Blaze #5

Issue Date: 
December 1994
Story Title: 
Apache Autumn: part 2: Bad Day At The Haunted Mesa!

Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Larosa, Williamson & Hubbs (inks), John Kalisz (colors), Bill Oakley (letters), Bobbie Chase (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Warpath and Johnny Blaze continue their battle against the werewolf, but the creature manages to defeat them both. He opens a vortex and, together with Johnny and Warpath, disappears through it. Not much later, Wyatt, Clara and the carnies arrive on the battlefield. Clara finds Johnny’s bike and Python his gun, which were dropped during the battle. Clara realizes their friends have been brought to another dimension, and luckily knows a way to get them back. But for that, they’ll need the basket of Wyatt’s grandmother. Meanwhile, Craig and Emma, Johnny’s kids, get dropped into a cell and get a talk with their kidnapper, but don’t get to see his face. They get also introduced to Jesse Pinto, who found a rifle with the powerful number seven on it and thinks it’ll be enough to defeat their captors, and get the revenge for the murder on his family. At the same time, Clara uses Wyatt’s basket to gain mystical eyes, and uses its powers to transport her and Python to the dimension Johnny and Warpath are in. They manage to free themselves from the werewolf’s holding grip, and a new battle begins. Wendigo steps into the children’s cells and takes the rifle from Jesse. He goes over to Johnny and hands it over to him, and Wendigo himself disappears through the mountain. Johnny mixes the rifle with the Hellfire in his gun, and that power is strong enough to defeat the werewolf and transform it back into his human host, Daryll Licht. The mesa dimension vanishes, and everyone except for the kids are transported back to Earth. Johnny and Warpath hold Licht under their division, and demand some answers.

Full Summary: 

Driving and running at full speed, both Johnny and Warpath realize they may be biting off a bit more than they can handle with the rampaging werewolf. Even though he may be big and ugly, they are confident the creature has never been punched in the face by the looks of them. Warpath smashes the werewolf, while Johnny fires his Hellfire bullets from his gun, but neither attack seems to harm the creature.

The werewolf transforms his fingers into snakes and faces Warpath. He isn’t much impressed by the trick, but he still treads into it and gets caught. Johnny gets back onto his bike and drives a few times around the creature, creating a circle of fire around him. But the creature attacks Johnny and punches him off his bike. Johnny already feared something like this might happen, and admits that the werewolf is stronger than he thought he would be. The werewolf opens a vortex and walks towards him, dragging both Johnny and Warpath along. It splits the mesa in half and, while demonic creatures come through the vortex, he steps through it. The creatures fly back into the vortex and it closes.

A few moments later, Wyatt and Clara arrive on the former battlefield. They find Johnny’s bike, but no sign of Johnny himself or Warpath. Clara tells Wyatt to pull over their car, as she wants to touch Johnny’s bike. He doesn’t understand what she could possibly tell from just a touch. Clara explains that Johnny and Warpath have been overpowered by a mystic entity of awesome strength. She can feel that they are close by but surrounded by rock. Wyatt corrects that there’s nothing around them for miles, except for the mesa. Clara believes that’s where their missing friends are.

Wolf and his friends arrive, and he angrily adds that, if Clara knows where Johnny is, he and Kody will be the best of the carnies to get him out. Clara admits that, but she states that first they have to find out more about this strange mesa and, for that, they need the Eyes of the Kristall Starrer and Wyatt’s grandmother’s basket!

In another reality altogether…

An evil man locks Craig and Emma up in a cell. The creature asks the children if they were relieved to briefly see their father before they all got dragged into this dark world. Craig defends that their dad kicked Icebox Bob’s butt, so they have to be released. The creature locks the door, claiming that Blaze and his friend did more than that: they have succeeded in dispersing Bob’s energy. But as of yet, the creature claims, Blaze has yet to discover his identity and that will be his first line of defense against Johnny’s Hellfire powers. One might say that ignorance has been the creature’s greatest weapon.

Once they are alone, Emma believes they’ll never be freed. Craig tells her to be quiet, as he hears someone coming through the sewer hatch nearby them. And a creature actually does, and it carefully looks around the room.

In another cell at the dark reality…

Warpath and Johnny have been chained against a wall in a cave. The werewolf smirks how much he loves the taste of blood. There is a certain mystery to it how it flows. Johnny tells Warpath they have to find a way to free themselves from their mystical shackles. Warpath adds that he doesn’t know much about magic (that’s more up to Johnny’s alley), but he promises that once he’s free he’ll kick the werewolf’s butt.

Earth, the mesa…

Python wants to know what Clara is going to do with those eyeballs they brought her. Clara tells Python that, as she should know the answer to that question as she is aware Python has been spying through the window of her trailer long enough. Clara has her eyes pop out, and Wolf admits that he doesn’t like this idea much. He realizes that Clara’s eyes make her different. She admits that, as her eyes allow her to glimpse the true ugliness of the world. Clara asks Wyatt to place his grandmother’s basket over her head. He does so, and asks Clara if she has any idea what’s going to happen. But she doesn’t have a clue, and they’ll all have to wait and see.

A second later, Wyatt pulls the basket away again, and Clara’s eye sockets are now fully glowing! It pains her, and she releases a blast from them. She feels a searing incandescence, which is a searchlight into unknown worlds, and she must ride the path illuminated by it. She jumps onto Johnny’s bike and starts heading towards the spot they vanished through the vortex.

In the dark reality…

Craig tells his sister not to be scared as the sewer hatch opens, confident that it can’t be much scarier than the creature that took them. Emma shouts at whoever it is to go away and leave them alone. A small boy comes out, joking that’s a cold remark, seeing that he spend two weeks creeping through these drains to get this far. Craig and Emma both want to know who the boy is. The boy introduces himself as Jesse Pinto, and wants to know if the other two kids aren’t friends of the ugly creature. Craig and Emma introduce themselves, wondering if Jesse was brought here by Icebox Bob.

Jesse denies that, aware that Bob just got fried. He corrects that he was kidnapped by Licht. He killed his mother and father and also his brothers and sisters, and traded him to some big, scary creep who never shows himself. Jesse doesn’t know what Licht wanted with him, but he is desperate to escape from this place for some payback. Both Craig and Emma think Jesse is crazy and unable to fight their enemy. Jesse begs to differ, as he’s found a shining thing as a weapon.


Johnny can’t gather enough Hellpower strength to free themselves, so Warpath realizes it’s up to him. Warpath gathers enough willpower and strength to release himself, and immediately runs back into action. Johnny realizes that willpower was the mystical shackles weakness. The werewolf isn’t impressed by it all and confident he’ll defeat Warpath again.


Kody tries to warn Clara to better get off of Johnny’s bike, as they don’t know what it’s capable off. Python hops onto the bike as well, and Clara explains with the aid of her new mystical eyes she has learned how to use the bike. Besides, she’s only heading towards a straight line, so she doesn’t expect much trouble from the bike. Python admits that she owes Johnny for rescuing her out of the Brownings Corners and wants to pay back her debts, plus she’s getting insane among the carnies. Clara warns Python about the dangers they will possibly meet, but she isn’t interested by those. Clara uses her eye-beams to re-open the vortex and head towards the mountain Johnny and Warpath disappeared through.

The dark dimension…

The werewolf notices Clara’s eye-beams coming through the mountain but suspects it’s Warpath’s doing. He denies that, and he and the creature keep fighting. Meanwhile, Johnny keeps trying to gather enough Hellpower to free himself from the shackles, and is confident that he’ll make it work.

Meanwhile, Jesse explains that the weapon he found is a nail file with the number seven on it. He took it out of Icebox Bob’s head, after Johnny and his friend took him out. Emma and Craig are glad to hear news about their dad. Jesse continues to explain that he was hiding around the corner and just waited until everybody was looking the other way. He saw the entire battle, and saw Johnny shoot Bob and saw how it was hardly doing anything. Then Jesse saw the weird kid sink the nail file he now has into Bob’s forehead, which caused him to die.

Jesse’s grandfather told him that a piece of iron with a powerful number on it is strong medicine. Suddenly, eye-beams shoot through their cell walls. Jesse wants to know what’s going on now. But Craig and Emma haven’t seen anything like it before. The one responsible for the eye-beams steps forward: it’s Wendigo! Jesse knows him, too. Craig and Emma mention they know Wendigo as well. Jesse explains that Wendigo scared the daylights out of him at first, but then he figured he didn’t mean him any harm. Emma thinks Wendigo is weird, though. Wendigo takes Jesse’s file, and disappears through the wall!


Clara and Princess Python find Johnny’s gun, and Python uses her snake Benny to help them pick it up. Clara continues driving at top speed, and uses her eye beams in an attempt to re-open the vortex.

The dark dimension…

Johnny finally releases himself, but the werewolf is confident that he won’t be defeated since Johnny doesn’t have his gun with him anymore. Suddenly, the Wendigo enters, but ignores everyone except for Johnny. He hands him over the magic nail file. Johnny recognizes it, as the thing belonged to Blevin! The werewolf doesn’t think the rifle will be good enough to stop him and tries to attack Wendigo, but Wendigo ignores the creature and steps through the portal!

Python wants to know what Clara is doing, but she tells her to shut up as she is trying to concentrate so they can travel through the mountain and make their way to Johnny and Warpath. Finally, Clara succeeds and they drive through the portal. She explains that she was able to open it because it’s a mystic construct that can be pierced with the proper focus of occult energies, which she masters.

Python quickly throws Johnny’s gun back to him, but the werewolf notices the new arrivals and attacks them. Johnny puts the rifle into his gun, and its powers get mixed with the Hellfire. Johnny fires his gun at the werewolf, and he transforms back into Licht! A bright light appears and everyone gets transported back to Earth, and the mystical mesa disappears.

Licht cries for losing his powers and transformed body. Johnny checks up with Clara and Python, and they are all right. Warpath demands to know what happened to Jesse Pinto. Licht defends himself, claiming that all of this is his parents’ fault for never sending him to summer camp like he wanted to. Johnny doesn’t want to hear about that: he is more interested in finding out who Licht made his deal with, and where that guy has taken his kids to!

Characters Involved: 

Johnny Blaze

Craig and Emma Blaze (Johnny’s children)



Wyatt Wingfoot

Clara Menninger

Daryll Licht

Jesse Pinto

Kody, Princess Python, Wolf (all carnies)

in Jesse’s flashback:

Jesse Pinto

Johnny Blaze

Icebox Bob

Story Notes: 

Jesse Pinto saw Johnny and Blevin defeat Icebox Bob in Blaze #3.

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