Alpha Flight (2nd series) #14

Issue Date: 
September 1998
Story Title: 

Steve T. Seagle (Writer), Duncan Rouleau (Penciler), Troy Hubbs & Chris Stack (Inkers), Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s S.T. (Letterers), Lee Ann Denham (Colorist), Lysa Kraiger (Assistant Editor), Jaye Gardner (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

The funeral for Sasquatch is being held, with Alpha Flight still unaware that it was not Dr. Walter Langkowski who was killed, but a real sasquatch. Before the funeral starts, Heather and Guardian discuss their relationship, while Radius is tormented over his guilt at what happened to Sasquatch. Heather gives her eulogy, talking about some of Walter’s earliest moments as a hero, including the first time he died, while Mac speaks about Sasquatch’s power, and his brilliance as a scientist. At the funeral, Puck gives more history of Walter, including his days as a pro-footballer and his resurrection as a woman, before commenting on how much Walter had changed when Department H got back together, and how he thought he knew what happened to him, but cannot remember what it is. Puck invites Radius to give a speech, and an angry Jared lets all his emotions out, before being consoled later by Puck. Department H is about to enter a new era with the arrival of its new operations manager, replacing General Clarke is Mr. Gentry. Gentry meets with Dr. Huxley, Coordinator Proctor, Dr. Su and Lieutenant Oculus and sets his zero-tolerance for trouble makers and warns them that funding for their projects will be allocated based on the merit of the project for Alpha Flight, Canada and its people, upsetting Huxley, who has made it quite clear he wanted Clarke’s job. Gentry meets his personal assistant, Hames, before they uncover Lilli and two others locked away in a separate wing. After determining their abilities, Gentry informs Lilli that they will be going to live in the Alpha wing. Arriving at Huxley’s “Helios Project”, Gentry sees the gaping hole in the ceiling that Sunfire caused and orders the project to be shut down, infuriating Huxley. Gentry gives Dr. Su the hard-word when Su devalues Heather Hudson, and orders Su to make all the changes to the battle suit that Heather requested. After meeting with the Director, who informs Gentry that the Sasquatch that died is not Walter Langkowski, among other things, Gentry introduces himself to Alpha Flight, and assures them that they are entering a brighter era. At Cape Farewell, some men who are legally destroying icebergs are met by a strange being known as the Brass Bishop.

Full Summary: 

Do you feel responsible?

On a chilly day at Department H in Ottawa, a funeral is being held for a hero. But not the hero everyone thinks. Jared Corbo, a.k.a. “Radius” stands by the massive coffin. His mutant power is to have an impenetrable force field at his disposal. It makes the handsome hero impervious to attack, but also keeps him a touch away from the world around him and all the people in it. But standing, waiting for the funeral services for Sasquatch to begin, Jared cannot help but dwell on the fact that for all the protection his force field offers, it cannot protect him from the feelings of responsibility welling up inside of himself.

Jared doesn’t want to be here - so he walks away from the funeral procession. He tells himself it is because he cannot stand the thought of all the speeches about honor and duty and God and Country that are sure to follow. Nor the false emotions about to pour out over a man who lived out his final days on this Earth as little more than an animal in a cage. But the truth of the matter is that Jared doesn’t want to be here because he is afraid - afraid that someone will use their parting comments to point out the fact that Sasquatch died saving the life of one young man who didn’t follow orders that fateful day in Department H.

That young man is named - ‘Jared? Did they start yet?’ asks Jared’s younger brother Adrian Corbo. Jared doesn’t turn to his brother, he just walks away thinking that it is easier to avoid even looking at the one person who knows that what happened to Sasquatch was entirely his fault. Seeing his brother just walk away, Adrian a.k.a. “Flex” remarks to Arlette “Murmur” Truffaut, whom he is pushing in a wheel chair ‘Sheesh, what’s wrong with him?’ Huddled into a classy pink jacket Arlette points out to Flex that his brother has always been moody.

Flex agrees, and asks Murmur if she is okay, apologizing about the bumps, before asking her if she is sure she should be out here, reminding her that she got pretty banged up by the Zodiac. Arlette reminds Flex that she alone had the power to tame Sasquatch’s wild instincts, and she had more contact with him than anyone. She points out that even if it were not the case, Sasquatch was still her teammate, and she owes him the respect of coming for his final rites. Radius overhears Murmur comment and realizes that he owes Sasquatch something as well - but how does one repay a life?

Standing away from the rest of the mourners, in amongst some other grave stones, are Heather McNeil Hudson and James MacDonald Hudson a.k.a. Vindicator and Guardian respectively. Heather tells Mac that it is hard to admit, but that the life they lived together doesn’t really exist for them as a couple anymore. Mac asks Heather what it is she is trying to say. Heather declares that when Department H regressed him to a nineteen year old in order to save his life, they took away her life with him away from him - away from both of them.

Heather tells Mac that what she is trying to say is that they need to do what is best for both of them and let this go. She admits that she has come to realize she has been hanging on to him because she thought she had to make it work - but too much has happened that they cannot just simply ignore it. Heather reveals that she thought she was too weak to survive without him, but that after confronting her greatest fear, she has realized that she is stronger than she thought. Strong enough to face reality and do what is best for the both of them. ‘Strong enough to speak the words neither of us has had the courage to say’.

Heather smiles as she looks at Mac, telling him that there is no doubt Department H has dealt them a lousy deal here, but she thinks they should agree to be the best team-mates they can be and let the rest go for now. Heather points out to Mac that he is young and wants certain things, while she is older and needs other things. ‘It’s not great, but it’s what it is’. Mac turns and walks away, telling Heather that she is awfully quick to let go. This surprises Heather and she exclaims that she thought he would agree this was best.

‘Yeah, but you didn’t ask me, did you?’ Mac remarks, declaring that nobody asks him anything, they just do it and tell him later. Eugene “Puck” Judd approaches Heather and tells her that he hopes he isn’t intruding, but that the ceremony is about to start. Heather tells her long time teammate that she will be there, but she just needs a minute. ‘Take as long as you need to…’ Judd mumbles.

While this morning marks and ending for Alpha Flight, it also marks a new beginning for Department H. Free of the Machiavellian manipulations of its former supervisor, General Clarke, the rank and file employees, though they may not know it, are entering a facility that is about to undergo a stunning metamorphosis. All under the watchful eye and sure hand of one man…this man. ‘Hey, that print scanner’s for the top brass only, fella!’ a Epsilons shouts at respectable looking man. ‘Civilian scanner’s over to the right there!’ the Epsilon informs him.

‘Yes, I know’ the man replies. ‘Welcome to the Ministry of Defense,’ the computer exclaims as the man puts his hand on the scanner. ‘Security clearance confirmed, please enter to your left’ the computer declares after scanning his hand. The Epsilon looks surprised and apologizes to the man, telling him that he doesn’t look like the kind of man who usually has that kind of clearance. ‘Glad to hear it’ the man replies. Another Epsilon informs him that there is a private elevator reserved for him, but the man replies that he prefers to get to work like everyone else - ‘Private lifts have no place in the new Department H’.

In a meeting room high up in Department H, Doctor Horatio Huxley, Coordinator Proctor, Chief Engineer Su, Lieutenant Oculus and some other key Department H staff have gathered . ‘We all reported in on time, but where’s our new supervisor?’ one of them asks. Huxley mutters that he is late, and points out that Myra Haddock isn’t here either. ‘Surely that funds-draining vampire wouldn’t miss her initial opportunity to meet and suck up to the new operations manager!’

Suddenly, the new operators manager enters the room declaring that Dr. Haddock called earlier to request a special dispensation to attend the funeral ceremonies for Sasquatch. ‘A request, to be perfectly frank, I’m more appalled more of you didn’t make’. The man tells Oculus, Proctor and Su that he has read their files, before turning to Huxley and remarking that, since he brought it up, “sucking up” will play no part in his decisions about the operations here in Department H. He explains that his funding approval on projects will relate strictly to the merit of the projects to the Department itself and the citizens of Canada.

Bluntly, he adds that he is a face-to-face man, and as a rule doesn’t use speakerphones or video conferencing, for he likes to see who and what he is dealing with. Huxley addresses him as Mr. Gentry and remarks that they know little about him, adding that they had thought one of them would succeed General Clarke upon his death - not an outside. ‘Your qualifications for this immense job are…?’ he asks snidely. ‘My qualifications are that I have the position and you do not,’ Gentry replies.

Gentry tells the pompous Huxley that until such time as that changes, he will remember his place and stay in it. Moving on, Gentry informs everyone that he will be a very hands on supervisor, and to that end, he will spend the rest of this afternoon meeting with each of them personally to assess the worth of their respective decisions. Somebody asks of the Director, to which Gentry smiles and announces that the Director has turned the reins over to him. He adds that he and the Director are of the same mind - that Department H under General Clarke was an ugly beast…’A beast I’m here to tame’.

Outside, the funeral has started. Heather stands at the podium and thanks everyone for coming. She explains that in the absence of any blood relatives, she is speaking first. Heather declares that they are here today to reflect on the life of Walter Langkowski, and is going to begin by sharing a few memories with everyone, about Walter…the hero…Alpha Flight’s Sasquatch!

(Told with Flashback images)

Heather informs everyone that Walter was one of the first members of Alpha Flight, alongside the likes of Guardian, Shaman and Marrina, and he was certainly one of the best. Heather exclaims that Walter’s acts of bravery in the field were too numerous to list, but now matter how the danger, he somehow always managed to survive.

Heather remarks that there is one episode that she cannot get out of her mind - was when Walter was battling another Sasquatch - the former Alphan Snowbird who had assumed the form of the beast ti battle and evil Walter. ‘Geez, it seems like a lifetime ago’. Heather exclaims that she recalls it because that showdown ended as this most recent one with the Zodiac has - with the seeming death of Sasquatch when Snowbird ripped his heart out. ‘I lost my heart that day as well’.

Heather explains to everyone that “somehow” Walter came back to them in the Box armor which belonged to the former Alphan Roger Bochs. Heather declares that she wishes the same thing could happen now - but she has seen his remains, flesh and bones instead of the pebbles and clay left behind that day. ‘That was Walter the hero, always ready for the ultimate sacrifice’.

Heather announces that she was also asked to share a favorite memory of Walter, the man. She declares that she has chosen one again from the early days, because that means so much more to her now. She explains that Alpha Flight had been disbanded by the Canadian Government and everyone was depressed, wondering what to do next - when Walter suggested that Alpha Flight stay together even without government funding. ‘Those were simpler times - ones I wish could have lasted forever’. Heather exclaims that Alpha Flight has had so much loss, and Walter’s passing will not be easy to cope with, but they have to believe that what they do is worth it - ‘A hero died for us’.


Standing towards the back, by a tree, Jared hears Heather - she said “us”, not “you”. One eulogy down, three to go.

Back inside the sprawling Department H, Gentry walks briskly down the hallways. ‘Your name again?’ he asks the younger man following him. ‘Hames, sir,’ the blond man replies. Gentry tells Hames that he wants him to write down everything that is said in these encounters and type up the results as a report. ‘Yes, sir,’ Hames replies, before the duo approach some Epsilons, and Gentry asks them what they have here. One of the Epsilons replies that this is the residential wing. Gentry is shocked by this and points out that they are armed to the teeth, before asking who it is they are trying to keep out.

The Epsilon replies ‘No one, sir,’ and explains that General Clarke posted them here to keep the resident Alpha trainees in, as there were break-outs. Gentry interrupts the Epsilon and tells him to open this door immediately, as this is not some prison camp. ‘Hames? Memo. Reassign these guards today’. ‘Yes, sir’ Hames replies as he furiously takes down notes. As they make their way through the residential wing, Gentry instructs Hames to record all the residents in this wing, pull their files and get him all reports on their powers onto his desk by the end of the day. ‘Yes, sir’.

The first young paranormal that the men approach says quietly to himself, ‘Can this man improve my fate? Y…E…S…’. Gentry introduces himself and explains that he has replaced General Clarke, before asking him how he is. ‘Complaints? N-O-N-E. bored though. Ready to serve but that day never seems to C-O-M-E’. The young man adds that he wants a new tag, for “Ouija” S-T-I-N-K-S. ‘They ran out of names when they got to M-E’.

Gentry assures Ouija that they can take care of that, and tells Hames to write down that they need a new codex for him, before telling Ouija to pack his things, as he will be moving today. Next the approach a room where inside a boy just stands there, and Gentry sniffs. Hames informs Gentry that the boy’s codename is Flinch, to which Gentry asks if he can hear them in there. ‘No, sir’ Hames replies. Gentry exclaims that is good and tells asks Hames to pull Flinch’s medical charts.

Walking towards their next young person, Gentry remarks that he is praying they had nothing to do with how Mister “Flinch” turned out. ‘Yes, sir’, Hames replies, before Gentry tells him to see if they can do something about that smell. ‘Yes, sir’. Gentry asks who is next, to which Hames informs him it is Lilli. A young girl sitting half-in and half-out of a solid object exclaims ‘Yeah, that’s me. Come in…um, who are you guys?’ Gentry introduces himself and explains that he has taken over General Clarke’s job, to which Lilli exclaims that she heard he blew up. Lilli reveals that they were all locked in here and couldn’t get out, otherwise they might have been able to help him.

‘How? What’s your special ability?’ Gentry asks. Lilli explains that things can ‘sort of go through me,’ as if she is a ghost. Gentry asks her how Alpha Flight has treated her, to which she replies that she hasn’t met any of them yet, except Puck, kind of. Gentry informs Lilli that from now on she will be living in the Alpha Wing so she can get to know them personally and see what they are like, and after that she can decide if she wants to stay or not. Lilli gets up and rushes through Gentry - literally - exclaiming ‘The Alpha Wing? Cool! Yaaaay!’ and running towards Ouija.

Back outside, Mac stands at the podium now and introduces himself to everyone, mumbling that he had something prepared but that he lost his notes, so he is just going to go from memory. Mac announces that he thinks Heather did a great job, and adds that he remembers the power of Sasquatch most of all.

(Told with Flashback images)

Mac tells everyone that the first time Alpha Flight went abroad as a team, Sasquatch stopped a plane with the X-Men on it with his bare hands. Mac remarks that as awesome as that was to see, watching Sasquatch rip big chunks out of the living - ‘Shoot, what was its name?’ Tundra!’ - landscape, Tundra, was an unbelievable sight.


Judd watches Mac intensely, thinking that Guardian is good. For Judd’s mind is finally clearing from the Department’s influence and now it is telling him that he cannot trust Guardian. So Judd waits for the cracks to show.

(Told with Flashback images)

Mac admits that he remembers Sasquatch more easily than Walt, but he kind of remembers the two of them working on some projects together - and he thinks they had a good time too. He adds that he cannot really remember, when he exclaims that he remembers Walter and Puck - and a time where Walter talked them into pinching the Alpha Jet without getting clearance and going to Montreal to see the Expos play.


Judd is obviously shocked that Mac remembers that event, while Mac declares that he is going to hold out hope that they might see Sasquatch again some day, ‘In this universe, death isn’t always as final as it seems. Look at me!’

Back inside, Gentry and Hames come up to a lab labelled “Helios Project”, and Gentry asks Hames what is inside this lab. Hames reveals that it is listed as a black project assigned to Dr. Huxley. ‘Another black project?’ sighs Gentry, asking if there isn’t anything in Department H that isn’t shrouded in secrecy. Opening the door, Gentry remarks that “Helios” means “sun” and tells Hames to shield their eyes as they enter.

Dr. Huxley is in the center of the room and tells one of his assistants to shove something in the back, as he wants this damage covered up before - he is interrupted by Gentry who comes up behind him and exclaims ‘”covered up” is not a phrase I like to hear in while on inspection, Dr. Huxley’. ‘Ah, Gentry. I was expecting you later,’ Huxley replies. Gentry asks Huxley what it is he is doing in here and points out that it looks like a bomb went off. Huxley declares that he is not at liberty to discuss the specifics, to which Gentry interrupts him, reminding him he is in charge of Department H now. ‘You have my condolences’ Huxley tells him, to which Gentry replies that nasty little one-liners are the mark of an insecure man.

Gentry asks Huxley if he is insecure and afraid that his little project here won’t measure up. ‘Nothing about me is little!’ Huxley retorts, boasting that the Helios Project is a grand experiment in human genetic power amplification, but that they have just had a few problems. ‘So I see’ mumbles Gentry, before motioning to the gaping hole in the roof and asking what it is - ‘Planetarium Star Projector?’ Huxley replies that the untrained eye might see it as such, but that a more learned man would recognize the D’amp 30000T - the single most advanced stepped-coil solar amplification system in existence!

Huxley claims that after years of tediously pain-staking modifications and cross-pollination with the Prometheus Division’s procured Zero Fluid, he created a means of turning man…into God. ‘Oh? And who exactly have you deified?’ Gentry asks. Huxley motions to the monitor behind him and reveals to Gentry that the primary subject of the Helios Lab is Shiro Yoshida of Clan Yoshida - also known as Sunfire. Huxley begins to babble on about Sunfire’s powers, until Gentry interrupts him, telling him to skip the pointless flowery similes and cut to the chase. ‘Why was he here, where is he now?’

Gentry exclaims that from what he knows of Sunfire, Shiro is a Japanese national, not a Canadian, before pointing out that by the looks of this lab, Sunfire might have gotten a little too powerful under Huxley’s care and taken off through the unauthorized “skylight” that has been blasted through his building. Anxiously, Huxley claims that Sunfire seems to have gone back to Japan for a temporary - Gentry interrupts and starts walking out of the lab, informing Huxley this project is no longer relevant and is officially cancelled. He tells Huxley to clear out his personal effects immediately. ‘But…’ begins the bemused Huxley. ‘Hames, come along’ is all Gentry says.

Back outside, Puck stands in front of the podium and speaking with a microphone begins by saying that whoever designed the podium should have his or her rump kicked. ‘Second, if you think a comment like that’s inappropriate at Walt’s memorial, then you didn’t know bunk about Walter Langkowski, eh?’ he adds, before thanking Heather and Mac for their speeches, claiming that they reminded him of a Walt he might have let drip from his memory, but one that he never wants to forget. Radius listens intently as Judd adds that Heather and Mac also reminded them all of what a tragedy it was to lose one of their own, especially this way. Judd declares that there was no good reason for this, and that losing Walt is like losing a brother, maybe a son, but definitely a friend.

(Told with Flashback images)

Judd informs everyone that he has known Walt since Alpha Flight started, and that he wants to flesh out his story for those here who didn’t know him as long or as well. Judd remarks that he and Walt hit it off from day one. ‘By that I mean to say he called me a “mascot” and I hit him’. Judd admits that he didn’t know Walt before Alpha Flight, but informs everyone that Walt was a pro football player, which made talking sports with him top-notch, and is probably why they became fast pub buds.

Judd declares that Walt was also as smart as he was tough, and somewhere along the line thought he could become the next Hulk, so he bombarded himself with some gamma rays. Judd remarks that, incredible as it may seems, Walt didn’t die from his test, ‘But he did get a bad case of orange shag carpet back hair…and front hair…and side hair’, which is what turned him into Sasquatch. Puck announces that he doesn’t know if he ever believed Snowbird’s story about Walt being possessed by some ancient evil spirit at the same time, he just remembers him being man and hero enough to take the baddest with the team or on his own, like the Super Skrull, whom Walt fought and defeated single-handedly.

Judd exclaims that Walt had other talents too - ‘He could always work that nerd image to get the ladies’, like his teammate Aurora. ‘Until the time he came back from the grave as a lady himself!’ Judd remarks that he is half waiting for Walt to jump out of the coffin behind him in a black satin cocktail dress and pumps. Judd gets back on track, commenting on how no matter how weird things got, Alpha Flight always seemed to get back to normal, Walt in tow, just in time for someone to pull the plug, like in the days of the Clampdown.

Judd says that not it looks like the plug has been pulled on Walt for what looks like his final time, though he has got to say it - even if no one else has the nerve - given what has happened to Walt lately…going wild, being held in chains in the basement…’He’s probably better off this way’. Judd reveals that he spent most of his hours off going down to the dungeons of Department H trying to spot a trace of the Walt he knew - but there wasn’t any. ‘If that Sasquatch was out Walt, he died a long time ago’.

Puck adds that it seems like he even might have known how that happened somewhere lurking in his head - but he cannot for the life of him remember. Solemnly, Judd states that the one thing that never changed about Walt, even in his darkest days, is that he was there for this team and his teammates - no matter what. ‘That’s what makes a hero’.


Meanwhile, in Engineering Lab Theta. Gentry, Hames, Dr. Su and another scientist all stand underneath a holographic image of Vindicator in her new geothermal battle suit. Su explains to Gentry that they added the visor in direct answer to “Miss Hudson’s” complaint about dry lenses. Gentry points out that he notices that there seems to be new gauntlets and boots on this image - substantially larger ones at that, and asks if they are cosmetic changes, or functional. Su assures Gentry that his staff of engineers add nothing that does not have value.

Su explains that all extremity cells feature enhanced power controls that - Gentry interrupts hi, ‘Has Mrs Hudson been consulted in regards to these additions?’ Su declares ‘We are the experts behind the Vindicator technology. Why would we consult a woman who is merely its wearer?’ Gentry begins to leave Engineering Lab Theta, exclaiming that the “wearer” is the one who has to entrust her life to this battle suit, and because he has a file of over thirty requests in writing for modifications that were never implemented…until the visor which was only added today. Gentry informs Su that he is to contact Heather, and furthermore, make the needs of the people behind Alpha Flight his number one priority - or else he will find someone who will. Scowling, Su replies that it will be his most humble pleasure to accommodate.

Judd is about to conclude, and exclaims that it all that needs to be said on that subject by him, before informing everyone that he asked the new recruits if they wanted to speak, but that he got no takers, which he chalks up to them being young and afraid of talking in public. Judd remarks however that he was thinking if any of them is fearless enough to rise to the challenge and say something for Walt, Radius would be the man for the job. Handing the microphone to Radius, Judd says his name.

Radius thinks to himself that he almost made it through the eulogy’s, but now the gauntlet has been dropped. Will he take the challenge - or does his failure with Sasquatch extend even beyond the grave? Jared notices all the mourners looking at him. Everyone is waiting for him to say something - but can he accept the challenge of admitting his part in this or not? ‘Yeah…yeah, I got something to say about Sasquatch - he was a big, dumb, orange ape who was controlled by a girl just to keep him from going ballistic on his own teammates!’

Staring up at the large coffin, Radius exclaims that he had no business even being in Alpha Flight, before adding that everyone is talking about him like he didn’t know it was coming, but points out that he took his chance just by being in Alpha. ‘Same chance we all take every day. It’s just that his number came up’. Alpha Flight look at Jared in silence as he exclaims that if they think he wants their sympathy, ‘I mean that he wants your sympathy…then…then…forget this! I’m outta here!’

Radius storms past the people seated in chairs, shouting ‘Leave me alone! Everybody just leave me alone!’ Alpha Flight watch him go and Mac remarks that he is really taking this hard, before suggesting that one of them should go after him. Judd tells Mac that he is way ahead of him there, and that he was hoping Jared would let it out. As Jared stands amongst the other tombstones in the graveyard, Judd cartwheels over to him.

‘Go away!’ Jared exclaims. Judd just tells Radius that he knows what he is feeling. ‘I’m feeling lame! Jared exclaims, reminding Puck that he told him he didn’t want to make some stupid speech for Sasquatch because…because…. Radius’ voice just trails off. ‘Because you feel responsible for his death? Because you didn’t follow your orders and he had to save you, eh?’ asks Judd, saying again that he knows what Radius is feeling.

Judd tells Radius that he has to be willing to admit that to himself before he can understand that it wasn’t his fault, at least, not entirely. Judd tells Radius that he was wrong to rush off alone like he keeps reminding him, but he is right about the risk being Sasquatch’s own. Judd declares that the fact of the matter is he watched Walt fall more than once because he acted on bad impulses. ‘Reminded me a lot of you that way’. To conclude, Judd tells Radius that he didn’t do good, but that he doesn’t have to hang himself over this either, and if he feels like talking about it some more, then he knows where to find him.

In Department H, on level 66 - the office of the Director. The mysterious Director sits at his desk, an Epsilon Black stands ominously behind him. The Director informs Gentry that he has received some rumblings from Huxley that things are being shaken up here. ‘You gave me orders, Sir, and I’m following them’ Gentry replies. The Director asks Gentry if he thinks it is wise to brazenly displace men like Huxley, for he has years with the Ministry. ‘You have less than a day’.

Gentry declares that Huxley is past his prime and remarks that if his mandate is to turn things around in Department H, then he has to look at Huxley’s work now, not base judgments on what he has accomplished in the past. Turning, Gentry excuses himself, explaining that he has very little time left to make an appearance at Sasquatch’s memorial service. ‘He’s not dead, you know’ the Director exclaims. Gentry stops in his tracks, exclaiming that he saw the remains.

The Director tells Gentry to rest assured that whatever they’re burying was terminated, but that it was not the Walter Langkowski Alpha Flight thinks it is. Gentry asks the Director why he would let them go through with such a trying ceremony, to which the Director replies by telling Gentry that there are many complexities involved with arbitrarily eliminating the emotions of an entire squad with such a revelation - not to mention the embarrassment of having to admit the mind-wiping sessions - such revelations could drive the entire team to quit.

Gentry asks if he is being told not to tell Alpha Flight these facts, to which the Director remarks that he is not telling Gentry what to do - or what not to do, but giving him sensitive information and waiting to see what he does with it. ’Tell them or don’t. The choice is yours’.

The choice is the same for everyone here this day…do you own and master what you now know? Or does it destroy you? Heather asks Mac if he is all right, to which Mac tells Heather not to worry about him, as he will manage. Flex looks to the sky and sees three jets zoom past. ‘Cool…a fly-over!’ he exclaims. ‘He deserved the honor, Flex, and much more’ exclaims Gentry as he approaches Alpha Flight. Mac asks him who he is, and Gentry introduces himself as “Coordinator Gentry” and reveals that he has taken Clarke’s place - in title, but not, as they will find, in disposition or methodology.

Standing around the coffin, Gentry tells the heroes that he doesn’t mean to intrude on their mourning, but he did want to make sure they knew the Department was represented here, and that he wanted to assure them he is committed to cleaning up the Department and making it worthy of the service Alpha Flight provides to this country. ‘Amen to that’ Heather exclaims, before Judd asks him if there is anything else.

Gentry states that there is one more thing, but to be honest, which he always hopes to be with them, he hasn’t decided the best way to tell them what he needs to. He calls to Hames and tells his assistant to place a general meeting on the books for tomorrow morning, the first day of a new era for Department H and Alpha Flight. ‘Yes, sir’ Hames replies.

It’s is a wide world of new beginnings…one occurring in the Labrador Sea south of Greenland’s Cape Farwell. Aboard a boat, someone points to an iceberg and exclaims that it is huge. The captain of the vessel announces that it is the one they have been assigned to reduce. Someone asks the Captain if his men position themselves on icebergs, drill them, drop dynamite and blow them up to prevent modern day Titanic disasters. The Captain asks the young man if he listened to anything he told him, reminding him that they blow icebergs but that it has little to do with passenger ships like the Titanic.

The young man asks Captain Fortier to forgive him, but points out that his magazine sent him here to get a Titanic-themed article - and if he doesn’t come back with one then he is a dead man. Some of Fortier’s crew are on the ice berg and the journalist asks Fortier if he can join them on the ice berg. The Captain replies that he cannot, as it is an insurance liability, adding that it is not exciting, just some tools, some ice and maybe a - ‘Ship! Ship!’ exclaims one of the men on the iceberg.

Fortier is surprised and remarks that they are the only vessel out here, until he turns and sees a ship approaching them. He shouts to them to turn back, before asking who they are and what it is they are doing here. ‘I gotta get my camera!’ exclaims the reporter. A flaming skull hovers next to man dressed in armor and standing at the tip of the ship. ‘This sea is cold and endless, but with your ship, my journey may finally cease!’ exclaims the armored man. ‘My ship?’ asks the Captain, confused. ‘Yes, my lamb. The Brass Bishop has come for collection…!’

Characters Involved: 

Flex II, Guardian IV, Murmur III, Puck, Radius, Vindicator II (all Alpha Flight)

Lilli, Flinch, Ouija (all Beta Flight IV)

Mr. Gentry

Doctor Horatio Huxley

Lieutenant Oculus

Chief Engineer Su

Coordinator Proctor


Director X


Epsilon Black

Various Department H workers

Brass Bishop II


Captain Fortier and his crew


In Heather’s History of Sasquatch:
Sasquatch / Walter Langkowski / Box III

Snowbird in her Sasquatch form

Aurora, Guardian I, Marrina, Northstar, Puck, Shaman (all Alpha Flight)

Heather McNeil Hudson

In Guardian IV’s History of Sasquatch:

Guardian I, Puck, Sasquatch


In Puck’’ History of Sasquatch:

Walter at various stages of his career including Pro Football

Aurora, Guardian III, Puck, Sasquatch, Sasquatch II, Snowbird (all Alpha Flight at various stages of the team’s history)

Nemesis III

Super Skrull

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Sasquatch II died saving Radius from a lethal bacteria in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #12.

Murmur was the first struck down in battle with the Zodiac. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #12. Though her injuries were serious, she survived.

General Clarke was killed in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #12, while trying to shut down Department H’s nuclear reactor.

First appearance of Mr. Gentry. Originally writer Steve T. Seagle intended for Gentry to be the original Guardian, and that Guardian IV and the Guardian Sasquatch found in the Antarctic in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13 were both going to be clones. Had Alpha Flight (2nd series) not been cancelled, the plan was for “Gentry” to clean up Department H and bring about his dream that started way back when he first founded Department H. As this never happened, the Guardian found in the Antarctic was revealed to be the original, and Guardian IV a clone. Gentry has not been seen since Alpha Flight (2nd series) #20. Scenes in Wolverine (2nd series) #142 and Alpha Flight (3rd series) #8 would make it apparent that Gentry is no longer with Department H.

Sasquatch’s relatives include his ex-wife Veronica Langkowski, with whom he apparently has a son, though the son has never been seen and only mentioned once. Walter’s mother has been mentioned on occasion, and villainess Gilded Lily is a great-aunt. A cousin was revealed to exist in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13.

Walter became involved with Department H when the Department agreed to fund his research, the research which eventually turned him into Sasquatch, He was seen working in the early Department H in the Alpha Flight: First Flight Special.

One of Alpha Flight’s greatest battles ever, Sasquatch vs. Snowbird, took place in Alpha Flight (1st series) #23. However, Heather claims to have watched it, which is untrue, as she was not present when Snowbird ripped Walt’s heart out.

The “somehow” that Walter came back in the Box armor occurred because Alpha Flight travelled to the Realm of the Great Beasts to rescue his soul. Heather was guarding Walter’s body, which did crumble to pebbles and clay before her eyes. With the mission a success, but no body for Walt’s soul to be transferred into, it was transferred into the Box armor. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #24]

Alpha Flight were disbanded in Uncanny X-Men #140. The team decided to remain together without government funding in Alpha Flight (1st series) #1.

First appearance of Hames, Gentry’s complacent personal assistant.

First and only appearances of Ouija and Flinch. While Lilli goes on to become a member of Beta Flight after the teams are restructured with the return of the originals, it is unknown what happened to these two. Presumably they were deemed as not required within the new Department H and had lives outside the Department set up for them. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #20 / Wolverine (2nd series) #142]

Lilli “kind of” met Puck when they bumped into each other in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #8.

Indeed, in Alpha Flight’s debut team performance, Sasquatch did stop the X-Men’s jet in his hands. It happened in Uncanny X-Men #120, which marked the first appearances of Snowbird, Sasquatch, Northstar, Aurora and Shaman.

Alpha Flight battled Tundra in Alpha Flight (1st series) #1.

Guardian’s comment about he, Sasquatch and Puck taking the Alpha Jet without clearance to go see a baseball game never happened on panel. It is also chronologically invalid as Alpha Flight’s first jet was called the Omnijet.

Walt’s exact words to Puck in Alpha Flight (1st series) #1 were “Relax, short, bald and nasty. Alpha Flight sounds good to me too, and we can always use a mascot!’ Which of course erupted in a brawl and set the stage for their jovial friendship.

Walter’s transformation into Sasquatch along with more of his early days can be seen in the back up story of Alpha Flight (1st series) #11.

Though there were some hints before hand, Snowbird became aware of Sasquatch being possessed by one of her sworn enemies, the Great Beasts, in Alpha Flight (1st series) #23.

Sasquatch’s battle with the Super Skrull can be seen in Alpha Flight (1st series) #9-10.

In one of Alpha Flight’s most interesting and outrageous stories ever, Sasquatch returned from death in the soul-less body of Snowbird, but in doing so, he also returned to life as a woman, and dubbed himself “Wanda Langkowski”, he was later granted his manhood back by Snowbird. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #45-68]

Alpha Flight was most recently disbanded in Alpha Flight (1st series) #130 during a wave of paranoia involving anyone with super powers, mutant or otherwise. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #118-130]

The reason that Sasquatch has been more like a monster since he appeared in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1 is because he isn’t Walter Langkowski further mutated, but a “real” mythological sasquatch of the Canadian Rockies. Puck learned this in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #6, but had the memory stripped from his mind in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #7.

Manbot makes a rare cover-appearance this issue, but does not appear in the issue itself.

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