Black Panther (4th series) #17

Issue Date: 
August 2006
Story Title: 
Bride of the Panther - Part 4

Reginald Hudlin (writer), Scot Eaton (penciler), Klaus Janson (Inks), Dean White (Colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (Letters), Joseph Michael Linsner (Cover), Cory Sedlmeier (Associate Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

While Luke Cage plans for T’Challa’s bachelor party, Ororo and T’Challa meet with the press to discuss their wedding. When Luke tries to convince T’Challa to have the party, T’Challa insists that it is inappropriate. Meanwhile, Storm, Kitty Pryde, and the Invisible Woman hang out together and go shopping around New York, only to find that someone has been impersonating Storm. Later, T’Challa and Ororo take some much needed time to themselves and play around using their powers.
In Africa, Man-Ape talks to his people about the disrespect the Black Panther has shown him by not inviting him to the wedding. When Storm tells T’Challa that she has plans, he agrees to go to the bachelor party. While all the guests seem to be having a good time, when T’Challa meets one of the strippers, he quickly leaves. During Storm’s time out, she and the girls find the woman who was impersonating Storm, none other than Princess Zanda. After Zanda refused to back down peacefully, Storm takes her down hard. Storm returns to the Wakandan embassy and together she and T’Challa leave for Wakanda to get married.

Full Summary: 

In New York City, Luke Cage sits at his desk on the phone making arrangements for the Black Panther’s bachelor party when his wife, Jessica Jones and their newborn child com into the room. Luke is making sure that the entire block is closed off so that no one will know who is there and there will be certain anonymity.

At that time in Manhatten, T’Shan, T’Challa’s cousin and old rival for the throne of Wakanda, introduces the Black Panther and his new fiancé to the gathered crowd of reporters and politicians. T’Shan explains that though both Ororo and T’Challa are public figures, they are very private people. So in order to make the public happy, they agreed to this press conference. At this point the reporters gathered explode in questions about the best man, the wedding dress, and the ring. T’Challa explains that though the ring is not a part of Wakandan ritual, he managed to get Ororo something anyway. The crowd stands in awe of the large diamond on Storm’s finger.

Quickly the reporters turn to questions of a more official sense. One inquires about the current superhero problems in America. The reporter asks if as king of Wakanda, T’Challa would ever consider a registration act in his country. Gracefully, T’Challa avoids the question stating that it is not his place to discuss US policy and that he has fought alongside many superheroes who have proven themselves to be truly noble people.
The reporter presses the issue and Storm moves to the microphone. She informs those gathered that through much of her life she has faced discrimination. She continues by telling the crowd that Wakanda does not waste time or resources on witch-hunts, but rather leads the world in technological advances and human rights. As the crowd stands stunned, T’Challs closes the conference stating that he hopes their wedding will symbolize love that unites all people.

Outside, T’Challa and Ororo sit in their car among the adoring fans. Storm laughs that she can’t believe she’ll need to speak on politics for the rest of her life. Storm says that she could tell her comments made T’Challa uncomfortable, though he says she was good at it. With a smile, he tells her that she reminded him of his father. With that, they kiss.

At Avengers Tower, Wolverine walks in to find Luke Cage still there. Luke explains that he needed to make a few calls that he couldn’t make from home. Luke then asks Wolverine if he and Storm used to have a “thing.” Luke worries that T’Challa might not be open to the idea of a bachelor party, let alone one with a guy who used to have a “thing” with his fiancé. Wolverine explains that everyone’s wanted to “hit it” with Storm at one point or another. Luke admits he has. Wolverine continues saying that though he wanted to, he never did. Ororo is family to him, and now T’Challa will be to, so he’d like to break the ice.
Wolverine smiles and pops a claw saying that while using his claws is the thing he does best, second best is knowing how to have a good time. Wolverine says he knows a lot of people, and even though T’Challa might not enjoy himself, everyone else will. Luke likes that and then agree to do it.

Later, T’Challa instantly says no to the idea of a bachelor party. Both Luke and T’Shan try to convince him that he’ll regret it if he doesn’t. T’Challa explains that this is one of the western traditions that he simply doesn’t understand. He doesn’t want to arrive at his wedding with the smell of another woman on him. Luke jovially agrees with T’Challa, but says that forever is a very long time, and time is running out. T’Challa tries to explain that the wedding is just a ceremony. He’s already made the commitment in his heart. T’Shan tries a different angle, telling him to do it for his friends. T’Challa walks off, telling T’Shan that he can find other avenues to fondle women than T’Challa’s wedding. Luke says he hates how easily T’Challa makes him feel so immature. After all, he believes it’s a perfectly good tradition.

On Fifth Avenue in Manhatten, Ororo moves down the street with Kitty Pryde and Susan Storm, better known as the Invisible Woman, as crowds stare at them. Ororo is first to comment how much she needed to go out, get away from the speeches and wedding preparation. Ororo laughs, thinking how shopping and all should be easy with the lives they lead. Sue is quick to ask question about Storm’s hair, wondering if she blow-dries it naturally. Kitty finds it funny and jokes that Storm will be on the cover of the next issue of O. Kitty then has to explain that it is Oprah Winfrey’s magazine and that Storm had better get to know it as with Storm’s rising profile, Oprah will be calling.

The three women head into a store as the crowds follow and gawk. Sue asks the store manager if he could lock the doors while they shop instead of her having to keep them shut with her force field. The manager happily complies and then greets Ororo asking her if she reconsidered the outfit she tried on. Storm becomes indignant and states that she has never been in the store before. Kitty immediately take offense, deeming it racial profiling. The manager explains that he isn’t a fool, but rather a woman matching many of Ororo’s characteristics and stating that she was shopping for her upcoming wedding to the Black Panther visited the store, so he believed it was her. Kitty and Sue interrogate the man, who claims that though the hair was different, he believed Ororo, like many of his clients, went for a new look. The three women then stop to consider what exactly is going on.

Later at the Wakandan Embassy Ororo and T’Challa take a much needed break from their wedding preparations. Ororo, still upset about her trip on Fifth Avenue asks T’Challa who he thinks it is that’s imitating her. T’Challa admits that he’s noticed a large number of dangerously thin women sporting Ororo’s look. Ororo worries that this mystery person might misrepresent the couple. T’Challa laughs and asks if Ororo knows what people say about them on the internet. Quickly the two start goofing around with Ororo accusing T’Challa of Googling himself. T’Challa chases her through the apartment telling her. Jokingly, that she needs to learn respect for the throne.

Diving over Storm, T’Challa laughs at Storm thinking that she could get away from him. With her own wry smile, Storm’s lightning and wind flush T’Challa out the window. T’Challa calls back telling her she will pay for that. Storm laughs that the mother carries the X gene, when she suddenly loses track of T’Challa.
Walking over to the window, Storm asks if she blew T’Challa off the roof, when suddenly the blinds are drawn and the window slams shut. In the darkness, Storm calls out to see if it is indeed T’Challa. With a flash of lightning she sees T’Challa in full Black Panther garb diving at her. Though she blasts him, he manages to grab her and flip, landing gently on the couch. Ororo quickly apologizes for the lightning bolt, but T’Challa shrugs it off telling her he has an insulated suit. They lie on the couch, moving closer together.

In the lobby of the embassy, the Falcon and T’Shan are talking over details about the wedding. They discuss Isaiah Bradley coming to the wedding, and Falcon believes, no matter what, Isaiah must attend. T’Shan tries to reason, saying that if Isaiah came, it would create an international incident, especially with all that is already going on with superheroes and the government. There is a loud crash and Falcon says that that was the second thunderclap with no rain. He says he would love to say ‘hello’ if T’Challa and Storm are there. T’Shan can only respond that they are most likely indisposed. Upstairs, T’Challa embraces and passionately kisses Ororo.

At that time in Africa, Man-Ape is speaking to his people. He tells them that T’Challa, if he really wanted to promote peace between their tribes, should have chosen a woman from their clan. The crowd agrees. Man-Ape, furious, yells that the Black Panther isn’t marrying someone from their region, but also didn’t even send him a wedding invitation. The crowd grows angry at these words.

The next day, T’Challa sits in bed, operating on a holographic computer. T’Challa is talking to Storm about her plans for Friday night. She surprises him when she tells him she already has plans. Storm explains that “the girls” had hoped to take Storm out on the town before her wedding. T’Challa grows slightly indignant, wondering if it is a bachelorette party. Storm gets out of bed and tells him that Sue Richards wouldn’t embarrass herself like that. Still a bit apprehensive, T’Challa states that Rogue would. Storm asks if T’Challa’s friends have something planned for him and then she suggests he do that Friday night. T’Challa silently thinks it over.

On a private Avengers jet, T’Challa heads toward his bachelor party. Luke Cage tries to tell T’Challa that he won’t regret coming, but T’Challa claims he already is. Wolverine asks why he came and all and T’Challa explains that it is because Wolverine invited him. T’Challa explains that recently Wolverine has done many things for him, from looking after Storm in Africa to securing a package. The two clasp hands while the others laugh and joke in the background.
The jet flies to Rio de Janeiro and Wolverine tells them that he still thinks they should have gone to Madripoor instead. Luke tells him that while Madripoor has nice women, Brazil has more women suited to the tastes of brothers. In the background T’Shan watches everything go on. He thinks that T’Challa will find a woman at the club that attracts him. From there, he will steal her body and then his using his newfound powers.
The men land and head into the strip club. Looking at the dancers, the men are stunned by the beauty and sexuality all around. They can’t help but stare as the women dance. Many strippers approach T’Challa quickly and tell him that even in this group he’s special and that all he needs to do is choose a woman to make him happy. They inform him he doesn’t even need to settle on just one. T’Challa moves without speaking away from the women and the party. The other men look on wondering exactly what this means. Wolverine tells them that it means it’s time to go home. Luke moves to T’Shan and tells him not to be bummed, T’Challa’s happy. T’Shan explains that he just wanted T’Challa to have a special experience.

Back in Manhattan, Princess Zanda yells at store employers to bring her what she wants and tells them that her husband, the Black Panther, will favor them. Storm, Kitty Pryde, and the Invisible Women enter the store and discover Princess Zanda making use of Storm’s image. Zanda laughs at the thought of her impersonating Ororo, telling Storm that T’Challa doesn’t truly want to be with anyone but her. She says she will shortly inform the Black Panther that he needn’t settle for Storm. Storm simply laughs off Zanda’s remarks and tells her that she needs a therapist. When Zanda calls Storm a street urchin, Storm blasts Zanda out through the door with a powerful blast of wind.
Zanda continues to insult Storm, saying Ororo can’t face a real woman without witch-craft. Though Kitty desperately wants to hurt Zanda, Storm won’t let her. When Zanda tells Ororo that her armies could crush and depower Storm, Ororo tells Zanda to simply get her finger out of her face. Zanda refused and next Kitty, the Invisible Woman, and Storm are leaving as Zanda’s assistants pull a picture frame off her and try to help her up among the destroyed mannequins.

When Storm returns to the Wakandan Embassy, she finds T’Challa waiting for her. T’Challa tells Storm that he had to cut things short. Ororo asks if there were problems between Namor and the Thing and when T’Challa says surprising not, Ororo tells him it’s because of his influence. The two tell each other how much they missed one another and then walk away from the embassy ready to get back to Wakanda and get married.

Characters Involved: 

Black Panther

Storm (reserve X-Man)

Luke Cage (Avenger)

Shadowcat, Wolverine (X-Men)

Invisible Woman, The Thing (Fantastic Four)


Jessica Jones


Dora Milaje (Black Panther’s Body Guards)

Luke and Jessica’s unnamed Baby

Unnamed Bachelor Party Member


Princess Zanda

In Pictures:

Black Panther

Captain America

Iron Fist, Power Man
Iron Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (All Avengers)

Black Panther and Storm Fans


Man-Ape’s followers


Shop Owner

Store Employees


Wakandan State Department

Story Notes: 

The Superhuman Registration Act is covered through the line-wide crossover occurring when this issue was published. The follow issue is this title’s official tie-in to the event.

O Magazine is a popular women’s magazine owned by television mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Google is a large search engine. Many people have found it interesting to google their names on the site.

Throughout the issue Wolverine states his connections to Madripoor. For a long time he lived there as Patch. At one point he was also married to Viper, the ruler of Madripoor at the time.

Kitty Pryde has long been one of Storm’s closest friends. When they first met Storm was more of a mother-figure, but as the years went on, their relationship developed.

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