woman tells Jade Dragon that Canada’s system is not that of Red China, to which Dei Guan asks her to keep Alpha Flight free to insure that it never will be. The balding man asks since when have they taken lessons in civil liberties from authoritarians, fearing that Alpha Flight would have accepted…’this creature’ into its ranks without even consulting Ottawa. The balding man declares that he votes to cut off all funding for Alpha Flight - now and forever.

Another burst of opinions comes from around Canada - ‘Yeah!’, ‘But who’ll protect us?’ ‘Canada for humans!’ ‘But what about all the times they saved us?’ ‘A trick to lull us into a false sense of security!’ ‘So they could rule us when ready!’ ‘Defend em? We oughtta destroy em!’ ‘How?’ ‘They’re mightier than we are!’ ‘You sound as if you want to murder them!’ ‘Better than paying them to take power over us!’

‘I’ve heard enough! ’ shouts Heather as she gets everyone’s attention - including the photographers, by lighting up her electromagnetic powers around her body. She tells the members of the committee to not bother voting, for as she will resolve their dilemma for them. She tells the committee that she understands that they do not want to fund Alpha unless they can control it. Therefore, Alpha rejects their currency and control. ‘We’ll continue to defend our Canada our way!’

The kind chairwoman calls for order once more as the other members of the committee discuss amongst themselves what Heather has just declared. ‘They’ve rejected funding! I never expected! ‘No, you imagined they’d beg forgiveness for funding. Fools!’ They have their pride!’ ‘But they must accept out aid, they can’t survive without it’ the balding man whispers.

Heather and Jeffries begin to walk out of the courtroom, Jeffries telling Heather that she was beautiful, and to listen to them squawking to each other. The couple stop as Box asks what it is they are going to do now, reminding Heather that he is just a simple class guy who knows the value of the dollar - and knows you cannot go without it. Jeffries agrees with Heather that they are right not to take Ottawa’s money, but that Alpha is his family…if it dies….

The balding man overhears this and walking up behind Box asks if not all the Alphans share their leader’s obstinacy. He smiles as he informs Box that he came after him with the hope that they might be able to salvage some aspect of their relationship. He asks why should Alpha disband, suggesting that the team could continue, minus Vindicator, and a new, wiser leader could see Alpha’s freedom is possible despite government funding, and proposes that Box is that leader. He asks Box if he agrees and presumes that he does, so extends his hand to shake on it.

Box extends his hand too, and exclaims ‘Sure…creep!’ and crushes the balding man’s hand within his own robot armor. Box leans down over the balding man and tells him that if a robot could spit, then he would - ‘right in your lousy eye!’ A R.C.M.P. officer tends to the injured man as Box tells Heather to lead on, and where ever it is, he will follow. Vindicator turns to the Jade Dragon and asks him if he is coming with them, but Dei Guan replies that he has not yet decided, as he did not defect from China, but was transported to Canada with Alpha Flight by the High Lama, against his own will. Heather informs the Jade Dragon that if he were to stay, then they would be honored to have him join them. Dei Guan replies that the honor would be his.

Without another word, Heather turns her back on her government, and as she and Box walk outside, Jeffries asks Heather if, bluffing aside, what the real scoop is - is Alpha finished or what? Heather tells Jeffries that she did not want to tell the „honorable MP’s“ that the insurance money she received after Mac’s death should cover them in the short term, while Walter Langkowski’s fortune should see to it that they are comfortably situated for the rest of their natural lives.

Jeffries realizes that Heather had an ace in the hole all along, and picks her up in his armored arms, telling her that he loves her. ‘Enough to marry me?’ asks Heather. ‘Is that a proposal?’ Jeffries replies. ‘Bet your crankcase it is!’ smiles Heather, before Jeffries shouts WHA-HOO! And blasts off to the sky, carrying Heather in his arms.

Meanwhile, in an Ottawa suburb, Wanda leads the way up a long driveway as she exclaims ‘Home sweet home - well, one of them anyway!’ Admiring the large mansion, Kara declares that it is beautiful, and Whit asks Wanda if she lived here. Walking up the stairs to the front door, Wanda reveals that she lived here before the divorce, but that it was amicable, and she does not bear any hard feelings towards her ex. The door opens and a very fashionable woman stands before Wanda and Beta Flight. ‘Do I…know you?’ asks Veronica Langkowski.

‘How’s it hanging?’ Wanda asks Veronica, calling her „Ronnie“. Wanda smiles and tells Veronica to cut the comedy act, as it is she, Walter, her ex. She quickly declares that she knows she has changed, but that she is still the same old loveable guy she used to be. Veronica begins to tell Wanda that if she doesn’t get off her property at once then she will call the police, but as Veronica moves back inside the house, Wanda tries to stop her closing the door, by exclaiming that it is her house too. ‘You’re mad!’ declares Veronica as Wanda tells Veronica that she may be mad, but she is also her husband.

‘Walter’s dead!’ says Veronica as she closes the door and walks away- until Wanda calls through the window, asking Veronica that if Walter is dead, how come she, as Wanda, knows about that time the two of them were photographed in their birthday suits at Biarritz, and Walt had to hock the ankle bracelet that he gave her to keep the pictures out of the papers.

Veronica stands still, shocked, before turning around and opening the door. Wanda exclaims that she thought that would stop her, but Veronica simply tells Wanda that despite Walter’s outward alteration, she knows it is him - especially as she just experienced the same sort of revulsion she used to feel before their divorce. ‘No doubt about it, you are the same man I loved…and loathed’. Veronica declares that it is fortunate however, that no one else will believe her.

Veronica grins wickedly as she declares that as far as the rest of the world is concerned, Walter Langkowski is dead, and his fabulous fortune, will remain hers. Veronica slams the door on her ex-husband and the Betans. Wanda just stands, speechless, before transforming into Sasquatch and screaming.

Characters Involved: 

Box IV, Sasquatch, Vindicator II (all Alpha Flight)
Wolverine (Former Member of Alpha Flight, Member of the X-Men)

Marrina (Former Member of Alpha Flight, Honorary Member of the Avengers)

Laura Dean, Goblyn Manikin, Purple Girl (all Beta Flight)

Apeman, Highbrow, Proto (Manikin's past and future selves)

Veronica Langkowski

Jade Dragon

Darby and Susan Dean

Mr. Pace

Canadian Officials

Canadian Citizens

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Bank Staff

Diner Staff

Colossus, Dazzler II, Havok, Longshot, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm (all X-Men)

Black Knight III, Captain Marvel II, Dr. Druid, She-Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Thor (all Avengers)

Crystal, Human Torch II, She-Thing / Ms Marvel II / Sharon Ventura, Thing (all Fantastic Four)

In Flashbacks / Illustrative Images

Aurora, Box, Box IV, Guardian, Marrina, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Talisman II, Vindicator II (all Alpha Flight)

Laura Dean, Goblyn, Manikin, Purple Girl (all Beta Flight)

Bedlam, Dreamqueen, Pestilence, Tundra (all enemies of Alpha Flight)

In Illustrative Image

Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Vindicator (all Original Alpha Flight)

Box, Flashback, Marrina, Puck (all Original Beta Flight)

Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries, Smart Alec, Wildchild (all Original Gamma Flight)

In Vindicator II’s Thoughts

Gary Cody


In Sasquatch’s Thoughts


Story Notes: 

With this issue, Alpha Flight is now printed on better quality paper, there is a team image and staff credits on the inside front cover and in some issues, the cover for the next issue is printed on the inside back cover.

Alpha Flight’s battle in China took place in Alpha Flight (first series) #60, where they were both returned to Earth from space, and briefly reunited with former teammate Puck.

Bedlam was set upon Alpha Flight by their former, now deceased, government liaison Gary Cody in Alpha Flight (first series) #52.

At this point, Northstar was residing in Asgard after being tricked by Loki into thinking he is not a mutant but of Asgardian Elf decent. [Alpha Flight (first series) #50]

Vindicator’s account of the recent events that Alpha Flight experienced took place over Alpha Flight (first series) #52-60.

Puck held the Dreamqueen back in Liveworld while Laura Dean closed the portal, thus Alpha Flight are unaware of his fate. [Alpha Flight (first series) #60]

Puck was seen working in the bar in Alpha Flight (first series) #1.

Mansion Alpha was revealed to have been bugged by Gary Cody in Alpha Flight (first series) #39.

Walter earned huge sums of money as a professional football player, even using some of his own money to fund his expensive early scientific research. [back story in Alpha Flight (first series) #11]

Sasquatch “died“ in Alpha Flight (first series) #24, then again in Alpha Flight (first series) #28 / Incredible Hulk #313, before being resurrected in Snowbird’s Albino Sasquatch form in Alpha Flight (first series) #45.

As at Alpha Flight (first series) #61, the mutant members and former members are: Wolverine, Northstar, Aurora and Jeffries.

Wolverine aided Alpha Flight against Bedlam in Alpha Flight (first series) #53.

The X-Men have been “dead“ since Uncanny X-Men #227.

It seems ironic that in the crowd montage scenes, the two Alphans mentioned as peoples favorite’s - Northstar and Snowbird - received the worst treatment of all the Alphans under Mantlo.

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