Alpha Flight (2nd series) #6

Issue Date: 
January 1998
Story Title: 

Steve T. Seagle (Writer), Brian Hitch (Penciler), Paul Neary (Inker), Richard Starkings (Letterer), Lee Ann Garner (Colorist), Dan Hosek (Assistant Editor), Jaye Gardner (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Sasquatch mysteriously breaks loose from his holding cell, although Puck doesn’t believe any of the explanations General Clarke gives him. However, Clarke sends Judd on a solo mission to find the wandering Alphan. After being introduced to Doctor Myra Haddock, whom he asks out on a date, Judd departs, following the trail of Sasquatch. Sasquatch meanwhile is making his way far across Canada by means of rail and foot. Sightings of him begin to take place in various parts of the country, which helps Judd to track him. Judd realizes that Sasquatch is heading back to where Department H first found him when they were restarting the team, and makes a startling discovery - that this Sasquatch is not Walter Langkowski, but a real life “Bigfoot” - and there are more of them. Finally home, the real Sasquatch is angry at Judd’s intrusion and attacks him before he can leave, only for General Clarke and some Epsilons to arrive, and recapture Sasquatch, while knocking Judd unconscious. Meanwhile, Murmur tries to pull the moves on Radius, who isn’t interested, but when Heather tries to give Murmur some advice on intra-team relationships, Murmur just laughs at her, reminding Heather that she has dated half of Alpha Flight and married the other. Diamond Lil wakes to find herself in the laboratory of Doctor Horatio Huxley, and learns that Madison was captured by the Zodiac, before Huxley renders her unconscious again. Finally, Northstar falls from the sky, landing on a small fishing boat.

Full Summary: 

What do you think of the myth of the Sasquatch?

Do you believe the older legends - that he is the last of his species? A missing link between man and ape? Or do you believe the more modern telling - that he is a tortured scientist named Walter Langkowski, trapped in the body of a monster? ‘Well, what do you think?’ General Jeremy Clarke asks long time member of Alpha Flight, Eugene “Puck” Judd. ‘Don’t know yet’ replies the diminutive member of Canada’s premiere super hero team, before asking Clarke if what he is saying is that Sasquatch pulled his chains from the shackle hoops on the wall here in this room, tried to force open the main door, couldn’t, so came here and punched a hole through to the service access corridor?

Clarke replies ’Yes’ and adds that since the debris spray is outward, they can definitely assume that Sasquatch broke out rather than someone breaking in after him. ’Uh-huh, and what else?’ mumbles Judd. Clarke claims that that is all they know, and they have no idea how or when he escaped. Sardonically, Judd remarks that he doesn’t see how that could be true when every room in Department H has got a camera looking down on it. He declares that something here is sounding a little like a tall-tale to him.

Surrounded by Epsilons, Clarke informs Judd that this room did have a camera, and motions up to it, explaining that this room was never intended to be a holding cell and that the mount bracket was too close to Sasquatch’s shackled arm, as a result, each time a new camera was installed, Sasquatch would simply reach up and destroy it. Clarke adds that paperwork to have the camera repositioned hasn’t yet been approved. ‘Now that last bit’s the kind of detail I’m likely to believe about this place,’ Judd remarks.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Department H, in the monitoring room, two Department H personnel are watching Puck and Clarke, and one of them wonders what Clarke is talking about when he said they have no idea when Sasquatch broke out, for they have it all here on tape. The other man reminds the first that theirs is not to question why, just to watch and spy - and get their pay checks. ‘Now stop talking or the Director’s monitor will hear us and we’ll get another reprimand’.

Back in Sasquatch’s “cell”, Clarke tells Judd that the pull on the restraining blocks suggests that Sasquatch somehow found the energy to pull himself free rather than being freed by some outside force. ‘Huh. Can’t imagine why Walt would be happy chained to a wall in a dark basement dungeon’ Judd replies sarcastically, while thinking to himself that he cannot imagine why Clarke is going so far to convince him that this wasn’t some “outside force”.

Judd examines the shackles that were holding Sasquatch and sees that there is some scoring on the bottom of them to help them break - something a person wouldn’t normally notice unless they were his height. Clarke calls Judd over to the main door where you can see the depressions in the reinforced metal, and tells Judd that it appears Sasquatch violently pounded on it, trying to escape, before deciding that it wasn’t going to give.

Judd goes over to the wall that Sasquatch eventually escaped through and remarks that Sasquatch couldn’t pound through a metal door, but he could claw through a foot-thick cement wall? ‘Heh! Now that’s a story for the pub!’ Judd exclaims, telling Clarke that this looks more like an explosives job, pointing out the charring. Judd asks Clarke if the wall was smashed out, why one of the shock troopers didn’t hear it. Clarke reveals that the guard detail for this cell was called away for an emergency. ‘And big, dumb Sasquatch chose that instant to strike out, eh?’ asks Judd.

Clarke declares that this is no time for some ridiculous conspiracy theory, and exclaims that Sasquatch is loose and could hurt himself or others, and if he does, Department H will be held accountable. Judd frowns, ‘Yeah, with great power comes great responsibility. Hard lesson sometimes, ain’t it?’ Judd remarks, before asking Clarke when Alpha Flight leaves to clean up his mess. Clarke informs Judd that Alpha Flight doesn’t leave, as the full team would draw too much attention, as this recovery mission is extremely sensitive.

Clarke explains that only one Alphan can be sent to locate Sasquatch, and that he had thought because of Judd’s friendship with Walter Langkowski that it should be he who goes. However, Clarke thinks that from Puck’s tone, he can see he was mistaken, and points out that Guardian may take this matter more seriously. Judd quickly tells Clarke that Walt was - is - his friend and that if anyone should be sent after him, it is he.

However, Judd wants to know how a lone man is going to fine a lone monster in all of Canada. Clarke reveals that they have a fix on Sasquatch through a beacon that had sewn into his uniform, but that it stopped transmitting somewhere in Regina. ‘Regina?! How could he…?’ begins Judd, before declaring that he will take it from there. ‘Good’ replies Clarke, before telling Judd to come along with him, as he has some special tools to put at his disposal. Judd just thinks to himself ‘Where did you go, Walt? Where in the world did you go?’

Where? By late yesterday morning, he had made it to Regina, Saskatchewan. How? By rail. This is an important new detail in the canon of Sasquatch mythology - usually his sort is seen lumbering on foot twenty feet away from a hunter with a cheap camcorder and shaky arms. Sasquatch has removed his uniform, and stood on it, thus destroying the beacon that was placed on him. What led him to modernize his mode of transportation? Could, it be that some of the intellect supposedly trapped inside him is resurfacing?

Yes. For he looks far less wild than his normal self of late. Sasquatch walks with a purposeful gait - then pauses now and smells the air, as if it carries some answer to the secrets he keeps. But then, Sasquatch will do something completely out of character for Walter Langkowski - like stopping and scratching himself - then eating the bug he picked out of his matted coat - and smile, like he has no idea that he is supposed to be something other than the beast he is. Why is that?

Further down the train yard, a worker approaches the man inside the train, addressing him as George, and asking if dispatch cleared him to go. George tells Willy that he didn’t get confirmation over the radio, to which Willy informs George that the radio is down for repairs, so they are sending him around to do it manually. George thanks Willy, who smiles and tells him to keep his eyes on the tracks. ‘Never know what you might run into!’ As the train rushes past Willy, sitting on the last cart is Sasquatch, who growls at Willy as the train speeds past him. Willy gets a shock, ‘Oh my Lord!’ he exclaims, before shouting out to George, telling him not to go. But it’s too late. Why Sasquatch is what he is, is a complicated question - one whose answer is many days and miles from here.

Other questions are asked in vain within the furthest corners of Department H. ‘…Where…?’ begins the sultry Lillian Crawley-Jeffries as she comes around. Doctor Horatio Huxley informs his assistant that Diamond Lil is coming round, to which Adam replies that she can’t be, but Huxley just orders him to prepare another ten CC’s. Strapped to a operating table in Dr. Huxley’s lab, the former member of Alpha Flight asks where she is and what is going on - not to mention where is her husband, Madison Jeffries?

Huxley examines his clipboard as he informs Lil that she is in good hands, that they are just running some tests on her to make sure she is well, and as for her husband, Huxley reveals that he has no idea where he is at the moment, as he was captured by the Zodiac in a most unfortunate incident, but they hope to get him back some day. Huxley then asks Adam how the injection is coming along, and Adam replies that it is ready, and hands it to him. ’No!’ exclaims Lil as Huxley somehow shoves the needle into her diamond-hard skin, informing her that they have much in store for her. ’You have nothing to fear,’ he claims as Lillian begins to fall back to sleep.

Near Huxley’s lab is Dr. Myra Haddock’s Prometheus Division, a search-and-procure technological think-tank. If you haven’t seen the “acquired” crafts in its launch bay, then you are not alone. ‘It’s a what?’ asks Judd as he stands next to Myra Haddock. Myra explains to Judd that it is a modified flight platform originally used by the Green Goblin, though they have made a number of improvements to his original. Judd remarks that he doesn’t like the idea of flying on the scooter of some old super-baddy, to which Myra reminds Judd that no one said he had to, before pointing out that it is a long walk to Regina.

‘All right, already, so how’s it work?’ Judd mumbles. Myra holds up a device and reveals that it is remote operated by this device. She explains that it allows him to leave the platform and patrol, without having to worry that some stick farmer’s son is going to joyride off on it. Touching the flight platform, Judd asks if he is going to get blown off it by the wind, to which Myra explains that the electromagnetic currents that propel the craft also deflect forces around it. ’Electromagnetism? Couldn’t that affect my potency?’ Judd asks. ’Does that matter at your age?’ Myra replies.

Judd smiles and asks Myra if he can take her out for a drink when he gets back, then she can be the judge of that. Suddenly, there is an alarm and a message ordering all available Epsilons to the Prometheus Pit and to stand by for door unlock. Judd asks Myra what is going on and notices some glowing. He offers to go help, but Myra tells him to leave it to the guards assigned to it, as it is a secured area. Myra tells Judd to get back as she wouldn’t want to have him killed before their first date. Judd grins, ’Hah! Killed! You’re a stitch! You…you…’ Very unimpressed, Myra declares that she is not joking.

Judd jumps onto the flight board and exclaims that he will be off, as Myra is about to explain something about the controls, though he tells her to save it, as he likes to figure stuff out on his own. General Clarke informs Judd that he wants him to report back at regular intervals, ‘If you know something, I want to know it in the next heartbeat’. Clarke adds that there is to be no talking to the media should Judd encounter them, while Myra points out that he shouldn’t do any loops, as the platform rides lie a surfboard, but it stalls out in vertical 360-degree rotations.

‘Yes, yes and yes,’ exclaims Judd, asking if he can go now, for he has got to find a friend. As Judd flies off on the flight board, Clarke and Haddock watch him go. Myra asks Clarke why only one man is going, as she thought the whole team made it back from the battle with Mesmero. Clarke replies that they did, and tells Myra that she might understand more if she graced the other Department leaders at the Director’s meetings, before revealing that to be frank, it is hoped that Puck doesn’t find Sasquatch, for the beast has been too in control lately and they are better off without him.

Flying through the city, Judd is glad to finally have some time to himself, and although he loves Alpha Flight, and it means everything to him, too much of anything can be…suddenly he remembers something Clarke said, and quickly descends to the ground, a little too quickly perhaps as he becomes somewhat unbalanced.

Shortly, two elderly women are walking through a park. One of them asks the other if she heard about the woman in the CSIS - Canadian Security Intelligence Service - who blabbed all about her job and breached Canada’s national security. ‘Oh, pah. National security? What does that even mean in this day?’ the second woman asks, before remarking that she read Department H is back in charge of Alpha Flight again, which is all the security they need in her opinion.

Nearby, Judd is in some bushes, ‘Where are ya, you little trouble maker?’ he mumbles, when the two women walk past. ‘Look! No - don’t look!’ the second woman exclaims as they see Judd wearing nothing but his briefs. ‘I know you’re in there somewhere, and you’re coming out if I have my way, eh?’ Judd mutters. The two women are shocked, and rush away, ‘Well I never! Right out in the city park!’ the first woman exclaims, as the second one suggests that someone should call the CSIS about this.

‘There you are! Just like I thought!’ exclaims Judd holding up a small device he was looking for. Judd speaks into the device, and tells General Clarke that he doesn’t know if he can see or hear him, but that he doesn’t like being followed around - especially in his own shorts. Judd tells Clarke that it shows no trust, and informs him that he will radio in from the platform when he finds stuff - that is the way Alpha Flight used to keep in touch. ‘Willingly it’s called, eh?’ Judd declares, and dropping the device to the ground, he smiles and tells Clarke that he hopes it is good enough for him, cause it is going to have to be. With that, Judd stands on the device, crushing it.

Meanwhile, in Coventry, Alberta. Up until today there has never been a sighting of Sasquatch reported anywhere near the city. That’s not to say you can’t find exotic wildlife though. Local native Jacques Vienneau finds it, and tells his wife that he likes the serenity of observing nature. What he actually likes is the serenity of getting away from his wife for the day. His camera is poised and ready to take a photo of a small bird. ‘There we go…don’t move…don’t move…’ Though Jacques’s idea of wildlife is birds…today, he is about to learn that there are more creatures in the natural order of Coventry wildlife - that he ever dreamed possible.

A large foot slams down beside the bird, scaring it and causing it to fly off. Jacques looks up from his camera, scared, ‘Oh my…’ he takes a photo - then Sasquatch looks right at him. Jacques screams and turns, running as fast as he can in the pouring rain from the mighty creature in front of him. Coventry, Alberta. Do you know that up until today there had never been a sighting of a Sasquatch reported anywhere near this city?

Nearby, a woman stands in the rain, exclaiming that she has taken all she is going to take. A taxi pulls up beside her. ‘You call for the cab?’ the driver asks. The woman replies that she did. ‘Hill and Twelfth Street. Sorry, Hill and Twelfth Street please’ she says as she gets into the car. Sasquatch sits across the road and watches her leave - he can smell it in the air of Coventry. What he wants is waiting just inside her house. Because Sasquatch possess the strength of many men, the closed door of the house cannot keep him out.

Sasquatch smashes his way inside. If he is Walter Langkowski, then he has lost all knowledge of how humans enter structures without destroying them. Though he may be a man seeking shelter - a very human instinct to be sure…he leaves human details canted in his wake - and makes a bigger mess of the lives he scatters mercurially through the house - including knocking the letter the woman had left to her husband. Sasquatch does this all without even realizing, for he is driven - by hunger. He opens the refrigerator and begins eating some chicken, among other things. Is his craving a basic, primal instinct? Or is this visit symbolic of some greater need within him?

Elsewhere, at a train yard. Do you remember it? You might recall a Sasquatch sighting here, but that ways days ago. What of it now? A group of rail workers cluster around Judd as he discovers the remains of his teammates transmitter and uniform, right where Department H said the signal gave out. Examining the costume, Judd thinks that it is bad enough there is a monster on the prowl, now he is a naked one to boot. ’You some kind of creature trapper, mister?’ one of the men asks Judd.

Judd doesn’t answer the question, simply asks the man what he knows of the one that came through here. Willy exclaims that he saw it with his own eyes, boasting that he was big, about twenty-five feet tall and had four huge fangs with blood all over them, then hopped onto the back of a train and screamed at him. Willy adds that the creature warned him to get away or else he would kill him. Another worker claims that he saw him too, and that he ate their foreman. Judd raises an eyebrow and frowns. ’That true?’ he asks in disbelief. ’True as anything Willy says’ the man laughs. Judd gets back onto his flight platform and asks Willy which way the train was heading that the “monster” was on. Willy points West, and Judd believes him, so he takes off to the West.

A sense of direction is a critical thing. If you were a diminutive super hero on a modified flight platform, you could rely on technology to provide direction for you. If, however, you were a night fisherman on this small trawler off the coast of New Brunswick later that same evening…you might have to rely on other tools of navigation. Ancient sailors set the courses by the North Star. The brightest star in the boreal firmament. ‘You see that?’ someone aboard the ship asks. ‘What is it?’ someone replies. ‘A shooting star!’ someone exclaims, pointing at the bright light. An older man exclaims that it can’t be, as it is too bright, and suggests that it might be a meteor.

Suddenly, everyone shelters their eyes, for whatever it is, it’s heading straight for them. ‘It’s so bright!’ someone exclaims. Suddenly, there is a loud WHUPP. One superstition said that if the North Star was covered by clouds, you’d lose your way. But what if your guiding light fell from the heavens and crashed into your ship. What would you do then? The crew of the vessel gather around the impact zone, and lying tangled in some ropes…is Northstar!

Morning brings an end to stars - but no end to questions. Questions like: “Why did Sasquatch journey all the way to the North Thompson River in British Columbia?” “Why did he jump off his ride (another train) at this very high bridge?” and “Can even the legendary Sasquatch survive such a fall?” As Sasquatch lands on road, a large truck drives straight towards him. ‘Look out!’ shouts the driver. The most important question however, is what does Sasquatch see here that is worth all this destruction and possible injury? He growls as the truck slams into his back, though the collision does far more damage to the truck than the Alphan.

The only city around here is Quartz Junction, but that is 48 kilometers from here - is that Sasquatch’s destination? ‘Gus! What is that thing?’ one of the people in the truck asks as Sasquatch lumbers off. ‘It’s Bigfoot! Keep Quiet!’ Gus replies. However, if Quartz Junction is Sasquatch’s destination…why does he depart in the opposite direction? Is it choice…or just the call of the wild?

Meanwhile, back in Coventry, Canadian News Broadcasting reporter Jacqueline Starr reports that this quiet town was rocked yesterday by a strange visitor with violence in his heart and destruction on his mind. ‘That visitor? The legendary Bigfoot’. Jacqueline tells viewers that the aftermath of the mythic creatures most public appearance ever has left scientists no small amount of physical evidence upon which to construct new theories. Holding up a footprint cast in cement, one man explains that Bigfoot lives primarily in the West, but that he occasionally migrates East when his habitat is encroached upon.

Jacqueline announces that also present on the scene was Alpha Flight’s Puck. She asks Judd if his presence here means that this was not Bigfoot, but in fact Alpha Flight member Sasquatch gone amok? ‘Is he too dangerous to be among Canada’s protectors?’ ‘Uh…no comment, eh?’ Judd replies. Jacqueline asks him why, and if it is some kind of government cover-up. ‘Ya know, ya got a great set a gams,’ Judd tells the reporter. Jacqueline calls ‘cut’ and tells her cameraman to roll it back so they can shoot a voice over stating Puck was here and was uncooperative. Taking his leave, Judd apologizes, explaining that he has his orders, and tells Jacqueline that he will see her in the headlines. ‘Not in the way you like!’ the reporter snaps back.

Judd knows that Jacqueline is right, for Walt is dangerous in this form - too dangerous for Alpha Flight. Judd thinks that he would normally think of stuff like that himself, before discovering some of Sasquatch’s fur which had been caught on some wood. Judd wonders why that fact hadn’t crossed his mind since he rejoined Alpha, before noticing the house across the street with the door smashed down. He wonders if Sasquatch came through here, and knocks on the door frame, asking if anyone is home. ‘Leave me alone!’ comes the reply. Judd replies that he can’t, because he is a government agent and needs to ask some questions.

Judd crosses the room to where a man is hunched up in the corner drinking some alcohol. Judd points out that the place is in a bit of a mess, and asks the man if he has a problem, or if he is hurt. The man sniffs, before replying that he is hurt. ‘You would be too if Bigfoot stole your wife’. Judd asks the man how he came to that conclusion, to which the man tells Judd to look around at the evidence. He remarks that the door is knocked in, there are mud prints - big ones - all over, and that there is no note. ‘Uh-huh. Go on’ Judd remarks as he picks up a note he finds on the floor, with “Dan” written on it.

Judd looks at the over turned refrigerator as the man informs him that he and his wife were fighting, but that she would have left a note if she took off, for that is how she was. He adds that his wife hated it when even a box was left on the counter, and look at the kitchen now - it’s a mess! Teary-eyed, he exclaims that it looks like they fought, and remarks that he hopes she wasn’t hurt. Looking at a photo of the two of them on their wedding day, Dan exclaims that he hopes Bigfoot is nice to her, like he should have been.

Dan Ron remarks that now he doesn’t know what to do. Taking his leave, Judd tells Dan to keep an open mind, as there is always more than one explanation for everything and things will look different tomorrow. Walking down the front steps, Judd thinks to himself that he doesn’t know what is going on here, but he does know that he needs a drink!

Sometime later, Judd sits in the local bar, and asks the bar tender if he knows Dan Ron. The bar tender replies that Dan and his wife come in here and make a big scene about once every other week. Judd hands the bar tender a letter and asks him if he could give it to Dan in a couple of days, when he can handle it. ‘For a member of Alpha Flight? You bet I could!’ the bar tender replies eagerly. Jacques Vienneau approaches Judd, apologizing for over-hearing, and asks if he is really a member of Alpha Flight. ‘Sure I am’ Judd tells him, before exclaiming that he isn’t doing autographs until he is done paying lip service to “Misses Molson”.

Vienneau replies that he doesn’t want an autograph, and hands Judd a photograph he took, explaining that he wanted to show it to someone official. He explains that he was watching birds, when this thing just walked right into his viewfinder. ‘Do you know what it is?’ he asks. Anxiously, Judd exclaims that it isn’t an “it”, but a who. Looking closely at the photograph, Judd asks Vienneau to tell him where he took this and how to get there.

Sometime later, Judd walks through the long grass where Vienneau took the photograph of Sasquatch and wonders what Walt would be doing in this field in the middle of a rainstorm, for all that’s here is weeds and railroad tracks…suddenly it hits him, and taking to the skies once more on the flight platform, Judd radios to Department H. Someone replies that they are scrambled and secure, and tells him to go ahead. Judd tells whoever he is speaking to, to inform Clarke that he doesn’t know why, but Walt is going West - all the way West, so he is going there too. Judd adds that he needs the coordinates for the place in the North Thompson where Sasquatch was first picked up - because he thinks he is going home!

Home…but isn’t Sasquatch’s home the massive Department H headquarters? Isn’t home where people take care of you…Isn’t home…where the heart is? ‘There…how does that fell, Jared?’ Arlette “Murmur” Truffaut asks her handsome teammate Jared “Radius” Corbo as she gives him a back massage. Jared reminds Murmur that he already told her he cannot feel it, and asks her to leave him alone, as he is lifting some weights. ’But I’m only trying to - ’ begins Arlette, to which Jared declares that he knows what she is trying, and tells her to back off, as he is trying to work out.

Jared tells Arlette that if she cannot take the hint, then his force field will show her to the door, and extending the constant force field he has around his body, Murmur is shoved along the room. ’Jared! Don’t push me away!’ Arlette shouts. Suddenly, Heather McNeil Hudson a.k.a. Vindicator enters the room, asking her new teammates either of them have seen Puck, for she needs to talk to him. Murmur angrily calls Jared a pig, to which Heather suggests they calm down, as they are teammates and not supposed to be bothering each other.

‘Tell the lovesick French chick I’m just minding my own business,’ Jared remarks. ’Shut-up!’ shouts Arlette. Heather suggests to Murmur that intra-team relationships are bad news, both for the individual and the team. Annoyed, Arlette asks Heather if she is supposed to listen to her, for from what she has heard, ’You have dated half of the old Alpha Flight…and married the other half! So who are you to tell me?’ Heather just doesn’t reply.

Elsewhere, Puck radios in to Department H, informing them that he has made it into British Columbia, checking out individual stops along the train line. He adds that instead of updates, he is going to report back in for Clarke when he has found something, as it could be days away.

Elsewhere again, Judd thinks that the more he looks, the more he realizes this is like the old needle in a haystack problem. If Walter is in the wilds, he is never going to find him without a major clue. Approaching a smashed up truck, a police officer is taking a report from the driver. The driver exclaims that it was early last morning, ‘and he, well, he…’ ‘Just say it, Gus. He fell from the sky, a great big orange ape!’ exclaims Gus’ partner. Judd over heard and thinks that it was a major clue. He thinks to himself that unless Twin Peaks is back on the air, he’d say that is a Sasquatch-sized slice of the unordinary. He decides against attracting undue attention and to scout around the place to see if there is any trace first.

Jumping off the flight platform, Judd discovers trampled grass, which he thinks is a good sign. Another good sign is a tuft of fur on the tree - but the big pile of Sasquatch droppings that Judd plants his foot in is not a good sign, though a sign nonetheless. Suddenly, there is movement in the tress, and a growl. ‘Walt? Is that you?’ Judd asks, only for Sasquatch to lift him up. ‘Hey! Careful! We’re old friends!’ Judd begins, only to be tossed through the trees and into a clearing. If that is Walter Langkowski, why does he hurl his teammate away like some kind of nest-robber?

Could it be that he is more myth than man? ‘…sweet mother Molson…’ Judd exclaims as he looks around the clearing - and sees several more sasquatch. Several months ago, a memo made the rounds of Department H - a mandate to re-collect as many former members of Alpha Flight as possible. At the time, Walter Langkowski was somewhere Northwest of the South Pole, while Sasquatch was here, minding his family and doing his best (as his kind has done for centuries) to remain folklore. Because he instinctually know that becoming reality would surely compromise his existence.

However, the day after that memo was circulated, Sasquatch was spotted by a hunter - who reported that sighting - which made its way to a Department H computer bank - which identified him as Walter Langkowski - and arranged for his immediate retrieval. Although Judd has no way of knowing exactly that, he is beginning to piece it all together. ‘It’s okay! I understand!’ he shouts, asking the sasquatch to keep his distance, ‘I thought you were someone else, eh?!’ he remarks. The Sasquatch picks Judd up and tosses him back into the woods, unfortunately for Judd, the Sasquatch does not speak the same language as he, therefore, they cannot negotiate a truce.

The Sasquatch follows Judd, who exclaims that he will go and that his secret is safe. But the Sasquatch’s genetic conditioning demands that he kills Judd, because he is a threat to his children. It’s nothing personal - just the way of nature. The weak…are dominated by the strong. Suddenly, standing in front of Judd after he is tossed around once more, is a group of Epsilons. ‘Don’t worry, sir, we’ll handle this’ one of them exclaims. Confused, Judd asks them where they came from, to which the Epsilon replies that Clarke had them track the beacon in his flight platform, before telling him to step aside so they can get the beast.

Judd tells the Epsilons not to, as he is not Walter Langkowski. No, he’s not, but he is most definitely Sasquatch, who lunges at the Epsilons. ‘Secure and move in!’ ‘Prepare for tranquillization!’ The Epsilons all fire at Sasquatch, who is caught in ropes and falls to the ground. Judd tells the Epsilons to stop, as he isn’t Walter Langkowski. ‘You can’t!’ he pleads. ‘We have our orders’ one of the Epsilons exclaims, before shooting Judd, who falls to the ground unconscious. ‘Yes, you do…and you have carried them out to the letter’ Clarke tells the Epsilon leader as he comes into view, adding that there may be a promotion in his future. ‘Thank you, sir,’ the Epsilon replies.

As Sasquatch is prepared for transport, Clarke tells the Epsilon to thank himself, as he is an asset to his country’s new mandate, before adding that he saw nothing else here. Clarke look into the forest, where the other sasquatch are gazing back out. The weak, are dominated by the strong… ‘And don’t ever forget that!’ Clarke declares with a smirk.

Characters Involved: 

Murmur III, Puck, Radius, Sasquatch II, Vindicator II (all Alpha Flight)

Diamond Lil , Northstar (Former Members of Alpha Flight)

General Clarke

Dr. Horatio Huxley

Dr. Myra Haddock


Department H staff including Adam

Real Sasquatchs

Jacqueline Starr (reporter)

Camera Crew

Train yard workers including George and Willy

Elderly ladies

Jacques Vienneau (photographer)

Woman getting into taxi and her husband Dan

Taxi driver

Crew on ship

People in a bar

Various other Canadian citizens

Story Notes: 

The issue information on the first page incorrectly lists this issue as dated January 1997.

Sasquatch appeared in this state in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, and General Clarke revealed to Alpha Flight that they found him wandering around like this, everyone assumed that Walter Langkowski had done some further experimenting on himself, however, as revealed this issue, it is not Walter Langkowski, but a real Sasquatch.

Diamond Lil arrived at Department H in search of her estranged husband Madison Jeffries in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #5, only to be lied to with the revelation that Jeffries was in the infirmary, when in fact, he was captured by the Zodiac on the current Alpha Flight’s first mission. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1]

The Green Goblin is a long time Spider-Man foe.

The battle with Mesmero took place in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #4-5.

Prior to his appearance here, Northstar hasn’t been doing that much since Alpha Flight disbanded in Alpha Flight (1st series) #130, though he did star in his own four issue mini-series in which he battled Weapon PRIME and Arcade. [Northstar #1-4]

General Clarke revealed in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1 that they found Sasquatch roaming near the North Thompson River.

Murmur’s remark about Heather marrying half of the old Alpha Flight and dating the other half is only sort-of correct, as Heather was married to Guardian, and after his death began dating Madison Jeffries. Heather and Jeffries got engaged and were to be married, only for Diamond Lil to re-enter Jeffries’ life, and Guardian to be resurrected not long after that. Puck had always been in love with Heather, but she wasn’t interested in him that way. Though at the end of Alpha Flight (2nd series) they begin dating.

“Twin Peaks” was a David Lynch television series that, after a successful pilot, ran two seasons from 1990-1991. It focused on the strange town of Twin Peaks as a detective investigated the murder of a teenage girl. In 1992, a film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” chronicled the events leading up to the woman’s death. The series starred, among others, Kyle MacLachlan, Madchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn, Piper Laurie and Lara Flynn Boyle.

Not much else has happened with these real sasquatch that appear this issue. Only in Generation X #58 one of them makes its way to Massachusetts and Generation X try to take it down, only to call in Alpha Flight, who take it back to Canada.

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