Blaze #6

Issue Date: 
January 1995
Story Title: 
Apache Autumn: part three: Hungry Spirits!

Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Bud Larosa (inks), Joe Rosas (colors), Bobbie Chase (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Wyatt and Warpath have sent Johnny back to the Quentin Carnival, where he is supposed to meet up with a Native American detective named Eve Two Crowns. However, before he can get there, Johnny has to break up an argument between Clara and Wolf. Wolf refuses to give Clara her special eyes back, because they turn her into something… different. And not in a good way. Python defends Clara, and Johnny calms everyone down, convincing Wolf to give Clara her eyes back. He does, but still doesn’t like it. Later, Eve and Johnny investigate Wendigo sightings for the last twenty years. Clara decides to speed things up, and uses the power of her special eyes to locate the Wendigo Johnny is looking for. Meanwhile, Jesse, Craig and Emma notice Wendigo stepping through a portal and decide to follow him, hoping to escape from Icebox Bob’s world. Their captor and kidnapper, Baal, follows them through the portal. During the voyage towards Earth, Baal deals with the Tetrarchs of Entropy and defeats them, as those creatures had also planned to escape back to Earth with Wendigo. However, thanks to Baal, they fail. They all land back on Earth in a forest, and Johnny has already caught up with them. He attacks Baal with his Hellfire, realizing the more he gets hurt, the less he can stay on Earth. Jesse uses his nail file to wither Baal’s arm. With him badly injured, he uses his final strength to take Johnny down and escapes back through the portal. Craig and Emma take goodbye from their dad, wanting to help Jesse and Wendigo take revenge on Baal, as he’s also responsible for murdering Jesse’s family. Johnny panics, and calls out to his kids, but they have already stepped through the portal again.

Full Summary: 

Johnny, while driving on his motorcycle at top speed, remembers he has been tracking his enemy all the way from Arizona up to the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Mostly, he has been seeing his adversary in feverish conditions like that time in the Sacred Kiva, and he was strolling through Johnny’s nightmare leading his kids away from him!

People all tell Johnny his foe is a legend, or a myth, even a figment of Native American imagination, but all he knows is that he would hunt down the Easter Bunny himself if he thought the bunny would give him a lead towards the whereabouts of his children. Johnny has now chased the Wendigo to the woods, and they are ready for a confrontation.

Johnny holds his gun ready and is ready to shoot the Wendigo with some Hellfire, but on that moment, something weird happens. Johnny sees the Wendigo, carrying Craig, Emma and that missing Jesse kid away on his back! Johnny’s kids are glad to see their dad again, and he calls out to them. Johnny wonders how all this came to be…


Johnny drives towards the Quentin Carnival in Bellingham. He notices an impatient trucker, as behind his truck are some people yelling. Johnny decides to go check them out. Wolf refuses to give Clara her special eyes back, because he noticed they change her, and not into something good. Clara demands them back, but Johnny tries to make them stop arguing. Python defends Clara and hits Johnny with a bag of bricks, telling him to better give Clara her properties back, or else! Johnny realizes that’s the right thing to do, but Wolf still doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but gives them back to Clara.

Clara puts the eyes back in her face, and proudly shouts that the pain feels good to her. She points Johnny into the direction of Eve Two Crows, claiming that she is the woman Warpath and Wyatt had sent him out to find. But she admits Eve doesn’t look much to her. Johnny and Eve shake hands, with Eve remembering Wyatt had told her Johnny would show up to meet her. She reveals that she can see the spirit visions, and that there isn’t much in this world that would surprise her. She leads Johnny into her office, where several other people are also at work.

Eve knows that it doesn’t look much like a shaman’s office from here, but reminds Johnny that she keeps the masks and rattles in the back room for safety reasons. She explains that she’s actually a social worker and that her outreach center, which they are standing in now, services the local Native American community. She has heard from Wyatt that Johnny is interested in the Wendigo, and wants to know if that’s true. Johnny follows Eve in the back room, confirming that. He also explains to her that his two kids have gone missing and that he has good reason to believe that the Wendigo has something to do with it. At least, he saw a vision of his kids with the Wendigo in a sweat lodge down in Arizona.

Eve remembers that Wyatt told her that Warpath saw the Wendigo with Johnny’s kids, too. She thinks that’s beyond coincidence, and suggests they look him up in her computer databanks. She explains that she does most of her spirit vision watching on the CRT screen these days, and admits that there isn’t much difference shaking between a ground rattle and spinning a hard disk, as they are just two difference ways towards the same ending. She comes up with a map, which is a comprehensive listing of all Wendigo sightings in the last twenty years.

Johnny is surprised so many Wendigo exists. He also believes that’s a pattern he can see on the map. Clara surprisingly enters the office, telling Johnny to get real. Johnny is surprised by the new leather outfit Clara wears. She jokes that Johnny shouldn’t be surprised that she has such good taste. Clara thinks she can speed up things regarding Johnny’s search, and hits Eve’s computer with an electrical surge coming from her eyes! On that very moment, Johnny can see the Wendigo again!

Johnny finds himself back in the forest, to a couple of days ago, when he first noticed the Wendigo with his kids. He knows that he can’t shoot know, realizing his kids are nearby. Craig, Emma and Jesse try to call out for help. Johnny responds, but neither group seems to be able to hear one another.

A few moments ago, in Icebox Bob’s world…

The kids remember that they saw the Wendigo being able to walk through walls, at least with the help of a little teleportation portal. They decided to hitch a ride, so they can finally escape from their cell.

Outside, a mysterious monster appears, believing it’s finally time for his deliverance! It’s time for the end game. The monster smiles, mentioning that he allowed the kids to escape, since by traveling to a portal in the hope to return to their own Earth, the monster knows that they weaken the fabric of all realities, so he is no longer bound to this awful world and can hereby travel to Earth as well! He notices that Wendigo’s portal is still opens, and jumps through it.

Wendigo lands in another reality, where he has to jump over some rocks to get towards the exit. Craig wonders if the Wendigo isn’t taking him to some even more terrible place than the one they used to be in. Jesse is confident that the Wendigo doesn’t have any bad intentions. Suddenly, they notice some other stranded creatures, and don’t like the looks of them. Hafga wonders who the new visitors are, thinking they might form a threat against the Tetrarchs of Entropy. Yod doesn’t think so, recognizing the kids as transient beings and Wendigo as an international traveler. Vug notices the kids, and notices Wendigo walking towards an open portal, hoping that this might be their way out of this exiled dimension as well!

The monster from Icebox Bob’s world appears, and he is angry with the Tetrarchs for trying to interfere. Enraged, He attacks them. They are surprised that the monster is still alive, as they thought he was dead. The monster claims that he is eternal and cannot die, unlike the Tetrarchs can. He attacks them again, hoping he can kill them. Jesse warns the Wendigo he better hurries up before the monster follows them as well. Wendigo apparently understands, and walks through the portal.

This brings us back to the present moment…

Johnny drives on his bike at top speed. He believes Eve hit it right on the nose when she recognized the mountains around that Clara enhanced for them using her special eyes. The kids try to call out to Blaze, but neither group can hear one another. Johnny wonders why the kids are screaming, believing that the Wendigo might be a threat for them and that’s the reason why they are screaming. Suddenly, the monster appears through the portal and Johnny attacks it with Hellfire, but the monster claims he can’t be killed. He hits Johnny down.

The kids worry, but the Wendigo starts fighting the monster now. The monster introduces himself as Baal, claiming he has been on Earth before and, on that day, the inhabitants of this world were all defeated by him. Johnny gets up and quickly reloads his gun, and hits Baal with some Hellfire. Now aflame, Baal claims that he was old when Jezebel worshipped him, and that his name is legion. Johnny mocks that must mean he’s like an open sore. Baal angrily slaps Johnny again, not wanting to be mocked. Baal recognizes that the Hellfire runs strong in Blaze and in “the other one,” but knows that the other one is beyond his reach, and that he isn’t so easily to manipulate like Blaze is, as he’s got his kids to worry about.

Baal admits that he thought he needed Johnny’s children to lure Johnny into his former home of banishment, but admits that he didn’t realize that the children themselves could find a way to destroy the barriers that kept him from re-entering this world. And now, he claims that Blaze has become extraneous. He wants Johnny’s corporal mass to cease to be, and forever scream in horror. Johnny is surprised to find out that Baal is the one who kidnapped his kids. Wendigo gives Jesse his nail file, and he realizes what to do. The Wendigo walks towards the monster, and Jesse sticks the file its arm. Baal’s arm starts to wither, and he angrily attacks the kids and Wendigo!

Johnny notices that the weaker Baal gets, the more trouble he has for staying into this world. He hits him a couple of times with his shotgun, but Baal quickly gets himself back up. Though he is badly hurt, he can still use his optic beams and shoots Johnny down. Baal admits that he’s got to retreat and disappears back through the portal, but not before promising he’ll come back for revenge once he’s healed.

Jesse notices that the portal is still open, and hops back on Wendigo’s back, wanting to get his revenge on Baal for murdering his family. He tries to get Craig and Emma along with him, confident that nobody will be able to sleep tightly again, knowing that a monster is still on the loose. Craig agrees, and tells Emma to stay with their dad to make sure he’s okay. He’ll go with Jesse to help him out.

Emma isn’t sure what to do. She knows she can’t let her brother go alone, because she’ll worry too much about him. She kisses her dad on the cheek, and runs after Craig and Jesse. Johnny wakes up after the kiss, only to see his kids and Jesse disappear again with the Wendigo.

Characters Involved: 

Johnny Blaze

Craig and Emma Blaze (Johnny’s children)


Clara Menninger

Jesse Pinto

Kody, Princess Python, Wolf (all carnies)

Eve Two Crows

Baal (the monster from Icebox Bob’s world)

Hafga, Vug, Yod (all Tetrarchs of Entropy)

bystanding people (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

The Tetrarchs of Entropy were exiled in Avengers (1st series) #330.

This issue finally reveals that Johnny’s kids were kidnapped by Baal, which has been a mystery since Ghost Rider (3rd series) #50.

Warpath mentioned he saw Wendigo in a “hallucination” in Blaze #4. James himself is currently investigating the truth about the murder of his family in Camp Verde, and he’ll finally find the culprit in X-Force (1st series) #42.

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