Brotherhood #3

Issue Date: 
September 2001
Story Title: 
Drunk, with power that could destroy the world

X (scripter), Essad Ribic (penciler), Kent Williams, Klaus Janson, John Stanisci and Igor Kordey (inkers), Jeromy Cox (colorist), Jon Babcock (letterer), Lysa Hawkins (associate editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Mike Asher has sex for the fist time with a Brotherhood operative named Marabeth. Later he must finally make a decision between the Brotherhood and his old life. Spurned on by Hoffman and Fagin, he eliminates government agents that came inside the school building to capture the mutants and he leaves with the Brotherhood.

Full Summary: 

D&D, the two Goth kids that want to kill everybody at their school, have decided that Mike Asher should also be a target, because he has told them that he's a mutant. One of the them puts a knife in a picture of Mike. They then decide that they are going to take out everybody at their school for making their lives a living hell. One of the D's regrets that they told Asher about their plans, because he is a mutant. The other D's mother calls from above: Harold (his real name) has to take out the trash. She asks if Joel (the other D) is with him and tells him to help Harold. Joel then decides to take action tomorrow.
In a club in lower Manhattan, Mike asks Fagin if everyone in this club is a mutant. Fagin answers that only some are, others are wannabe-mutants and the rest are clueless and that those would probably run away to test themselves for the Legacy Virus if they found out that they went to the same club as mutants. Mike asks about the Legacy Virus and Fagin tells him that it was the scourge of mutantkind and that humans could catch it, too, but that's all history now. Fagin offers Asher a joint, Mike isn't sure. Before Fagin can convince Mike, another Brotherhood operative enters. Her name is Marabeth and Fagin introduces her to Mike. Marabeth then tells Mike not to take any drugs from Fagin, since mutant powers and drugs don't mix. She hits Fagin and remembers him about a girl last month. She couldn't handle the strain of her
powers and scored some cheap drugs on the street. Fagin tells her that he remembers. Asher wants to know what happened, but Marabeth tells him to just stay away from drugs. Then she tells him that if he's stressed, that there are other ways of relieving it, while phasing her hand through the table to grab his pants. Fagin comments on this.
At the same moment Orwell and Hoffman are punishing a traitor to the Brotherhood. The traitor passes out and Hoffman asks Orwell about Mike and if Mike's powers will develop soon. Hoffman likes Mike and thinks he will be a good addition to the Brotherhood and is glad that they got to him before Xavier did. Orwell then telepathically starts about Magneto, but is cut short by Hoffman. At that moment the traitor is waking up again. He pleads innocence, but Hoffman tells him about Orwell's telepathy. He then takes a
knife and sets out to make an example of the traitor.
The next morning, Mikes awakes next to Marabeth and she asks him if it was his first time and if there was anyone he was thinking of doing it with. Mike tells her about Kary, but Marabeth tells him that she's only human. She's glad that Mike has found the Brotherhood and Hoffman is going to change the way the world treats mutants. She then talks about how the violence and terrorist propaganda that's shown on TV, isn't what the Brotherhood is about. It's about survival for mutants. They don't go to special schools, save the world, they just want to live. Mike is still not sure, but Marabeth tells him to be patient, Hoffman at least thinks that Mike has some power. She then turns to kiss him.
When Mike gets home, his mother tells him that dinner is in the oven. His father asks him where he has been and Mike says he stayed at a friend's and if they didn't get his message. His father asks which friend, but Mike says that it's nobody he would know. Mrs. Asher then tells her husband that his show is about to start and Mr. Asher asks Mike if he wants to watch: it's a interview of Dr. Ross Ludlum with some mutant expert. Mike then has an outburst and leaves. Mrs Asher asks her husband if he thinks Mike's on drugs, but Mr. Asher answers that is probably only hormones and that they should give him some
Mr. Asher drives Mike to school to get a chance to talk and he offers Mike a chance to listen to him. Mike thanks him, but tells him that he has to work some things out by himself first. Carl Asher accepts this, but is worried that he might be on drugs. Mike then assures him that it certainly aren't drugs. Carl is relieved and tells him that they will talk later. When his father leaves, the school bully Joey tells Mike that he and Kary had sex last night. Enraged Mike attacks him, but Joey beats him up, until Fagin arrives. Joey
backs off. Asher tells Fagin to let go of him, but Fagin answers that Joey would beat him up. Asher asks him what the point then is if he is that powerful, but can't use his powers. Fagin tells him to fight the good fight and points out some red cross trucks. They are supposed to test for HIV but in reality they are testing for the X-factor. Asher says that he doesn't care.
When Mike is going to be tested, he notices D. and D. sneaking off. He runs away from the test to tell principal Cromwell about D and D, but he's stopped by some agents. They restrain him and want to take him to the truck for testing. Mike sees the teachers around him whispering to each other. Then he shouts out that he is a mutant, but that he's trying to tell them something and that he is trying to save their lives. He notices Fagin who is watching all this and he escapes. He hides in an office and phones his father. His father tells him that the school has phoned him and told him to come. Mike then desperately tries to tell his father not to come and that he is going to be late. He then hangs up and hears crying. He finds Kary who tells him that Joey used her. Mike tries to calm her and that they will tell someone to make Joey pay, but Kary is afraid her parents and the other kids will find out.
Hoffman and Orwell then enter and Hoffman talks to Mike about how in school they learn 99% crap, but the 1% percent of truth makes it all worthwhile. Hoffman asks Asher if he's ready to learn the lessons he learned today and to find out who he is and what he can do. Mike becomes angry and tells Hoffman that he has to stop D. and D. and that it would be a lot easier if Hoffman just told him what his power is. Kary is shocked to find out that Mike is a mutant and Hoffman tells Mike that another lesson presents itself. Soon Joey is talking to a friend about Asher and that he's hoping that Kary isn't a mutant too. Hoffman tells Joey to come to the principal's office. Mr. Asher arrives and Hoffman tells him to come also.
Elsewhere D and D have taken their weapons when they hear something strange. Mike is racing to find D and D and comes along a fire alarm. He rings it and ducks away in the men's room. There he finds Marabeth and Fagin standing over the burned bodies of D and D. Asher is furious at Fagin, but Marabeth tells him that she killed them. She can control the electric currents in her body and she did it to save him. Marabeth then asks him to come with her. Mike is hesitant, when Kary enters and is angry with him for being a mutant and never telling her. Asher wants to tell her that he just found out himself. Kary tells him to not touch her and is afraid that he used his powers on her, just like Joey used a drug on her. Joey then kicks Asher and tells him to get away from them. Hoffman and Mr. Asher enter. Mr. Asher is confused and asks Mike what is going on. Hoffman then tells him that they can change society so that they aren't feared and hated anymore just because they are different. But first they have to tear down the old society. Mr. Asher has no idea what's going on and Mike asks Hoffman what he wants. Hoffman is pleased that Mike
finally starts to ask the right questions and asks him in return what he thinks this is all about. Mike replies: "the blood test". Hoffman tells him that he was always one of them. Mr. Asher asks Hoffman who he is and treatens to call the police. Mike tells Fagin to back off when Fagin goes to Mr. Asher. At the same time, lightning bolts are coming out of Mike's body. Mike tells his father that they told him that he's a mutant and that he needs to find out if that is true. Hoffman brought them here so that Mike could chose between his old life and the Brotherhood. Mr. Asher asks about the blood tests. Hoffman says that they are identifying and cataloguing all the mutants they can find and that he's afraid that they might be doing more than that. Mike answers that it's America, they have rights. Hoffman then tells him about some of the nasty parts of history. Mike asks why him and Hoffman answers that it's because of his blood. He shows him Orwell and tells them that Orwell researches mutants to ascertain their powers. Mike has a natural defense mechanism. Mr.Asher tells Mike to come with him and that they will call the police. Hoffman says that the authorities are already searching for them and if they find him, that his cause will come to an end: they have blood samples, they have identified mutants. This doesn't seem important, but it's how genocide starts. He tells Mike to figh tback. Some troopers with guns, masks and red cross signs on their shoulders are entering the building. Mr. Asher begs Mike to come with him and that he will protect him. Hoffman tells Mr. Asher that he can't protect Mike, but that the Brotherhood can. Fagin and Marabeth try to convince Mike that coming with them is in the best interest of both him and his father. Carl Asher tries to convince Mike for the last time, but Mike tells his father that he loves him, but that Carl has to go. The power inside Asher is building and that he has to stop the government and what they are trying to do. Hoffman encourages Mike and Mike tells them to leave. He then removes the bandages from his arm and his blood drips to the floor. Some pictures of blood all around the school near agents and their vans. Then a huge explosion takes them all out. Mike walks out of the school and tells his father that his place is with the Brotherhood now. Hoffman welcomes him and Mikes tells his father he loves him. His father replies that he will always love him too.

Characters Involved: 

Mike Asher, Fagin, Hoffman, Marabeth, Orwell, a pyrokinetic Spanish-speaking girl, a heavily burned soldier (all Brotherhood)

Carl and Donna Asher, Mike's parents

Kary, Asher's former girlfriend

Joey, school bully

Cromwell, school's principal

D. & D., aka Harold Silverman and Joel (Goth twins)

Story Notes: 

Mike's bandages are from the Brotherhood #2 when he hit a TV screen.

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