Black Panther (4th series) #15

Issue Date: 
June 2006
Story Title: 
Bride of the Panther Part 2

Reginald Hudlin (writer), Scot Eaton (penciler), Klaus Janson (Inks), White and Isanove, (Colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (Letters), Leinil Francis Yu (Cover), Cory Sedlmeier (Associate Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Secretly, a man battles and succeeds in becoming the new Arabian Knight, to face the Black Panther. Meanwhile, T’Challa proposes to Storm, who isn’t given time to answer as the Arabian Knight and a small group of jets attacks. The two heroes make quick work of both. Despite some objections, Storm travels to Wakanda to with the Black Panther. The Black Panther tries to convince Ororo that he has always loved her. Once in Wakanda, Ramonda, the Queen Mother, informs Storm that the two deserve each other, but it is Ororo’s choice. Storm finds T’Challa and happily says “yes.”

Full Summary: 

In an undisclosed location, at a mansion, two warriors stand ready for their final test. Their leader explains that this is the final trial and it is down to the two of them. On his word, the warriors draw their sabers and begin their battle. At first it seems evenly matched, but then one man takes his advantage and runs the other through.
The leader presents the champion with a magical sword, blessed armor, and flying carpet. In a wash of crimson energy, the leader declares that this man is the new Arabian Knight, and he will be the ultimate warrior against super-powered enemies of their faith.

As the new Arabian Knight relishes in his new found power, another man begins to question the leader. He states that there already is an Arabian Knight. Their leader laughs and says that the Black Ops division of the Vatican created a new Black Knight to invade Wakanda, so this is no different. The leader explains that Africa is a volatile place and his people need a symbol to aspire to. When the second man accidentally compares the Arabian Knight to the Black Knight, the leader grows angry and tells the man he was on the verge of blasphemy. As the Arabian Knight fights other soldiers in the room, the leader calls for a full assault on an unnamed foe.

In a sunny clearing, T’Challa kneels before Storm. She asks him to say it again, and he asks her once more if she will marry him. Both are momentarily silent. Then Storm, over the initial shock, states that she just wanted to hear him say it again. T’Challa, still on his knee, with arms outstretched, asks if he should just wait until his arms fall off.

Above, pilots in numerous jets lock onto their target and fire.
Storm breaks away from T’Challa and asks if he heard anything. He replied “no,” and that that was the problem. The two heroes recognize the sound and prepare themselves. T’Challa asks for a quick answer, but Ororo tells him that they need to talk. T’Challa then asks if Storm had heard it or felt it. Storm flies away as T’Challa climbs into his jet and responds that she felt the currents shift unnaturally.

The jets fire missiles and shout that the targets are moving. Suddenly small tornadoes and crosswinds appear, shocking one of the pilots. The jets can’t take the winds and one crashes into the ground as the others evade and fly off.

Storm floats down casually to resume the conversation. Suddenly the Arabian Knight appears on his flying carpet. Before Storm and T’Challa can talk, he interrupts threatening to kill them. T’Challa remarks that that isn’t the Arabian Knight, and Storm turns her back telling the Black Panther that whoever he is, he’s T’Challa’s problem. Black Panther easily dodges the Arabian Knight’s sword as he tells Ororo to hold on. Storm angrily replies that she’s waited too long already.

The Arabian Knight continues to attack the Black Panther with absolutely no success. The Panther continues his conversation with Storm as he deftly dodges the haphazard slashes of the saber. T’Challa calls Storm childish, and she snaps at him. T’Challa wants forgiveness, but Ororo doesn’t accept it. As the Arabian Knight charges his saber with crimson energy, T’Challa admits that he never stopped loving Storm and her refusal of him won’t allow them happiness in the future.

A few quick punches to the Arabian Knight’s head, and T’Challa buys a few seconds of peace. Ororo turns to face him and wonders how with all the other women T’Challa has been with he could say he’s always loved her. Once more, the Panther drops to his knee. He apologizes, insisting sometimes young men lose their heads. Meanwhile, the Arabian Knight rises for another attack. Without standing, T’Challa kicks the Knight in the groin.

The Arabian Knight is feeling the pain, as Storm and T’Challa loosely embrace. The Black Panther tells her that he did what young men do and now he’s an adult, but he asks, if Storm still loves him. With a simple blast of lightning from her hand, Ororo ends the pathetic threat of the new Arabian Knight. The Knight collapses and T’Challa asks that they try to make it work.

Ten minutes later and inside T’Challa’s jet, T’Challa is smiling, and Storm doesn’t understand why. She tells him that she’s agreed to spend more time with him, but to nothing else. T’Challa tells her that’s enough. The two smile at each other. Ororo remarks that T’Challa thinks he’s won. He responds that he presumes nothing and won’t bicker with her. Setting the auto-pilot, the two fly toward Wakanda.

Five minutes later and inside the Wakandan Central Command, the workers of the center track the Black Panther’s progress back to his native country. They see that the jet has entered a storm with strange atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, they are in the heart of it. The workers silently, knowingly smile.

Meanwhile, in Nairobi, Kenya, a soldier enters his superior’s office. The soldier informs the small man behind the desk that “she” has returned. The superior presses his fingers together and tries to figure it out. He states that she was with the X-Men, but they left and she remained. The soldier tells his superior that her activities can been seen all across the country, and unlike before she is in complete control of her abilities. The soldier explains her recent freeing of slaves and then states that the group she attacked was going to send someone in to deal with her, but the Black Panther dealt with him. The superior becomes enraged and explains that they must get ready, for he believes this could be humanity’s last stand.

Ororo and T’Challa overlook the cheering crowds as the Black Panther’s jet returns to Wakandan airspace.

Tightly embracing, Ororo and T’Challa speak softly to one another. That is, until Ororo asks T’Challa if his mother will be there. As soon as he says yes, Storm becomes erratic and runs to a mirror worrying about her hair and stating that she’s not even sure she likes T’Challa. He follows her to the mirror, smiles and they touch hands.

Ororo matches his smile and wonders if she’s being ridiculous. T’Challa looks at her and jokes that he doesn’t even recognize her. Storm says that she’ll just imagine it’s something less stressful, like facing Magneto. T’Challa continues to watch her, then he reminds her that she is a princess, a goddess, and an X-Man. Ororo adds that she is also a woman. T’Challa adds that to the list.

The jet lands, and the crowd cheers out the Panther’s name. The Panther laughs saying that his people missed him. The Panther waves and as he steps out holding Ororo’s hand, the crowd falls silent staring at the couple.

Inside the royal bedchambers, a servant enters to inform the Queen Mother that T’Challa has returned and wants to see her. Ramonda asks for him to be sent in. The servant then tells the Queen that he is accompanied by a guest. Ramonda greets T’Challa and Ororo and welcomes them in a large hall. T’Challa quickly introduces his guest as his dear friend, Princess Ororo Munroe of Kenya. Humbly, Ororo bows. The Queen Mother smiles and says that it is about time, she’s been hearing about Ororo for ten years. Despite T’Challa’s quiet hesitation, Ramonda tells Storm to take a walk with her.

Later, Ororo and Ramonda walk around the palace grounds. Presumably after some discussion, Ramonda tells Ororo that even though T’Challa hurt her, he never stopped loving her. Ororo accepts that coming from the Queen Mother. Ramonda next reveals that when she sent T’Challa out to find a queen for himself, she secretly hoped it would be Ororo. Storm wonders why, since she and Ramonda have never met, the Queen Mother believes Storm should marry her son. Ramonda explains that she has followed Ororo’s adventures carefully and believes her to be a strong enough woman to lead and breed the strong Wakandan men. Ororo’s history as a princess, an urchin, and a warrior make her worthy of T’Challa. Ramonda ends their discussion with asking Ororo if she loves T’Challa enough to be with him forever.

Not long after, the Black Panther crouches in a dead tree amongst his animals. Ororo flies down to meet him in the tree. They briefly discuss Ororo’s time with Ramonda. Ororo admits that the Queen Mother is amazing. As the two sit close, T’Challa removes his mask and reminds Storm that she never answered his question. He repeats “Will you marry me?” Ororo is silent for a moment.

Then in a loving embrace, she answers “yes.”

Characters Involved: 

Black Panther

Storm (X-Man)


Dora Milaje (Black Panther’s Body Guards)

Arabian Knight

Leader of Sect


Followers of Sect

Fighter Pilots

Command Center Leader

Command Center Workers

Nairobi Leader

Nairobi Soldier

Citizens of Wakanda

Wakanda Palace Workers

in picture

Nelson Mandela

In Memory

Beast, Cyclops, Forge, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men at one time)

Story Notes: 

For more on how T’Challa hurt Storm and their previous history read the Storm limited series (Vol. 2) #1-6.

The leader of the Arabian Knight bears an odd resemblance to Saddam Hussein, former head of Iraq. The man questioning him also bears a resemblance to Yasser Arafat, former Palestinian leader. Though, at the time this book was published, Arafat was dead and Hussein had been removed from power.

The former Arabian Knight who is referenced multiple times was named Abdul Qamar. Despite the references of the preexisting Arabian Knight, Abdul was killed in Thunderbolts #70 when Humus Sapien drained the life from him.

The Black Knight referenced appeared in the early issues of this incarnation of the Black Panther series. Despite there already being a Black Knight, this one was created that looked like the other and acted like the other, but had a new backstory. The throwaway line that the Vatican sent him in attempts to explain the continuity mishap.

Ramonda is not T’Challa’s birthmother, but rather his step-mother. T’Challa’s birthmother died in childbirth. T’Chaka, T’Challa’s father, later remarried Ramonda.

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