Alpha Flight (2nd series) #17

Issue Date: 
December 1998
Story Title: 
Tokyo Takedown

Steve T. Seagle (Co-Plotter & Writer), Duncan Rouleau (Co-Plotter & Penciler), Gus Vazquez (Assistant Penciler), Hunter & Rubinstein (Inkers), Lee Ann Denham (Colorist), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (Letterers), Lysa Kraiger (Assistant Editor), Jaye Gardner (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

In Japan, Big Hero 6 find the amusement park where their headquarters is located under attack by a giant monster called X the Unknowable. As they do their best to help the hundreds of civilians caught in the danger zone, Honey Lemon contacts Sunfire, alerting him to their plight. However Sunfire is half the world away, in Canada, where he has returned to Department H to seek vengeance on Dr. Huxley for his current condition. Gentry and Alpha Flight learn that Sunfire was exposed to Zero Fluid, which Huxley claims was an accident. Gentry and Alpha Flight offer to help Sunfire, but he isn’t interested, when Honey Lemon’s call for help comes through. Sunfire blows another hole in Department H and flies off to Japan. Flex is on his way to check his email when he bumps into Ghost Girl - and it is love at first sight for both of them. However before anything further can come of it, Flex is called away with the rest of Alpha Flight as they have decided to go to Japan to help Sunfire. Alpha Flight pass Sunfire on the way there and arrive before him, where they help Big Hero 6, many of whom are thrilled to meet more super heroes. The two teams begin investigating X the Unknowable and learn that what is occurring is also playing out in a little boys comic book. They split into three teams to track X the Unknowable down, however as Radius finds out when he is swallowed whole by X the Unknowable, the monster never left Cool World. X transforms into another monster and flies off where he is soon met by the rest of the heroes, including Sunfire, who teams up with Vindicator to trap X in a volcano - but not before Radius is rescued. Meanwhile, two important events happen at Department H - Northstar arrives and is about to enter the building to ask for his former teams help in finding his sister, when other former Alphans Sasquatch and Shaman stop him and reveal that they have Aurora. And in the lowest of all sub-basements, Dr. Huxley’s diabolical “project” has escaped - the new Weapon X!

Full Summary: 

Do you believe in monsters?

‘You think you can escape me, evil monster Komodan?’ exclaims the young Japanese hero Hiro Takachiho. ‘Master Hiro?’ asks Hiro’s bodyguard and Big Hero 6 teammate Baymax. ‘I am a member of Big Hero 6, Japan’s only super-hero team! It is my duty to best you in combat!’ Hiro exclaims. The Silver Samurai tells Baymax that Hiro cannot hear him, and the lovely Honey Lemon points out that the volume on Hiro’s “Monster Crusher 332” game is way too loud. Standing in front of a giant television screen which Hiro’s game is hooked up to, Baymax calls to him again. Hiro asks for a moment, informing Baymax that this is a fun game of a boy battling a giant monster, adding that he has all twelve top scores. ‘Isn’t that exciting?’

Silver Samurai walks up some stairs to another part of the team headquarters and tells Honey Lemon to pull out that game cartridge when Hiro is done and to put it into her purse…forever. Sitting up on a windowsill, the petulant GoGo Tomago mutters that Hiro should not be using their headquarters for video games. ‘He is a boy, GoGo,’ the Silver Samurai a.k.a. Keniuchio Harada points out. ‘And I am a girl!’ GoGo remarks, suggesting that if Hiro wants to play he should go outside, after all, they had their headquarters moved to the Cool World Amusement Park.

GoGo asks why she should have to listen to the sound of giant monsters hunting inside when there is plenty of adventures awaiting Hiro right outside their window. Suddenly, looking out the window, GoGo sees a giant eye looking in at her, and as the teams headquarters is ripped off the ground, GoGo calls everyone to assemble, as they are under attack.

Down below in the amusement park proper, hundreds of civilians are panicking, running all over the place. A police officer exclaims that the entire headquarters of Big Hero 6 have been ripped from the ground by a giant monster. A young boy exclaims that it is not just any monster, but X the Unknowable, who has unexpectedly risen from the sea. He explains that X has the power of bodily transformation, and by merely willing it, X is able to transform his atomic structure into any shape and form! The boy adds that X is completely hostile and regards all of Earth as his enemy.

Japan’s premiere super heroes exit their headquarters quickly as it is sent crashing to the ground, and Hiro is hanging onto Baymax, and orders Baymax to assume his secret battle-dragon form, which Baymax does. As GoGo Tomago bursts into action, Hiro exclaims that their headquarters is destroyed and wonders how Honey Lemon will survive the fall. Honey Lemon tells Hiro not to worry, as she has a jet pack…in her purse! Baymax tells GoGo to leave the monster and to go and help move civilians from harms way, and quickly, as he cannot hold the monster for long.

Doing as she is asked, GoGo blasts down to rescue a civilian, complaining that she is always sent to rescue people and it isn’t fair. Silver Samurai shoves his swords into X the Unknowable’s side and tells GoGo that it is honor enough to fight for her country, for to seek glory beyond that is to live without respect. Flying around courtesy of a jet pack, Honey Lemon points out that as a former villain, the Silver Samurai should know that best of all. Samurai corrects Honey, declaring that he was never a villain, he just had different masters.

‘Run from the giant monster!’ exclaims the father of the boy who was informing the police officer of X as he picks his son up and rushes away. Wearing his flight suit, Hiro flies right into the mouth of X and back out again, and boasts about it. Samurai tells Hiro that while he has mastered avoidance, how will it help his team defeat the creature? Hiro explains that he is not merely playing, but that he is trying to lead the monster away from the amusement park and back to the bay where he came.

Silver Samurai tells Hiro that is good thinking, adding that he hopes once the monster is there, they have enough power and skill to defeat him. Hiro replies that he doesn’t think they will, and exclaims that they should contact Japan’s greatest hero of all - Sunfire - and ask him to return to help them. Silver Samurai reminds Hiro that Sunfire has chosen his path, and that it is not with Big Hero 6. As GoGo Tomago blasts the falling debris from Big Hero 6’s headquarters, Hiro tells her that she is doing a great job, while Baymax announces that he has caught the largest section of the falling wreckage.

Hiro tells his bodyguard that he brings him much honor, and to think that a boy as young as he could build a hero as mighty as he is almost too much to believe! ‘Yes, master’ Baymax replies. Hiro exclaims that they must call Sunfire, for without him, they are not Big Hero 6, but Big Hero 5! Hiro wonders how they are going to contact Sunfire when he is in another country and all of their secret communicator devices have been destroyed along with their headquarters. ‘I’ve got a secret communicator…in my purse!’ Honey Lemon announces as she pulls the large phone with her name imprinted on it from her purse. ‘Honey Lemon calling Sunfire! Honey Lemon calling Sunfire! Giant monster is destroying our island nation! Big Hero 6 needs you! Please return!’

Half a world away, Shiro “Sunfire” Yoshida does indeed believe in monsters - though the beast he seeks walks upright on two legs in Ottawa, Canada - specifically Department H. ‘Where is he? Where is Dr. Huxley?’ Sunfire asks angrily, ‘Provide him to me so I can rip him limb from limb!’ Sunfire unleashes a huge surge of power demanding that Huxley be brought to him. ‘Tell him that Sunfire has returned so that he may explain to me why he exposed me to his toxins - and then lied to me, claiming I had developed radiation poisoning to cover his heinous experiments!’

Department H’s administrator and overseer Mr. Gentry tells Sunfire to calm down as he and Canada’s premiere super heroes - Alpha Flight - stand and listen to Japan’s hero. Eugene “Puck” Judd calls Sunfire “Nuke Boy” and tells him to chill, while Alpha Flight’s leader, James MacDonald Hudson a.k.a. Guardian tells Sunfire that Gentry is right, and points out that his solar powers could kill them all if he is not careful. Sunfire asks Guardian who it was that wasn’t careful with him. ‘Are mutants to be the scapegoats of even the Canadians? Are the worlds most notorious pacifists now pledged to abusing my kind as those in America long have?’

In response to Sunfire’s well said comments, Gentry informs him that the project which affected him has since been terminated. ‘And who are you?’ Sunfire demands. Gentry introduces himself and explains that he has taken General Clarke’s place, adding that he has made it his mission to clean Department H up, inside and out. ‘Far better that I should simply raze it to the ground!’ Sunfire exclaims angrily. Sunfire declares that he doesn’t care who is in charge of Department H now, only that he has been deceived and will not tolerate another moment of it.

Heather McNeil Hudson a.k.a. Vindicator informs Sunfire that Gentry has been honest about getting her suit retooled, and Judd backs her up, declaring that Gentry has been straight up so far, and suggests to Shiro that they work this out reasonably. ‘You’re among friends here now’. Unleashing another blast of solar energy, Sunfire declares that he has no friends, certainly none in this country, and that furthermore, he has heard no compelling evidence to keep him from - beep beep beep - ‘Dude, I think your pager is going off’ announces Jared Corbo a.k.a. the handsome Radius.

Sunfire stops his rant and exclaims that he has no pager, before realizing that the sound is indeed coming from him. Gentry assures Sunfire that if he has been harmed in any manner whatsoever, Dr. Huxley will explain himself and will answer for it. Suddenly, Manbot announces that he has detected a nano-technology uni-directorial holographic communication projector on Sunfire’s form, and begins to translate the downlink data. Honey Lemon’s message is played out for Alpha Flight, Gentry and Sunfire to hear, and once the young woman’s message has been heard, Sunfire explodes through the side of Department H, declaring that as there are people who have genuine need of his natural abilities, he will not leave them to face a threat to his homeland alone. However as he flies off, he warns Alpha Flight that he will be expecting answers to all of his questions upon his return.

Guardian asks Gentry if he wants him to stop Sunfire, but Gentry declares that Sunfire is not their property, and tells his assistant, Hames, to make a note to show Sunfire how the door works if he returns here. ‘I can’t really afford to fix any more improvised exits through the superstructure of this building!’ ‘Yes, sir’ Hames replies, when suddenly, Adrian “Flex” Corbo asks his brother Radius where he is going. Jared replies that the show is over, so he is going back to his training. Heather is surprised at this. ‘Another session?’ she asks, reminding him he just had one, to which Radius declares ‘Practice makes perfect’.

Flex remarks that his brother is acting really weird, to which Gentry tells Hames to order a full psychiatric test battery for Radius. ‘Yes, sir’. However, Judd tells the men that it is Jared’s heart that they should be looking at. Hames motions to the door and announces that Dr. Huxley has arrived. The rude and obnoxious Huxley calls Hames a peasant and tells him to step aside, as he has a number of pressing deadlines and no time for folly. Standing beside the gapping hole in Department H, Gentry says to Huxley ‘Do I need to remind you that you’re paid to report to me?’ and tells him that whatever plots he is hatching on his own time are of less than no concern. Gentry tells Alpha Flight to either join Radius in Combat Centrale, or to take personal time, as he needs to speak to Huxley alone.

‘Cool! I’m going to check my email!’ announces Adrian as he marches off happily. The senior Alphans follow Flex and Judd remarks that Adrian spends a lot of time on that computer, and asks him if he is looking at “the dirty stuff”. ‘Yuck! No way! I would never go to those sites! Why would you ever ask me that, Puck?’ Adrian exclaims, offended. ‘Oh, you know, just hoping you could point some out to me,’ Judd replies.

Huxley motions to the giant hole in the building and tells Gentry that he likes the new air conditioning. ‘It suits your management style’. Gentry replies by telling Huxley that for a man with no sense of humor, he seems to try and make a lot of jokes, before explaining that the hole is Sunfire’s and informing Huxley that Sunfire is claiming he exposed him to something. Gentry reveals that he has read Sunfire’s files and asks Huxley what “Zero Fluid” is. ‘Exposed? Exposed? I did no such thing! That would be monstrously inhumane!’ Huxley claims, before adding ‘But yes, he did come into contact with Zero Fluid…somehow’.

Huxley then explains that Zero Fluid is a bio-restorative energy source of great power, and claims that he was going to call in the Jack of Hearts, the only living survivor to an exposure, before Gentry shut down his program, which is why he couldn’t help their little friend from the “Orient”. Gentry tells Huxley that he doesn’t accept his claim, nor the term “Orient”, before asking in the meantime, what is the worst case prediction for Sunfire’s state. Calmly, Huxley replies ‘Why…he could explode of course’.

Walking towards his quarters, Flex thinks to himself that he cannot believe they got out of training, for ever since Sasquatch died, it seems like that is all they do anymore - and he hasn’t even had time to check and see if the Adoption Uplink Network has found out his Dad’s real name yet. So lost in his own thoughts, Flex suddenly crashes into a girl around his age who drops the folder of files she was carrying. Flex apologizes, saying that he wasn’t looking where he was going and asks her if she is okay. As their eyes meet. Flex says ‘Hi!’ ‘Hi! I’m Lilli’ replies the young woman codenamed Ghost Girl. Flex introduces himself, to which Ghost Girl replies she knows. ‘Hi!’, ‘Hi!’ they exclaim again, eyes locked on each other. Suddenly, there is an announcement on the intercom ordering all active Alphans to the launch bay for immediate dispatch. ‘Um, bye’ says Flex. ‘Bye’ Lilli replies.

Outside, soaring across the darkening sky which surrounds Department H, glittering with starlight, is Jean Paul Beaubier, a.k.a. Northstar - but is he answering the call of the active Alphans? After such a long absence, has he decided to finally rejoin the group he previously disavowed? And if so, when then does he stop short, just beyond its hulking metal doors? Jean-Paul thinks to himself, in French, that he is exhausted, for Aurora ran him around the world before vanishing into thin air. However Jean-Paul will not give up hope for his sister - and vows to do whatever he must to save her from this madness - even if it means returning to this place he hates the most.

Suddenly, a voice exclaims ‘I wouldn’t go in there is I were you!’ Jean-Paul turns and is surprised to see Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch. ‘Of course, I’m not you, so it isn’t really an issue’ Northstar’s fellow founding Alphan remarks, before telling Northstar that he can thank them for keeping him from the clutches of Department H later, and motions to Michael Twoyoungmen a.k.a. Shaman. Northstar is just as surprised to see another original Alphan and exclaims that he doesn’t understand. He begins to ask them why they are here, when he decides that it doesn’t matter, for he has no time for this as he came here to help his sister. Suddenly, Shaman interrupts Northstar, cryptically remarking ‘We know…we have her!’

Do you realize how far it is to the land of where the monsters dwell? Far enough to leave you ample time for thoughts about your fellow man…. ‘I wonder where Sunfire is right now?’ asks someone aboard the Alpha Jet as they leave the darkened skies and enter skies filled with sunlight. ‘I wonder where Alpha Flight is right now?’ Sunfire wonders to himself as he too crosses the time zones. He tells himself that it would be foolish to think he could leave in that manner and not be followed by them, however, he admits that it is Department H which has angered him, not Alpha Flight. ‘Perhaps I do have friends in this world…’. Judd declares that he doesn’t know where Sunfire is, but that he can bet he isn’t flying anywhere as near as fast as their jet. ‘Good, maybe he’ll cool down along the way’ Heather remarks. Guardian asks where exactly they are going, as Japan isn’t a very specific destination. ‘Just look for Godzilla then hang a left’ Radius jokes. Manbot announces that he has triangulated the hologram transmission signal and begins inputting the coordinate data. Hands pressed against the window, Flex asks if they have time can they go to that big Japanese amusement park. ‘What’s it called…ummm…’

Cool World, later. Honey Lemon exclaims that cleaning up destruction is very hard work, for it has been many hours and her back is very sore. GoGo Tomago mutters that Honey Lemon is just mad because she had to miss today’s episode of Honey Lemon on television. ‘Silly GoGo! I am taping it!’ Honey laughs. Baymax announces that there is an incoming craft, and as he helps a wounded person Hiro points out that it has Canadian symbols on it, so maybe it is Sunfire. Silver Samurai thinks to himself that Hiro will never accept him as leader with Sunfire here, not to mention that Sunfire, his cousin, is his biggest obstacle toward holding a position of honor in his country.

As Alpha Flight exit the Alpha Jet, Silver Samurai introduces himself and informs them that this is a restricted area. He asks them to explain their business quickly, or else he and Big Hero 6 will remove them. Heather introduces herself as Vindicator and motions to her teammates, Alpha Flight. Guardian introduces himself and informs Japan’s premiere super hero team that they have come looking for Sunfire. ‘Big Hero 6? What kind of dumb name is that for five people?’ Radius asks.

Samurai informs Alpha Flight that Sunfire is not here for he left seeking them. Guardian explains that Sunfire then received Big Hero 6’s message and them left. Silver Samurai declares that whatever Sunfire’s course, he has not returned here, and that they have work to do. Heather announces that they will help, and motioning to someone trapped under some debris she calls to Radius. Radius replies that he sees him and uses his force field to push the debris off the injured civilian so Heather can pull him out.

Honey Lemon exclaims that she knew her message would reach Canada, but that she never expected Sunfire would convince all of Alpha Flight to come. Excitedly, Honey Lemon informs Alpha Flight that they are the fourth most popular team in all of North America! ‘This dude needs a stretcher’ Judd announces as he examines the man Heather and Jared just rescued. Honey Lemon exclaims that she has a stretcher…in her purse! ‘Sunfire didn’t convince us, Miss…?’ Heather begins. ‘I am called “Honey Lemon” which is the name of my favorite television program!’ Heather remarks that the stretcher grew out of nowhere and asks if her bag is an other-dimensional portal. ‘No, everything in it is just very small!’ Honey replies as she tends to the civilian.

Judd informs Flex that he thinks he can hear someone trapped under the rubble and asks him to chop up some of the concrete blocks. However, Hiro comes over and introduces himself before exclaiming that he would be happy to use his flight suit to crumble the big stones. He apologizes if his English is not proficient but that he has only been studying it for five years now. Flex replies that it is okay, and reveals he doesn’t speak any Japanese, before asking Puck if he does. Judd replies that he knows enough to order sushi, and congratulates Hiro on his good shooting, as Judd is able to pull the rocks up. Hiro smiles and salutes Puck, telling him it is his honor - Judd interrupts, telling him that socializing time is for later, after they have helped everyone they can.

Hiro flies up to where Baymax is flying alongside Manbot, who has extended his legs to make himself a lot taller, and exclaims that he has just met many of Alpha Flight and that they are very nice, but very serious also. Hiro adds that he hopes each of them will sign his autograph book. Manbot announces that he is continuing to scan, while Baymax tells Hiro that he will have to get Alpha Flight to sign his book after they have completed their assignment. ‘Of course, silly Baymax!’ the young hero exclaims before turning to Manbot and asking his name.

‘I am designated Manbot’ the enigmatic Alphan replies bluntly. Hiro exclaims that Manbot must be half man and half robot, and tells him that it is very interesting, for his friend Baymax is very similar. Baymax tells Hiro that while his memory cards retain many of his honorable father’s thoughts and emotions, he is in no way “half man”. Manbot then announces that he is entirely synthetic. ‘You have been given no emotion chips?’ Hiro asks, to which Manbot replies ‘No’. ‘Then you probably wouldn’t be interested in signing my autograph book or even speaking further about yourself?’ ‘Affirmative’ Manbot replies.

Back on the ground, GoGo Tomago tells a group of boy scouts that they are very bad to remain hiding in the haunted pagoda after security ordered everyone out of the park. ‘You bring much shame to your families!’ she adds. One of the boys exclaims that Hiro is coming over and that he is the neatest of all Big Hero 6. Another of the kids exclaims that Tomi said he would show them his monster if they stayed. ‘”His” monster? What do you mean by that?’ Heather asks, as another of the boys remarks at how tall she is.

Hiro introduces himself to Tomi and asks him to explain about the giant monster. The boy hesitates, which causes GoGo to shout at him. Heather tells GoGo to be gentle, as he is only a child. Tomi reveals that he was reading an old comic story, and a man drew pictures of X the Unknowable and he came to life. GoGo asks the boy why he would to the same, to which Hiro looks at the pictures and exclaims that they are very accomplished drawings of X destroying their Cool World Amusement Park, before asking the boy if he has made any other drawings of X.

The boy holds up several more pages including one of X as a giant bat coming out of a volcano, and he asks if they think it will happen also. Guardian turns to Silver Samurai and suggests they send a team to investigate this while the others search out Sunfire. Samurai asks Guardian if he really believes the boy’s drawings create reality. ‘I wish I did. He could just draw us a batter ending’ Mac replies, before assuming that the boy is just psychically aware and predicting behaviors through his art somehow. Samurai tells Guardian that he is not accustomed to following another’s lead, so he needs to pray that his theory is correct.

Later, Manbot has transformed his legs into a wheel of sorts and goes along the monorail with Judd and Samurai on his body, and Heather flying at his side. Silver Samurai declares that he still finds it foolish to base strategy on a little boy’s manga pages. Judd informs Samurai that he was watching him in action and that he saw some kind of hocus-pocus flying around those two swords of his. ‘A boy with psychic comic books is harder to believe than that?’ Samurai informs Puck that he is a mutant, so his powers are innate. Judd suggests that the boy might be as well, different, but just as innate.

Judd begins to ask how much further it is, when Manbot whirs and clicks before declaring ‘Train!’ ‘Train? What do you mean - train?’ Suddenly, a train rushes beneath them, thankfully Manbot extend his legs so no one got harmed. Judd tells Manbot to give some warning next time, to which Manbot replies that he gave an advance notice of 6.685 seconds. ‘Fine! Give some more notice next time!’ ‘Affirmative!’ Judd looks at the drawings and remarks that it looks like that have an atomic nasty ripping out of a nuclear plant, before asking Samurai if he said the boy’s neighborhood was nearby. Heather exclaims that she can see the plant up ahead with her infrared filter as Samurai mutters that it is a crazy world when a boy’s dreams can become reality. ‘Maybe, but a sad one when they can’t’ Judd declares.

Elsewhere, Guardian, Honey Lemon, Baymax and Hiro fly over some lush landscape with giant footprints scattered across it. Mac remarks that they are incredible, but at least they can guess which way X went. Hiro remarks that after escaping them by changing his appearance into that of a human in the Cool World Amusement Park, he must have turned again into a giant monster to come down to Fuji-San, just as he did in the young boy’s story. Guardian asks how it is that they cannot see something that big on the horizon though.

Honey excitedly remarks that she is happy she had a jet pack in her purse so she could join them on this mission. ‘There is so much we can learn from a handsome hero like you, Guardian!’ Hiro asks Baymax if he has finished his assignment yet, to which Baymax replies that he has. Guardian tells Hiro that the first thing to learn is not to keep secrets among team members, as it is dangerous not to have everyone equally informed. Hiro apologizes and informs Guardian that he merely asked his custodian, Baymax, to scan the boy’s story into his memory, and now he has processed it and can project holograms to the clouds above to remind them of what they are looking for. Baymax displays the images, and a giant two headed bat and atom creature appear. Hiro remarks that they may need some new drawings before declaring that the footsteps are leading away from Cool World.

Honey Lemon suggests that perhaps it has made its way to the power plant, to which Guardian says if it has, then they have been covered by the other team, but if not, then they have been tricked. Baymax exclaims that they haven’t been tricked, for he has reviewed and scanned the story, in which to build X’s mysterious nature, the boy had X the Unknowable walk backwards into Tokyo turning around upon arrival, meaning, ‘Holy gosh! We followed the footprints back to the birthplace of Monster X!’ Hiro exclaims. Guardian remarks that it is no less far-fetched than the rest of this story, but whatever the case, X isn’t here now, so they need to go on to their team’s main objective - Fuji!

Back at Cool World, Radius is beating up some soft toy teddy bears and exclaiming that he hates it, for if anyone was going to go monster-busting, it should have been him! Flex points out that somebody has to wait here for Sunfire, to which Jared declares that if Vindicator, Manbot and Bruce Lee - or whoever the silver dude is - could have stayed, they could have gone onto the nuclear plant. Slumped on the ground, GoGo Tomago complains that he is always left behind, for Honey Lemon is more beautiful than she is, so Honey gets special attention.

Flex tells GoGo that she is beautiful too, to which Radius laughs and exclaims that Flex is in love. ‘Die teddy-scum!’ he shouts as he continues to beat on the toys while Flex tells him to shut up. Suddenly, there is a roaring noise and GoGo asks if anyone else heard it. ‘What noise?’ Radius asks, when suddenly, the noise is even louder. ‘That noise!’ Flex declares as he and GoGo turn around and see that the Cool World bear toy which Radius was beating up is changing shape. GoGo exclaims that it means X the Unknowable never left, he has been here this whole time!

‘All right! Well, come on you over-stuffed grizzly! Show me your worst!’ Radius exclaims, when suddenly the giant teddy bear swallows him in one gulp, before turning to Flex and GoGo and roaring again. ‘On no! The teddy bear ate my brother!’ Flex exclaims. GoGo tells him to move as she will use her transubstantiation powers to blast him - when suddenly, the teddy bear explodes, and Sunfire appears above them, telling GoGo that it will not be necessary, for he has returned. Flex greets Sunfire and tells him that he thinks they passed him on the way here.

Sunfire begins coughing and falls to the ground, telling Flex that perhaps they did. GoGo asks him if he is ill, and Flex exclaims that he will go get a doctor, but Sunfire declares that he doesn’t want anymore doctors, as he will persevere. He informs the youngsters that he has built up another charge of energy in his cells, so he will be fine, in time. Adrian asks about his brother, as he was in the monster when Sunfire blew it up. Suddenly, X the Unknowable has transformed into a giant bat and screeches off into the air.

A belief in monsters is often a psychological side-step - your willingness to believe in a great unknown terror in place of a known one you actively deny. Back with Guardian’s squad, Hiro asks Guardian if he doesn’t think the boy created Monster X. Mac replies that he isn’t sure what to believe at this point, only that they better find - ‘X the Unknowable! He’s returned!’ exclaims Hiro, and Mac exclaims that he is enormous. Hiro points out that X could cover all of Japan in just minutes, and that it is a pity he is a monster, otherwise he could be a most efficient transportation service!

Guardian asks Honey is she happens to have a giant monster catcher in her purse, to which Honey replies that she doesn’t, when suddenly she is knocked off balance, as is Hiro whose rocket pack is disabled when the heroes are caught in the monsters wake. Baymax calls out to Hiro, who lands on his back, announcing that he is okay. Honey Lemon releases a parachute, so she is safe too, and Mac points out that X is headed for the city - the boy’s grandfather’s town, which is the home of the power plant!

At the power plant, Heather and Judd are standing alongside the power plant workers as Judd points out that X, who flies right over them, is headed for the mountain, and adds that he hopes the Samurai made it up there in time.

On the mountain, Samurai is ready for X and tells the monster to give him the honor of its death for his country and begins slicing away at X. But to believe monsters aren’t real, is also to believe that they cannot be vanquished - or rather, don’t need to be. And you know that’s not true…don’t you? Guardian and company can see X from their position in the sky and Hiro exclaims that X flies very fast. ‘Someone is attached to the monster’ remarks Baymax, as Honey Lemon announces that she has a telescope in her purse.

Using her telescope, Honey sees Silver Samurai fighting X and Mac exclaims that they have to help him. Suddenly, Sunfire and GoGo Tomago fly past, with Sunfire telling Guardian to allow him, as it will be his honor - and his salvation! Sunfire flies into the battle and tells his cousin to shield himself, as he may not be able to temper this blast. ‘Let it come! If I must die that Japan would live, so be it!’ Samurai replies as Sunfire unleashes a powerful blast. Guardian begins to use his electromagnetic powers to contain Sunfire’s blasts. Heather and Puck arrive, and Heather uses her battle suits control of the geothermal to bring the lava up from the volcano to cover X, while Judd helps Samurai out of the way.

X the Unknowable begins to scream, and suddenly Radius is freed from X’s body, only to find himself falling towards the molten lava - luckily for him, GoGo Tomago comes to his rescue, blasting across the volcano to grab him. Reunited, Alpha Flight and Big Hero 6 stand around the edge of the volcano as X the Unknowable sinks in the lava. ‘We did it! We killed him! Someone exclaims. ‘Did we…?’ Silver Samurai asks, pointing out that this could just be another page in the boy’s adventure story.

Guardian then points out that they are not finished here, for they have ruptured Mt. Fuji. Honey Lemon announces that she has a volcano cover in her purse, to which Sunfire remarks ‘Why am I not surprised…?’ Heather turns to Radius, who explains that he wasn’t digested, and that he was having trouble climbing back up the monsters throat. ‘But I wasn’t going out the other way!’ Hiro tells Guardian that Manbot is quite amazing, for he printed out the boy’s story from visual scans. Guardian asks how it ends, to which Hiro reveals that in the comic, Monster X turns into a human and marries a beautiful princess.

‘O well…I guess some stories end themselves the way they want to!’ Hiro remarks as he tosses the pages into the lava. Guardian turns to Sunfire and, speaking of stories, asks him how his ends. Shiro replies that he is remaining, for as he should know, a hero’s place is with his country.

Meanwhile, back in Canada…. In the lowest sub-basements of Department H. Doctor Horatio Huxley walks along what he calls the “Dungeon” and mumbles to himself that never has a nickname been so marvelously accurate. He thinks that while he may have been stripped of his above-ground projects by the meddling Gentry, Gentry can never strike at this prison of intellectual debauchery…hidden in the innermost core of this building - ‘Which I shall someday rule like a Caesar!’ Huxley approaches a lab which he boasts is so secreted that not even Gentry is allowed to know about. ‘It is my crowning achievement!’

Huxley says out loud to himself that here he has devoted himself, body and soul to his greatest passion - Weapon X! But looking around the lab, Huxley sees that Weapon X is gone. ‘Oh no! My most grand and glorious project of all!’ He continues to flap his gob and boast that the effort that was to immortalize him as the most brilliant minded in super hero creation ever to walk the grey-graveled paths of Earth…is gone.

Huxley begins walking towards some debris at the other end of the lab where he sees a gaping hole in the sub basement of Department H. He steps up to the edge of it, and sees his creation - Weapon X - free from his constraints. Is Doctor Huxley afraid of monsters? He should be. He most definitely should be.

Characters Involved: 

Flex II, Guardian IV, Manbot, Puck, Radius, Vindicator II (all Alpha Flight)

Northstar, Sasquatch, Shaman (all former members of Alpha Flight)

Ghost Girl II

Mr. Gentry

Dr. Horatio Huxley



Weapon X III

Baymax, GoGo Tomago, Hiro, Honey Lemon, Silver Samurai, Sunfire (all Big Hero 6)

X the Unknowable

Civilians at theme park

Tomi and other Boy scouts

Police Officers

Power Plant workers

Story Notes: 

Sunfire came to Department H in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1 in search of help with his out of control powers. Dr. Horatio Huxley claimed that Sunfire was dying of radiation poisoning caused by his own powers, and experimented on the former X-Man, until Sunfire left Department H angrily in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13. He had helped Alpha Flight on several occasions during his stay there.

Sunfire’s adventures with Big Hero 6 can be seen in the Sunfire and Big Hero 6 limited series, which takes place between Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13 and #17.

Gentry’s comment about “improvised exits” refers not only to Sunfire bursting through the wall upon leaving Department H this issue, but also in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13.

Northstar disavowed Alpha Flight in Alpha Flight (1st series) #130, but later began working alongside several other former Alphans as special operatives of the Canadian Ministry of Defense when Alpha Flight had disbanded. [X-Factor (1st series) #116]

Northstar’s search for Aurora can be seen in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #12-13, 15]

Honey Lemon’s comment about Alpha Flight being the fourth most popular team in all of North America refers to the Marvel Universe proper. The first and second most popular teams are obviously the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. However, the third team is open to speculation. It is highly unlikely that any of the mutant teams at the time (X-Men, X-Factor or X-Force) would fill the position, so it is possible that the Thunderbolts (who at the time the general public was unaware they were former villains). Or the long-disbanded Defenders may take that third position.

Much of Manbot’s history has yet to be revealed, though his comment about being entirely synthetic does not fit with the fact that he was once a jovial Department H worker known as Berney Lachenay who was merged with what was left of Madison Jeffries’ Box armor. [as revealed in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #5] It is likely that those memories were taken from Manbot and as the series was soon cancelled, the story line was unable to be followed through.

Big Hero 6 later appear in Alpha Flight (3rd series) #9.

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