Cable (2nd series) #19

Issue Date: 
December 2009
Story Title: 
Brood: Chapter Two- Queen Takes Bishop

Duane Swierczynski (writer), Gabriel Guzman (pencils), Mariano Taibo (inks), Thomas Mason (colors), VC's Joe Caramagna (letters), Dave Wilkins (cover), Sebastian Girner (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

The Brood begin attacking everyone on the ship. Hope, Bishop and Cable, each on their own, come out victors after their initial encounter with the aliens. Just as Bishop's about to trigger the nuclear device in his arm Emil reminds him Hope may already be off ship. Despite knowing Emil's real intention Bishop can't help but acknowledge the need to see Hope when he presses the button. Elsewhere, Cable and Hope reunite briefly only to try and escape the Brood onslaught. After getting cornered Cable shoves Hope into an air duct and takes on the Brood by his lonesome. Hope decides to search for Emil. She finds him and saves him from a Brood egg implantation. Together they find a way off the ship; more specifically they float outside in the greenish energy surrounding the ship. Meanwhile Cable's battle with the Brood only intensifies when Bishop shows up. Bishop emits a powerful blast that knocks Cable and the Brood through the wall into another room. Cable soon finds his way outside and saves Hope and Emil from some Star Sharks, but gets sucked into the gaping maw of an Acanti. Hope and Emil make it to Emil's ship and hope to rescue Cable. Meanwhile, Bishop runs into the Brood Queen and offers up Hope in exchange for his life. The Queen accepts his offer, but wanting his total compliance readies Bishop for one of her Broodlings.

Full Summary: 

The two mutants reach a ladder at the end of the hallway and begin to climb. Cable tells her they need to find the Queen and take her out, that way the Sleazoids won't know what to do. Hope asks if they're really called Sleazoids. Cable tells her that's what Wolverine used to call them and then urges her to get going.

They find themselves on the ship's bridge where the captain and his crew are being subjugated by the Brood. Hope witnesses first-hand the laying of the eggs and is disgusted, but nevertheless urges Cable to do something about it. The Brood hear her and turn their attention toward them. Cable says there's nothing they can do and pulls her close as they start running.

A heavy door with a large "X" adorning the bottom looms ahead. Cable and Hope rush inside and quickly slam the door behind them. The Brood are none too happy their prey escaped and begin flailing and smashing their arms against the door. Cable quickly explains that it was too late for those men, that there were too many of those aliens to be able to help.

Momentarily safe, Hope begs Cable to let them go back and rescue Emil in the Brig. Cable disagrees and tells her they're going after the Queen. Hope stops walking and tells him she's not letting him do this again, she's not going to let him die.

Near the Brig

Bishop charges down the hall, his blaster back in hand. Calling the out the Brood he tells them he wants to be taken to their leader. This doesn't stop him from firing at the first group to approach him. Unfortunately for him the blaster is set for human flesh and does little damage to the hardened skin of the Brood. He's overwhelmed at first, but his mutant power comes in quite handy in dispatching them.

Elsewhere on the ship

Cable stumbles across two incapacitated soldiers from the invading party. He liberates their blasters for his own personal use, almost not soon enough as the pair are quickly surrounded by about a dozen of the alien invaders.

Cable pulls Hope close to him and then reaches for the air duct a couple feet above, ripping it out with one quick pull from his t-o enhanced arm. He shoves Hope inside despite her protests. He tells Hope not to move until he comes back from killing the Queen. He makes her promise, but when he looks back up she's gone. He screams out her name just as the Brood close in.

Both blasters open up but they do nothing but reflect off the hide of the gruesome creatures. Cable realizes he's screwed and smashes one of the guns to pieces off the heads of a few of his opposition. A nearby voice tells him the guns are useless against them. The voice belongs to Bishop who puts a bead on Nathan saying his gun, however, will still do wonders on him.

Cable curses Bishop and tosses a nearby Sleazoid at him before he can get off a clean shot. Bishop's shot goes awry and he hits the ground hard. He realizes if Cable's still around then Hope must be too and he should just blow them all sky high! but he has to be sure.

Using his mutant ability Bishop decapitates two incoming Brood. Cable rushes past the headless bodies as they slump to the ground and goes for his knife which he sees slung through Bishop's belt. After delivering a punishing punch to Bishop's face with his metallic hand he frees the knife and gets to work on clearing away the opposition.

The Brig

Not far away, Hope reemerges through another air duct near where Emil lies. A Brood is mere inches away from laying its eggs when Hope stabs its tongue with her belt buckle. She then kicks the wounded creature into another room and crouches down at Emil's side.

Hope runs her hand across his face, trying to wake him, telling him she wants to smell his awful breath. Emil's eyes flutter open and he tells Hope her breath isn't all that great, either. Hope helps him to his feet. Emil tells her his ship has terraforming pods which will help them escape, but as they round the corner they see a large grouping of the Brood hanging out near the opening where Emil's ship docked with the EnSabahNur.

Not sure what to do Emil takes a look outside through one of the windows. He sees the greenish-bubble also encapsulating the ship and the area outside and thinks they should be able to breathe outside. He tells his plan to Hope and points out how the Brood are able to breathe out there and thinks they can sneak into his ship from the other side.

As Emil opens the outer access door Hope promises to kiss him if they don't instantly explode. Once outside they quickly find out they are able to breathe. Hope says she feels like she's going to giggle and throw up at the same time. Emil tells her not to throw up until after she kisses him.

The EnSabahNur

Both Bishop and Cable have their hands full with the Brood. Cable uses his knife and Bishop his mutant power to keep the creatures at bay. Lucas, tired of it all, unleashes a powerful blast that not only takes out his immediate foes, but Cable and his group as well. Cable and crew go hurtling through a wall smashing it in their wake. Bishop takes off in search of Hope.


Emil and Hope take note of the giant Acanti and their accompanying crew of Star Sharks hovering around the large whale-like Brood ships. Hope recalls Cable's comparison of these aliens to that of a parasite and tells Emil it would make sense they'd need to hitch a ride.

This prompts Emil to ask if Hope found her father. Reminding him he's not really her father Hope tells Emil she did and how he told her to hide until he killed the queen, but of course she disobeyed because she didn't want to leave Emil behind again. "Hope, I've been waiting years to tell you--," Emil starts, but Hope suddenly grabs him and pulls him toward her. A Star Shark closes in and nearly chomps Emil in half.

The EnSabahNur I

The search for Hope has so far proven fruitless for Bishop. He wanders aimlessly through the ship looking for his prize. Instead he stumbles upon a large grouping of the Brood. The Queen is with them and stands before Bishop asking what it is he is seeking. The Warriors surround him quickly, tearing off his robotic limb in the process.

Despite Lucas' protests the Brood Warriors immobilize him and bring him close to the Queen's face. The Queen announces he will give birth to a new, more powerful race of Brood.


Two Star Sharks circle Emil and Hope, their intended prey. Hope asks Emil if he has any ideas, but he doesn't have time to answer as their salvation arrives in the form of Cable, knife in hand. He yells at Hope to grab hold of the boy. When he reaches them he gives them a swift kick sending them off into another direction. He then plunges his knife deep into the snout of one of the Sharks.

Cable sets his sights on the other Shark heading his way. He grabs it about the head and goes for a ride. Emil can't believe what he's seeing, but Hope assures him it's happening. Hope then sees what's about to happen to her surrogate father and tells him to watch out. Cable slices open the side of the Star Shark and then turns just in time to see the gaping maw of an Acanti enveloping him. He is quickly sucked down its throat.

"Nathan!!" Hope screams out, her arm reaching forward as if she could pull him out from where she is. Hope tries breaking free of Emil's grip. He assures her that if they can make it to his ship he can save him. Tears begin streaming down Hope's face as she realizes Cable's on his own for now.

The EnSabahNur I

Bishop tells the Queen she's right, that he's not human, he's a mutant. But he also tells the Brood matriarch that there's an even more powerful mutant on the ship. The Queen is intrigued and asks who it is. Bishop claims she's so powerful they can't even detect her, but he'll give her to them in exchange for his life. The Brood Queen thinks it over and decides that Bishop will take them to the other mutant and then they'll decide who will be the ideal midwife their race. "But in the meantime! let us guarantee your total compliance," the Queen finishes.

Bishop is dragged back to his feet as the Queen darts out her tongue and punctures the top of his spinal column. Bishop's pained, shocked expression says it all.

Characters Involved: 


Hope Summers II

EnSabahNur I captain and crew


Story Notes: 

The cover features Cable slicing through the Brood, but instead of greenish blood it's yellow.
This issue is narrated by Emil.

In the previous issue the Clean City's ship was called the "EnSahabNur" I, but next issue it takes the name "EnSabahNur" I. Either someone at Marvel realized their error or the fans let their voices be heard.

Cable and Hope (who was unnamed at the time) were attacked by some of Earth's last survivors, a group of bug hybrids posing as American soldiers. The soldiers, in their gear, made their first appearance in Cable (2nd series) #7. The following issue they revealed their true cockroach nature attacking the citizens of New Liberty as well as kidnapping Cable's wife, Hope.

For more information on the Brood check out UXN's very own Alien Race's Entry: The Brood

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